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Trust in Me

Guest Danni02

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Story Title: Trust in Me

Type of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Ruby, April, Charlie, Brax

Other Characters, Romeo, Bianca, Dexter, Heath, Ella and Noah.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Spoilers: No

Any warning: SC, Slash

Summary: Ruby is happy in her relationship with Romeo and is stunned when someone else confesses their love for her. Will she stay with Romeo, or does she too secretly want this other person? Charlie and Brax are happily married but a knock on the door from a stranger may be able to change all that.

Chapter 1

Ruby and April had been the best of friends ever since they could remember. Ruby had been there for April when her mum abandoned her in favour of a life in Germany with her toy boy, when she had to get her tonsils taken out they watched movies and ate tubs and tubs of ice-cream together and before all that when April was nervous for starting Year 1, young Ruby took her hand and told her it would all be okay. They’d be in school together. April returned the favours when things in Ruby’s life were tough too. She was there for her when Elsie and Ross died, showing her support, she was there for her when she found out Charlie was in fact her mother and not her sister and she was there to mend her first broken heart when Casey cheated on her with Laura from Biology class. They went shopping together, had sleepovers, had the same music and movie interests, they really were the best of friends, and in their 17 years of life, Ruby and April could never remember having an argument or a fall out, they were super close and they told each other everything. April exhaled as she stared at the chalkboard. Her elbow was sitting on her desk and she’d rested her head against her hand. “April,” Bianca said. “What’s the answer?” A few students in class turned around and looked at April, who seemed like she was staring into space. “Miss Scott,” Bianca spoke louder. “April.”

April jumped slightly. “What, sorry?”

“What’s the answer?” Bianca glared at her little sister. Really she was more like a mother to April. For the last 5 years anyways, Bianca had been the one to care for her, their mother not sending as much as a birthday or Christmas card to her girls.

“What was the question?” April asked, resulting in a few of the students giving a little laugh.

Bianca looked unimpressed with her sister as she pointed to the board to 3 Italian words and she had no clue what each of them meant. “Squalo, polpo e hippocampe,” Bianca said. “Pouvez-vous me dire les animaux qui sont?”

“Uhhh,” April screwed her face up. “Sorry, I eh....I don’t know.”

“And why is that?” Bianca questioned. She knew why of course. She could clearly see that April wasn’t paying attention for whatever reason.

“I wasn’t paying attention.” April answered.

“Dexter,” Bianca exhaled. “Would you care to tell April the answer?”

“Shark, octopus and seahorse respectively,” Dexter answered rather proudly. “The names of the animals in English.” Dexter gave April a smile.

“Good,” Bianca smiled lightly. “Now on page 145 of your textbook there is a story from Lucia about her day at the aquarium. Please read it and then identify all the animals she saw.” Bianca exhaled. “April, can you wait behind after class please?”

“Yes Bianca,” April said as she received an annoyed glance from her older sister. “I mean Miss Scott,” It always felt weird saying that to her sister but at school she needed to. She exhaled lightly looking back to the chalkboard where heaps of animals had been written up in Italian, but April, for lack of paying attention, didn’t know what even one meant. “If only this was French class.” April mumbled before she opened up the text book and tried get to work.


Charlie and the twins walked up the stairs to the restaurant that she and Brax owned. They were currently redecorating the place, and Brax had decided to change the name from Angelo’s to Charlie’s, after his loving wife and the mother of his children. “Daddy,” Ella whined as she ran across the room. “Mummy no me a wollipop.” Ella shook her head, furious that Charlie hadn’t given her a lollypop after her lunch.

“Mummy didn’t give you a lollypop?” Brax questioned and Ella pouted as she shook her head. “Well knowing mummy she must have had a good reason not to give you one. Did you do something naughty?”

“No daddy,” Ella shook her head as she spoke in the most angelic voice possible. “I good.”

“What did she do?” Brax questioned, knowing his daughter all too well. She was the boisterous, full of life one, who always needed to be on the go, whereas his son was very timid and relaxed.

“Thought it was more fun to throw her lunch all over the kitchen floor other than eating it,” Charlie answered as she watched Noah climbing up onto the chair. “So she didn’t eat her lunch so no lollypop.”

“No, it was Noah.” Ella scowled up at her mother as she cuddled closer to Brax. She was 100 per cent a daddy’s girl. Brax little princess, whereas Noah was more of a mummy’s boy right now.

“Hmm, not sure it would be sweetheart,” Brax said as he ran his hand though his daughters chocolate brown pony tail. Ella looked like her mother, with her dark hair and sparkling blue eyes, whereas Noah was more Brax, with fairer hair and greeny eyes. “He looks like he’s been crying,” Brax said as he looked over to his son. “What did she do this time?” The twins were 2 and a half and Ella sure was living up to the terrible twos. She was terrible enough for both and her brother, who, much to the relief of Charlie and Brax, hardly ever did anything wrong. Although he had his moments, he was usually as good a gold.

“Pulled his lolly from his mouth and threw it in a puddle,” Charlie shook her head as her eyes rolled. “Seriously she may look like me but she is all you,” Charlie exhaled. “The little devil child.”

Brax huffed, offended at his wife’s remark. “Of course because I steal lolly’s from little kids all the time,” Brax said as he stood back up. “So you here to help us?” Brax questioned as Ella ran off to the empty boxes in the corner of the room and picked up a long polystyrene tube and her eyes lit up as she thought about what she could do with it.

“Yep,” Charlie nodded. “What can I do?”

“Eh, screw the legs onto that table there,” Brax handed his wife a spare screwdriver as he pointed to the table. Charlie nodded lightly as she got to work, exited for the grand re-opening of the restaurant. Now that Angelo had left town with Nicole, her son George, and their son, Charlie had bought his share so she and Brax were now the owners of the whole restaurant and they wanted to make it their own, even making changes to the menu as well as the interior and the name.

“Hey monster,” Heath walked into the restaurant and smiled at his niece who ran around with the polystyrene tubing. When Rocco died it was hard for him to be around them at first, but then found a little comfort in the twins, although Bianca kept her distance for a long time. “What you going to do with that?” Heath looked down to the polystyrene tube in her hands.

“Uhm....hit Noah.” Ella giggled cheekily before running over to her brother.

“Ella Braxton,” Charlie raised her voice as she glanced up at her daughter. “Don’t you dare.”

“I will.” Ella answered with a cheeky grin before whacking her brother over the head with the tubing. Although it was only polystyrene and surely wouldn’t hurt him that much, Noah let out an ear piercing scream as he tried to get down from the chair where he was sitting but Ella continued to hit him. Brax and Charlie both walked across to their kids, Brax moving Ella out of the way as Charlie lifted her son into her arms rubbing his back to soothe him from his crying.

“Ella bad.” Noah cried into his mother’s shoulder.

“You’re okay,” Charlie shushed him. “Let mummy kiss it better,” Charlie said before placing a kiss on her sons head and rubbing it gently. “Alright.”

“Yeah,” Noah sniffed back. “I play in boxes?” Noah asked as he pointed to the boxes near the kitchen doors. Charlie nodded as she put her son down before he ran over to the boxes and started pulling the in different directions.

“Me too,” Ella asked as she looked up at Brax, smiling angelically as Heath laughed at her. “Please.”

“No,” Brax shook his head. Normally Charlie was more of the disciplinarian, but this time, he had to take control. “You’ve been a naughty girl so it’s a time out for you I’m afraid.” Brax said as he put his daughter down on the chair. “Sit there for two and a half minutes.”

“Daddy no.” Ella squealed as she tried to get down but Brax pushed her back on the seat.

“Fiesty little one.” Heath laughed.

Stop encouraging her.” Charlie scolded him and Heath sighed as he muttered something under his breath before getting back to work.

“You will sit there for two and a half minutes young lady.” Brax spoke with authority in his voice, although it killed him, talking to his baby girl like that. Ella scowled as she looked up to her mother, but didn’t say anything; she knew she wouldn’t let her get off the chair either. She folded her arms across her chest and sat with a big scowl on her face, swinging her legs angrily as her parents got back to work.

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Thank you for the comments.

Chapter 2

“Right lady, what’s bothering you?” Bianca questioned as she took a seat sideways on the chair in front of April’s desk.

“Nothing,” April answered. “I was just in my own little world for a moment, that’s all.”

“April, you want to be a Doctor,” Bianca answered. “You always concentrate hard in school to ensure that’s going to happen. It’s not like you just to daydream.”

“Well it’s not like I am going to need to know about Italian animals when I am trying to diagnose a patient, is it?” April replied with her voice slightly raised.

“I don’t suppose you will, no, but that doesn’t mean get to get away with daydreaming in my class,” Bianca spoke authoritively. She needed to be a teacher right now, not April’s big sister. “Don’t let it happen again, okay?”

“Sure,” April exhaled. “Can I go now?”

“April,” Bianca sighed, the big sister in her not able to stop herself from coming out. “Is everything okay? Are you having boy trouble or something?”

“Why is it every time that a girl looks slightly down everyone assumes its boy trouble?” April sighed.

“Well I know you and Dex broke up recently, although I can’t think why. He adored you and you got on so well.”

“I’m not going to listen to this,” April sighed as she stood up from her desk and picked her textbooks and pencil case up. “I’m going now.” April said before walking out of the classroom, to find Ruby, Romeo and Dexter waiting for her in the hallway.

“Hey, everything alright?” Ruby asked.

“Fine,” April gave her a smile. “I’ll just put these in my locker then we can go get some lunch yeah?”

“Sure,” Dexter smiled. “That is if you are okay with me joining you guys? I’ll save you from being the third wheel with these two love birds and we said we’d be friends, right?”

“Yeah, sure.” April answered as she shoved her books into her locker and grabbed her purse. She exhaled as she looked to Ruby who was giggling as Romeo cheekily tickled her sides before he cupped her cheek with his hand and placed a soft kiss on her lips and he wrapped his arms around her, Ruby smiling into the kiss, letting it get deeper.

“Keep the PDA’s for outside the school grounds please Smith and Buckton.” A male teacher said, causing them to separate.

“Yes sir.” Romeo answered as the teacher walked away from them. Ruby rolled her eyes as she took Romeo’s hand in hers and the 4 of them walked away out of the school to get some lunch.


Charlie, Brax and the twins were sitting around the dinner table, ready to eat their dinner. Brax had decided to make spaghetti bolognaise and Charlie shuddered at the thought of her two-year-olds being covered in the sauce by the end of meal time. “Mummy no enough.” Noah shook his head as he climbed up onto the chair. They no longer sat in highchairs, but they did have little plastic booster chairs that looked like turtles that they sat on.

“What do you mean not enough?” Charlie questioned as she clipped her son into the seat, with Brax doing the same for his daughter.

“None for Ruby.” Noah sounded very concerned at his mother’s mistake as he held his hands out to the side.

“Ruby is at April’s for dinner.” Charlie answered as Noah picked up his little plastic spoon as his eyes lit up at the meal before him.

