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NBC acquires Esther Anderson's "Siberia"

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Former Home and Away star Esther Anderson lands role in television series Siberia

FORMER Home and Away hottie Esther Anderson has landed a role in the new series Siberia, which premiered in the US this week.

Best known for playing cop Charlie Buckton on the Australian soap, her next role sees the actor play, Esther, an Australian model taking part in a survival reality television show.

The real Esther says she's nothing like the character.

"It's based on a reality show, so our creators went with our own names but the character is hugely different to me," she said.

The series follows Esther, and fifteen contestants, who are dropped in the Siberian wilderness to battle it out for grand cash prizes. Soon, strange things start to happen. People get killed, and the TV production crew vanishes. Clearly this isn't your average reality game show.

"It was only once we had signed confidentiality agreements and were offered roles that we discovered our characters were reality show contestants," she said. "It's a fake reality TV show if you will. Think Survivor crossed with Lost with a dash of The Blair Witch Project.

"It's such an original concept, almost its own genre. I left our meeting with producers and emailed them before I got home saying 'I'm in. I think it's genius'."

The show has already won acclaim for twists and turns, with many viewers flocking to Twitter to vent their confusion during Monday night's premiere.

Anderson isn't surprised by the strong reaction.

"Our producers personally financed an entire 13-episode series, which is something I don't think has been done before in television. That alone assured me they had a lot of confidence in this idea and how well they could execute it," she said.


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