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Trust in Me

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Thank you all so much for the comments.

Chapter 31

“Okay, I’ll be there soon,” Charlie hung up the house phone before looking around to Casey, who was sitting on the couch watching TV, eating a bag of chips and drinking a can of pop. “Still not going to do your maths revision?” Charlie questioned. “You’re exam is tomorrow. I thought you wanted to do well and go back to do your HSC.”

“I do,” Casey sighed. “Sometimes I just need a little more motivation. I am dyslexic you know.”

“Don’t use your dyslexia. You’re just being lazy,” Charlie sighed. “Now, I’m going out to Bianca’s so when the house is quiet, you can study with no distractions.”

“What about the twins?” Casey questioned.

“They’re in bed,” Charlie replied. “So you’ll be fine.”

“You want me to watch them?” Casey looked terrified at the idea. “Like, myself?”

“Like I said, they’re in bed and it’s not like they are axe murderers,” Charlie said. “They are your niece and nephew.”

“But I’ve never watched them alone,” Casey said. “What if they wake up?”

“Then send them back to bed,” Charlie replied. “They won’t wake up. Well, Noah might,” Charlie exhaled. “But just send him back to bed.”

“What if they like bite me or something?”

“Casey,” Charlie sighed. “They don’t bite. Well, I wouldn’t rule Ella out completely but...” Charlie trailed off. “Look they are in bed. You’ll be fine with them. Just do some revision okay?”

“Can’t you just ask Ruby and April to come home?” Casey questioned.

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “They’ve revised all afternoon. They’re out having a break. Now I’m asking you to do this for me and if you want to live in my house then -”

“Right, right, sure I’ll do it.” Casey rolled his eyes as he stood up from the couch and walked over to the cabinet where his books were sitting. He looked out his maths book and workbook and walked back over to the couch and lay down, laying his book against his chest. Charlie shook her head before she walked out of the house and got into her car and drove the short distance to Bianca’s house. She walked up to the house and knocked on the door before walking in, seeing Bianca all tearstained as she looked up from the couch.

“What happened?” Charlie questioned. “You guys just got back together.”

“He’s her father,” Bianca answered. “I can’t be with him if he has a kid.”

Charlie screwed her face up, confused. “Why not?” Charlie questioned. “You got with him knowing he had Darcy. Brax and I got together when I had Rubes....why is it any different now?”

“Rocco,” Bianca pursed her lips together as a tear rolled down her cheek. “We can’t be parents to our son. How am I supposed to watch him with this new baby? I can’t,” Bianca shook her head. “I’m not strong enough to be around his baby and I don’t want to stop him being a father to her so it’s easier this way.”

“Bianca,” Charlie lightly rubbed her friends arm. “You don’t need to be in this baby’s life,” Charlie exhaled. “If it’s too hard right now...Heath, Katie’s mum....they’ll understand. Alice and Katie live in the city anyways so you know maybe Heath can go there once a month to spend some time with Katie.”

“You think that would work?” Bianca questioned. “What if when she’s older she wonders why she doesn’t ever see daddy’s girlfriend?”

“By that time you’ll probably be alright with this. It will be easier to be around Heath’s child,” Charlie said. “I know it must be hard for you but you love Heath. It’s taken you so long to get back together and it would be a shame to throw that away again over a reason that’s not really necessary for breaking up.”

Bianca sniffed back as she wiped a tear from her eye. “I just thought breaking up with him would be easiest. He could see her anytime he wanted. He didn’t have commitments of a crazy messed up girlfriend to get in the way. You know, I was doing what I thought was best.”

“I know,” Charlie nodded. “But I’m just saying it doesn’t need to be this way. Overtime you’ll learn to be okay with Katie’s presence.”

“And I’m not her mother so it’s not like I need to be involved too much, right?” Bianca questioned. “She has Alice for that?”

“Of course,” Charlie nodded. “But it would be nice for Heath if he had you and his daughter in his life.”