“I like Apil,” Ella grinned. “She pretty.”

“Mummy’s pretty.” Noah grinned as he pointed to Charlie.

“Aww that’s my boy,” Charlie smiled as she ruffled his hair. “So you think we’ll have the restaurant ready on time?” Charlie questioned as she looked up to her husband before taking a mouthful of her spaghetti.

“Probably,” Brax nodded. “It’s just the new sign arriving on time I am worried about.”

“Well we didn’t really need to change the name,” Charlie exhaled. “That was all you.”

“Yes we did,” Brax answered. “Angelo not only is no longer the owner of the place but he is also your ex fiancé and I’d rather not work in a place named after him.”

“Yeah, my ex,” Charlie exhaled. “I chose you didn’t I? We got married, we had the twins, we are together. It’s not as if I am going to run to Sydney to be with Angelo because the restaurant is still called after him.”

“Well no but....” Brax trailed off. Charlie had been engaged to Angelo when she’d first met Brax and for the first few months they had an affair, before eventually being caught by Heath and he took great pleasure in exposing it to Angelo, and although devastated at first, he moved into a relationship with Nicole and they had a child together, and he took responsibility for George, before moving on to the city after trying for over 4 years to work in the partnership with Brax.

“Well I’m just glad I get to work with you now instead of Angelo,” Brax replied. “I don’t know how we managed to work together for as long.”

“Me either,” Charlie shook her head. “But, still, I wish you’d named the restaurant after the kids instead of me,” Charlie said. “It would have been sweet.”

“Ah but if I called it after Ella and Noah and then we had a third child they wouldn’t be in the name and would feel left out, so really it had to be you.” Brax said as he gave his wife a grin.

“We’re having a third child?” Charlie widened her eyes sounding most alarmed.

“I’d like to think so one day soon, yeah.” Brax smiled. “You don’t want anymore?”

Charlie exhaled as she looked to Noah who, like Charlie had suspected, was covered in the sauce from the pasta. She then looked around to Ella, who was jumping of her chair and started to run around the kitchen table. “Ella sit down and finish your dinner.”

“No, I running mummy.” Ella answered as she ran around the table giggling.

“C’mon, good girl,” Charlie patted the table. “Get up and finish your dinner.”

“No.” Ella answered as she swerved out of the way so Charlie couldn’t catch her.

“You were supposed to strap her in.” Charlie said as he glared at Brax as he caught his daughter and placed her on his knee, much to the disappointment of Ella who was enjoying running around.

“I did,” Brax answered. “She must have unclipped it herself.”

“Right, Ella, back in the chair and finish you dinner like the good girl I know you are.” Charlie said.

“No, I no sit in it.” Ella shook her head.

“Well if you can’t sit in the big girls chair like a good girl I’ll need to bring your highchair back.” Charlie said and Ella screwed her face up.

“You not got it.” Ella shook her head.

“We do,” Brax answered. “We left them in the garage incase you couldn’t sit nice like your brother there.”

“Uh-uh,” Ella shook her head. “You’s don’t got it now.”

Charlie stood up from the table and went to leave the room but Ella screamed out stopping her. “No mummy, highchair for babies.”

“Well get back in your chair then,” Charlie answered. Ella sighed as she jumped down from Brax’s knee and climbed up onto her chair. “Good girl,” Charlie smiled as Ella began to finish her dinner. “She puts me off ever having another child. She is so terrible.” Charlie didn’t like saying that, but right now, Ella was a very defiant child.

“Aww but she can also be very sweet and kind and caring,” Brax smiled as he looked to his daughter, stuffing her face with the pasta and getting a ring of colour from the sauce around her mouth. “And what about the boy?” Brax questioned. “He’s an angel child, so surely he makes you want more children.”

Charlie looked to her son who was happily munching away at his dinner and exhaled. “I’m not saying I never want another child, I’m just saying not now. Once Ella is done with this whole terrible twos thing we can talk about it but I don’t need to be pregnant and have to deal with her going off on one.”

“Fair enough,” Brax smiled. “I’m happy at that.” Brax took a drink of his water before taking another mouthful of his pasta. Another child was something he really wanted and only hoped that Ella would soon go back to the nice caring nature she once had so he and Charlie could welcome another little Braxton into the world.


Ruby and April were sitting in her bedroom after dinner, getting ready to watch a movie, but Ruby seemed more occupied with texting Romeo. “Will you put your phone down?” April questioned. “You’ve hardly been off it all night.”

“Sorry, just let me send this last one.” Ruby said as she typed away, not even looking up to April as replied to her.

“God you guys are inseparable even when you’re not together,” April moaned. “If you’ve not got your tongue down his throat, you’ve got your hands all over him or are giving each other these stupid googly eyes, then if you not together you are constantly texting him, give it a rest Rubes, you’ve only been together a few months.”

“Ohhhh,” Ruby sang. “I think someone is jealous.”

“I’m not jealous,” April sighed. “It’s just a bit sickening you throwing it in my face all the time.”

“Well sorry for being in love,” Ruby exhaled. “But just because you broke up with Dexter doesn’t mean I need to stop any feelings I have for my boyfriend.”

“I didn’t say you did,” April exhaled. “I just wish that when we are hanging out just me and you that you’d actually talk to me and not constantly be staring into your phone.” April said.

“Okay, okay,” Ruby exhaled. “Sorry, I’ll stop now and we can talk.” Ruby said as she looked up to April.

“We are supposed to be sitting on the bed watching a movie together.” April answered.

“Okay well whatever....we’ll watch the movie then.” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Gee mother nature paying a visit or what?”

“No.” April raised her voice.

“April.....what’s wrong then because something is clearly bothering you. You’ve not been yourself for months now. Is it to do with Dex? Do you regret breaking up with him?”

“No,” April sounded frustrated. “We just better off as friends. It’s nothing. I’m fine and I just wish people would stop getting on at me. I’ve already had Bianca on my case today I don’t need you starting as well.”

“Sorry we’re just worried about you.” Ruby said softly as she gently rubbed April’s arm.

“And I love that you both care but I’m okay. Now all I want to do it watch a movie with my best friend so can we please just do that?” April questioned.

“Okay sure.” Ruby answered. She knew something was bothering April. She hadn’t been the same for months, but she couldn’t push anything out of her. She’d just need to wait until April was ready to talk. April looked to Ruby and exhaled lightly before hitting play on the remote and they started to watch the movie.

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Thank you homeandaway13, Red Ranger 1, Sarah, JosieTash, Zoe and RoRo90 for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 3

Charlie was brushing her daughters hair following giving the twins a bath. It was her turn for the bedtime routine tonight and she was very glad it was almost the twins’ bedtime, given that Ella had been vey wild today. She yawned as she ran the brush through her daughter’s hair. “Ouch mummy,” Ella whined as she tried to get away. “It’s tuggy.”

“Well if you let me brush it, it won’t be tuggy.” Charlie answered as she held her daughter still.

“My hair not,” Noah said as he patted his fair hair. “It’s nice.”

“Yeah it is.” Charlie smiled as she watched her son run around her and look into the bathtub.

“Oh no mummy,” Noah shrieked. “It’s all gone.” Noah said as he slapped his face with his hands.

“What’s all gone?” Charlie gave a little laugh at her son’s dramatic pose.

“The water,” Noah said as he pointed into the empty bath. “Where it go?”

“It went down the drain because you pulled the plug out.” Charlie answered as she continued to brush Ella’s hair.

“Oh no.” Noah shrieked again as he kept his hands on his cheeks.

“It’s okay,” Charlie answered. “You’ve had your bath and you’re all clean so we don’t need the water anymore.”

“Oh no,” Noah shook his head. “I telling daddy.” Noah said before he disappeared of out of the bathroom in a hurry. Charlie laughed lightly as she brushed her daughter’s hair a few more times before putting the brush down next to the sink.

“Right,” Charlie said as Ella turned to face her. She tucked her daughter’s hair behind her ear as she gave her mother a smile. “All pretty and clean now.” Charlie cooed as she pinched Ella’s nose.

“I is cleanerer than Noah eh mummy,” Ella nodded. “I is.”

“Are you?” Charlie answered. “You must be an awfully clean little girl.”

“Yeah,” Ella giggled. “I go say nighty to daddy.” Ella said before she ran out of the bathroom. Charlie stood to her feet and picked up the twins’ towels and threw them into the laundry basket before once again letting out a yawn. She looked down to her watch and exhaled as she saw it was only 7.20. She shouldn’t feel so tired at this time of day but looking after the twins made her want to be curled up in bed by 8pm every night and now she knew Brax was thinking about adding a third child to the mix she thought she was never going to get a good night’s sleep for a long while yet, especially because for the last 5 nights, Noah had decided that he much preferred his mummy and daddy’s bed other that his own.

“But it’s gone.” Charlie heard Noah’s concerned little voice as she walked through to the living room.

“It’s okay,” Brax answered as he rubbed son his head. “It’s supposed to go down the drain when you’re finished with it.”

“I no see it before.” Noah shook his head.

“Of course you have,” Brax laughed before pulling the boy into a hug. “Now goodnight and daddy loves you.” Brax placed a kiss on his son’s lips before letting him jump down from the couch.

“Love you daddy.” Noah grinned up at him before he ran over to Charlie.

“And you petal,” Brax smiled as he lifted Ella onto his knee. “Goodnight.” Brax placed a kiss on his daughter lips.

“Daddy no go to bed.” Ella shook her head.

“No daddy’s not,” Brax laughed. “Just you and Noah.”

“No,” Ella giggled. “I mean I not.” Ella said as she gave a yawn. “Not sleepy.”

“Are you sure about that?” Brax asked as he watched a second yawn come from his daughter. Ella nodded as she rubbed her eyes. “Oh well mummy is going to read you a story so you can enjoy that first,” Brax said as he put Ella down on the floor. “Nighty kids.”

“Night.” Ella and Noah answered before they walked off with Charlie to the bedroom so she could tuck them in and read them a story.

“Mummy I stay here tonight. No your bed.” Brax heard Noah talking as Charlie walked the kids down the hall to their bedroom. He smiled lightly to himself hoping that tonight Noah would stay in his own bed since he really wanted some adult time with Charlie. He exhaled lightly as he went back to watching the TV, and waiting for Charlie to return.


“I should probably head home soon.” Ruby said as she looked down to her phone. It was only 7.45, so was hardly late, but they had exams starting soon and Ruby thought she should probably look over some stuff before bed.

“Already?” April questioned. “But the movies not even half way through yet.”

“I know, but we do have exams soon so should probably stay fresh for school and revision and stuff.” Ruby answered as she once again looked down to her phone.

“You’re just going to go off to meet Romeo aren’t you?” April questioned.

“No,” Ruby answered. “Seriously, I want to do well on the exams so I think I should do some revision and so should you if you want to be a doctor.”

“Can’t you revise on the weekend?” April questioned.

