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My Psycho Girl (by pembie) - comments

Red Ranger 1

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Oh, man, this continues to be hilarious.Dexter's predicament, Romeo forgetting who he's meant to be in love with these days, the brilliantly lame excuse of Dexter's wardrobe door being stuck, Rosie getting excited about buying a goldfish, Dexter pondering punching April(we've all been there)...Looking forward to more!

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I MUCHLY laughed out loud when I read this !!!!!!!!

LOOOOVED how you included Rosie naming her goldfish after people she is close to!!!!!

However, I AM worried about Miss Prichard – if the “slightly” unhinged April gets wind that Rosie likes Dex, God help Rosie!!!!

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Those last lines [Maybe she could get her hands on some poison, yes a some weed killer or something? Thank heavens she was doing a an environment and gardening course at uni.] are VERY ominous !!!!!!!!!

LOOOOOOOVE it all!!!! ……… MOST especially …………

Jett who is in a mad panic to think of something to say just says…………

“We are the same height.”

Dex nods.

“You what?” Tamara says looking quite annoyed now.

“Yeah so no step ladders are needed for me to kiss you.” Jett says feeling his bravely start to kick in now.

“You cheeky little………”

“Hey if you and Casey ever split call me.” Jett says proudly.

Tamara gives a quick huff turns her back and walks off.

“Hey this game is fun” Jett says smiling.

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