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Trust in Me

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Thank you for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 71

3 months later

Charlie walked into the room and gave her daughter a smile as she took a seat on the chair next to hers. She looked to the line as it was attached to Ruby, her blood pumping through it to be cleaned, before looking back to down her lap. “Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and you’re biscuits.” Charlie announced as she hit her hands against the magazines.

“You mean the dry, sugar-free, taste-free lumps that I’m allowed to eat?” Ruby curled her nose up. Although eating and drinking wasn’t banned completely during her dialysis, it was restricted. “And one of the nurses gave me a glass of coke but then bitch nurse took it off me because of my diabetes,” Ruby raised her eyebrows. There was one nurse, a small stout woman with short grey hair and thick red glasses, that Ruby did not like, and over the last month she’d been receiving dialysis for didn’t get along with, so she was always in a mood when she saw she was working when she received her dialysis.

“Ruby stop calling her a bitch, it’s not nice,” Charlie exhaled as she rubbed her stomach. At six months pregnant there was an obvious bump and the baby had become very active, having just given Charlie a kick. “And looks like you got some ice cubes.” Charlie said as she gestured her head at the table.

“Ohh ice cubes,” Ruby cheered. “Super lucky me.” Ruby rolled her eyes before reaching forward and taking the Cosmopolitan magazine from her mother’s lap, letting the biscuits fall to the floor. Charlie exhaled as she leaned down and picked the biscuits up and laid them on the side table.

“It’s better than nothing, right?” Charlie questioned.

“I guess,” Ruby sighed as she put an ice-cube into her mouth and stated sucking on it. “And now April is 18 she is getting tested,” Ruby gave a smile. “I can’t believe she is being so selfless,” Ruby cracked the ice-cube in half before she started crunching on it. “She’s pretty much risking her life for me.” Ruby said, feeling lucky to have someone like April in her life.

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled. “But I’m sure she’ll be fine,” Charlie answered. “The risk of something going wrong isn’t that high is it?” Charlie was so focused on what Ruby’s dialysis meant for her that she was yet to even think about what would happen when she finally got the transplant.

“One in 3000 chance of death,” Ruby answered. “So, not that high, but you know, it’s still there,” Ruby swallowed what was now mostly water in her mouth. “Then there’s the recovery for her to think about,” Ruby said. “She’ll be sore for a while.”

“Well she obviously thinks it’s worth going through all that for you,” Charlie gave Ruby a smile. Although she knew how hard Ruby found it when she first started things out with April, she was glad that Ruby eventually decided to give it a proper chance. She’d never seen her daughter so happy with anyone before and really believed that she and April had a chance at being happy together for years to come. “You’re lucky to have her.”

“Don’t me and my failed kidneys know it,” Ruby replied. “Well if she’s a match of course,” Ruby added. “Well no I’m still lucky to have her, she is amazing, but you know what I mean right?” Ruby questioned.

“I know what you mean,” Charlie gave her daughter a smile. “So we got any of these quizzes in the magazine today?” Charlie questioned. Usually when Charlie would come to the dialysis with her and they had magazines, Ruby would always do the quizzes on her mother, before Charlie did them for Ruby. It was one way to pass a little time.

“Yes,” Ruby nodded as she opened the magazine up. “We have what sex position are you?....” Ruby shook her head as she kept her eyes on the magazine, not looking up at her mother. “Okay, so we are not doing that one,” Ruby cleared her throat as she turned the pages off the magazine. “Oh, okay, so....what does your handbag say about you?” Ruby scrunched her face up. “Don’t half have some weird quizzes in here,” Ruby said. “But hey, let’s go for it.” Ruby took another ice-cube in her mouth before looking up to see if her mother was ready to begin the quiz.


Noah and Ella were sitting in the hallway, cross legged as they stared up at Ruby’s bedroom door, Rosie ragdoll and Thomas train sitting with them. Charlie walked out of the bathroom and laughed as she looked down to the twins. “What are you two doing?” Charlie was bemused as the children continued to stare at Ruby’s door.

“Waiting on the green.” Ella answered as she pointed to the red sign on the door, hoping Ruby would come out and change it so they could play with her.

“Aww I’m not sure it’ll be green today,” Charlie told them. Ruby was just back from dialysis, and like a lot of times afterwards, she’d been really drowsy so she was having a lie down. “Ruby’s very tired right now.”

“Cos she sick.” Noah sighed sadly. The twins knew something was wrong with their sister and she needed to wait for a new kidney to feel better, but of course at almost 3 years of age they were still too young to fully understand it.

“Yeah,” Charlie exhaled sadly. “Why don’t you two go back to helping daddy paint?” Charlie questioned. Over the last week, Brax had been using his spare time to decorate the spare room into a nursery, Casey having not long in moved in with Bianca, Heath and April to allow the family to have the room for the baby.

“We no like daddy.” Ella announced as she looked up at her mother, the look on her face ever so serious.

“Aww why not?” Charlie questioned as she bent down nearer to the twins’ level, as much as her pregnant stomach would let her.

“He say we no party,” Noah answered. “For our birdday.”

“Aww he’d just be teasing you,” Charlie gave a little laugh. The twins were turning three on Saturday and although it was a day where Ruby had dialysis, April had arranged to with her, allowing Charlie to be at the small party they were having for the twins. “Of course you’ll get a birthday party.”

“With cupcakes?” Ella questioned. “Pink and yellow ones?” Ella’s little eyebrows furrowed in wonderment.

“Oh you’ll have to wait and see.” Charlie ruffled her daughter’s hair.

“And presents?” Noah asked. The twins were getting bikes for their birthdays, Noah’s green and Ella’s pink with a seat at the back so she could strap in her beloved Rosie ragdoll.

“We’ll have to see.” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “So, you coming to help daddy?”

“No,” Noah shook his head. “We sitting here.” Noah hit his hand off the floor and Charlie gave a little laugh before pushing herself back to standing. She watched the twins sitting all wide eyed and staring at Ruby’s door for a moment longer, before she walked down the hall and into the nursery.

“Looking good.” Charlie smiled. Brax had chosen a light green colour for the walls, the bed cover and curtains being green and yellow checks and the mobile little yellow and green birds. On one wall there was a tree painted with an owl sitting on one of the branches, and a few birds flying around nearby, Ruby’s artistic skills being used to draw. Brax was finishing the painting of the fourth wall as he looked up to Charlie and smiled.

“Ruby’s drawing is the best bit,” Brax answered. “It’s good she found a few good days to do it,” Brax exhaled. He’d hated seeing his step daughter so affected by the treatment, but they’d been told to expect it for the first few months until her body got used to it. “I don’t think I can handle seeing her so down for much longer though,” Brax put the roller down against the tray as he stared at his wife. “Hopefully she starts reacting better to it soon.”

“Yeah I hope so,” Charlie walked closer to Brax and tried to wipe a little paint from his forehead but she only managed to make it look worse, and ended up with paint on her fingers. “But April is going to the hospital next week so,” Charlie bit her lip as she gave a shrug. “Hopefully she’s a match.”

“I eh...I’ve been thinking about that Charlie and...” Brax took a deep breath as he rubbed the back of his head. “I’m going with her. I’m going to get tested to.”

“What?” Charlie widened her eyes in surprised.

“As I said, I hate how this is affecting Rubes and if I can do anything to help that I will,” Brax told her. “I just want her to be okay. I want all this to stop for her.” Charlie looked into Brax’s eyes and could see how serious he was.

“Brax I love that you want to help but,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “You’re aware of the risks and -”

“I’m aware of them and I’m willing to take them,” Brax exhaled. “I’ve thought about this for a while now Charlie and....” Brax trailed off. “She’s my step-daughter. I love her so much and if I have two healthy kidneys and only need one then, why not?” Brax questioned. “It’s better to go to someone who is in desperate need of it, right?”

Charlie felt herself welling up. “I love you so much,” Charlie said. “Thank you Brax, I...” Charlie paused as a tear rolled down her cheek. Brax stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Charlie, pulling her into a hug.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for this family.” Brax told her. Charlie held onto him as he rubbed her back. He took a deep breath as he thought about what he was doing. Sure, if he could help Ruby it would be brilliant, but being honest with himself, he was still terrified at the prospect of the surgery.

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Thank you RoRo90, Sarah and Red Ranger 1 for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 72

It was now the day of the twins’ 3rd birthday and Bianca, Heath, Leah and Miles were around for a barbeque. There was some music playing and the kids had been running around all day, playing in the paddling pool and on the little bouncy castle that they’d gotten. VJ and Casey were squirting each other with water pistols, Ella was throwing buckets of water over Heath as he sat in the centre paddling pool, giggling hysterically as she loved the new use for her bucket that she’d normally fill with sand at the beach and Brax, Noah and Miles were bouncing on the bouncy castle, Miles and Brax looking like they were enjoying it even more than Noah. “Don’t know if the twins or our men are having more fun.” Bianca laughed.

“Oh Miles,” Leah shook her head. “He’s a bigger kid than my 10 year old.” Leah said as she turned to look at VJ who was running away as Casey chased him with the water pistol.

“Well if they’re having fun,” Bianca smiled. “Can you believe you’re little ones are 3 today?” Bianca questioned as she looked to Charlie, who was running hand up and down her glass, staring out blankly in front of her. “Charlie....Charlie.” Bianca raised her voice.

“Sorry, what?” Charlie questioned, her mind clearly elsewhere.

“I’m saying can you believe the twins are 3 already?” Bianca asked.

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “Doesn’t seem that long ago they were the ones in here,” Charlie said as she rubbed her stomach. “Seems to have come around way too quickly.”

“Aww but they’re nice at that age,” Leah smiled. “You know they can have proper conversations with you and have their own little personalities,” Leah said. “It’s a nice age.”

“Yeah.” Charlie smiled weakly.

“C’mon, Charlie,” Leah said. “It’s your kids’ birthday party, try to look excited.”

“Sorry I just feel I should be with Ruby.” Charlie sighed. Ruby was at the hospital getting dialysis as they spoke, and although Charlie knew she needed to be with the twins, she felt guilty that she wasn’t there with Ruby.

“April is with her,” Bianca leaned forward and lightly squeezed Charlie’s hand. “She’ll be fine, Charlie. She’ll understand you being with the twins today is important.”

“I know she will but it still doesn’t stop me feeling like this,” Charlie exhaled as Ella came running over to her and climbed up onto her knee. “Aww Ella you’re all wet.” Charlie sighed as she put her hand onto her daughter’s back.

“Yes, I been in pool,” Ella answered as she looked up to her mother. “I put water on Uncle Eath.” Ella giggled mischievously.

“Yeah you did,” Bianca smiled smile at the girl. “You having fun?”

“The best,” Ella nodded. “And there’s pink and yellow cupcakes,” Ella clapped her hands together as she looked to the cupcakes on the table. “Eeee,” Ella’s whole body shook in excitement. “Can I have one?”

“You sure you want one?” Charlie laughed at her daughter eagerness.

“Yeah,” Ella nodded. “Please mummy please.” Ella clasped her hands together.

“Go on then.” Charlie said and Ella leaned forward with a big grin on her face, grabbing a cupcake in her hands.

“You’d think she’d never seen a cupcake before,” Leah laughed at the look on Ella’s face. “You going to share that with Auntie Leah?” Leah teased as she gestured to the cupcake as Ella pulled the paper casing away from it.

“There’s more,” Ella pointed to the plate of cupcakes, with pink and yellow icing for Ella’s benefit and then some with green icing for Noah’s benefit. “You have one them.”

“Aww I like the look of the one you have better.” Leah joked with her.

“No,” Ella squealed. “It’s mines,” Ella hit her hand off her chest. “You get one there.” Ella said before she stuck her finger into the icing and scooped some up before liking it from her finger.