“Well of course I can, but the twins will be in bed now so I’ll be able to revise in peace.” Ruby answered.

“Well you can always come and revise here,” April answered. “We can help each other. And we have next week off school to revise as well.”

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean we can’t revise earlier,” Ruby sighed. “What’s got in to you lately?” Ruby asked. “You’re not yourself. The April I knew would be revising like mad already.”

“Yeah well maybe I have other stuff on my mind,” April sighed. “Look, if you want to leave then go. I’ll walk you to the door.” April stood up from her bed and Ruby followed as they walked down the stairs in silence.

“Sorry,” Ruby said as she saw the look on April’s face as she opened the door. “I seriously didn’t think you’d mind.”

“It’s fine, sorry,” April exhaled as she smiled at her friend. “It’s just....exams and stress and....yeah, well I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

“Okay bye.” Ruby said as she walked out of the house. April closed the door and sighed lightly as she hit her head against it. Keeping quiet about this was harder than she thought so maybe she’d have to rethink what she wanted to do and perhaps the best thing was to in fact tell Ruby how she really felt.


Charlie and Brax were cuddled up on the couch. The twins were sleeping and they were watching a movie together. “So,” Brax said as he turned to face Charlie. “Are you enjoying this movie?”

“It’s okay. Why?” Charlie questioned.

“Just thought maybe we could go to bed?” Brax said as he raised his eyebrows.

“Mmm, well I am very tired,” Charlie yawned. “Bed sounds great.”

“I didn’t want to go to bed to sleep,” Brax answered. “With Noah being in our bed the last 5 nights, it’s been 6...no, 7....7 nights since we’ve....” Brax cleared his throat. “That’s the longest we’ve ever gone.”

“Well it’s not really,” Charlie shook her head. “It was actually after the twins were born. That was, what, 7 weeks before we had sex and actually, we stopped having it for oh....2 months before the twins were born because I was so big and uncomfortable so I think that’s the longest we’ve actually been.”

“Well okay smarty,” Brax sighed. “But still, how about we make it an early night?”

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded as Brax hit the button on the remote, turning the TV off. “I like the sound of that,” Charlie smiled as she leaned in a placed a kiss on Brax’s lips. Brax pulled her even closer to him as they let the kiss become more passionate. “Let’s go.” Charlie stood up from the couch and pulled Brax up to standing, letting their lips find each other’s again.

“Oh jeeze,” Ruby screwed her face up as she walked into the room. “Please stick to just doing that in your bedroom.”

“Sorry.” Charlie cleared throat as they pulled apart.

“We were on the way there for some fun now,” Brax grinned and Charlie slapped his chest. “Ouch, what was that for?”

“That’s my daughter.” Charlie said.

“She’s seventeen.” Brax exhaled.

“She’s still my daughter. She doesn’t need you putting that image in her head.” Charlie said as she glanced almost crossly at Brax.

“Yeah, I eh....I really didn’t Brax.” Ruby shuddered at the thought.

“You’re back from April’s early, everything okay?” Charlie questioned deciding it was best to change the subject.

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “I just wanted to get started on revision.”

“Ah okay, well don’t stay up too late and if you’re putting music on then -”

“I know I know, not too loud or put headphones in because the twins are in bed,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “And I promise I’ll not stay up too late. Night.” Ruby said before she walked off down the hall towards her bedroom.

“Night.” Charlie answered before she turned to face Brax again and placed a soft kiss on his lips before dragging him towards their bedroom.

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Thank you for the comments. Hope this one is okay...

Chapter 4

Bianca and Charlie were sitting on the beach, the twins building sandcastles close by. Bianca looked to the kids, saddened that she’d never see her son happily building sandcastles on the beach with his cousins. It had been 14 months since Rocco had died and although Bianca had learned how to cope with her loss, occasionally she couldn’t handle being around the twins for too long. She exhaled as she looked away from them, and up to Charlie. “Has Ruby said anything to you in regards to April?” Bianca questioned.

“Uh,” Charlie screwed her face up. “No, no she hasn’t why?”

“I’m just worried about her,” Bianca exhaled. “She’s not been herself lately and I know something is bothering her.”

“Maybe it’s the exams,” Charlie suggested. “I know it’s not the HSC for them this year but exams are still stressful for them.”

“Maybe,” Bianca clicked her tongue, unsure. “But she’s been off for months and the exams haven’t even started yet.”

“She’ll talk when she’s ready to then,” Charlie said. “Don’t force her to talk. She’s a teenage girl, just give her space and when she’s ready she’ll come to you.”

“Yeah I suppose she will,” Bianca exhaled lightly. “I just always thought I was good at reading people,” Bianca said. “I’m a teacher. I deal with moody teenagers every day,” Bianca gave a little laugh. “But when it comes to my own sister I just don’t seem to be able to know what’s wrong.”

“Like I said, she’ll come to you when she’s ready,” Charlie said as she looked out to the ocean to see Heath walking up towards them with his surf board. Shortly after Rocco’s death Bianca broke up with Heath and he’d been trying to win her back ever since. “Heath.” Charlie smiled up at him.

“Eath,” Ella stood to her feet and ran over to him. “My sandcastles.” Ella pointed over to the many sandcastles she and her brother were working on.

“Wow, you’ve been busy.” Heath smiled as he put his board down in the sand.

“You come Eath.” Ella said as she pulled on his hand, wanting him to come play.

“I’m a minute eh,” Heath smiled down and Ella and she nodded before running back over to her brother. “How you doing?” Heath gave Bianca his best smile.

“Fine.” Bianca was short in her reply as she tucked her legs closer to her, wrapping her arms around her legs, hugging them close to her chest.

“If you’re not busy tonight maybe we could go grab a few drinks.” Heath said hopefully.

“Eh, no,” Bianca shook her head. “No thanks.”

“Right,” Heath exhaled sadly. “Well just give me a call if you change your mind. You still have my number, right?” Bianca nodded lightly as Heath picked up his surfboard. “Bye then.” Heath sighed as he started to walk away.

“Eath,” Noah shouted. “You come play.”

“I can’t mate,” Heath answered. “I gotta go.” Heath looked back to Bianca and pursed his lips together, before walking away.

“Everyone knows you still love him,” Charlie said tentatively. “And he obviously still loves you. I don’t see why you can’t try again.”

“It’s not as simple as that,” Bianca shook her head. “There’s just too much....he reminds me too much of Rocco and I....I can’t be with him.” Bianca spoke quietly as she looked down to the sand.

“Bianca I -”

“Leave it,” Bianca raised her voice, causing the twins to look their way in fright. “Sorry, I eh, I have to go. Bye.” Bianca stood up from the sand and wiped her jeans down before walking away from Charlie and the twins. Charlie watched as she let her friend walk away, before looking to the twins and going over to build sandcastles with them.


Ruby exhaled as she ran her hand through her hair. Ruby, Romeo, Dexter and April were at April’s place doing revision for their exams that were less than 2 weeks away. Ruby re-read the question for about the 10th time, hoping she’d maybe know the answer this time. In a DNA molecule, the cytosine base pairs with a) adenine, b) thymine, c) guanine, d ) uracil. “Why did I take biology?” Ruby sighed.

“Because I did and you love me.” Romeo grinned.

“Considering she was with Casey when she was choosing her Year 11 subjects, I highly doubt that’s true,” Dexter said. “More like her dashingly charming friend Dexter was in that class and she wanted to be with me.”

“Yeah right,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Well for whatever reason that made me take it, I wish I didn’t. This is so hard.”

“What are you stuck on?” April questioned.

“The first question on the past paper from 2010,” Ruby sighed. “Got far haven’t I?”

“Hey, I’m only on question 2 babe.” Romeo said.

“It’s guanine,” April answered. “If you’re really struggling with Biology I can give you some tutoring if you want.” April smiled.

“Nah, you’ve got your own exams to study for,” Ruby answered. “I don’t need to make you fail them as well as me.”

“You won’t fail Rubes, you’re really clever,” April smiled at her friend. “And when I’m studying Biology, I can help you. I find it easy, so I don’t really feel that I need to revise much for it anyways.”

“Oooh get you.” Romeo teased.

April glared at Romeo before looking back to Ruby. “Well the offer is there Rubes if you want it. Maybe without these two idiots around.”

“Yeah,” Ruby laughed. “That would be good thanks.” Ruby smiled and April smiled back, glad to learn that she would be spending some alone time with Ruby.

“Speaking of Casey isn’t it weird to think that you’ve bumped uglies with your uncle?” Dexter questioned and Ruby screwed her face up.

“What a lovely question Dex.”

“I can’t believe you just asked that.” April said.

“It is kinda funny to think that though,” Romeo replied. “Brax is your stepdad so technically Casey is your step-uncle”

“Step-uncle, really?” Ruby questioned. “We are going to use that term?”

“It’s what he is.” Dexter answered.

Ruby screwed her face up. “I’d say he was a cheating shi.....” Ruby trailed off. “Well it doesn’t really matter. We are over and I’m with Romeo and he’s amazing and I’m very thankful to be with him, so, yeah.” Ruby said as she gave Romeo a smile. April watched the two of them staring lovingly at each other and knew even if she did tell Ruby how she felt, she’d most likely not stand a chance in her returning the feelings.

“Is it weird him being around the house when he’s your ex though?” Dexter questioned.

“Well it’s not like we broke up a week ago,” Ruby answered. “It was like 8 months ago or something and he’s not really at the house that much anyways.” Ruby shrugged her shoulders.

“Can we just get back to revision instead of talking about Ruby’s past partners?” April asked.

“What’s rattled your cage?” Dexter questioned. “We’re mates having a conversation.”

April sighed as she threw her pen down on the table, not liking listening about the guys who were lucky enough to have been with Ruby, when for her, she knew most likely that would only ever happen in her dreams. “I’m getting a drink.” April said before she stood up from the table and walked through to the kitchen. Ruby exchanged a glance with Romeo and Dexter before following her through.

“Everything alright?” Ruby questioned.

April sighed as she pulled a bottle of juice from the fridge. “Just.....” April pursed her lips together. “I don’t know....hanging out with Dex is harder than I thought it’d be.” April said the first thing that came to her mind. “I thought we could go on being friends but I don’t know, maybe not.” April shrugged.

“Do you want to get back with him?” Ruby questioned unsure.

“No,” April shook her head. “We won’t work out.”

“You seemed to be going pretty well to me,” Ruby said. “You might do.”

“Trust me Ruby; he’s not right for me,” April exhaled. “Let’s just get back to revision yeah?”

“Sure,” Ruby exhaled. “And you know you’re gorgeous April so you’ll find the right guy soon enough. I know you will.” Ruby smiled as she nudged her friend’s arm, before she walked back through to the living room. April took a deep breath and she rubbed her arm where Ruby had just touched her and exhaled before following her back through to revise again.

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Thank you all for the comments.

Chapter 5

“We play Ruby.” Noah said as he tried to climb onto her knee on the chair, the Thomas the tank engine train he was holding in his hand falling to the floor.