“Look at you sticking up for Heath all of a sudden,” Bianca said. “I remember a time where you thought Heath was an idiot. Times change huh.” Bianca nudged her friends arm.

“I’m always going to think Heath is an idiot,” Charlie replied. “More so now because it’s sort of his fault, maybe indirectly, but his fault all the same that Brax and I are on a break right now, but he still has a right to be happy.” Charlie exhaled.

“You are Brax are on a break?” Bianca sounded shocked at the news.

Charlie gave a little nod. “I honestly think it’s the best thing for us right now,” Charlie sighed. “But I’m not here to talk about me and Brax. I like that we’re not for a change,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “So, are you going to sort this out with Heath? Say you panicked a little and you know, you still want to be with him?”

Bianca gave a nod. “I will,” Bianca said. “I’ll eh....I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” Bianca took a deep breath. She knew being with Heath when Katie was around would be hard, so liked the thought of Heath going to the city to see his child without her having to be there. She only hope Heath would be okay with this plan and not try to push Katie onto her, telling her that she was as good as her stepdaughter, because right now, Bianca couldn’t do babies and only hoped Heath would understand that.


Charlie walked back into her house and was surprised to see Brax standing in the kitchen, getting himself a glass of juice. “What are you doing here?” Charlie questioned.

“Noah woke up,” Charlie heard Casey yell before he appeared in the kitchen. “He was going crazy that you weren’t here. He was so worked up and I couldn’t calm him down then his screams woke Ella up and I had two screaming kids hanging off me,” Casey exhaled. “I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.”

“Nah my phones in charge,” Charlie answered. “So obviously I didn’t have it with me. I didn’t think I’d be this long.”

“Anyways Brax came round to help so....”

“Right, well thank you for that.” Charlie gave her husband a half-hearted smile.

“I’ll leave you two to eh....” Casey trailed off as he walked back out of the room.

Brax drank down the glass of orange juice before putting the glass down on the worktop. “Ella still wasn’t really that impressed with me,” Brax sighed as he turned back to face his wife. “Not only mucked things up with you, have I?”

“She’ll come round,” Charlie answered. “She’s even more stubborn than I am,” Charlie laughed. “You’ll just have your work cut out.”

“Could you maybe just give her a little push....please?” Brax questioned.

“Well we’ll see what happens tomorrow.” Charlie exhaled.

“Right,” Brax clicked his tongue. “How was Bianca? Was it something to do with Katie being Heaths?”

“Yeah, but I think I’ve helped her out,” Charlie answered. “It just made her think about Rocco and I guess it would be hard to be around a new baby. You know Katie is almost at the age Rocco died at too.”

“Yeah,” Brax gave a little nod. “Well hopefully they sort things out. Just like I hope we can.” Brax spoke sadly.

“I’m sure we will,” Charlie nodded. “We both want to, right?”

“Yeah,” Brax nodded. “I eh, I couldn’t really sleep last night. It was weird not being beside you.”

“Me either,” Charlie looked away from her husband as she spoke. “I eh...surprised to say but I missed your heavy breathing and your constant moving.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “I just miss you,” Brax exhaled. “And maybe the fact I was trying to sleep in a booth at the restaurant wouldn’t have helped either.”

“You slept in the restaurant?” Charlie questioned. “Why didn’t you get a van or go to the hotel?”

“Vans are all booked up for the week,” Brax answered. “The Riverside Hotel reminds me too much of you. You know it’s where we often met back when we were first together and....” Brax trailed off. “The Sands is pretty expensive so...”

“You can’t stay in the restaurant Brax,” Charlie shook her head. “Isn’t there a mates you can crash at? You’re mum’s even?”

“My mum?” Brax screwed his face up. “We haven’t spoken to mum for ages. Don’t think she’d appreciate me just rocking up and wanting to stay there, do you?” Brax questioned. Charlie pursed her lips together as she shook her head.

“I guess not, no,” Charlie exhaled. “But I don’t like that you don’t have a place to stay. What about Liam’s or one of the guys from the restaurant?”