“Ella Mae,” Charlie bent her head down closer to her daughter. Ella looked round to Charlie with a sort of scowl present on her face before going back to eating her cupcake. “You’d think she had something a lot more interesting than a cupcake eh.” Charlie exhaled as she rolled her eyes.

“Aww, she just loves her cupcakes.” Bianca laughed as she watched Ella, still scooping the icing from the cake and bringing it to her mouth.

“Ooh cupcakes.” Heath appeared at the table and took the towel from the back of Bianca’s chair and dried himself off a little before wrapping it around his body and taking the spare seat next to Charlie. He leaned forward and broke a little bit of the sponge from Ella’s cake and put it to his mouth. Leah looked amazed as Ella didn’t say a word.

“Oh sure you’ll share with Uncle Heath.” Leah mocked offence as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Yeah,” Ella looked up to Leah. “Uncle Eath is the bestest.”

“Even better than mummy and daddy?” Bianca questioned.

“No,” Ella shook her head. “After mummy and daddy and Noah and Ruby.” Ella said before turning around and placing an icing covered hand onto Charlie’s bump. “And even whoopsie alien.” The adults all laughed at her before looking around as they heard Brax’s voice and saw him along with Miles, Noah, Casey and VJ walking back to the table.

“I’m going to get the barbeque going,” Brax told them. “But before I do I thought we could get them their presents.” Brax said.

“Eeee.” Noah jumped excitedly upon hearing the word presents.

“Let’s go.” Ella jumped down from Charlie’s knee and placed her half eaten cupcake onto the table. She pulled at Charlie’s hands and she stood up, along with Leah, Bianca and Heath and they followed Brax to the garage, the twins skipping around in front of him. Brax opened the doors and everyone piled in to see the twins’ bikes.

“Happy birthday kiddies.” Brax smiled as moved closer to Charlie and wrapped his arms around her. Charlie placing her hand on top of Brax’s as they looked to each other and smiled.

“Wow wow wow,” Ella squealed as she did a crazy dance on the spot. “It’s really mines?” Ella wondered as she stared at the pink bike.

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled down at her daughter. “Of course it’s for you.”

“This the coolest.” Noah had his hands on the handlebars of the green bike, his little eyes showing how pleased he was with it.

“It has a bit for Rosie,” Ella couldn’t contain her excitement as she was holding onto the baby seat at the back of her bike. “Wow.”

“Think they are pleased,” Miles laughed. “But what was that you mentioned about food, Brax?” Miles questioned.

“Yeah in a minute.” Brax laughed before looking down at the twins, happy to see them so pleased with their bikes.


Ruby was sitting in the room, the dialysis about halfway through being complete. She smiled at her girlfriend as she walked back into the room. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” Ruby answered. “Nature was calling. I’d rather you went to the bathroom than left a puddle on the floor.” Ruby said and April gave a little laugh.

“So I see you have a coke,” April said as she gestured to the side table. “Does that mean bitch nurse has gone home?”

“She’s not gone home, unfortunately,” Ruby answered. “She’s just on a break so Sue gave me this,” Ruby smiled before taking a drink. “But if bitch nurse comes back before I’m finished it, it yours.” Ruby said and April gave a little nod of understanding.

“So,” April took a deep breath. “I eh....” She reached into her back and brought out a little blue box. “I have something for you.” April smiled up at her girlfriend, keeping a hold of the box in her hands.

“Oh,” Ruby was a little surprised. “Why did you get me something?”

“Well I know you worry and are scared about getting the transplant when the time comes and I....” April trailed off as she looked down to the box. She opened it up and presented Ruby with a necklace with a little elephant pendant with a little aquamarine stone on its stomach.

“April,” Ruby gasped. “It’s gorgeous,” Ruby ran her hand over the little pendant. “Wait, isn’t this yours?” Ruby looked back up to her. “I could have sworn you wore that on a bracelet like years ago?”

“Yeah,” April gave a little nod. “I used to wear it on a charm bracelet but the bracelet snapped. I kept the pendant though,” April answered. “It was given to me to keep me safe.” April said.

“Keep you safe?” Ruby screwed her face up.

“Remember when I was 6 and I broke my arm and had to get that surgery on it?” April questioned and Ruby gave a little nod. “Bianca knew how scared I was to stay in the hospital so she bought me the bracelet and told me that no matter where I was as long as I had this elephant with me, I’d be safe,” April gave a little smile, recalling her childhood. “Then about a year later when Bianca said she was going to Italy to do her last couple years at uni, I was really upset and didn’t want her to leave,” April said. “I freaked out that something bad would happen to her,” April exhaled. “She took me to the side and put her hand over the elephant as said as long as the stone stays blue, she’d be safe.” April gave a little laugh.

“Oh a magical elephant, is it?” Ruby widened her eyes before laughing.

“Shut up, I was like 7,” April defended herself. “Point is, ever since then, it’s sort of become my good luck charm and I like to believe this has kept me and my family safe,” April smiled. “So as long as you have that then....” April looked down. “Everything will go fine.” April smiled back up at Ruby.

“Thank you,” Ruby smiled at her girlfriend and April leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on her lips. “I love it and I love you.”

“I love you too.” April smiled as she tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear.

“Can you help me put it on?” Ruby questioned.

“Sure.” April stood up from the chair and took the necklace in her hands and clipped it around Ruby’s neck, gently letting her hair fall back onto her shoulders.

“So, are you nervous?” Ruby questioned. “You know, for being tested?”

“Eh,” April pursed her lips together as she sat back down on the chair. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous,” April told her. “Of course I am a bit,” April answered. “But the bigger picture is that I could possibly save your life, so, when you look at it like that doesn’t seem that bad for me, does it?”

Ruby gave her a smile. “I just hope you know I really appreciate what you’re doing for me.”

“I’m only getting tested to see if I am a match,” April exhaled. “Let’s not get to thankful just yet. They might tell us I am not a match.”

“I know but still, even the fact you are getting tested means so much to me, so thank you.” Ruby smiled appreciatively at her girlfriend.

“You’d do the same for me, right?” April questioned.

“Oh I don’t know. I mean sure I love you and all but enough to give you my kidney?” Ruby shook her head. “I’m not so sure.” The ends of Ruby’s lips started to curl over, showing April she was only joking with her.

“You are so mean.” April slapped Ruby’s leg.

“No, of course I would,” Ruby laughed and April gave her a smile. “Now away and be a good little girlfriend and go get some magazines to pass the time.”

“Sure,” April stood up as she picked her bag up. “Any particular ones, my dear?”

“Just whatever,” Ruby answered. “Oh wait no. Not Marie Claire or Cosmo cos I’ve read this month’s already. Some good ole trashy ones.” Ruby said.

“Good ole trashy magazines coming up.” April smiled before leaving the room and making her way to the shop.

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Thank you Red Ranger 1, Sarah, beebee, Spotd1 and RoRo90 for the comments.

Chapter 73

Charlie, Brax and the twins were shopping for some things for the baby. They’d already picked out some baby grows, bath towels and blankets and now Brax wanted to look at a pram. “Maybe it would have been easier if it were twins,” Charlie laughed. “We still have their pram in the garage.”

“Yeah,” Brax laughed. “But we could sell it, not really any use to us now, is it?” Brax exhaled as he stopped at the pram section in the shop, running his hand over the handle of a rather bright orange pram. “And we’d have the money we get for more things for the baby, eh?”

“Yeah, I guess we could,” Charlie answered. “And we are not getting an orange pram,” Charlie said. “What’s wrong with plain old black?” Charlie said as she looked to the pram next to her.

“Meh, boring,” Brax screwed his face up. “What do you think kiddies? Black or a cool colour?”

Ella scratched the side of her head before running over to Charlie and stretched her hands up onto her mother’s stomach, smiling as she felt the baby moving. “Whoopsie alien likes colours.”

“Haha,” Brax said as he grinned at Charlie. “What do you think Noah?”

“Aliens no need a pram.” Noah answered and Brax exhaled. Even after 3 months the twins weren’t giving up on the alien thing.

“I like it.” Ella ran back to the pram next to Brax. Surprisingly, she’d become more excited for a sibling than Noah, although Charlie figured it was something to do with his firm belief that it was an alien that was putting him off the idea.

“Okay, well, we’ll look at colours, but, not that orange one,” Charlie exhaled. “It’s a bit bright. Maybe we can compromise and go for one like....” Charlie paused as she looked down the row of prams. “Oooh this one,” Charlie smiled as she walked down to a black pram with a red hood. “I like this one.”

“Yeah,” Ella ran along the shop so she was next to her mother. “This one daddy,” Ella pulled on the red nappy bag that was hanging over the handles. “This one. I like red.”

Brax walked to the pram, with Noah’s hand in his. “What do you think buddy?” Brax questioned.

Noah just shrugged his shoulders. Brax exhaled before looking back up to Charlie. “Yeah, I like this one,” Brax pulled it out from the line and tested it out. “Probably get a car seat to match it too,” Brax looked to the shelf above the pram and right enough there was a black and red car seat in the same make than the pram. “Right so we’ll get the sales assistant to get us these then...” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “What else do we need today?” Brax looked down as Ella pulled on his t-shirt. “Yes petal?”

“Whoopsie alien wants some teddy bears.” Ella told him.

“Oh really?” Brax questioned.

“Uh-huh,” Ella nodded. “Cos it not get Rosie ragdoll,” Ella said. “It not too, okay?”

“No don’t worry, Rosie will be safe,” Brax laughed as he ruffled Ella’s hair. “To the teddy bears, it seems.” Brax said before he, Charlie and the twins continued with the shopping trip.


“Mum?” April questioned as they sat on the beach, her finger drawing a circle in the sand.

“Yes darling?” Joanna replied. April pursed her lips together as she looked out to the ocean. She took a deep breath before looking around to her mother. “Well spit it out,” Joanna said. “What is it April?”

“I eh,” April wasn’t sure how her mother was going to react. She was far from the biggest supporter of her daughter’s relationship with Ruby, but maybe, just maybe, Joanna would surprise her daughter and say she’d support her choice here. “Well you know I’m 18 now and.....well I’m old enough to get....” April paused.

“Oh for goodness sake April, what is it?” Joanna asked.

“I’m getting tested to see if I am a match for Ruby.” April felt relief wash over her as she told her mother what she wanted to say.

“You’re what?” Joanna raised her voice, shocked at what she had heard. “Oh April, really darling I understand that you want to help her, but...” Joanna shook her head. “Her mother or father should be getting tested, not you.”

“Charlie can’t, mum,” April sighed. “Not right now at least, you know she can’t. She’s pregnant.”

“Well once she has had the child she can,” Joanna said. “She has far more chance at being a match than you.”

“Yeah maybe so, but I still might be a match and I love Rubes so I would do anything I could to help her,” April told her mother. “I thought maybe....maybe you would support my choice and be there to support me at the hospital.”

“Oh April,” Joanna shook her head. “Are you aware of the risks you’d be taking? This is a major surgery not just a -”

“I know,” April raised her voice. “And I know she’d do if for me without a thought too,” April said. “I want to do this. If it was me or Bianca, and you weren’t a match for us, you’d want someone to give us a kidney, right?” April questioned. Joanna pursed her lips together as she looked away from her daughter. “Right?”

“I guess so yes.” Joanna answered.

“So you can see why I want to do this for Ruby then?” April questioned and Joanna gave one quick nod of the head. “And I’m only getting tested to see if I am a match,” April said. “I might not be.” April looked down, hoping this wasn’t the case.

“Well you are 18 and I can’t stop you,” Joanna answered. “I must say I do admire you and you clearly love her if you’re willing to do this for her,” Joanna paused. “I’m just not very keen on the idea, okay? Say you are a match and something goes wrong,” Joanna took a deep breath. “Well....you might not live.”

