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NBC acquires Esther Anderson's "Siberia"

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So Esther Anderson announced on her Twitter feed today that NBC has picked up "Siberia" a pilot in which she is featured in. Anderson was quickly sent warm congratulations from both Lisa Gormley and Rebecca Breeds.

"Siberia" seems to be a mid-summer pilot so I'm not sure what type of potential it's going to have as far as gaining any type of legs. But then again Ryan Kwanten got his start on US shores with a mid-summer pilot entitled "Summerland" around a decade ago.

Here are some notes on the pickup:


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It seems a little weird.... not sure how it could work.... behind the scenes of a reality show? You'd have to actually have the reality show in order to do behind the scenes..... but anyways, good luck to her. She wasn't that great in the start but got better towards her end.

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