“Liam’s out of town,” Brax answered. “It’s fine. The booth wasn’t actually that bad. Well length wise it totally sucked but it wasn’t totally uncomfy.”

“Well....” Charlie rubbed her forehead. “Go to Bianca’s. She’ll let you stay there.”

“I guess we can say we’ve done a swap, right?” Brax laughed. “April is here so I’ll go there.”

Charlie gave him a little smile. “Promise me you’ll go to Bianca’s. I don’t want you staying in the restaurant. You shouldn’t be sleeping in there.”

“I will.” Brax smiled at Charlie, glad she still cared where he was staying. “Anyways, I’ll go....let you get on but I’m still coming tomorrow right? To see the twins?”

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded as Brax walked over to the door. “See you. Goodnight, Brax.”

“Goodnight.” Brax replied before they gave each other a smile before Brax walked out of the house, Charlie closing the door behind him. She rested her head against the door as she exhaled before she walked through the house, going to check on the twins.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 32

“Knock knock,” Brax said before walking into the open door of the house. “Daddy,” Noah jumped down from the table and ran into him arms. “Where you go?”

“Eh...” Brax lifted Noah into his arm as he looked to Charlie who was clearing away the play dough from the table as Ella fought with her over a piece, not wanting to finish playing with the play dough just yet.

“Remember mummy told you he’d be staying somewhere else for a little while?” Charlie answered her son as she won the battle for the play dough and put it back into the box, causing Ella to sit in a sulk.

“But why?” Noah questioned.

“Because mummy and daddy are just going to have a little bit of a break okay?” Brax said and Noah sighed as Brax put him back down onto the floor. “But daddy is here to see you two little ones today.” Brax smiled as he walked over to Ella and knelt down in front of her. He didn’t say anything; he thought it was best to let her take her lead.

Ella looked at Brax, and cocked her head to the side. “No Katie?”

“No,” Brax shook his head. “She’s gone back to her mummy’s.” Brax saw Ella’s eyes light up at the news, momentarily, before furrowing her eyebrows.

“Forever’s?” Ella questioned.

“Yeah,” Brax nodded. “But she might visit sometimes because she is Uncle Heath’s baby so she’s your cousin and mummy and daddy’s niece.”

Ella screwed her face up. “She no to visit you,” Ella shook her head. “She no be my cousin okay?”

“Well yes, she is,” Brax nodded. “Don’t you think -”

“Brax,” Charlie interrupted as she shook her head at him. “I think fixings things with Ella is more important right now, not who Katie is to us.” Charlie rolled her eyes, she too not liking the fact that she, and more importantly, Brax, was related to Katie.

Brax gave a nod of understanding. “No more baby Katie,” Ella shook her head. “I is your baby forever, okay?”

“No Ella,” Noah shook his head as he did a little jump on the spot. “We get baby brother.”

“No,” Ella squealed. “I’s the baby always.”

“No,” Noah continued to jump around. “We get baby brother.”

“No no no,” Ella squealed as she banged her hand off the table. “We not to mummy, okay?” Ella looked up at her mother. “I is your baby.”

Charlie smiled down at her daughter. If she wanted to be technical she’d tell Ella that Noah was in fact the baby, as he was thirteen minutes younger. “You’ll always be our baby girl petal,” Charlie told her daughter. “But it doesn’t mean that one day mummy and daddy can’t have another baby.”

“It does,” Ella nodded. “You not too.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Anyways, what do you kids fancy doing with me and mummy today?”

“Beach.” Noah cheered as he ran around the room. Someone was clearly in a good mood today.

“Me and mummy go to swings.” Ella grinned up at Charlie.

“Well actually,” Charlie said. “Mummy is going to take Noah out for a mummy and Noah day and daddy is going to stay here and have a daddy and Ella day.”

“No mummy,” Ella shook her head. “I no to stay with daddy.”

“I thought we were going to spend time together. You know the four of us?” Brax exhaled, slightly confused.