“You’re not going to lose me, mum,” April leaned forward and rubbed Joanna’s arm. “Kidney transplants happen all the time. Do you know how little the chances are that something goes wrong?”

“Still big enough to be there,” Joanna exhaled. “Just please think this through properly, April.”

“I have,” April told her. “I’m going to get tested.”

“Okay.” Joanna exhaled, seeing there was no point arguing with her daughter. She’d clearly made her mind up.

“It’ll be okay. You don’t need to worry.” April took a deep breath, hoping in fact that was the case, she looked out to the ocean and exhaled, as if she wasn’t already nervous for getting tested, her mother had just seemed to make her feel even worse.


Charlie walked back down the hall and into the living room as Brax appeared in from the kitchen. “Twins alright?” Brax questioned.

“Sound asleep,” Charlie answered as she pulled her shoes off, before breathing a sigh of relief as she flung them across the room. “Melanie say they were okay?” Charlie questioned. Brax and Charlie had been out for dinner so Melanie was around to look after the twins.

“Little angels,” Brax smiled as he moved over to Charlie, who was rubbing one of her feet, or at least trying to get to it, but it was proving a little more difficult with her bump. “You alright there?” Brax questioned.

“My feet are killing me.” Charlie answered as she hobbled along to the couch and sat down; loving the fact she’d taken the weight off them. Brax gave a little laugh as he joined her on the couch. He hit his hands against his thighs and Charlie turned herself on the couch, bringing her feet up and laying them on his knees, resting her back against the arm of the couch as Brax began to massage her right foot.

“And you’re not even wearing heels.” Brax laughed.

“Neither would you be if you were six months pregnant.” Charlie answered as her hand began to rub her stomach. Over the last month her feet had become sore and often swollen, due to her pregnancy.

“Sorry I’m not a seahorse.” Brax replied.

“What?” Charlie looked bemused at her husband.

“Well the only way I could be pregnant was if I was a seahorse,” Brax told her. “Cos you know the males carry the babies.”

“Right,” Charlie rolled her eyes. “Anyways....I really enjoyed tonight.” Charlie smiled at him.

“Yeah, it was a good night,” Brax said. “Nice change having adult discussions at dinner time. No talking about Rosie ragdoll like she is a real person, no referring to little buttons as a whoopsie alien,” Brax gave a little laugh. “It was great.”

“Yeah it’s been so long since we’ve been out just the two of us,” Charlie smiled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t need to thank me,” Brax grinned as he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Was my pleasure.”

Charlie smiled as Brax went back to rubbing her foot. “So, you nervous for tomorrow?” Charlie questioned. Brax was going into the hospital with April so they could get tested for being a match. Brax bit his lip as he slowed movement on her foot. “It would be okay if you were,” Charlie told him. “I know I would be if it was me, despite Ruby being my daughter.”

Brax exhaled. “Yeah, I’m scared,” Brax told her. “But I think I’m more scared for not being a match. I don’t want to let Rubes down.”

“I’m sure she just appreciates the fact that you are going to get tested,” Charlie gave her husband a loving smile. “I know I do.”

“I’m just doing what anyone else would for their family.” Brax answered.

“Well I love you for it,” Charlie smiled as she moved her feet from his knee and pushed herself up on the couch so she was nearer her husband. She lightly rubbed his cheek with her hand before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on his lips. “You fancy an early night?” Charlie questioned as she pulled back from the kiss, raising her eyebrows as she looked into his eyes.

“Mmm,” Brax gave a nod as he stood up. “Sure, let’s go.” Brax smiled as he took Charlie’s hands into his and pulled her up from the couch before they walked through to their bedroom.

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Thanks for the comments :wub:

Chapter 74

April and Brax were sitting nervously in the room. They’d been at the hospital a few hours and had had blood tests taken to see if they were a match for Ruby. They’d been told that the results would be fast tracked so they could wait there and find out that day if one of them was a match. “This is horrible, isn’t it?” April pulled at her watch strap as she looked around to Brax.

“Yeah,” Brax cleared his throat. “I wish they could tell instantly. All this waiting around, it’s....” Brax trailed off as he shook his head.

“At least with two people being tested she might have a high chance of getting the operation soon,” April exhaled. “One of us is bound to be a match, right?”

“I hope so,” Brax answered. “That’s all we can do, right? Hope?”

April gave a little nod. “You know I asked my mum to be here with me today,” April spoke sadly. “She said she had some calls to make. I mean really, calls to make? She could make them at any time and she actually seemed a little supportive when I told her I was coming here. I was sure she would have come to be here with me,” April sighed. “I just wish she was more supportive with everything.”

“I’m sure Bianca would have been here if you asked her.” Brax tentatively put his arm onto April’s shoulder and rubbed it gently.

“I know, but, I just wish mum gave me her full support.” April exhaled.

“I know,” Brax gave a little nod. “But you’re a part of our family too, so you’ve got me and Charlie if you ever need anyone,” Brax gave a little smile. “We’ll be here for both you and Rubes if you are a match, you got that?” Brax gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“Yeah,” April gave him an appreciative smile. “I know, thanks.”

“Darryl Braxton and April Scott,” Brax and April looked up as they saw a nurse walking down the hall. “We have the results,” The nurse said. “April do you want to come in first?”

“If you want us separate,” April answered. “If not I don’t mind if we just did this at the same time.” April pursed her lips together, although she’d been waiting for this moment to come for over 2 hours, she was now scared for hearing what the nurse had to say.

“Eh,” The nurse looked at April silently before looking to Brax. “If you want to come in together then, sure, we can do that.”

“Yeah,” Brax nodded, welcoming the fact that they had each other there for support. “We can both come in now.” Brax said before standing up.

“The nurse walked them into the room and they took a seat at the desk opposite her.” April looked around to see Brax was already staring at her. They gave each other a comforting smile before Brax took April’s hand into his, both of them nervous to hear if one of them, at least, was a match.

“April,” The nurse said her name softly as she shook her head. “I’m sorry, but you’re not a match.” April choked back a tear. She wanted so much to be able to help her girlfriend and upon hearing she wasn’t a match for her and that wasn’t going to happen hurt.

“What about me then?” Brax questioned. “Am I...am...”

The nurse looked back down to the notes before looking up to Brax. “It is better news,” The nurse gave a little smile. “I’m happy to say that you are a match.”

“That’s great.” April smiled. Although she was a little sad that she couldn’t help her, she was relieved that Brax was a match and that Ruby was closer to getting a new kidney.

“Yeah,” Brax felt nervous hearing he was a match, but would do anything to help Ruby. “So eh....” Brax rubbed his forehead. “What does...what happens now?”

“Well we’d like to take more tests,” The nurse told him. “You might be a match, but, we now need to see if you yourself are physically fit and healthy enough to proceed with the surgery.”

“Right,” Brax nodded. “So when do I get these tests?” Brax questioned.

“Uhm,” The nurse looked at the notes before looking back up to him. “You can come in tomorrow. We’ll do them over the course of the next few days. X-Rays to check your kidneys, blood pressure, urine tests...we need to make sure you are fit enough to give the kidney and of course that your kidney is healthy enough for us to use. Once we’ve done those and you are shown to be a match then hopefully we can do the transplant reasonably soon.”

“Right,” Brax exhaled nervously. “So what time do you want me in tomorrow?”

“Come in around 10 and someone will see to you.” The nurse told him.

“Right,” Brax took a deep breath before he and April stood up from the chairs. “Thank you.” Brax shook the nurse’s hand before he and April left the hospital. Brax could see April was quiet and stopped walking and turned to face her, putting his hand onto her arm and rubbing it gently.

“You know it doesn’t make a difference who she gets it from,” Brax told her. “The main thing is Ruby is going to be getting a kidney.” Brax said and April gave a little nod.

“I know I just really wanted to be able to help her.” April sighed.

“I know you did,” Brax smiled. “But she’s still going to love you all the same,” Brax told her. “And lots of people wouldn’t even think about getting tested so....you’ve done more that some would for their partner.” Brax said trying to make April feel better.

“Yeah.” April sighed sadly.

“And you know she’s still going to need help. Support after the surgery and stuff.” Brax told her.

“Yeah, you’re right,” April gave a little smile. “And as you say, she’s going to be stoked that this dialysis can stop.” April smiled up at Brax before they left the hospital to go tell Ruby the good news.


Ella and Noah were running around Ruby’s bedroom, excited that the sign on the door had been green all day. Ruby exhaled as she sat down on her bed, even watching the twins running around made her feel tired. “You alright?” Charlie asked as she appeared at the door and leaned herself against the doorframe.

“Yeah,” Ruby yawned. “They just have to be doing something all the time.”

Charlie looked down to the twins before looking back at Ruby, seeing she looked exhausted. “Right you two leave Ruby for some peace now,” Charlie said as she held her hand out. “C’mon.”

“No mummy,” Ella shook her head. “It still green.” Ella pointed up to the door, where the green sign was on show.

Charlie exhaled as she turned around and pulled the green sign from the door. She found the red sign on the back of the door and pulled it off, putting it onto the front where the twins would see it. “There you go,” Charlie put the green sign to the back of the door that faced into Ruby’s room. “It’s red now, so time to leave.”

“Uh-uh,” Noah shook his head. “Ruby no change it.”

“Eh you’ll listen to your mother,” Charlie said, slightly taken aback that it was her son who gave her that remark. “Go put some shoes on and we’ll take the bikes out for a little ride, how does that sound?” Charlie questioned.

“Yeah, I get Rosie for her seat.” Ella said as she ran excitedly out of the room.

“Go on buddy.” Charlie looked down to Noah and he sighed before he ran out of the bedroom.

“Thanks,” Ruby smiled up at her mother and Charlie returned a smile before moving over to the bed and sitting next to her daughter. “I just need a little break from them.”

“That’s alright,” Charlie exhaled. “I wouldn’t expect you to want to play with them all day even before all this happened,” Charlie said as she wrapped her arm around her daughter. “I’m even glad of a break from them,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “Why do you think I still insist on nap time?”

Ruby managed a little laugh. “What happened to stopping that when they were 3?” Ruby questioned.

“I only said that to keep Ella happy,” Charlie answered. “But she clearly still needs it because she still falls asleep at 2 every day,” Charlie said. “Hopefully she does when this one is here too.” Charlie said as she rubbed her stomach.

“If not I’m sure a little bribery will work,” Ruby gave a little laugh before looking to the bedside table and checking the time on the digital clock. “Would have thought April and Brax would have been home by now,” Ruby exhaled. “Maybe they don’t have good news and that’s why they are scared to come back.”

“I’m sure -” Charlie stopped talking as the sounds of the door opening could be heard. “Oh sounds like that’s them now.” Charlie stood up from the bed as she heard footsteps in the house.

“Charlie? Rubes?” Brax shouted.

“In Ruby’s room.” Charlie replied as Brax and April appeared down the hall and at the doorway of the room.

“Did you find out then?” Ruby questioned, hoping that they would be telling her one of them was a match.

“We did.” April answered as she looked away from Ruby. They walked further into her room and stared at each other.

“Well please let us know.” Charlie said, eager to know if someone was a match.

“They said I was a match.” Brax said with a smile. Charlie put her hand onto her chest as she felt relief for her daughter. She knew she hated the dialysis and wanted to get off it as quickly as she could. She looked down to Ruby who looked a bit surprised.

“So you can do the transplant?” Charlie questioned as a mix of emotions hit her. She was pleased for her daughter, but there was a nagging worry in the back of her mind for the safety of her husband.