“No.” Ruby sighed as she put her brother down on the floor. “Mum.” Ruby shouted loudly through the house.

“Ruby, yes,” Ella scowled. “You play with us.” Ella picked up what she thought was Ruby pencil case from the desk. “I colour too.”

“Ruby isn’t colouring,” Ruby said. “She’s trying to revise for her exams and that’s not my pencil case, give me that.” Ruby grabbed the case from Ella’s hand causing her to squeal as Charlie walked into Ruby’s bedroom.

“What are you kiddies doing in here?” Charlie asked. “I told you to leave Ruby to revise.”

“She not sharing her pencils.” Ella cried as she pulled on Charlie’s top, wanting to go up.

“You can let them use your pencils, Rubes, surely.” Charlie said as she picked Ella up, as Noah ran over to her with Thomas safely back in his hands.

“Yeah they can use them if they want but this is not my pencil case.” Ruby said as she held up her insulin kit.

“Oh,” Charlie widened her eyes as she saw what it was. “Ella sweetie, remember we told you that you can’t play with Ruby’s black case. It’s doesn’t have pencils in for you.”

“Were they?” Ella questioned as she put her hands out to the side.

“I don’t know,” Ruby answered. “I think I left them at April’s when we were revising yesterday,” Ruby said. “But they have plenty of their own pencils and crayons in their own room where I am not trying to revise.” Ruby glared up at her mother looking most annoyed.

“Sorry, I’ll take them out soon. I‘ll just be 10 more minutes with the ironing. Please just keep them occupied for me till then, and then we’ll leave the house all afternoon so you can study.” Charlie said and Ruby sighed as she looked over to the clock in her room. April was due over in about 10 minutes time anyways, so she may as well give up with the biology till then.

“10 minutes.” Ruby sighed and Charlie smiled thankfully before putting Ella back down and leaving the room.

“We play?” Noah gave his sister his sweet little smile.

“I’ll tell you what we are going to do,” Ruby said as she got an idea in her head, but only hoped the twins would understand it. “You go find a red crayon and a green crayon in your room and I’ll get you a piece of paper each okay.” Ruby said and Ella and Noah nodded before disappearing from the room. Ruby searched through the books that were sitting on her desk, ready to be looked through at some point, until she found her pad of plain paper. She pulled out two sheets and lay them down on the floor. Ella came running back through first with the red crayon and Noah followed holding on to the green one, keeping a tight grip of Thomas under his arm.

“We doing what?” Noah asked.

“Ella can you colour this sheet red for me and Noah you colour this one green for me?” Ruby questioned. Ella looked to the sheet of paper before looking back up to her sister.

“Why?” Ella asked her little nose scrunching up.

“Because I asked you too,” Ruby said. “Please.”

“Yeah.” Noah nodded as he sat down, putting his Thomas train down as close to his leg as he could get without it being on top of him and started to colour the sheet. Ella looked to her brother who was happily colouring the sheet before looking back to her sheet.

“Okay.” Ella said. “I do’s it.” Ella sat down and started working on the sheet, scribbling as fast as she could to make sure she finished first. Ruby smiled lightly as she left the room and walked into the kitchen and opened the drawer, looking for some blu tack.

“You’ve got them awfully quiet,” Charlie shouted through from the living room. “What did you do with them?”

“Gave them a little project,” Ruby answered as she found some blu tack at the back of the drawer filled with sticky tape, candles, paper clips and some random screws. She closed the drawer and walked back through to the living room. “They’re making signs for my bedroom door,” Ruby answered. “Red for stop and go away and green for come in and play,” Ruby said. “You think they’ll understand that?”

“It’s worth a try,” Charlie said as she folded up her son’s t-shirt and put it down on his pile of clothes before she pulled the iron from the socket. “Hopefully it will stop them coming into your room when you don’t want them too.”

“Yes, that’s what I am hoping,” Ruby answered. “I love the little munchkins and don’t mind playing with them but I’m also a 17-year-old girl so need my space.”

“I get that,” Charlie answered. “And Noah will most likely listen to this new thing but don’t be surprised if Ella isn’t more resistant to it.”

Ruby laughed. “I won’t be.”

“Ruby Ruby,” Noah shouted as he ran through to the living room with Ella following, each of them with their sheets of paper in their hands. “We done.”

“Wow,” Ruby widened her eyes as she looked to the sheets, every last bit of them filled with their colours. “Okay, so when we are outside at the traffic lights what does the colour red mean?”

“Stop.” Ella shouted as she did a little jump in air as Charlie put the ironing board away, before putting the iron back in it place in the kitchen cupboard, smiling as she heard the kids with Ruby.

“Very good, so from now on if you see this sign on my door it means stop. Do not come in and play, okay?” Ruby said as Charlie walked back into the room and picked up the pile of the twins’ clothes and walked them down the hall and put them into the bedroom. “And what does green mean, Noah?” Ruby asked.

“Uh...” Noah scratched the side of his head. “Go...go go.” Noah grinned.

“Yeah, so if it’s green it means you can come and play, okay?” Ruby said.

“Yeah,” Noah and Ella both jumped in excitement. “Green is play mummy.” Noah smiled as Charlie picked up hers and Brax’s clothes.

“Ah wow,” Charlie smiled. “So you have you do what those colours tell you, okay.” Charlie said and the twins nodded as they handed the sheets of paper to Ruby.

“Right, I’m going to go stick a colour up now then and see if you can tell me what it means okay?” Ruby questioned as she walked down the hall to her bedroom door with the twins running after her, waiting to see what she was going to do.

“Let me see,” Ella pushed on Ruby’s leg, trying to see what she was sticking to the door. “Oh.” Ella bowed her head down disappointedly.

“It red,” Noah sighed as he ran off to tell his mother. “It red mummy.”

“Aww well mummy is going to take you and Ella out now anyways,” Charlie said. “Can you go to your room and get your shoes?”

“Uh-huh,” Noah nodded. “Ohh.” Noah widened his eyes.

“Whats wrong?” Charlie questioned, bemused at her son.

“Thomas is there.” Noah pointed down the hall.

“I’ll get your Thomas.” Charlie laughed as she picked up Ruby’s freshly ironed clothes.

“The crayons.” Ella said as she pointed to Ruby’s room.

“And the crayons,” Charlie laughed. “Shoes, both of you,” Charlie said as the kids ran down the hall to their bedroom. Charlie knocked on the door of Ruby’s room before walking in, finding her sorting her books out for revision with April. “Here are your clothes to put away,” Charlie put the pile down on her bed before bending down to the floor to pick up Thomas and the crayons.

“Thanks,” Ruby smiled as she heard April’s voice in the house. “In the bedroom.” Ruby shouted.

“Remember to take breaks, don’t over work yourselves.” Charlie said as April appeared in the doorway of the room.

“We won’t.” Ruby answered. Charlie gave April a smile before leaving the room to find the twins back in the living room, Noah trying to put his shoes on.

“Ah buddy, that’s the wrong foot.” Charlie laughed lightly as she helped her son get ready so they could go out to leave Ruby and April to revise in peace.


“Thanks.” April smiled as she took the juice from Ruby as she joined her back on the couch. They’d revised most of the afternoon and as promised to Charlie, they were now taking a break, deciding to watch a movie. Ruby had picked out Crazy, Stupid, Love, and had already made several comments about seeing Ryan Gosling’s hot body. April just smiled and nodded, still having to fake an interest in the hot guys that she found Ruby oohing over.

“Oh my gosh how hot is Ryan Gosling?” Ruby exhaled as she hit play on the remote, letting the film start.

“Yeah.” April tried to sound upbeat. “Hot.”

“Mmm imagine getting to be Emma Stone and getting to pash him for this movie,” Ruby smiled dreamily. “Ahh I wish.”

April exhaled lightly wishing she could just tell Ruby she’d rather be pashing Emma Stone than Ryan Gosling. She’d came to terms with the fact that she was attracted to women and not men and broke up with Dex as a result around 4 months ago now, but she was yet to tell anyone her true sexuality, let alone she was proper in love with her best friend. April coming to terms with it herself was one thing, but having to deal with people's opinions on the matter was another and she knew some students at school would most likely give her a hard time and she wasn't sure she was ready to face that just yet. “He’s nothing special.” April mumbled.

Ruby widened her eyes in shock as she put her hand onto April’s forehead. “Are you feeling alright? He is major eye candy.”

“Maybe for you,” April exhaled. “But I don’t find him attractive.”

“Wow and I always thought we’d had similar interests there,” Ruby said. “You think you know someone.” Ruby gave a little laugh.

“Not sure you really do know me at all.” April spoke quietly feeling it was about to slip out. She couldn’t hold this in any longer.

“Of course I do,” Ruby laughed. “We’ve been friends since we were like the twins’ age,” Ruby said. “I know everything about you April Scott. I know when you were 6 you fell of the swing at the park and broke your arm, I know when you were 9 you broke Bianca’s bracelet but blamed it on our old friend Sarah, I know you started your period when you were 14, I know you had your first kiss with Xavier, also at 14, I know you and Dex never went passed kissing either, I know -”

“Do you know that when you are gushing over Johnny Depp or think 'I would' when you see Channing Tatum or think Ryan Reynolds is super-hot that I’m thinking the same kind of things about Scarlett Johansson or Mila Kunis or....Jessica Alba.” April almost yelled, sort of relieved that she’d finally told someone.

Ruby laughed. “Funny one April. I know you’re not gay.”

“I am.” April’s tone had gone quiet and she felt almost scared to talk. “I’m gay, Ruby. I like women.”

“April you...” Ruby trailed off as she saw the look on Aprils face. She was telling the truth. “You’re really gay?” April gave a little nod. “Well have you...” Ruby paused totally shocked. She thought she knew everything about April. She thought they had no secrets. “Have you ever kissed a woman?”

“No but -”

“Well then how do you know you are gay?” Ruby scrunched her face up.

“Kissing Xav, I don’t know, I was young and thought maybe it was just because I was new at this whole kissing thing, but then with Dex to I....I hated it even more and I didn’t feel anything. I’d imagine myself being with other woman and I....I know I’m attracted to women and not men.”

“Okay, wow, I eh...” Ruby rubbed her forehead. “Well have you told anyone else about this?” Ruby questioned.

April shook her head as she looked away from Ruby. “I’m kinda scared about what people will say. I eh....I’m not really ready to come out yet.”

“Well, you’re secret is safe with me,” Ruby gently rubbed April’s arm. “I won’t tell anyone.”

April looked up to her and gave her a thankful smile. She thought confessing her love for her at this stage too might be a bit too much for Ruby. She’d probably already had quite a big shock today as it was. “Thanks, you’re a good friend Rubes.”

“You want to watch this movie then or if you want to talk about anything....I can try and help.” Ruby said.

“It’s okay, we can watch the movie.” April smiled lightly as she looked into Ruby’s captivating eyes.