“You want to sort things with Ella, don’t you?” Charlie whispered and Brax gave a little nod.

“That sounds so cool then, huh, daddy and Ella time?” Brax sounded enthusiastic as he ruffled his daughter’s hair.

Ella sighed unenthused. “Maybe.”

“There’s Hello Kitty cupcakes in the store cupboard. Maybe you and daddy could bake them?”

“Yeah,” Ella cheered. She loved to bake and Charlie knew she wouldn’t refuse this. “We need our apons.” Ella said as she jumped down from the chair and ran over to the store cupboard. “You reach them,” Ella said as she looked to Brax. Brax walked over to the store cupboard and lifted Ella’s pink Hello Kitty apron from the hook and helped her put it on. “And daddy’s.” Ella pointed to Charlie’s apron. It was white and had little flowers all over it.

“Yeah, I’m not wearing that petal.” Brax shook his head as he heard a little laugh come from Charlie.

“Yes daddy,” Ella stomped her foot off the ground. Brax sighed as he took the apron from the hook and put it on. “You look prettyful.” Ella giggled as she ran back into the kitchen, Brax following out behind her with the box of cupcake mix in his hand.

“Right,” Charlie looked down at Noah. “What you want to do buddy?”

“The beach.” Noah answered.

“You want to go get your bucket and spade then?” Charlie questioned and Noah nodded as he ran out to his bedroom. “So eh, did you go to Bianca’s last night?”

“Mmm,” Brax nodded as he saw Charlie trying to hold back laughter at her amusement of him in the flowery apron. “She said I can stay for as long as it takes for us to get our acts together.”

“Good,” Charlie exhaled. “I’m glad you have somewhere to stay.”

Brax gave her a smile as Noah came running into the kitchen, his bucket and spade ready for an outing at the beach. “Ready.” Noah said as he ran over to Charlie and took her hand.

“Right, you have fun baking with daddy and I’ll see you later okay?”

“Yeah,” Ella nodded as she scraped the chair across the kitchen floor till it was against the worktop. She climbed up onto it before looking to Brax. “C’mon daddy.” Ella shouted. Charlie and Brax stared at each other for a few seconds as Noah pulled impatiently on Charlie’s hand.

“See you.” Charlie said quietly before she left the house with her son, leaving Brax and Ella to reconnect.


Ruby, April, Dex, Casey and Romeo walked out of the school grounds after finishing their exam. Ruby felt April’s hand rubbing her arm ever so slightly. “Are you going to talk to him then?” April spoke quietly. The guys weren’t that far in front of them.

Ruby looked to April and April got the feeling she was somewhat annoyed at her. She took a deep breath before talking. “Romeo?” Ruby questioned.

Romeo turned to face Ruby, as did Dexter and Casey. “What?” Romeo answered quietly.

“Could eh, we talk for 5 minutes,” Ruby answered. Romeo exhaled before giving a little nod. April walked forward and pulled Dexter away, giving them some privacy. “Casey.” Ruby stared up at him.

“Don’t do it, Rubes,” Casey shook his head. “You don’t want to get back with him.”

“Casey go away,” Ruby yelled, already frustrated at him. “Really really far away.” Ruby mumbled. Casey shook his head as he walked away, leaving Romeo and Ruby alone. They walked the short distance to the bus stop and took a seat on the bench. “So, how have you been?”

Romeo gave a little snigger. “Brilliant. Best few days of my life.” Ruby picked up on Romeo’s sarcasm.

“Look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just....” Ruby paused.

“I don’t get it, Rubes,” Romeo exhaled. “One minute we are pashing and then the next you’ve broken up with me,” Romeo said. “I know I was kind of pushing you for sex at that time but if you really didn’t want too....I mean, you didn’t need to break up -”

“That’s not why I broke up with you,” Ruby shook her head. “Look, I....” Ruby took a deep breath as she played with the strap on her bag. “I...” Ruby exhaled. “April is gay and she -”

“Whoa wait,” Romeo held his hand out. “April is gay?” Romeo questioned.