“Not yet,” Brax shook his head. “They want to do some more tests first. See my kidneys are healthy enough and if I’m physically fit enough to have surgery and stuff but it’ll be soon, if I get the go ahead it could be in the next couple of weeks.”

“Brax, I....” Ruby shook her head as she stood up off the bed. “I’m never going to have the words...” Ruby walked forward and wrapped her hands around him, Brax putting his arms around Ruby as they hugged.

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Thanks for the comments. :wub: Just to let you know this fiction will be finishing on Chapter 80.

Chapter 75

April was walking to Ruby’s house to meet her to hang out. As she was walking by the beach she saw her mother standing by the fencing, looking out to the ocean. She walked across to her, slightly surprised to see her. “Mum, hey, what you doing out here?” April questioned.

“Oh April,” Joanna turned to face her daughter and it was clear from the expression on her face that she wished she hadn’t see her. “I eh...” Joanna stopped talking. “Darling I...” Joanna lifted April’s hand up, taking it in hers. “Zander and I have been talking again this past week,” Joanna said. “We are going to give things another go.”

“Oh,” April was a little shocked. “He’s coming to Australia?”

“No, no darling he’s not.” Joanna shook her head before looking around to the car that was parked nearby. April looked in the same direction and saw it was a taxi.

“No,” April shook her head. “Mum, please don’t tell me you are leaving?”

“I’m sorry, April, but I’m just not enjoying being here.” Joanna told her as she let go of her daughter’s hand.

“But what about us?” April questioned. “I know it’s not perfect yet, but it’s alright, it’s getting there and for the most part I’m enjoying being with you again, we....” April shook her head as she felt herself welling up. “Please don’t go mum,” April pushed back a tear. “You promised you would stay. You said you wanted to get to know me again. Please mum, please stay.”

“April, the place I am renting is far too small,” Joanna answered. “This town is just not for me. This beach is gorgeous but that’s about all this place has going for it,” Joanna said. “Bianca doesn’t want to know me,” Joanna shook her head. “Zander loves me and we are going to try again,” Joanna told her. “Germany is the best place for me to be.”

“But I’m here,” April cried. “And I want to know you, please mum, stay for me.” April pleaded. Joanna turned her head away and saw her other daughter and her boyfriend walking down towards the surf club. She watched as Heath said something she couldn’t make out, before patting her arm and walking into the surf club, leaving Bianca standing and watching what was going on.

“I want to be with Zander.” Joanna answered as she looked back to April.

“So you were just going to leave without saying goodbye?” April questioned.

“I’m sorry, April,” Joanna said. “And quite frankly, even though I have tried, I cannot accept you as a queer,” Joanna curled her nose up. “Goodbye April.” Joanna said before she turned and walked over to the taxi, and got in, leaving April watching in tears as the car drove away. April turned around and it was then she saw Bianca standing, looking down on her. April wiped a tear from her eye before noticing Bianca standing with her arms out. She walked up to her sister and fell into her arms, Bianca lightly rubbing her sisters back.

“She’s not worth your tears,” Bianca said softly. “You’re better off without her.” April pulled back and Bianca bent down and wiped the tears from her sister’s eyes with her thumbs.

“You going to say I told you so?” April questioned.

Bianca shook her head lightly. “We don’t need her,” Bianca said. “We’ve got on just fine without her and will continue too, alright?” Bianca lightly rubbed April’s arm. “C’mon,” Bianca wiped another tear from April. “You don’t want to let Ruby see you with a face like that,” Bianca joked. “She might go and dump you.”

April managed a little laugh before she sniffed back more tears. “I wish I listened to you,” April pursed her lips together. “You told me this would happen.”

“You wanted to see the good in her,” Bianca said. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. She was just never going to change.”

“I’m sorry.” April said as she looked down.

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” Bianca told her. “Wanting to get to know your mum....you shouldn’t be sorry for that.”

“She’s not my mum,” April shook her head. “She’s just some woman that gave birth to me,” April sighed. “You’re the one who’s always been there when it’s counted,” April said. “I really appreciate that. You’re a great big sister and I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Bianca smiled as she rubbed April’s cheek. “But I can’t take too much credit for always being there for you. I wasn’t so great when you first came out was I?”

“Well everyone’s entitled to a little wobble,” April said and Bianca gave a little laugh. “And you’re supportive now so that’s all that matters.”

“Yeah,” Bianca smiled at her sister. “Go on, away at meet Ruby. I’m sure she’ll be able to cheer you up.”

April gave a little smile. “In a minute.” April said before she wrapped her arms around Bianca in a hug. Bianca returned the hug, wrapping her arms around her sister and she placed a kiss on her head.


Charlie was sitting at the kitchen table with the twins. They were making stuff with play dough and already on the table was a blue kitten, a green dog, a yellow bird and several different coloured snakes. “What I make next?” Ella scratched the side of her head as she looked up to her mother.

“Oh anything you want,” Charlie answered as she held a little blob of play dough in her hand which she was slowly forming into a ball. “What do you want to make?”

“Mummy,” Ella sighed as she shook her head. “I don’t know. It why I ask.”

“I see,” Charlie bit her lip. “Well what’s Noah making?” Charlie questioned as she looked down to her son who was sticking his tongue out a little, in pure concentration.

“A fish,” Noah said as he put a little sort of triangular shaped pieced of play dough on the table, Charlie assuming this was supposed to be the fish’s tale. “You like it?”

“I love it,” Charlie said as enthusiastically as she could. “Why don’t you make a fish too, petal?” Charlie questioned. “Then Noah’s fish could have a fish friend?”

“No mummy,” Ella shook her head as she moved her hair out of her face. “I want my own one.”

“Okay, ehm....” Charlie tried to think of something for her daughter to make. “Oh, what about a bunny?” Charlie questioned, keeping up with the animal theme the kids seemed to have going.

“Yeah,” Ella sounded very impressed with her mother’s choice. “A....orange one.” Ella said as she picked up the pot and pulled some play dough out.

“Hello,” Brax smiled at his children as he walked back into the house. “Wow, you kiddies been making all these cool animals?” Brax looked down to the assortment of colours on the table and smiled.

“Yeah,” Noah answered. “Now I do fish.”

“And I do a bunny.” Ella said as she flung her hands in the air.

“Aww wow, get working on those then.” Brax said and the twins got back to work as Brax walked closer to Charlie and placed a kiss hello onto her cheek.

“How did it go then?” Charlie got straight to the point. “Did they tell you today?”

“Yeah they told me,” Brax answered. “Rubes around?”

“Rubes.” Charlie shouted for her daughter to come through to the kitchen. She appeared moments later with April standing behind her. Over the last few days Brax had been getting the necessary tests and today he was asked into the hospital to get his results.

“I’m almost scared to ask.” Ruby said as she looked up to Brax.

Brax stared at Ruby for a moment before a smile appeared on his face. “You still want that kidney?” Brax questioned. Ruby gave a little squeal before running forward and wrapping her arms around her step-father.

“Oh Brax,” Ruby mumbled. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Brax smiled as he held Ruby in the embrace. He looked up to Charlie and the pair exchanged a smile, Brax knowing by the look on her face that she was so very thankful for what he was doing for her daughter.


April turned around in the bed and could just make out the outline of Ruby lying there in the darkness of the room. “Rubes,” April whispered. “Rubes are you awake?”

April waited a few moments and Ruby turned around so she was facing her girlfriend. “Yeah. I would ask if you were too but I guess it’s pretty obvious,” Ruby said. “Can’t sleep either?”

“Uh-uh,” April shook her head. “I just....I just keep thinking about my mum,” April told her. April had told Ruby Joanna had left when she got around to her place, and Ruby let her cry on her shoulder for a while, April clearly upset that she’d lost her mother from her life again. “I really thought she’d changed.”

“You always try to see the best in people,” Ruby moved a little closer to her girlfriend, and put her arm around her, letting it rest on her back, gently running her hands through the bottom of April’s hair. “And I hoped for your sake that she changed too, but,” Ruby exhaled. “Guess not.”

“Ahh she’s really not worth this, is she?” April sighed. “What’s keeping you awake?” April was pretty sure she knew what it was, but she asked the question anyways.

“I dunno, just....” Ruby clicked her tongue. “Knowing I’m getting the transplant soon, I....it’s coming quicker than I thought and I’m....” Ruby brought her hand up and played with the elephant pendant she now wore around her neck.

“I know,” April gently brushed her hand over Ruby’s cheek. “You’re bound to feel scared,” April said. “But just think pretty soon all this will be over and you’ll can get on with your life.” April smiled.

“As normal as we can make it.” Ruby sighed.

“Yeah well, being normal is overrated, so, we’ll be our own kind of normal,” April raised her eyebrows before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. “Although I don’t think you need to worry, you’re still going to be normal.”

Ruby gave her a smile as she ran her hand over her cheek. “You’ll be there, right? When I get the transplant?” Ruby questioned.

“Of course I will,” April answered. Brax had told her that she’d be able to get the transplant within the next month and although this was all Ruby had wanted, upon knowing she was getting it soon, she was now really scared. “I’d stay at the hospital with you if I could.” April told her.

“That would be nice,” Ruby raised her eyebrows. “Mum’s going to be a major wreck though,” Ruby said. “Her daughter and her husband in surgery,” Ruby exhaled. “You’ll keep her calm, right?”

“Of course” April nodded. “At least I’ll try my hardest,” April added. “You know what your mum can get like.”

“Yeah,” Ruby nodded. “But I just......she’s pregnant and too much stress won’t be good for the baby and....”

“Hey, all you have to concentrate on is staying healthy and getting this transplant, alright?” April said. “I’ll make sure that your mum’s okay.”

Ruby smiled lovingly. “I know I might be starting to sound like a broken record here but you are amazing April,” Ruby smiled. “I really am lucky to have you.”

“You can tell me that as many times as you want,” April grinned. “Pretty nice to hear someone thinks so highly of you.” April raised her eyebrows before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on her lips. Ruby let the kiss deepen as she wrapped her arms around April, before pulling her closer, the kiss continuing to grow even more passionate.

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Thank you Red Ranger 1, Sarah, Spotd1, Zoe and Freakie42 for the comments. Hope this one is okay...:unsure:

Chapter 76

Two and a half weeks after finding out Brax was a match for Ruby, they were now in the hospital, doing the surgery. Melanie was at the house with the twins, allowing Charlie to be at the hospital for her husband and daughter. The surgeons had told them that Brax was expected to be in surgery for 2 hours, Ruby a bit longer. “Chicken mayo or ham salad.” Charlie looked up as she heard April’s voice and saw she was holding two pre-packed sandwiches in her hand.

“I’m not hungry.” Charlie shook her head as rolled her wedding rings around her finger.

“You have to eat,” April took a seat next to her. “C’mon, choose or I’ll choose first and you’ll be stuck with the other one.” April held the sandwiches out and Charlie sighed as she looked down to them and picked up the chicken mayo and gave her a thankful smile.

“I can’t help thinking.....what if something goes wrong?” Charlie exhaled. “The twins...this baby,” Charlie rubbed her stomach. “What if he...” Charlie trailed off, not able to say it. “Then there’s Rubes, it could go wrong for her too and...”

“It won’t,” April shook her head. “Brax is strong,” April said. “He’ll pull through this fine and so will Rubes; she’s your kid so she must be strong,” April lightly rubbed Charlie’s arm. “The chances of stuff happening....they’re so low Charlie and....they’re in good hands. The surgeons here are great at what they do.”

“Still,” Charlie took a deep breath. “It’s not just my daughter in there. It’s my husband too. I’m so, so thankful that Brax is doing this but it just doubles the worry for me.”

