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My Psycho Girl (by pembie) - comments

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Oh Pembie! Just stumbled upon this because I saw someone else was reading it. Soooo funny! I loved the interaction between Dex and Brax the most! I could see him perfectly in that bar scene. Just bri

Oh gosh I never realised or thought that anyone would read my old stories now Have to say I don't remember much about this one myself Expect Dex wanting to get far away from April I did found it rath

I LOOOOVE that this fic IS sooooooo out there !!!!!

I’m REALLY worried for Rosie, and thought the clone idea was just SUPURB !!!!!

I looooooove the section below the most. Yeah, soooooooooooo BRILLAINT ………

Sid had later gone on to receive a postcard from Romeo, In it he had claimed to have in his spare time while away from the surfing circuit to have scored himself a leader role in the US hit show The Tomorrow People. Sid had laughed out loud at that, what a very strange motion that would be and very amusing to see Romeo try his best to act

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Oh MAN !!!! LOOOOVED that !!!!!

Sooooo much to love, especially ………..

Dex getting drunk on the non alco drink Heath makes for Rocco!!!!!;

Dex trying to palm off April onto Heath ….. and Heath thinking its cos Dex wants to go after Bianca; …….

and, well, Dex and Brax’s WHOLE chat basically !!!!!!

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Soooooooooooooooooooo MUCH to LOOOOOOOVE here !!!!!, especially .......

Nowhere is it written, or even to be rumoured to be found in some far off forgotten land. Or even has been ever seen with the human’s naked eye. But this doesn’t mean its in any way less true, or to have been set in some kind of imaginary stone.

At the end of the day it is just one of the many facts of life that the mysterious women’s golden rule book does indeed really exist. And if the men of this world were ever lucky enough to get to take the tinniest peek amongst its most treasured pages, they would discover along with many of the other well kept mysteries about women. What it is that happens and what is discussed, when a fair number of them meet up to have a girly night in. And it is because of this very reason that the women’s golden rule book will never be published, some secrets were safer to go unknown.

But that hasn’t stopped the wild speculations and theories being made, in a way to try and be guessed by the men through the ages. Over time it is said to have been thought that a girly night consists of ........

AND Dexter the fish saving Rosie ....... and then Dexter [the person] saving his fishie namesake !!!!!!

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