“Mmm.” Ruby nodded her head.

“So you broke up with me because April is gay?” Romeo screwed his face up.

“No,” Ruby shook her head. “Well yeah, I guess.....sort of.”

“What do you mean sort of?” Romeo questioned. “Rubes, what’s going on?”

“Right,” Ruby took a deep breath. “I love you, okay, I really do love you, but I really like being with her and I....I want to try, you know, mum said if I don’t try I might end up hurting myself and...” Ruby stopped talking as she pursed her lips together.

“Are you telling me that you and April are.....you know....” Romeo made a gestured with his hands. “Together.”

“Yeah.” Ruby answered quietly.

“So, you were cheating on me?” Romeo questioned.

“No,” Ruby raised her voice. “I didn’t do anything with April till after I finished with you.”

“But you....” Romeo scratched the back of his head. “You are not gay,” Romeo said. “We did some very not gay things.”

“You seemed to accept me telling you April was gay.” Ruby answered.

“April wasn’t my girlfriend and quite frankly she always seemed uncomfortable being with Xav then Dex so....it’s not that much of a shock to me.” Romeo answered.

“Really? I was completed stunned.” Ruby said.

“Just not stunned enough not to start pashing her,” Romeo spat back. “Rubes, I know you, okay, I mean we....there was that night we.....4 times Rubes,” Romeo raised his eyebrows. “Doesn’t seem like something a lesbo would do.”

“Yeah and I loved being with you and the sex was great, but it doesn’t mean I can’t like April too,” Ruby answered. “I’m not gay, okay, I don’t like April because she’s a girl, I just....I like April.”

Romeo sniggered. “So then you’re one of those greedy so called bisexuals.” Romeo sighed.

“Romeo...” Ruby pursed her lips together. “I’m still straight.”

Romeo laughed. “You can’t be if you’re pashing another girl.”

“Why can’t you just be accepting?” Ruby questioned. “April told Dex and he’s cool with it. They’re still mates and he can accept that about her.”

“Because I don’t think it’s true,” Romeo sighed. “You’re just too nice and don’t want to hurt your friend. But pretending you’re into her, it’s ridiculous and you’re just going to end up really, really hurting her.” Romeo said before he stood up from the bench and walked away, leaving Ruby sitting alone.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 33

Charlie walked back into the house to see Ella and Brax sitting at the kitchen table, Ella sitting on Brax’s knee as she enjoyed a glass of milk and one of the cupcakes she’d made with her father. “Hey mummy.” Ella waved from Brax’s knee as she had icing around her mouth.

“Hey petal you had a good time with daddy?” Charlie questioned.

“Uh-huh,” Ella nodded. “He’s good again.”

“Good,” Charlie smiled as she saw Brax hugging his daughter and placing a soft kiss on her cheek. “Aww you took your apron off.” Charlie pouted. “Shame, it really suited you.” Charlie gave Brax a cheeky smile.

Brax laughed lightly. “Play your cards right and you might see me in it again.” Brax raised his eyebrows. Charlie and Brax exchanged a glance before Charlie cleared her throat and looked back down to Ella.

“So, you make any cupcakes for us?” Charlie questioned as she smiled down at her daughter.

“I share,” Ella nodded as she pointed to the cakes sitting on the worktop. “You have some.” Ella nodded her head.

“Cupcake,” Noah jumped on the spot before he jumped up onto his seat. Charlie walked over to the cupboard and took her son’s cup out and poured him a glass of milk, before lifting up a cupcake for him and putting them down in front of him at the table. “Eeee,” Noah’s eyes lit up as he picked at the icing on the top of the cupcake and put it to his mouth. “Daddy we went beach.”

“Oh yeah?” Brax questioned. “And did you have fun?” Brax answered as he smiled at Charlie as she took a seat next to her son.

Noah nodded his head. “We built lots of sandcastles.”

“Ah you did?” Brax questioned. “Bet that was fun.”

“We built three, six, four, one, two, ten.” Noah said.