Ruby smiled as she turned to face the TV screen again. “And Scarlett Johansson eh?” Ruby raised her eyebrows. “I know I’m straight but if she came knocking I’d turn.” April smiled lightly at Ruby’s comment. Although it was most likely said jokingly, she found little hope in it, as perhaps, when April told Ruby how she really felt about her, Ruby might find herself saying she’d turn for her too.

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Thanks everyone. :wub: JosieTash - You're question may be answered in this chapter. :P

Chapter 6

Charlie and the twins had spent the afternoon at the park, and did some grocery shopping, and were now going to the Surf Club to meet Brax, who had been busy doing the finishing touches to the restaurant. Noah was running slightly in front with a firm grip on his Thomas train, while Ella was walking with Charlie, holding her hand. “Ouch.” Charlie heard Noah squeal and looked up to see he had banged into someone with a buggy.

“Noah, watch where you are walking buddy.” Charlie said as she stepped forward and pulled her son back.

“Sorry.” Noah said as he looked up to the woman.

“That’s okay,” The lady smiled down at him. “I wasn’t looking where I was going. I think I’m a little lost.”

“New in town?” Charlie questioned.

“Sort of,” The lady smiled. “I was here for a weekend a while back and now I’m back again,” She answered. “I eh....well this one is here to see daddy, but I’ll be gone soon.”

“Oh I see,” Charlie smiled down at the baby who was sleeping in the buggy. “I’ll let you get on then.”

“Actually I was sure there was a diner along here somewhere but I can’t seem to find it,” The lady sighed. “Couldn’t point me in the right direction, could you?”

“Sure,” Charlie smiled. “Just keep walking the way you are going and in about 5-10 minutes you’ll see it.”

“Thanks, I’m desperate on a coffee.” The lady said.

“Leah’s shop.” Ella smiled up at the lady. “Mummy’s friend.”

“Oh is it?” The lady smiled as Ella nodded her head.

“Mummy and daddy shop.” Noah added as the twins pointed up to the restaurant.

“Oh right.” The lady gave them a polite smile. She didn’t want to stand and talk, she wanted a coffee and then she’d be on her way.

“Sorry about them,” Charlie answered. “We’re just on our way to see their dad, so we’ll let you get on. Enjoy your time here.” Charlie smiled before walking away with the twins and up to the restaurant.

“Daddy.” Ella screeched as she ran over to him and leapt into his arms.

“Hey, petal how was your day?” Brax questioned.

“We play park,” Ella smiled. “And gets cookies.”

“Yummy,” Noah smiled. “Cookies cookies yummy.” Noah danced around his father, running his Thomas train over his body.

“Hey, how was your day?” Charlie questioned as Brax stood up and looked at her, pushing the Thomas train from his body.

“Daddy,” Noah pulled on his hand. “Red is no.” Noah shook his head.

“But green yes.” Ella said she pulled on his other hand.

“What are they on about?” Brax scrunched his face up as he looked to Charlie, unsure.

“Ah something Ruby did to let them know when they can play with her. She was trying to revise and they were annoying her,” Charlie answered and Brax nodded in understanding. “So, anyways, how did it go here today?”

“Great,” Brax smiled. “I got everything else finished. We’re all set for the opening in two weeks’ time.”

“Ahead of schedule,” Charlie smiled as she took a step closer to Brax. “What we going to do with ourselves for two weeks then?”

“Get to have some nice family time,” Brax smiled as he wrapped his arm around Charlie’s waist and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Maybe even make that trip to the aquarium with the kids.”

“God no,” Charlie shook her head. “You remember the zoo disaster, right?”

“Yeah, how could I forget?” Brax laughed. “But she’s older now.”

“Yeah but she’s still little miss terrible two’s,” Charlie sighed. “Although she’s been good today.”

“Aww that’s nice to hear,” Brax smiled down at his daughter. “You going to be good forever now?”

“No,” Ella shook her head. “I won’t.”

Charlie and Brax laughed before they looked back up to each other. “So, this is our own place now,” Charlie smiled. “It’s looks nice.”

“Yeah,” Brax answered. “Let’s hope Charlie’s will be as busy as Angelo’s was.”

“Yeah, or you’re in trouble mister.”

“Me?” Brax questioned. “Just me, not you too?”

“Uh-uh,” Charlie shook her head. “It was your idea to change it around and re-name it.”

“So, if it does even better than Angelo’s did that’s all due to me then, right?” Brax gave a sort of cheeky grin.

“Nah in that case it was my idea.” Charlie grinned.

“I thought as much,” Brax laughed before he placed a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips. “But it’s going to go great, I know it is.” Brax smiled before once again placing a kiss on his wife’s lips.


After the movie finished, Ruby and April had gone back to revising. Ruby pursed her lips together as she looked up from the dining table to April. “What? April questioned.

“Just eh....no nothing, it doesn’t matter.” Ruby shook her head as she looked down to the book again.

April sighed as she put the pen down on the table and looked to her friend. She was trying to look busy but she knew she was only putting it on. “Ruby, ask me.”

“I have nothing to ask you.” Ruby spoke quietly as she kept her head down.

“Well I know you do,” April exhaled. “So please, just ask it.”

“Okay,” Ruby sighed as she put the pen down and looked to her friend. “Is there anyone that you like?” Ruby questioned. “Like, you know, like like?”

April pursed her lips together. Yes, there was. There was someone she was already in love with, but could she just come out and tell her that and risk losing Ruby from her life altogether? But maybe, maybe if she told her, Ruby would say she was curious, or she found herself being attracted to women too, maybe Ruby’s boy madness was just a way of Ruby trying to make herself think she was straight. There was Romeo right now, and before that she had a fling with Alexander the driving instructor, she was obsessed with Jason from year 12 for a while, although that was totally one sided, there was of course Casey, and Xavier and before him Pat, although April knew that nothing ever happened with Pat apart from kissing. “Eh, not really,” April shook her head. “I mean there might be this one girl, but....” April trailed off. “It won’t happen.”

“Oh,” Ruby widened her eyes. “Is it Violet from year 12?”

“Why, because she is a lesbian too, so it must be her?” April questioned.

“Well it would make sense for you to like other lesbians,” Ruby answered. “Not going to have much luck fancying a straight girl, are you?” Ruby gave a sort of laugh.

“I guess not, no,” April shook her head. “But eh, it’s no one you know. No one from school.”

“Do you find any teachers hot?” Ruby asked.

“All the teachers are like 40 or older apart from Bianca and it would be highly disturbing if I fancied my sister.” April screwed her face up.

“Mrs Townley isn’t 40. She’s like....Bianca’s age, no?” Ruby questioned.

“Well yeah but she is also a Mrs with a 3 year old son,” April answered. “I’m not going to fancy every single girl on the planet you know,” April said. “It’s just the same as you liking boys. You find some attractive and others not.”

“I guess,” Ruby exhaled. “Ahh I just want you to be happy and find someone to love you. You deserve that. Let’s go to a gay bar at the weekend. I think there’s one in Mangrove River.”

“We’re only 17.” April sighed, wanting this conversation to end.

“So, I’ll get us fake Id’s.”

“You’re mum and Bianca would hit the roof if they found us with fake Id’s.” April exhaled. “I’ve just come out and only to you so maybe leave the match making for a while, okay?”

“Well okay, but can you at least tell me who this girl is you like? Maybe I do know her and I promise I won’t try and match make,” Ruby clasped her hands together. “Please.”

“No,” April shook her head. “Please Rubes, just leave it, yeah.”

“Please,” Ruby pouted. “You’re my best friend. We’re supposed to have no secrets and know everything about each other.” April looked into Ruby’s eyes. She was almost pleading with her.

April took a deep breath. “Promise you won’t yell or get mad or....or hate me?”

“Why?” Ruby questioned. “Who is it? Oh my God it’s not my mum is it?” Ruby sounded worried as she placed her hand on her chest. “I know she had that thing with Joey but she’s married to Brax now and.....please tell me it’s not?”

“No,” April shook her head. “It’s not your mum.”

“Well then who is it?” Ruby questioned.

“You,” April looked away from Ruby as she spoke quietly. Ruby’s eyes widened in shock as her mouth opened but no sound came out. After a while like this, April spoke again. “Rubes, say something, please.” April sounded as if she was about to cry as she reached her hand out to touch Ruby’s arm.

“Don’t touch me,” Ruby pulled her arm away. “You....gay....me?” Ruby questioned. “How....I....I’m not....” Ruby shook her head. “Just leave.” Ruby said as she looked to April.

“Rubes, please just -”

“No, no, just leave,” Ruby stood up from the chair and started collecting April’s books together before she handed them to her. “I eh...you just have to leave,” Ruby walked over to the front door and opened it. “Now.” Ruby’s tone caused April to jump slightly before she walked through the house and left as Ruby had requested.

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Thanks for the comments. :)

Chapter 7

Ella and Noah ran back into the house and straight to Ruby’s bedroom to see what colour she had up on the door. “It still red,” Ella sighed. “Ruby.” Ella knocked on the door.

“Go away.” Ruby answered.

“Ella it red we can’t.” Noah shook his head as Ella reached up for the handle.

“C’mon you two, you’re not allowed in there right now,” Charlie took the kids’ hands and led them down the hall to their bedroom. They still shared a room at the moment, but Charlie knew once they got older, they’d need to put them in separate rooms so they’d have their own space, especially with them being of the opposite sex. “It’s passed your nap time anyways.” Charlie said and Ella huffed as she jumped up onto her bed and started jumping up and down.

“Not sleepy.” Ella shook her head.

“Yes you are, you always have a little sleep in the afternoon otherwise you don’t make it till dinner time.” Charlie said as she took Noah’s shoes off him before he climbed up into bed, still holding his Thomas train close to him.

“Just a little,” Noah yawned. “Little okay?”

“Yep just a little sleep,” Charlie placed a soft kiss onto his forehead as she tucked him in before she walked over to her daughters bed. “Right missus,” Charlie grabbed her daughters arm, stopping her from jumping. Ella sat down on the bed and Charlie pulled her shoes off. “C’mon you’ve been such a good girl today, keep it up.”

“We get wollipop?” Ella questioned.

“Maybe after your dinner, yeah. If you have a little sleep for mummy.” Charlie gave a little yawn. The nap for the twins wasn’t only for them, but also to let Charlie get a little break. Right now, she was looking after them full time, having finished at the station around a month ago, she and Brax had decided that until Angelo left and the restaurant had been redecorated, that she wouldn’t bother starting working there. As much as she loved the twins and enjoyed being a mother, she couldn’t wait to get back to work to have a little break from them.

“5 minutes,” Ella said as she crawled under the covers. “Okay?”

“Okay,” Charlie laughed. She knew once Ella fell asleep it would be around 2 hours before she woke up anyways. She placed a kiss on her daughter’s forehead as she tucked her in before she left the room, exhaling lightly as she closed the door. She walked down the hall and knocked on Ruby’s door before walking in. “Hey, just wanted to know if you girls....oh,” Charlie said as she saw April wasn’t there. “Has April gone home already? I thought she was staying for dinner?”