“I know it’ll be hard but just try not to think anything bad,” April told her. “There’s far more of a chance that everything is going to go fine,” April exhaled. She had to believe that Ruby would be okay, because thinking anything else was too hard. She couldn’t begin to think what Charlie must be feeling with both her husband and daughter in major surgery and she knew right now that she needed to be Charlie’s support. She needed to be the one to keep her as close to calm as she could.

Charlie pursed her lips together as she looked down to her watch. “He’s been in surgery for over two hours now,” Charlie exhaled. “Why isn’t the surgeon coming out to talk to us?” Charlie questioned. “Something’s gone wrong April, I know it.” Charlie took a deep breath as she looked around to her.

“No,” April rubbed Charlie’s arm once again. “That was just a guide,” April said. “Every surgery is going to be different.”

“I can’t lose him,” Charlie welled up. “Either of them, I can’t,” Charlie shook her head. “I didn’t....I didn’t ever tell Brax that I trusted him again, cos I do,” Charlie sniffed back. “I do trust him and what if don’t get the chance to tell him?”

“I’m sure he knows it,” April said. “But if you really want to tell him then you can when he comes around, because, everything is going to be fine.”

Charlie took a deep breath and went to reply before looking up as she heard her name being called. “Mrs Braxton,” The surgeon said again as Charlie stood up. “We’ve completed the surgery on your husband and he’s doing really well.” Charlie breathed a sigh of relief for her husband, but was still deep with worry for her daughter.

“Thank you so much,” Charlie smiled. “Eh, when can I see him?”

“We’ll be bringing him up from the theatre soon. We’ll come and let you know when it’s okay.” The surgeon gave her a smile.

“And what about Ruby?” Charlie questioned. “Do you know how her surgery is going?” Charlie asked the question tentatively, almost scared to hear the reply.

“As far as I am aware, it’s going as it should be so far,” The surgeon answered. “She’s in good hands, Mrs Braxton,” The surgeon smiled. “Well I need to get back to your husband.” The surgeon said before he walked back down the hall and out of sight.

Charlie breathed another sigh of relief before looking around to April, who looked as pleased with the news as she felt. “I’m going to call Melanie,” Charlie said. “Get her to bring the twins in so we can see Brax,” Charlie smiled. “Come find me if they come back with news about Rubes.” Charlie told her and April nodded before Charlie walked down the hall. She exhaled lightly as she looked down to her sandwich that she’d laid on the chair next to her. She’d told Charlie she had to eat but she felt too sick with worry to eat herself.

“Ahh Rubes,” April mumbled. “Please be okay.” April sat with her head in her hands as her legs began to shake nervously. She was extremely worried for her girlfriend and only hoped that soon the surgeon would be coming to tell them good news about Ruby’s surgery.


Charlie and the twins were sitting in the room with Brax. Charlie holding Brax’s hand in hers. Ella was sitting on the chair next to her, Rosie ragdoll sitting on her knee. Noah was sitting on Charlie’s knee holding a card they’d made for him. “Do you know how Rubes is?” Brax questioned.

“Eh, she’s out of surgery,” Charlie smiled, relieved that both her husband and daughter had pulled though this fine. “She’s resting right now though so we can’t...” Charlie shook her head.

“That’s fantastic,” Brax breathed a sigh of relief. “Is April still around?”

“She’s waiting outside Ruby’s room,” Charlie told him. “At least she gets to feel close to her for now. She was obviously so worried about her but I could see she was trying to be really strong for my sake.”

“She’s a great kid,” Brax exhaled. “Well she’s not really a kid but....you know,” Brax said before he reached for the glass of water on the side table, wincing as he stretched out. Charlie reached up and passed it to him. “Thanks.” Brax gave her a smile before taking a drink.

“Is you hurted daddy?” Noah questioned.

“Sort of yeah,” Brax looked down to his son. “Might hurt for a little while eh.”

“Ruby is here too,” Ella exhaled. “Mummy said you helped her be better.”

“I did,” Brax smiled. “So what’s that you’ve got there buddy?” Brax looked back to Noah.

“I made it,” Noah said as he looked down to the card. “For you to get better.” Noah said as he handed Brax the homemade get well soon card.

Brax took the card from his son, smiling at the different coloured scribbles on the front. “Aww buddy, thank you.” Brax passed the card to Charlie and she put it up on the side table.

“I did one for Ruby,” Ella told him. “My name there too.” Ella pointed to Noah’s card.

“It’s lovely kiddies, thank you,” Brax smiled at his kids before looking back to Charlie. “You alright there?” Brax questioned, seeing she was very quiet.

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded. “I just...I’m so grateful you’ve done this,” Charlie smiled lightly. “I love you so much and I....you know I trust you, right?”

“I know.” Brax smiled at her as he took her hand back in his and lightly squeezed it.

“Mummy, I feel the alien kicking.” Noah shrieked as he was leaning back against her stomach.

“Is buttons saying hello?” Brax questioned and Noah gave a little nod.

“Maybe he is getting out,” Noah widened his eyes. “I no want alien out.”

“No, it’s not time yet,” Charlie answered. “And it’s not an alien, it’s a baby.” Charlie ran her hand over his hair. Noah furrowed his eyebrows, unsure.

“Daddy when you get home can we....” Ella paused as she scratched the side of her head. “Eh well...have a party?”

Charlie laughed at her daughter. “You and your parties,” Charlie shook her head a little as she rolled her eyes at Brax. “Daddy might be a bit sore for a party.” Charlie told her daughter and Ella furrowed her eyebrows as she scowled.

“How are you going to cope, actually?” Brax questioned. “You know once me and Rubes get home?”

“I’ll be fine.” Charlie answered.

“Charlie,” Brax exhaled. “You’re almost 7 months pregnant; you’ve got the twins to look after,” Brax said. “Me and Rubes are both going to be sore and needing a little more care,” Brax said. “Maybe we should think about getting some help.”

“I don’t need help to look after my family,” Charlie almost sounded offended. “I’ll manage, Brax.”

“Charlie, no one will judge you,” Brax shook his head. “Maybe even asking April to stay a while,” Brax told her. “You know, just for that little bit of help if you need it.” Brax said.

“If I say I’ll think about it will leave it there?” Charlie questioned and Brax gave a little nod. “Okay, I’ll think about it then.” Charlie sighed before she bit her lip, thinking that Brax and Ruby would both be sore for a while and not be able to do as much around the house. Add an couple of energetic three year olds to the mix and things probably weren’t going to be the easiest for Charlie, who did need to think about not taking too much on at this point in her pregnancy, she exhaled lightly, thinking it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.


April walked into the room, glad to be allowed in to see Ruby. Charlie and the twins were still in with Brax, and Charlie had told April to go in to be with Ruby as soon as she was allowed, making sure April told the nurse to come and get her right away. “Hey, Rubes, how you feeling?” April questioned as she sat down on the chair next to the bed.

“Urgh,” Ruby answered. “I’m sore. Really sore.”

“I’m sorry,” April took hold of her hand. “But the worst is over now, right?” April questioned. “We’ll take the next few weeks easy and you’ll recover well.”

“That’s what we’ve to hope for,” Ruby answered. “There’s still the chance of rejection.”

“Don’t think about that,” April shook her head. “Besides, you have something to keep you safe.” April smiled and Ruby moved her other hand up and held the elephant pendant in her hand.

“Of course, magic elephant will see me okay, right?” Ruby said and April gave a little laugh before nodding. “So, where’s my mum?”

“She’s with Brax,” April answered. “The nurse has gone to fetch her though.”

Ruby gave a smile, glad to hear her mother was on her way. “And Brax is alright?”

“Yeah, he’s doing good.” April answered and Ruby breathed a little sigh of relief.

“How was mum when we were in surgery?” Ruby questioned, knowing all too well she would probably be pretty stressed and worried.

“She was.....as you’d expect,” April answered. “It’ll never be easy having to wait for one family member who’s in major surgery, never mind two.” April lightly rubbed Ruby’s hand as she spoke, so glad her girlfriend was safely through the surgery.

“Well thank you for being there with her.” Ruby smiled.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” April shook her head before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on her girlfriend’s lips. “I love you Rubes, I don’t know what I’d have done without you.”

“I’m sure you’ll have managed.” Ruby answered.

“I don’t know,” April said as she moved Ruby’s hair from in front of her face. “You’re pretty special.” April leaned forward and once again placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. She knew Ruby would be sore for a few weeks at least but she was going to be with her girlfriend every step of the way, there was no doubts about that in her mind.

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Thanks for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 77

Brax walked into living room and took a seat on the couch; he held his hand against his side, before wincing in pain. Ella jumped up onto the couch next him and accidently hit her head into his side. She was only trying to cuddle close to him to show how happy she was that her daddy was home from the hospital. He’d been gone 3 days and she’d missed him greatly, she didn’t mean to hurt him. “Ahh,” Brax yelled causing Ella to pull away and start crying in fright. Noah looked up at him from where he was standing at the edge of the couch and widened his eyes in shock at his father’s cries. “Sorry petal but daddy’s just sore.” Brax spoke through gritted teeth before trying to breathe through the pain.

“Mummy.” Ella cried as Charlie walked into the room. She put her hands up to go to her and Charlie lifted her up.

“What did she do?” Charlie said as she rubbed Ella’s back as she swayed from side to side a little.

“She just knocked into my stiches.” Brax spoke through gritted teeth and Charlie could see he was in pain.

“He shouted to me.” Ella mumbled as her head was resting against Charlie’s chest.

“He didn’t mean too,” Charlie answered. “He’s just a bit sore right now. Remember what mummy told you?”

“Daddy got a booboo,” Noah said as he rubbed his side, where Brax would have had the surgery. “He hurteding here.”

“Uh-huh,” Charlie nodded as she walked around the couch and took a seat next to Brax, Ella staying on her knee, hugging into her. “So we need to be really careful with daddy and no jumping on him, okay?” Charlie lightly tickled Ella’s side and she giggled a little.

“Okay,” Ella looked up to her father. “Sorry I hurted you daddy.” Ella’s little eyes looked sad as she stared into his.

“It’s alright.” Brax ruffled her hair.

“You no to play?” Noah held his hand out to the side. “What we do?” Noah bowed his head down sadly.

“I can still play,” Brax gave a little laugh. “Sort of. I can’t really run around easily with you two right now but quiet stuff like play dough, painting....book reading, I can do that.”

“Read a book now?” Noah questioned. “To us all.” Noah pointed to himself before he pointed to Charlie and Ella.

“Sure buddy,” Brax smiled. “Why don’t you go pick one?”

“Okay,” Noah answered. “You come help Ella.” Noah said as he looked up to his sister. Ella jumped down from Charlie’s knee and ran down the hall with her brother to pick a book from their bedroom.

Brax once against winced as he moved a little in the couch, trying to get himself comfier. “You sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah,” Brax answered as he put his hand gently onto his side. “Just have to make sure I take it easy for a few weeks.” Brax told her. Charlie gave him a smile as she rubbed her hand over his cheek.

“I don’t have the words to thank you,” Charlie said. “Brax, you’ve saved my daughter’s life and...” Charlie trailed off. “You’re amazing.”

Brax gave her a smile. “Just doing what anyone else would,” Brax said. “You don’t need to thank me.”

Charlie gave a little smile, thinking rather differently. “So....do you want a coffee, a tea....juice or something?” Charlie questioned.

“Nah, I’m alright thanks.” Brax replied.

“You want me to go get a pillow from our room?” Charlie questioned. “Some extra comfort for you.”

“Nah,” Brax gave a little laugh. “Seriously, I’m fine.” Brax said as the kids came running back into the room, Noah with the book in his hand and Ruby the shark under his arm, Ella bringing Rosie ragdoll with her to hear the story too.