“She had to go home.” Ruby answered rather sharply, Charlie knowing right away from her daughters tone that something wasn’t right.

“You guys okay?” Charlie questioned. “Didn’t have a fall out did you?”

Ruby sniggered. “No, eh....she just had to go home. Bianca wanted her for something,” Ruby improvised. Although she felt angry towards April for keeping something like that from her, she made her a promise she wasn’t going to tell anyone and she was going to keep that. “I eh, I’m going to see Romeo. I’ll probably just stay there for dinner so don’t bother making me any.” Ruby said as she stood up and walked out of her bedroom, before Charlie heard the front door slamming shut. She exhaled as she walked through to the living room and picked up a magazine and sat down onto the couch but before she could even read the first page the doorbell rang. She sighed as she stood up and threw the magazine down on the coffee table and walked through to answer the door. She was slightly surprised to see the woman she saw from earlier looking for the diner standing at the other side.

“Can I help you?” Charlie questioned.

“Eh,” The woman paused, also recognising Charlie from before. “I eh....does Darryl Braxton live here?” The lady asked as she rubbed her forehead.

“Yeah,” Charlie answered. “What do you want with him?”

“Is he in?” She asked.

“No he’s out at the moment,” Charlie was getting worried. She remembered the lady said she was here to see the child’s father, but surely this wasn’t Brax. Charlie looked down to the child, who was the spitting image of the mother, so this didn’t help matters. Charlie hated thinking this of Brax, and hoped she was putting two and two together and making five, but it wasn’t looking good. “What do you want with Darryl?” It felt strange saying Darryl, she never called him Darryl but this lady obviously knew him as that.

“I eh....she’s his and I can’t do this anymore. I’m not made to be a mother,” Charlie felt her heart beating in her chest; she instantly felt betrayal hit her. She tried to talk but no words came out. “Her name is Katie and she’s 4 months. I’m done.” The lady turned and walked away and Charlie stood as if frozen to the spot for a moment. A small cry from the child brought her to her senses as she walked out of the house and made her way down the driveway to the woman who was getting into a taxi.

“Wait, you can’t just leave the child here, stop,” Charlie reached out to grab her arm but the woman pulled away and closed the taxi door. “Stop, wait,” Charlie banged on the taxi as the driver pulled away, the lady in the car telling him to go. “Stop.” Charlie yelled as she watched the taxi drive off down the hill and around the corner out of sight. She put her hand onto her forehead, completely shocked at what had just happened.


April was in her bedroom, the tears streaming down her face as she looked at a picture of Ruby and her from a few months ago. She hated knowing that by telling Ruby her secret she’d more than likely lost her friendship, but it wasn’t her fault. At least, that’s how she felt. Ruby pushed at her until she told her. Ruby wanted to know who she liked. It wasn’t April’s fault that Ruby couldn’t handle it. She wiped the tears from her cheeks as she put the photo back down on the bedside table. “April, are you in?” April jumped as she heard Bianca’s voice.

“Yeah eh what do you want?” April tried to sound upbeat, but Bianca could hear the sadness in her voice. She opened the bedroom door and was shocked to see her little sister’s tear stained face.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Bianca spoke softly as she sat down on the bed, wrapping her arm comfortingly around her.

“Just exam stress.” April lied.

“April this is more than exam stress, please just talk to me.” Bianca moved April’s hair from her face.

“Eh...” April pursed her lips together wanting so much to tell her sister, not to have this secret anymore, wanting someone to talk to. “I eh....I think I....no, I don’t think it, I eh....I’m gay Bianca.” April said quietly as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“What?” Bianca sounded appalled. “April you are not gay. You like boys. You were with Xavier and then Dexter.”

“Yeah and why do you think I broke up with them?” April questioned. “It didn’t feel right. I don’t feel myself being attracted to any boys but when I see girls I....I know I like girls.”

“This is ridiculous,” Bianca shook her head as she stood up from the bed and moved away from April. “April you don’t like girls. You don’t,” Bianca threw her hands out to the side. “I...I would know if you did.”

“I’m telling you now,” April exhaled. “I’ve hid this for months because I was so scared of everyone’s reaction. Look at what Charlie had to face when people found out she was with Joey. Her car was vandalised, people talking behind her back, Joey’s brother gave her a hard time, and no one should have to face that for falling in love.”

“Charlie isn’t gay,” Bianca raised her voice. “Or if she is she’s the world’s worst lesbian, you know, for being married to a man.”

“She must be bi then. She’s been with a woman and she loved her.” April sniffed back.

“They were together a month a most and she cheated on her with a man,” Bianca raised her voice. “Doesn’t seem like she was gay to me, she probably just felt a little curious.” Bianca said.

April pursed her lips together. “Bianca, I know that I’m gay and I really really need some support, so please try, for me.”

“No, it’s not right,” Bianca shook her head. “You are....it’s wrong for you to like another women. You’re supposed to like men,” Bianca looked almost disgusted at April. “It’s not right April and I will never support you.”

April felt so hurt. It hurt that Ruby told her to leave after her confession of liking her, but this felt much worse. Bianca had always been supportive of April and her choices so this really surprised her. She always thought she would be open-minded about this, that she would just want April to be happy and support that. “I wish that you could try, for me.”

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “I can’t try April. I’m sorry but can’t. And I don’t want you living here with me when you’re.....just get out.”

“What?” April was shocked. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I don’t want you living with me anymore. Not if you’re gay.” Bianca said. She couldn’t accept that her little sister was gay; she didn’t want to accept it.

“Don’t you think you are being a little over the top?” April questioned.

“Look, I just...I want you out, so go,” Bianca said. “Now.” Bianca yelled. April wiped fresh tears for her cheeks and she left her bedroom and ran from the house.

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Thanks for the comments. :wub:

Chapter 8

Ella and Noah were standing over the buggy looking down to the baby as she stared up at them, her big brown eyes looking from Ella to Noah. Ella span the little flower rattle that was attached to the buggy, resulting in the baby squealing in joy as she waved her arms out, hitting the rattle herself. “A baby.” Noah smiled as he pointed to the child.

Charlie watched the kids with the baby. She had been there for over 2 hours now, Charlie unsure whether she should call the police or DOCS. She’d tried to call Brax but he wasn’t answering his phone and he still wasn’t home even though he said he would be home by now. Had this lady got in touch with Brax and now he was scared to come home because his secret was out? Charlie hated thinking Brax had cheated on her, but right now, it was looking likely, although she was trying not to get herself too worked up until she’d spoken to him. “Mummy she’s stinky.” Ella held her nose as she looked up to her mother. Charlie pursed her lips together as she looked to the baby sitting in the buggy. It wasn’t her fault and she couldn’t leave her in a dirty nappy. She exhaled as she walked over to the buggy and opened up the baby bag that was hanging over the handles. There were a few changes of clothes, some baby wipes, a little brown teddy with a red bow around its neck, and a few bottles of milk, but no nappies.

“Mummy didn’t leave her any nappies,” Charlie exhaled. “What can we do?” Charlie looked down to her kids, not really expecting an answer but Ella replied.

“She wear my panties.” Ella said.

“She can’t petal,” Charlie shook her head. “She’s too little to wear panties.”

“I not, I not,” Ella shook her head. “I a big girl. I no nappies now.”

“Yeah, you are.” Charlie smiled. Ella was successfully potty trained for a few months now, but Noah was finding things a little more difficult, and occasionally would still need to be put in nappies or pull-ups, especially at night.

“I nappy,” Noah smiled up at his mother, like it was something to be proud of. “She have mines. I share.”

Charlie laughed lightly. “It’s going to have to do for now but they’re going to be awfully big on her.”

“I go get it okay.” Noah said as he ran from the room to his bedroom returning moments later with a nappy which he handed up to Charlie. Charlie looked down to the baby and exhaled as she unstrapped her from the buggy and lifted her up into her arms.

“Can one of you grab me the wipes from the bag?” Charlie questioned as she lay the child’s blanket out on the floor before putting the baby down and pushing her little dress further up her body. Noah handed Charlie the wipes and Charlie took off the baby’s nappy and wiped her up before attempting to make Noah’s nappy fit her.

“It’s big.” Ella giggled as Charlie lifted Katie up, letting her dress slip back down as the nappy also moved, looking like it was about to fall off.

“Yes but it’ll have to do for now,” Charlie sighed as she picked up the blanket and threw it down into the buggy before binning the dirty nappy. “You hungry yet?” Charlie questioned as she looked down to the child, her big brown eyes taking in Charlie’s face. “Mummy didn’t even bother telling me when you get fed,” Charlie sighed as she walked over to the bag and pulled out one of the bottles of milk. “Now do you take this cold or like it a little heated?” With the twins, Ella liked her milk heated but Noah would only drink it cold. She gave the bottle a little shake and pulled the lid off before taking a seat on the couch and putting the bottle to her mouth. She accepted straight away, bringing her hand up and resting it on top of Charlie’s.

“Mummy, she staying?” Noah climbed up onto the couch next to his mother.

“No, just a little visit.” Charlie answered.

“Were her mummy and daddy?” Ella questioned as she too climbed up onto the couch as she moved her hair from in front of her face.

“I’m not sure.” Charlie pursed her lips together as she stared at Katie as she took her milk. She couldn’t see any of Brax in her, or the kids in terms of looks, but her temperament so far much reminded her of Noah, but of course that didn’t mean anything, hundreds of thousands of babies were bound to be the same as him in that sense.

“Daddy’s home.” Charlie heard Brax’s voice in the house and was scared for the conversation that was about to come.

“Daddy the baby,” Ella stood up on the couch and looked around to see Brax walking into the room. “The baby, see.” Ella pointed down to Katie.

“Who’s baby is that?” Brax questioned as he rubbed the back of his head.

Charlie took a deep breath as she stood up from the couch and faced her husband. “Yours, apparently.”

“What?” Brax raised his voice shocked at what he’d just heard. “Charlie I swear on the twins’ lives that I haven’t been with anyone else since I got with you,” Charlie stared at Brax before looking down to the twins who were looking up all wide-eyed at them. “You two go play in your room yeah, good kids,” Brax said and Ella and Noah looked to each other before doing as they were told and running off towards their bedroom. “You do believe me, don’t you?”

“I eh....I want too,” Charlie answered. “But this woman comes knocking on the door and says Darryl Braxton is the father. You’re the only Darryl Braxton in Summer Bay. What am I supposed to think?”

“You’re supposed to believe in your husband,” Brax answered. “Baby I swear I have not slept with anyone else.”

“If you, if you have just....just tell me and we’ll....we’ll try and work through it.” Charlie said as she looked down to Katie briefly who was still enjoying her bottle.

“I am telling you I haven’t,” Brax raised his voice. “If anyone was going to cheat it would be you,” Brax spat and Charlie widened her eyes in shock at Brax’s comment. “Sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“What the hells that supposed to mean?” Charlie questioned.

“Nothing I -”

“Brax.” Charlie almost yelled his name.

“Well you’ve just got the track record for this kind of thing, haven’t you?” Brax questioned. “You cheated on Joey and then you cheated on Angelo -”

“Ahh and you were totally innocent in that weren’t you? You didn’t have anything to do with it at all; I had to force you into bed right enough, didn’t I? You didn’t want me at all.” Charlie was furious that Brax had brought up her past. If anything he was the one who did most of the chasing, Charlie eventually giving in to what she really wanted.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I just wish you didn’t doubt that I’ve been unfaithful because I haven’t.” Brax spoke quietly knowing he probably shouldn’t have said what he did.

“I’m going to get some air.” Charlie said as she made to leave the house, shoving Katie into Brax’s arms.

“Charlie wait, what am I supposed to do with the baby?” Brax questioned as he let the bottle fall to the ground, resulting in Katie letting out an ear piercing scream.

“Well you always wanted a third child, didn’t you?” Charlie questioned. “So surely you be fine.” Charlie said before she left the house, leaving Brax standing in the room with the baby.


Ruby was walking home from Romeo’s place when she saw her sitting on the ground against the back wall of the surf club. It was raining pretty heavily and she was soaked through, Ruby figuring she must have been sitting there a while now. She thought about just leaving her, but she looked so upset and in need of someone to talk to. She walked over to her and stared silently down at her. “Don’t,” April sniffed back as she looked up to Ruby. “I eh...I don’t need to be yelled at again today.” Ruby pursed her lips together before sitting down next to her friend, the ledge that ran down from the roof keeping the ground reasonably dry.

“What you doing sitting out here in the rain?” Ruby questioned.

“I haven’t got anywhere else to go,” April spoke quietly. “I told Bianca I was gay and she threw me out.”

“What?” Ruby was surprised at April’s revelation.

“She said I couldn’t stay in her house if I was gay.” April said.

“Look she is probably just a little shocked. Or a big bit shocked,” Ruby answered. “I know I didn’t expect that from you.”

“Maybe,” April wiped the tears from her face. “But I don’t have anywhere to stay now,” April said. “Irene has those kids staying so she doesn’t have any room, my best friend hates me now....I just wish I had someone’s support.”

Ruby exhaled lightly as she put her hand onto April’s shoulder, her t-shirt drenched from the rain. “I don’t hate you. April you....you’re my best friend and I love you. Not in the way you probably want me too, but I do love you. I was just really surprised that you fancied me and I was just a bit shocked. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. I’m really sorry I yelled at you and told you to leave.”

April managed a weak smile. “It’s okay. I eh....I guess it is a bit of a shock when another girl tells you that she’s really into you.”

“We can still be friends, right?” Ruby questioned. “We can....we can still make this work, it’s not going to be awkward, is it?”

“Probably for a while,” April answered. “But everyone gets over their first crush at one point, right?” April bit her lip. She didn’t want to get over Ruby. She wanted nothing more that to grab her and kiss her right in that moment, but she knew Ruby didn’t want that, so she thought being her friend and hoping one day that something might happen was better than not being friends with Ruby at all. At least this way she still got to see her.

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “And if you want someone to talk to, maybe you should talk to my mum,” Ruby said. “She’s been where you are right now and maybe talking to another les-, well I guess bisex-, someone who’s been with another woman, it’ll help you.” Ruby screwed her face up, not really sure what Charlie classed herself as.

April smiled lightly. “You think she would talk to me about that stuff?”

“Of course,” Ruby nodded. “And you know that Bianca will come round. You’re her little sister and she loves you more than anything. Just give it a few days.”

“I hope so.” April answered quietly.

“Yeah, well I know so,” Ruby smiled as she stood up. “C’mon, let’s go.” Ruby said as she held her hand out. April looked to her confused before putting her hand into Ruby’s, letting her pull her to standing.

“Go where?” April screwed her face up.

“My place,” Ruby answered. “You can have the spare room until things with Bianca are sorted.”

“Thanks,” April looked to Ruby and gave her a thankful smile. “But what am I going to do for clothes?” April questioned. “I think its best I stay away from Bianca for just now.”

“You’re the same size as me. You can borrow my clothes.” Ruby said and April once again gave her a thankful smile before they made the walk back to the house.

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Many thanks for the comments.

Chapter 9

Charlie walked back into the house. She’d been away a while and could see that Brax had already fed the twins their dinner and by the sounds out it, was battling with one of the kids to get them into their pyjamas. “C’mon, put this on.” Charlie heard Brax raise his voice as her son screamed.

“No no,” Charlie walked down the hall as Noah came running of the bedroom in the nude. “Mummy, I no to wear them okay.” Noah jumped up as Charlie lifted him into her arms.

“Not wear what bud?” Charlie walked back into the bedroom with her son to see Ella already lying in bed, cuddling her little ragdoll close to her as Brax stood with a pair of Noah underpants in his hands. The scene was slightly confusing, as normally it was Ella who would put up a fight to get dress and get into bed.

“Underpants.” Noah answered.

“Ah you need to wear underpants.” Charlie exhaled as she put Noah down on the bed and took them from Brax.

“I like nappies.” Noah sighed.

“Nappies aren’t for big boys,” Charlie shook her head. “C’mon you put these on for mummy, yeah?” Noah looked down to the underpants before looking back to his mother and sighed.

“Okay.” Noah nodded as he put his legs into them and Charlie pulled them up before reaching for his pyjamas and put them onto him.

Brax sighed. “I’ve been trying for the last 20 minutes at least to get them onto him. You come home and all of what, a minute later you’ve got him wearing them.”

Charlie gave him a quick glance before looking back to Noah. “Now, have you had a pee-pee?”

“I goed in the potty.” Noah smiled.

“See you don’t need nappies,” Charlie gave her son a kiss as she put him into his bed. “Now here is Ted,” Charlie gave him his little brown bear and Noah cuddled it close to him as he gave a little yawn. “Daddy will read you a story, okay.”

“Okay,” Noah answered. “Night mummy.”

“Goodnight,” Charlie rubbed her son’s forehead before going over and placing a kiss on her daughter. “Sleep tight petal.”

“Nighty mummy I love you.” Ella said sleepily.

“Love you too.” Charlie smiled as she left the room, leaving Brax to read them a story. She walked down the hall and to the kitchen and opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of juice.

“Hey mum.” Ruby smiled as she and April walked into the house.

“Hey,” Charlie smiled weakly as she looked around to them. “Oh hey April, you’re back are you?”

“Yeah.” April spoke quietly as Ruby opened the cupboard door and pulled out a towel.

“You can go get a shower and get warmed up,” Ruby said as she handed April the towel. “Have you had any dinner yet?” April shook her head. “Well I’ll make you a sandwich or something and grab whatever out of my wardrobe. Be better than those wet clothes.”

“Thanks.” April smiled lightly at her before she left the room.

“Is it okay if she stays for a couple of days?” Ruby questioned.

“Why,” Charlie answered. “Is everything okay?”

“She’s just had a bit of a fallout with Bianca,” Ruby answered. “Give it a few days and they’ll be sorted though.”

“Right, fine.” Charlie exhaled as she opened the bottle of juice and took a drink before walking through to the living room with Ruby following her through.

“Everything alright with you?” Ruby questioned. “You seem awfully down?”

“Oh I -” Charlie was cut off by the sounds of Katie’s cries. It was then when Ruby noticed the moses basket sitting in the living room. Charlie exhaled as she saw Brax must have brought Ella’s moses basket in from the basement.

“Um...since when have we had a baby here?” Ruby screwed her face up as Charlie gently rubbed the baby’s tummy hoping this would be enough to silence her.

“Some lady left her here this afternoon. Apparently she is Brax’s.” Charlie looked back up to Ruby, the light rocking obviously enough to settle Katie as the crying stopped.

“What?” Ruby sounded shocked. “That’s crazy. I don’t believe he would cheat on you though?”

“I don’t know. We just argued so I left for a while,” Charlie exhaled. “I’m just home 5 minutes before you so we’ll talk once he’s got the twins down.”

“Oh right, I eh...I was hoping you could have a chat with April actually.” Ruby said.

“Not right now,” Charlie shook her head. “I need to sort this stuff out with Brax,” Charlie sighed. “So it’s probably best if you two just stay out of our way and let us to that.” Charlie said before she walked down to her bedroom and Ruby jumped slightly as she heard the door slamming shut.


“The rain had started again and with it came thunder and lightning. Thankfully, Ruby and April were happy enough to keep an eye on Katie, leaving Charlie and Brax sitting in their bedroom to talk. “So, I see you went out and bought nappies to fit the baby.”

“Yeah well we couldn’t leave her in Noah’s one too long. It was far too big for her.” Brax almost spat back at Charlie.

“Well it’s not my fault her mother didn’t leave any nappies is it?” Charlie raised her voice.

“No sorry,” Brax exhaled. “I also got a little tin of formula. I gave her a bottle when the twins were eating so there’s only one bottle left now.”

“So, buying nappies and formula, I guess you want her to stay?” Charlie questioned.

“I think the mother will be back in a few days, if that,” Brax answered. “What’s it going to look like if we ship her off to DOCS?”

“Like she’s not our child and we shouldn’t be looking after a stranger’s baby.” Charlie replied.

“Oh so you believe me now?” Brax answered. “Not accusing me of sleeping with every woman in the bay and more?”

“I never even did that,” Charlie shook her head. “If anyone you were the one who accused me of being likely to cheat.”

“Well I was only going from the past.” Brax answered.

“Right,” Charlie exhaled as she shook her head. “We’ll go from the past with you then, will we?” Charlie said. “All the lies you told me during the beginning of our relationship. That you had a furniture company, that you weren’t involved with the drugs, that you didn’t help Brody get away. Remember all them?” Charlie asked as she stood up from the bed and walked further away from Brax. “You lied to me then, so why not now? Maybe going from your past, you’re lying to me now and you did sleep with her and father that baby.”

“I’ve changed Charlie,” Brax said as he too stood up from the bed. “I’m not that person anymore and I’d never cheat, you know that. You think I’d swear on the twins’ life if I did?”

Charlie shrugged her shoulders. “I’d like to think not,” Charlie answered. “But how else can you explain that she’s turned up with your name stating you’re the father?”

“Maybe she’s mistaken,” Brax shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe she misheard the man’s name, I don’t know, but Charlie I swear to you, I didn’t....at least, I don’t think I slept with anyone else.”

“So now you’re not so sure?” Charlie questioned. “What is it Brax?”

“The kids what? 4 months?” Brax said. “9 months is a pregnancy so around 13 months ago she’d have been conceived.”

“Yeah, so?” Charlie said. “Why are you working this out?”

“That wasn’t that long after Rocco died. It was hard on everyone. I felt so guilty that my kids were fine, running around and Heath’s kid got taken from him.”