“We got one.” Noah answered as he climbed up onto the couch, sitting in-between his parents, ever so careful not to touch Brax. He got himself comfy as he sat Ruby the shark onto his knee, ready to hear the story they’d pick. Ella climbed up onto the couch also, taking a seat on Charlie’s knee as she cuddled Rosie close to her.

“It Dora mummy.” Ella said as she turned her head to look up at her as Charlie wrapped her arms around her daughter.

“Dora goes to School,” Brax read out. “Right then kiddies, you all comfy?” Brax looked down to his son as he nodded his head before looking to Ella who as cuddling into Charlie. He smiled lightly before opening the book and beginning to read to his children.


“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby,” The twins cheered excitedly as she walked into the house. Two days after Brax got home, Ruby was given the okay to leave the hospital. As Brax had suggested, Charlie had asked April if she would like to stay over to help out and of course she’d happily agreed. “Ruby.” Ella jumped up excitedly as Noah pulled on her arm.

“Hey, kiddies,” Charlie pulled Ella and Noah back. “Remember mummy told you Ruby’s going to be the same as daddy,” Charlie said. “You need to be gentle.”

“Forevers?” Noah sulked.

“No, just till she feels better,” Charlie told her son. “She has a booboo too just like daddy’s. Remember we saw her in the hospital?”

“Oh sorry Ruby,” Ella ran forward and ever so gently rubbed her hand. “I just get you something okay, stay there.” Ella instructed before she ran out of the room, going towards her bedroom.

“Hey,” April smiled as she walked into the kitchen, stopping next to Ruby as she placed a soft kiss on her cheek. “How you feeling?” April questioned as she looked to her girlfriend.

“Sore doesn’t even come close,” Ruby exhaled as Charlie took her bag of painkillers and immunosuppressant’s and put them in the cupboard next to Brax’s painkillers. “Looks like we’re about to open a drug shop.” Ruby managed a small laugh before she winced in pain.

“See the surgery’s done nothing for your sense of humour.” April said lightly nudged her arm.

Charlie gave a little smile before looking to April as she ran hand over Noah’s hair. “How were my little cherubs then?” Charlie questioned as Noah raised his hands above his head and grabbed his mother’s hands. April was looking after the twins and Brax while Charlie was at the hospital getting Ruby.

“They were good.” April smiled.

“And Brax?” Charlie questioned.

“Fine,” April nodded. “He’s having a little lie down though.” April said and Charlie nodded as Noah continued to pull at her hands.

“What you doing, buddy?” Charlie looked down to Noah who started giggling as he gave a little shrug.

“Just happy you is home.” Noah answered.

“I wasn’t away that long.” Charlie laughed.

“I still misses you.” Noah told her.

“Aww,” Charlie ruffled her son’s hair. “You go pick a game and mummy will come play, how does that sound?”

“Yeah.” Noah cheered before he ran out of the kitchen, just as Ella came running back in, with April the dolphin in her hands.

“Apil,” Ella said as she handed her up to Ruby. “She help you get betters Ruby.” Ella gave a nod, like she was agreeing with herself.

“Aww yeah,” Ruby smiled as she took April the dolphin in her hands. “I’m sure April will help me greatly, thanks.” Ruby said before glancing to April and the pair of the shared a smile.

“Right missus,” Charlie looked down to her daughter. “You go pick out a game with your brother and I’ll be through soon, okay?” Charlie said and Ella gave a little nod before taking April’s hand in hers.

“You come to Apil.” Ella took April’s hand and dragged her out of the room, leaving Ruby and Charlie alone.

Charlie watched as Ruby looked down to the dolphin in her hands. She exhaled lightly before letting a tear fall down her cheek. “Hey, sweetheart,” Charlie stepped forward. “You’re alright, you’re over the worst,” Charlie gently wrapped her arms around Ruby, in a soft hug. “And the recovery, although it’s probably the sorest part it’ll be the easiest bit, yeah?” Charlie ran her hand through her hair slowly. “You’re going to be fine.” Charlie smiled as she placed a kiss on Ruby’s forehead before once again, gently pulling her into a hug.


Ruby walked slowly through to the living room where she saw Brax sitting on the couch. “Hey,” She smiled at him as she walked over and took a seat next to him. “Can sleep either?”

“It’s hurts to breathe right now,” Brax told her. “I didn’t want to wake your mother, so....I thought I’d come out here for a while.”

“I feel exactly the same,” Ruby gritted her teeth as she put her hand over her stiches. “Think we need to get stronger painkillers.” Ruby winced as she sat back on the couch, leaning her head against the soft cushioned back.

“Mmm I like that plan,” Brax managed a small smile. “You doing okay though, pain aside?” Brax questioned.

“Yeah I feel like a different person already,” Ruby nodded. “It’s amazing really,” Ruby answered. “Give a girl a new kidney and she feels as good as new.”

“Well hopefully you’re as right at rain soon then,” Brax exhaled. “You know, you still need to accept the kidney eh.”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “But, I’ve got a good feeling about all this,” Ruby moved her hand up and played with the elephant pendant that she wore around her neck. “Something tells me that I’m going to be alright.”

“Yeah course you are,” Brax put his hand onto her thigh and rubbed it gently. “You are a Buckton after all and now you have a Braxton kidney, well there’s no stopping you now.” Brax said and they both managed a little laugh but quickly stopped as it proved too painful for them to do so right now.

“I eh....I just wanted to thank you again, Brax,” Ruby smiled up at him. “Like really, you have no idea how much it means to me that you would risk you’re life to help me and....there’s never going to be enough I can say or do to make it up to you. Just....thank you so much....like from the bottom of my heart, I’ll be forever grateful and I know that I really don’t say it enough but....I do love you, Brax, you’re a brilliant father to the twins and....you’re a pretty awesome step-dad.”

Brax felt himself welling up. “I love you too, Rubes,” Brax said. “And as far as step-daughters go, you’d take a lot of beating. You’re pretty amazing yourself.” Brax said and Ruby smiled before the pair leaned forward and gently hugged each other, both of them well aware that the other would be sore from surgery.

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Thank you Sarah, Red Ranger 1, beebee and Spotd1 for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 78

Six months later

Charlie was sitting on the beach watching Brax and the twins in the ocean. Noah and Ella were sitting on a surf board and Brax was pushing them over the soft waves close to the shoreline, the kids giggling as they went over them. There were no doubts in Charlie’s mind that her kids were water babies and they’d both been asking for a boogie board for the last couple of weeks, which of course excited Brax. He couldn’t wait to get the kids into surfing. She heard a little babble coming from her son, who was sitting in her arms, looking out to the ocean as his brother and sister played. “What you saying Toby?” Charlie questioned. Toby made another noise as he flung his arms out to the side. The noises got louder as his legs began to kick too, his arms still shaking around. “Oh are you telling mummy a story?” Charlie questioned as Toby continued to babble.

“Mummy did you see?” Noah ran back up the beach as quickly as his little legs could carry him. “Did you?”

“I saw buddy,” Charlie smiled as Noah crashed to the ground, a little sand flying into the air, a lot of sand sticking to Noah’s wet body. “Looking cool out there huh?”

“Yeah,” Noah nodded his head. “Can Toby come?” Noah looked down to his baby brother before he tickled his chin, causing Toby to laugh a little. When Toby was born 3 months earlier, both Noah and Ella were so pleased that he wasn’t an alien; they didn’t seem to care whether they had a brother or a sister and instantly went straight into always wanting to hold him and give him kisses and cuddles, much to the relief of Charlie and Brax.

“Toby is a little young right now,” Charlie answered. “But one day you can show him how to surf yeah?” Charlie questioned and Noah nodded.

“I’s the best teacher,” Noah pointed to himself as he sat up straight, looking very proud. “I is mummy.” Noah nodded his head for added emphasis.

“I’m sure you will be,” Charlie smiled as Brax and Ella joined them, Brax sticking the surf board in the sand as Ella looked around the picnic blanket, her little eyebrows furrowed as she wiped sand from her swimsuit. “You alright there Ella?”

“No,” Ella shook her head. “Where is she?” Ella sounded worried. “Where my Rosie?” Ella was still very much obsess with the little ragdoll with the yellow bunches and pink and white checked dress.

“Eh...” Charlie looked around. “She’s there.” Charlie said and Ella’s eyebrows furrowed once again before she spotted Rosie lying face down in the sand under the pram.

“Mummy,” Ella was utterly shocked. “You aposed to be looking after her,” Ella marched over to the pram and picked the doll up, brushing the sand from her before gently rocking her in her arm. “Shhh Rosie it’s okay....mummy is here.” Ella placed a soft kiss on Rosie’s lips as she swayed on the spot. Charlie bit her lip as she looked up to Brax who was trying to keep a straight face.

“Silly mummy,” Brax raised his eyebrows before sitting down on the sand next to his wife. “And how’s my little Toby baby?” Brax cooed as he lightly tickled his sons hand with his index finger.

“He’s good,” Charlie smiled. “He likes chilling with mummy, don’t you baby?” Charlie turned her son around in her arm and held him up so he was facing her. She smiled at him and Toby gave her a gummy grin as he once again kicked his arms and legs out. “Yeah.” Charlie smiled as she brought him closer to her and kissed his cheek a few times before placing him back on her knee.

“Toby is the best baby,” Ella ran over and sat down on Brax’s knee. “I love Toby too much.” Ella said before leaning forward and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Me does love him more,” Noah stuck his tongue out at Ella before he placed a kiss on his brother. “Ay mummy?”

“Aww I sure you both love him very very much,” Charlie answered. “You’re both the best with him.”

“No,” Ella shook her head. “Ay daddy I help mostest?” Ella questioned as she turned and looked up at Brax, expecting him to agree with her.

“I think you both help me and mummy so much,” Brax said and the twins stuck their tongues out at each other. “You’re both extremely good little helpers,” Brax looked down to Toby and saw he was staring up at him with his big blue eyes, his little tuft of chocolate brown hair sticking up on end. Toby looked more like Ella and Charlie, than Noah and Brax, although personality wise Charlie always said he was more like Brax as he seemed a very laid back, chilled out baby. “You wanting to come give daddy a cuddle?” Brax questioned as he took Toby from Charlie’s arms and he sat happily in his dad’s arms as Ella stood back to her feet and ran over to the pram and stood up onto her tiptoes as she put Rosie ragdoll inside.

“She be’s safer there,” Ella said, pleased with her choice of resting place. “Mummy you take us to swim.” Ella pointed out to the ocean as she ran back over to Charlie.

“Yeah,” Noah jumped up in excitement. “Let’s go mummy, let’s go.” Noah pulled on her hand, wanting his mother to get up.

“I’ll help you Noah.” Ella said as she took Charlie’s other hand, the twins pulling with all their might as they tried to get Charlie to her feet. Brax gave a little laugh as he saw the look of determination on their faces.

“Get up,” Brax lightly hit the bottom of Charlie’s back. “Take your kiddies swimming.” Charlie gave a little laugh before she stood to her feet. Toby gave a little squeak as Charlie took the twins’ hands into hers and took a few steps away from him.

“You chill out with daddy buddy,” Charlie smiled down at her youngest son. “And watch us in the water. Mummy is going to show these kiddies how to really surf.”

“Ha,” Brax gave a laugh. “That I would love to see.” Brax said.

“Oh babe I really am quite the surfer,” Charlie told him. “Just never ever showed you my skills because I didn’t want to hurt your male pride.”

“Sure and I’m Mahatma Gandhi,” Brax laughed and Charlie kicked sand at his feet. Brax grinned as he kicked some right back at her. “Go on kiddies, go dunk mummy in the water.” Brax said and the twins both gave a jump, loving their father’s idea.

“Yeah let’s go.” Noah pulled on his mother’s hand.

“Right, we’ll have a race down to the ocean okay?” Charlie questioned and both kids gave a nod.