“So the solution to make you feel better was to go have sex with someone else?” Charlie screwed her face up.

“No...I don’t know,” Brax shook his head. “But I do remember a good few drunken nights out.”

“Right, so you can’t even remember sleeping with her? Nice one Brax.” Charlie sighed.

“Look maybe we should just get a DNA test. It’ll hopefully clear me of being the father and when the mother does come back – which she will – she can have proof too.” Brax said as he played with his wedding band, rolling it around his finger and saw that Charlie was doing the same.

“So until then we’re supposed to just look after her like nothing is wrong?” Charlie questioned as a loud bang of thunder roared into the room, startling her a little.

“I don’t want to put her into care,” Brax answered. “It’s not the place for a baby.”

Charlie sighed as she leaned against the dresser. “I really want to believe you....I don’t want to think of you as a cheater, but, now you are doubting yourself and you want the child to stay, I...”

“For the baby’s sake,” Brax stepped forward and put his hands onto Charlie’s arms. “Please, we can look after her here.”

“A few days,” Charlie exhaled. “A few days then if the mother hasn’t came back we need to take her to DOCS. Especially if you’re not the father.”

Brax smiled lightly. “Thank you. And I’m sorry for what I said before about you being likely to cheat, I know you wouldn’t.”

“Funny that,” Charlie shook her head. “Because I’m not sure you do. If anything’s came out of this it shows us that we don’t fully trust each other. And if we don’t, then what does that say for our marriage?” Charlie questioned.

Brax exhaled as another burst of thunder could be heard. He was about to reply when the twins came running to the room screaming. “Mummy.” The twins screamed as they hung onto Charlie’s legs.

“C’mon it’s okay,” Charlie pulled the kids from her legs as she bent down to their level. “There’s nothing to be frightened of.”

“Yeah,” Ella nodded. “It’s loud.”

“It’s not going to harm you.” Charlie took the twins’ hands and walked out of the room to put them back to bed, leaving Brax standing in the room, rubbing his forehead and sighing at the situation that they were in.

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Thank you for the comments.

Chapter 10

Bianca was walking along the beach, the moonlight the only light she had. “April,” Bianca shouted out. “April are you down here?” A flash of lightening lit up the sky before a roar of thunder could be heard. “April.” Bianca shouted again as she made her way off the beach, walking towards the surf club, hoping that April would be in there, maybe going inside to seek shelter from the thunderstorm.

“Bianca, what are you doing out dressed like that?” Heath questioned as he walked out of the surf club and looked Bianca up and down. She was wearing a dress and a pair of heels, not the kind of clothes you wanted to be stuck in a thunderstorm in. “You’ll be freezing.” The rain was beating down hard, Bianca soaked though to the skin, her hair looking rather unlike its usual not a hair out of place style.

“Have you seen April in there?” Bianca questioned. “We had words and I told her to get out of my house. That was nearly 5 hours ago now and I’m getting worried.”

“Nah she’s not in there,” Heath shook his head. “She’s probably at mates place or Irene’s, have you tried them?”

“She’s not at Irene’s or Dexter’s place,” Bianca shook her head. “I tried Ruby but she’s not answering her mobile.”

“What about the landline?” Heath asked.

“It must be down from the storm,” Bianca answered. “It’s just a dead line when I try to call.”

“Well she is most likely at Ruby’s place,” Heath replied as he saw Bianca shivering. “Here, wear this,” Heath took his jacket off and put it around Bianca. “Can I give you a lift home?”

Bianca bit her lip as she welcomed the warmth from Heath’s jacket. “You really think she’ll be okay?”

“Of course,” Heath nodded. “She’s a smart girl. She’ll be safe at Ruby’s for sure.”

Bianca exhaled lightly. “A lift home would be good thanks,” Bianca gave him a weak smile. She loved him, there was no doubt about that, but being around him was hard. He was a constant reminder of their precious son who had been so cruelly taken from their lives. Heath smiled as they walked down to his truck. “Do you think we should go to Charlie’s place to get her?”

“Nah,” Heath shook his head as he pulled away in the truck. “Give her space. You two both need chill out time after a tiff so maybe spending the night apart will be best. You’ll see her tomorrow at school and will can talk.”

“They’re off school this week,” Bianca replied. “Study week before exams.”

“Ah of course,” Heath answered. “Well you can go around to see her or something then.”

“Ahh I’m such an idiot,” Bianca banged her hand off the dashboard in frustration. She knew she should have never yelled at April the way she did. She knew it must have been hard for April to come out to her. “I’m a lousy big sister.”

“You’re kind, caring, loving....Bianca you are more than a big sister to April,” Heath answered. “That’s probably why you reacted how you did. Because you love her so much.....you’re more of a mother to her than your own mother.”

“You’ve changed.” Bianca gave Heath a smile.

“Really?” Heath gave a laugh of disbelief. He didn’t think he’d changed much at all. “How so?”

“I don’t know, you just have.” Bianca shrugged as she stared at her ex. He was hot, really hot and sometimes she found herself wondering how she could resist his constant offers of a date.

“Well hopefully it’s a good sort of change.” Heath gave Bianca a little smile before looking back to the road, almost at the house where he used to live. The house he shared with Bianca, April and of course little Rocco.

“Yeah,” Bianca exhaled. “So eh, you really think that April will talk to me if I go see her tomorrow?” Bianca fiddled with the string of his jacket as she waited on an answer.

“Yeah,” Heath answered as he parked the truck outside of the house. “I don’t know what’s gone on but you’re sisters and she’s going to want you around.”

Bianca smiled, hoping Heath was right. “Well thanks for the lift.”

“No problem.” Heath said as he and Bianca stared into each other’s eyes for a moment.

“Eh,” Bianca broke the eye contact as she turned to open the door. “Do you want to come in for a coffee?”

“Trade the coffee for beer and you’ve got yourself a deal.” Heath gave a cheeky grin.

“I don’t have any beer,” Bianca shook her head. “I have wine but you’re not really a wine sort of guy are you?”

“Well you just said I was a changed man,” Heath turned off the ignition as he spoke. “Maybe new Heath will like wine.” Heath and Bianca got out of the car and made their way up to the front door of the house. As Bianca put the key into the door, Heath placed his hand onto her shoulder and rubbed it gently. Bianca looked up to Heath and once again they stared into each other’s eyes. She smiled lightly at him before they kissed softly, Heath wrapping his arms around Bianca’s body as the kiss intensified. Bianca pulled back and opened the door to the house, dragging Heath in and placing another kiss on his lips. Heath kicked the door shut as he removed his jacket from her body, the kiss never breaking, just intensifying as their want for each other was very evident as they made their way across the room, towards Bianca’s bedroom.


Charlie was in the living room, sitting on the couch as she gently rocked the baby over her shoulder, trying to get her back to sleep. She looked to the left as he heard footsteps and saw April walking down the hall. “Sorry, is she keeping you awake?”

“Nah, I couldn’t sleep anyways,” April answered. “Is it okay for me to grab a glass of water?”

“Of course,” Charlie answered and April walked through to the kitchen and before appearing back in the living room with the glass in her hand. Charlie looked to her to see something was weighing heavily on her mind. “Everything alright with you?” Charlie asked.

“Not really,” April shook her head as she took a seat on the couch next to Charlie, Katie finally showing signs of quieting down after around 20 minutes of crying. “But.....and I don’t mean to pry, but, things with you and Brax don’t sound too great either so I won’t bother you.”

“April when you become a mother you’ll understand that even if things in your life a bit hectic or you’ve got problems with your husband that you’re still going to put your kids’ feelings first.”

“Not your kid though am I?” April exhaled before taking a drink of the water.

“No but I’ve known you since you were the twins’ age so you’re pretty close to me,” Charlie said and April gave her a weak smile as she watched her put a now sleeping Katie back into the moses basket.

“So, Ruby said something about you and Bianca falling out?”

“Yeah,” April sighed. “Eh...I eh....I told Bianca that I was gay and she threw me out.” April just came right out and said it, feeling it was the easiest way.

Charlie widened her eyes, shocked. She didn’t pick out April as gay. She thought as someone who’d been with another woman, she’d have some kind of sense for these things. “I’m sorry, that’s the last thing you need when you are coming out. It’s tough enough as it is. At least for me with Joey it was hard.”

“It’s hard,” April agreed. “I’m just so scared about being judged. I shouldn’t be judged just because I like women and not men, but I know I am going to be and I don’t really understand why. I’m not doing anything wrong really.”

“Unfortunately some people just don’t see it that way,” Charlie sighed. “But as long as you are happy try not to think too much about other people. You are the most important person you need to think about.”

“I wish Bianca could see things that way,” April put the glass of water down on the coffee table and started fiddling with the tie on Ruby’s pyjama bottoms. “I wish she could see that this is what’s going to make me happy.”

“I’m surprised to be honest,” Charlie tucked her hair behind her ear. “She was supportive of me when I was with Joey.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re not her little sister,” April answered. “Or maybe it’s because she told me that she doesn’t think you were gay. That you can’t be if you are with Brax now.”

“I’m not gay,” Charlie shook her head. “I’m with Brax and was with Angelo before that. But I was with another woman and I loved her. I’ve never felt attracted to another woman since Joey but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t ever again. I’m open to it if things with me and Brax go really wrong. But I do plan on spending the rest of my life with him.”

April smiled lightly. “So you don’t regret being with her?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “But I am glad we ended too. I would never have got with Brax nor had the twins if I was still with Joey and I’d never want to swap that for anything.”

“No you eh, you have a great family,” April smiled. “I’d like to think that one day I could have a couple of kids. Guess it’s just not going to be as straightforward though, you know, not wanting to be with a man.”

“You can still have a family,” Charlie answered. “There’s adoption or sperm donation.”

“I know,” April nodded. “I guess I’m just scared that if I did end up lucky enough to have a family that they won’t have their aunty Bianca,” April bowed her head down sadly and Charlie could see tears forming in her eyes. “I just want her to support me and accept me for who I am.”

“She will,” Charlie moved closer to April and gently wrapped her arm around her in comfort. “She would just be a little shocked. Give her a day or two and she’ll want you back home.”

“That’s what Ruby said too.” April sniffed back.

“Well Ruby is right,” Charlie smiled. “Why don’t you try to get some sleep and if you like tomorrow we can see if she’ll be up for talking?”

“So you’ll come with me?” April questioned.

“If you want me too.” Charlie nodded.

“Thanks Charlie,” April gave her a hug before standing up from the couch and lifting her glass of water to take with her. “Goodnight.”

“Night April.” Charlie smiled as she watched the girl walk away. She looked down to Katie and exhaled lightly, annoyed that Brax seemed to want her to stay but she was the one who had to get up for her in the night. She looked towards their bedroom door, before pursing her lips together and pulling the blanket down that was hanging over the edge of the couch, and lay down, closing her eyes to sleep.

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