“Yeah yeah.” Ella waved her hands about excitedly.

“Okay, daddy you say go.” Charlie said as she looked down to Brax once more before letting go of Noah’s hand.

“Ready....set.....go.” Brax said and Charlie and the kids ran off down the beach, Brax smiling at hearing his wife and kids giggling as they ran down to the ocean. He looked down to Toby and smiled before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on his head.


April knocked on the open door of her house before walking in. “Hey,” Ruby smiled as she put her pills into her mouth before swallowing them down. April smiled as she walked over to her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Ruby smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen as they slipped their tongues into each other’s mouths. April slid her hands down Ruby’s back and rested them on her bottom as Ruby put her hands around April’s neck. “Mmm, well that was a nice way to say hello.” Ruby grinned as she pulled back.

“Mmm well I missed you.” April said. April and Bianca had been to a Spa retreat for a few days, and this was April just getting back.

“I missed you too,” Ruby exhaled. “But I’m sure you and Bianca would have had a good time.”

“Yeah, was great,” April nodded. “So what do you fancy doing today?” Ruby looked April up and down before raising her eyebrows. “Hmm, I like what you are thinking,” April smiled before placing another kiss on Ruby’s lips. “You have a free house?”

“Mmm,” Ruby nodded. “Mum and Brax have the kids at the beach.” Ruby answered.

“Very good.” April raised her eyebrows before they once again kissed.

“Mmm, I eh, I have the doctors tomorrow,” Ruby said as she pulled back from the kiss. “6 month check-up,” Ruby said. “Kinda nervous,” Ruby pursed her lips together. “What if they tell me my body is rejecting the kidney?”

“I thought you were pretty confident things were going well?” April questioned. As far as she was aware Ruby had always been positive about her recovery and her body accepting the new kidney.

“I was, but...” Ruby clicked her tongue. “I dunno, just knowing I’m finding out how it’s going tomorrow is making me wonder....” Ruby trailed off. “Maybe it is going wrong.”

April scrunched her face up. “Well surely if you were rejecting the kidney then you’d be sick, right?” April said. “You’d bound to have some so sort of symptoms. Have you been feeling ill or having fevers, chills....stuff like that?” April questioned.

“Nope,” Ruby shook her head. “But doesn’t mean it’s not going to start, does it?” Ruby sighed as she bowed her head down.

“Surely you would have known by now if you were going to reject it?” April said as she put her hand onto Ruby’s chin and pushed her head up to face her again.

“Eh,” Ruby scratched the back of her head. “They said one year,” Ruby told her. “If it didn’t show signs of rejection in one year then it’s likely never to happen.”

“Well you’re half way there,” April smiled. “And all is going great so far, right?”

“Yeah, yeah it is,” Ruby smiled at her girlfriend. She was always so positive when it came to Ruby’s illness. “I just hope it stays that way.” Ruby mumbled.

“It will,” April smiled as she tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear. “And you also have this to keep you safe,” April said as she gently ran her hand over the elephant pendant that Ruby wore. “Now, what was that you said you wanted to do today?” April raised her eyebrows before leaning forward and placing another kiss on her girlfriend’s lips. Ruby smiled into the kiss, letting it get more passionate as she once again wrapped her arms around April’s neck, pulling her closer to her so their bodies were pressed together as the kiss only continued to get more passionate.

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Thank you Red Ranger 1, Sarah, CharlieandBrax4Ever and Spotd1 for the comments. This is the second to last one...hope it’s okay....

Chapter 79

Ruby and Charlie were sitting in the room, waiting for Sid to come and speak to them. Ruby had had some blood tests and X-rays and Sid was looking over them to find out how she was doing with her new kidney. Charlie’s leg was shaking as they sat in silence. “You have separation anxiety?” Ruby questioned as she turned to face her mother.

“What?” Charlie screwed her face up.

“Well you’re hardly ever away from Toby,” Ruby answered. “And you’re shaking your leg so...” Ruby held her hand out to the side.

“I’m nervous for your results,” Charlie answered. “And Toby is with his dad so I know he’s safe and it’s not like he’s only a few weeks old, he’s 12 weeks. Some mothers are back to work by that age.”

“You’re not going to be one of those mothers that’s for sure,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “Good job you’ve got a nice boss, huh?”

Charlie laughed. “Technically we are both the boss,” Charlie exhaled. “But yeah, he says I can come back whenever I want. I think he’d rather I was with Toby for now though, which suits me perfect to be honest,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “And it’s nice to see the twins more again.”

“Yeah,” Ruby smiled. “And it was nice of you to give Melanie a job in the restaurant till you do go back.” Ruby said as she played with the elephant pendant she wore around her neck.

“Well she’s a great nanny,” Charlie exhaled. “I don’t want to lose her to someone else and the kids are crazy about her so,” Charlie smiled. “And I think it’s the least we can do,” Charlie said. “You know she was off for a few months during the restaurant makeover and back for what....7, 8 months before she was gone again for my maternity leave.”

“I guess.” Ruby exhaled as the door opened and Sid walked into the room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Sid said as he took a seat opposite them. “I’ll just get right down to it, shall I?” Sid looked down to the notes before he pursed his lips together as he looked back up to them. “Don’t look so worried, it’s good news,” Sid smiled and both Ruby and Charlie breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re body’s responding well to the new kidney,” Sid told Ruby with a smile. “About 70 per cent of the kidney is now functioning how we’d like it to be and it’s only looking like it’s going to keep getting better,” Sid said. “Rejection at this point is looking highly unlikely.”

“Woah,” Ruby put her hand onto her chest. “That’s great.” Ruby smiled upon hearing the good news. She had this nagging feeling in the back of her mind that she’d be told bad news.

“So there’s nothing more that Ruby needs to do?” Charlie questioned, relieved that the new kidney wasn’t being rejected.

“No,” Sid shook his head. “Just keep taking the medication and we’ll see you again in another 6 months for another check-up and then hopefully it’ll come down to yearly after that.”

“Well that’s good, right?” Charlie smiled at her daughter, happy that things were going how they were supposed to.

“Yeah,” Ruby nodded with a grin. “It’s good. It’s great.”

“Well I’ll let you get going,” Sid said. “And Rubes, just keep doing what you doing.” Sid gave her a smile before her and Charlie left the room, eager to share the news of Ruby’s good heath with Brax and April.


“Goodness they just don’t stop.” Ruby sighed as she walked back through to the living room, where April was sitting on the couch, holding Toby in her arms. Charlie and Brax were out for meal together, leaving Ruby and April to babysit.

“So they’re not sleeping then?” April laughed as she gently rocked Toby in her arms.

“Noah is,” Ruby said as she sat back down on the couch, gently running her hand over her baby brother’s head. “But I left Ella jumping on her bed,” Ruby shook her head. “She’s a crazy little thing.”

“Can say that again,” April laughed. “But she’ll tire herself out and eventually fall asleep, right?” April questioned as she moved Toby in her arms, his little feet knocking against her body as his head rested against shoulder. He moved his eyes so he was focusing on his sister and gave her a big gummy smile.

“Yeah,” Ruby once again rubbed her brother’s head, running her hand over his soft chocolate locks. “Aww look at you all snuggled with April,” Ruby cooed. “You look all comfy bubba, you do.” Toby gave a little babble as Ruby tickled his cheek with her index finger.

“Aww I could hold him all night.” April gushed as she rubbed his back.

“Oh someone’s getting clucky.” Ruby laughed.

“Ha,” April laughed. “Need to get through medical school first babe.”

“Ah so you aren’t even going to bother with your HSC?” Ruby questioned. “We are a little confident one aren’t we?” Ruby laughed.

“Well no,” April exhaled. “Of course I need to do my HSC first,” April said. “Although I can’t believe it’s next month already,” April widened her eyes. “Doesn’t seem like that long ago we were stressing over the year 11 exams.”

“Tell me about it,” Ruby sighed. “Although my not so excellent health probably had something to do with that,” Ruby said. “You know, thinking about me and getting myself better.”

“Yeah,” April gently rubbed Toby’s back as he started to whinge a little. “Shh.” April tried to calm him as Ruby looked to her watch.

“Feeding time,” Ruby stood up from the couch and walked through to the kitchen, taking a bottle of the expressed milk from the fridge and walking back through as she gave it a little shake. “Aww Toby boo, don’t start crying,” Ruby said as Toby cries become louder. “It’s coming,” Ruby picked up the bib from the coffee table and put it onto her brother as April held him. “You want to do it?” Ruby said as she pulled the lid off and handed the bottle out.

“Sure,” April laid Toby back across her and took the bottle from Ruby, and put it to Toby’s mouth, Toby immediately taking the bottle, as his little hand rested against it. Ruby smiled as April looked lovingly down at the boy. “Aww, so cute. I could just squish you.” April gushed.

“Seriously, you are so clucky,” Ruby laughed and April looked up to her with a smile. “You want kids?”

April pursed her lips together. “I’d like to think so one day,” April answered. “Not sure it’s really going to be that easy, but,” April clicked her tongue. “It’d be nice to think I could have a couple of kids, yeah.”

“Yeah,” Ruby nodded. “But like you say it’s not going to be as easy for us, is it?” Ruby exhaled. “And I’m not so sure it’d be easy for me after my kidney troubles.”

“I sure it won’t affect your fertility.” April said as she looked down to Toby who was very much enjoying his feed.

“I didn’t mean that,” Ruby shook her head. “I meant because I am on medication and maybe it’ll have to change in case it affects the baby....I’ll have another person to worry about but it’s pretty essential that I look after myself, not to mention I have diabetes so that probably already brings some dangers to a pregnancy.”

“Oh well....I guess,” April exhaled. “But I think is something we don’t really need to be talking about for years anyways,” April gave a nervous sort of laughter. “We’re still teenagers and need to finish high school then uni first.”

“True,” Ruby nodded as she turned around as she felt the presence of someone behind her. She sighed as she saw Ella standing at the edge of the couch, Rosie ragdoll in her arms. “What you doing through here missus?”

“We’re not sleepy.” Ella answered as she climbed up onto the couch.

“Well it’s bedtime petal, you need to sleep.” Ruby ran her hand though her hair as she lay down on the couch, putting her head onto Ruby’s knees.

“Not yet,” Ella pushed back a yawn. Of course she was tired, especially with all that jumping on her bed, but she wanted to stay up with her big sister and April. “You tell a story.”

“You’ve already had a story,” Ruby said as she continued to run her hand through her sister hair. “You want me to tell mummy and daddy you were a good girl right?”

“I have be’d good Ruby,” Ella said. “Really really really good.”

“Yeah, so keep it up and go to bed,” Ruby said. “You’ll need lots of energy for swimming at the beach tomorrow with me and April, won’t you?”

“Yeah I like to swim,” Ella said. “It’s fun.”

“Well you won’t be able to swim if you are tired, will you?” Ruby said. “You might sink to the bottom of the ocean.”

Ella gasped as she sat up on the couch. “Will I?” Ella widened her eyes as she looked up at her sister. “And I’ll be with sharks and things?”

“Oh yeah,” Ruby nodded. “It’s true. You better get to bed huh?”

Ella nodded as she jumped down from the couch. “Night Ruby and Apil,” Ella said as she tiptoed up and Ruby leaned down as Ella placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Ella ran next to April and she leaned down, allowing Ella to kiss her too, before she kissed Toby goodnight. “Night Toby.” Ella said before she ran off down the hall to her bedroom.

“And the award for the meanest big sister goes too....” April trailed off as she looked at her girlfriend.

“I wasn’t being mean,” Ruby defended herself. “I was simply getting my sister to go to bed.” Ruby said as she leaned back on the couch and smiled at her girlfriend.

“Well I’d say telling a 3 year old she’ll sink with the sharks was a little mean.” April said as she moved the milk bottle slightly higher up, letting Toby get the last of his milk.

“Nah, you’re way wrong.” Ruby laughed at her girlfriend before leaning down to the side, resting her head on April’s shoulder as she watched her baby brother finishing off his meal.


Charlie and Brax were sitting on the beach, looking out as the moonlight shone against the ocean. Brax had his arm wrapped around Charlie as she rested her head against his shoulder. “It’s so quiet,” Brax whispered. “It feels strange not to hear the twins screaming or shouting or Toby crying for a feed...” Brax trailed off.

“I know,” Charlie laughed a little. “As much as I love them, this last few hours break has been nice.” Charlie buried her head deeper into Brax.

“Mmm hasn’t it,” Brax softly kissed the top of her head. “Will have to start making this a more regular thing then eh,” Brax smiled. “Once a week date nights, huh?” Brax rubbed her arm as he spoke.

“I think that’s a little optimistic,” Charlie answered. “Maybe more like once a month.” Charlie said as the gentle sounds of the waves lapping against the shore could be heard.

Brax sighed disappointedly. “I guess you’re right.”

“Should be used to that by now,” Charlie laughed. “It’s not often you are right now, is it?”

“Nope. It’s not at all,” Brax laughed. “So, it’s great that Ruby got such good news eh?” Brax smiled, pleased that his kidney wasn’t being rejected by his stepdaughter. Brax exhaled as he continued to lightly rub Charlie’s arm.

“Yeah,” Charlie agreed. “It’s great. I was dreading hearing what Sid had to say. You know so many times people seem to be improving then all of a sudden it just goes downhill but that’s not looking likely at all for Rubes,” Charlie exhaled. “And it’s all been so quick as well,” Charlie said. “You know people wait years. People can be on dialysis for like tens of years and it’s just almost a year since we found out about her renal failure. I’m just amazed by all of it.”

“Me too,” Brax agreed. “But it’s happened the best possible way, right?” Brax questioned. “No years of dialysis or hospital visits,” Brax said. “It has been quick, but, you’d rather it be this way, eh?”

“Goes without saying,” Charlie replied. “She’s talking about uni and eventually finding a place to move into with April,” Charlie said. “And that can happen. I’d hate to let her go if she hadn’t had the transplant but you made things.....well.....I’m just so grateful for what you did,” Charlie looked up at him with a big grin. “She’s so.....you wouldn’t know she’d had the transplant now and.....well 6 months ago it would have been a different story.”

“Yeah she’s like a different person eh,” Brax smiled. “So full of life again.”

“And that’s always going to be thanks to you,” Charlie smiled up at Brax before placing a soft kiss on his lips. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Brax smiled before Charlie leaned her head back against his shoulder and the couple looked back out towards the ocean, sitting in silence, welcoming the calm of the night.

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So this is the last one. I hope you don’t feel I rushed the transplant stuff too much and ideally I would have liked to have spent longer on it, but, I am moving to New Zealand next week (well I have a 2 year working holiday visa) and wanted this finished before I left. Hope you like how I’ve ended it and thank you all so much for reading and more importantly thanks to those who commented. I wouldn’t have written so many fictions without your feedback so it is very much appreciated. :wub:

Chapter 80

Charlie sat and watched Ruby and April throwing a ball back and forward, their ankles welcoming the cool water of the ocean. Ella and Noah were trying their hardest to get the ball from them, standing in the middle off the two, jumping as high as they could, but nowhere near high enough to have a chance in getting the ball. “Should go help them,” Brax laughed as he appeared next to his wife, handing her the smoothie he’d been away to get for her. “Put the twins on our shoulders and then Rubes and April will never get it passed us. Brax laughed a little as he sat down, Toby lying in between the two of them.

“Yeah,” Charlie played with the straw of her drink. “Bring Toby down to help me, will I?” Charlie looked down to Toby who holding his little teddy giraffe in his hands as it was edging ever closer to his mouth as he legs kicked out in excitement. “You’ll steal the ball from Ruby won’t you?” Charlie tickled her son’s stomach, resulting in him laughing.

“Aww you given up?” Brax questioned as Ella came running up to her parents and sat down in the sand in front of them.

“They’s going swimming.” Ella answered as she looked back down to them as they were walking further into the water, Noah in the middle of them with his little hands linked with one of theirs, the ball left sitting on the sand.

“And you don’t want to swim?” Charlie looked to her daughter confused. “You love swimming.” Both of the twins were already swimming without arm bands at just 3 and a half.

“No,” Ella shook her head. “The sharks will get me.” Ella sounded so serious as she spoke, with the look of fear in her eyes.

“The sharks won’t get you,” Brax told her. “They are way out in the deep.”

“No,” Ella shook her head, resulting in her ponytail swaying from side to side. “Ruby said I’d sink to the sharks.”

“Oh yeah?” Charlie raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah cos I no go to bed last night.” Ella said as she picked up some sand with her hands before throwing it down again.

“Ah I see,” Brax exchanged a glance with Charlie before looking back to his daughter. “Well I don’t think you need to worry, petal,” Brax said. “Just enjoying your swimming eh.”

“So I no sink to the sharks?” Ella looked up to her father as she once again dropped some sand from her hands.

“Nope,” Brax shook his head. “And anyways the sharks wouldn’t eat such a sweet little girl like you,” Brax told her. “So you don’t have to be frightened.”

Ella looked unsure before turning her head and looking out to the water, seeing Noah and April ganging up on Ruby, splashing her with water and she giggled a little. “I splash Ruby too?” Ella said before she looked around to Brax.

“Yeah go on.” Brax encouraged her. Ella stood up and ran down the beach, running into the ocean and immediately starting to splash her sister, joining in with Noah and April’s laugher. Ruby stood with her back to them, huddled over a little as she begged for them to stop slashing her, but the twins and April just continued to laugh as they kept on splashing.


Everyone was still hanging out at the beach. Once the twins and April had stopped ganging up on Ruby, they swam around for a while before coming back up the beach to sit with Charlie, Brax and Toby. Ruby was holding Toby in her arms as the twins and April were busy building sandcastles. Brax was doing the barbeque and Charlie was pouring drinks for everyone. She took a bottle of beer out from the cooler and twisted the cap off before walking over to Brax and handing it to him. “Thanks,” Brax smiled at her before taking a swig. “You having a good day?” Brax questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled. “It’s nice. We should have family days like this more often,” Charlie smiled as she watched the twins, who had now moved on to burying April’s feet in the sand, huge grins on their faces. “Look how much fun they are having.”

“Yeah,” Brax smiled as he turned a burger on the barbeque. “Just as well though eh, with a Braxton as their father, they’d have to love the beach.”

“Oh yeah cos if they’d didn’t you’d be marching them off to the adoption agency right enough eh?” Charlie laughed.

“Oh I’d have to consider it,” Brax joked before taking another drink of his beer. “Don’t want them shaming me eh?” Charlie lightly slapped his chest and Brax gave a little laugh. “Aww c’mon you know I’m just teasing.”

“Hmm.” Charlie raised her eyebrows as Noah came running over to them and pulled on Charlie’s hand.

“Mummy mummy,” Noah screeched. “We bury Apil feet with sand.” Noah pointed to April who was sitting with her feet under the sand. Charlie saw Ella wasn’t finished the game of burying April yet, as she was still throwing sand over her legs.

“Aww poor April.” Charlie exhaled as she looked down to her son.

“No, she’s fun,” Noah answered. “It’s just fun mummy,” Noah told her. “Not really buried forevers,” Noah shook his head. “It’s not, okay?” Noah said reassuring his mother.

“I know,” Charlie ran her hand through her son’s hair. “So, what you wanting from the barbeque?”

“Uhm...” Noah scratched the side of his head. “A burgerdog.” Noah answered.

“A what?” Brax laughed as he turned the hotdog round on the barbeque.

“A burgerdog,” Noah answered. “Thems so good.”

Charlie scrunched her face up, confused. “And what’s a burgerdog?”

“Oh mummy,” Noah shook his head in disbelief. “The burger and the cut hotdog on tops,” Noah told her. “A burgerdog,” Noah clapped his hands together. “Thems the best, ay Ella?” Noah turned to his sister as and she stopped throwing sand at April and ran over to where her brother and parents were.

“What is best?” Ella asked as she brushed her hand against her swimming costume, letting some sand fall from them.

“Burgerdogs.” Noah said.

“Oh yes,” Ella nodded her head. “Me want 6 8 2 4 5.” Ella said as she held both her hands up.

“Right,” Brax rolled his eyes at his wife. “Two burgerdogs coming up.” Brax served the twins what they wanted before getting Ruby and April’s ready. Charlie took Toby into her arms and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead before placing him down in the pram as he was asleep. She sat down on the blanket next to her twins and April and Ruby, as Brax brought over food for them both.

“Can I eat mummy?” Noah questioned.

Charlie felt his burger to see it was still pretty hot. “Give it another minute or two buddy, it’s still hot,” Charlie said as she reached for a packet of potato chips and pulled the bag open. “Eat some of them if you want.” Charlie said and Noah grinned excitedly before he pulled a handful from the bag and put them on his plate.

“This is fun,” Ella gave a giggle. “We do it all the days.” Ella said as she picked up her juice box and took a drink.

“Yeah,” Brax ran his hand through his daughter’s hair. “We’ll need to do this more often eh?”

“Uh-huh, it what I say.” Ella sighed. Everyone laughed a little at her comment before they made a start to their lunch, Ella not the only one who was enjoying the day.


Ruby and April were sitting on the blanket, Ruby’s arm around her girlfriend as April rested her head against her shoulder. Toby was still asleep in his pram and Charlie and Brax had taken the twins in the ocean. “I’ve really enjoyed myself today.” April smiled as she watched Charlie and Brax splashing about with the twins.

“Me too,” Ruby answered. “Although I always do when I’m with you.” Ruby said.

“Aww aren’t you sweet,” April looked up to her girlfriend and smiled before leaning in a placing a soft kiss on her lips. “Can you belief it’s nearly been a year?”

“Uh-uh,” Ruby shook her head. “But let’s hope there many more, eh?” Ruby smiled.

“I’m sure there will be,” April smiled. “Maybe we’ll be like your mum and Brax one day,” April said as they both looked down to the ocean, Charlie with Noah in her arms, as Ella was holding onto Brax’s arm. “They’re so happy.”

“Yeah,” Ruby exhaled. “I’m really glad they worked everything out and....well....like you say, they look so happy together now, like, the happiest I’ve seen them happy.” Ruby smiled as Brax and Charlie shared a quick kiss.

“Ah you always knew they’d work it out though,” April said. “You know you can see they were always supposed to be together.” April smiled at the family scene in the ocean before looking back to Ruby.

“Yeah,” Ruby agreed. “So, you think the same about us then?” Ruby questioned. “Are we destined to be together forever?”

“I’d like to think so.” April answered as she tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear before lightly rubbing her cheek.

“Well that’s good because I’d like to believe that too.” Ruby smiled.

“I love you Rubes.” April smiled as she continued to lightly rub her cheek.

“I love you too.” Ruby smiled as she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on April’s lips. They both smiled at each other as they pulled back and April rested her head back against Ruby’s shoulder. Ruby placed a soft kiss on top of April’s head as she looked back out to the ocean, watching Charlie and Brax once again splashing around with the twins. She knew their life at this time last year was slowly starting to fall apart and loved seeing the difference that a year could make. She gently rubbed April’s arm, so glad that she took the chance with her almost a year ago. She’d never been happier and was so grateful to have her in her life. She looked back to the ocean as she heard the twins’ giggles and the smile on her face only grew larger and how happy she and her family were.

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