“Wow that’s a lot of sandcastles,” Brax widened his eyes. “Has all that building not made you tired?”

“Yeah,” Noah yawned before lifting up his cup for a drink. “I sleep after my cake.”

“I not,” Ella shook her head. “Me and daddy play princesses.”

“Nah you need a little sleep,” Charlie answered. “Otherwise you’ll be a miss grumpy.”

“No mummy,” Ella banged her hand off the table. “I not,” Ella shook her head. “I not sleepy.”

“How about daddy reads you a story before you fall asleep?” Brax suggested.

“Yeah,” Ella grinned. “We go now,” Ella jumped down from his knee and pulled at his hand. “C’mon Noah it a story.”

Noah jumped down from the table. “I eat it afters, okay?” Noah pointed to the cake as he looked to his mother.

“Sure,” Charlie smiled at her son before he took Brax’s other hand and the twins dragged him out of the room and along to their bedroom, excited for a story from him before their nap time. She exhaled as she stood up from the table and put the twins’ half drunken glasses of milk into the fridge before lifting a tupperware box from the cupboard and putting the cakes away, leaving their half-eaten cupcakes up on the worktop. She smiled to herself glad that Ella was happy with Brax again and hoped it wouldn’t be much longer before she could trust him again.

“Hey Charlie.” Casey said as he walked into the house.

“Hey Case, how was the exam?” Charlie questioned as she turned to face him.

“Meh alright,” Casey answered. “Glad it’s done though.”

“Still got more to get through though, right?” Charlie questioned.

“Don’t remind me.” Casey sighed.

“So where’s Rubes and April?” Charlie questioned.

“Dunno,” Casey shook his head. “April went off with Dex and Ruby was talking with Romeo. Think she’s going to get back with him for whatever reason,” Casey sighed. “Anyways I’m going to get changed and have a surf before the wonderful world of revision calls me.” Casey sighed as he walked through to the living room. Charlie pulled a face in confusion at what Casey had told him before shaking it off and walked down the hall to see how Brax was doing in getting the twins to take their nap.


April took a deep breath before knocking on the door of Ruby’s room. She hadn’t spoken to her since after the exam so was yet to know how her talk with Romeo had gone. Casey was still out surfing and Charlie took the twins out to the store with her once they’d woken up from their nap. “Yeah.” April heard Ruby’s voice and once again took a deep breath before going into the room.

“Hey, you alright?” April questioned. “How did it go with Romeo?”

“Not so good,” Ruby shook her head as she kept her pillow hugged close to her body as she sat on her bed. “Didn’t take it as well as Dex,” Ruby sighed. “Doesn’t want me to be his gay best friend.”

“I’m sorry,” April sat herself down on the bed next to Ruby. “But you know now you have told him it will get easier to tell other people.”

“You think?” Ruby questioned. “Romeo called me a lesbo and a greedy bisexual. And he’s supposed to love me so if he can be that hurtful then what’s everyone else going to be like?” Ruby sniffed back. April pursed her lips together as she rubbed Ruby’s arm.

“You know it’s probably because he does love you that he’s lashed out like that,” April answered. “People who don’t know you as much.....maybe they won’t even care. I mean, why would they?” Ruby questioned. “What you and I do isn’t a care of anyone else. It’s not their business.”

“People judge people though, don’t they?” Ruby questioned. “It’s what they do.”

“But if we like each other and are happy together then....what does it matter?”

“You’ve changed your tune quickly,” Ruby exhaled. “Was only a week ago you didn’t want people knowing you were gay.”

“Well maybe it’s because it didn’t feel as right with Violet as it does with you,” April answered. “I don’t know, but I don’t care who knows I am with you. I love you Ruby and I don’t care who knows it.”

“Wow eh....I don’t. I mean I....” Ruby trailed off.

“It’s okay,” April answered. “If you’re not there yet then don’t say it,” April said. “It’s not going to change how I feel about you. I’ve been if love with you for a long time. It’s taken me so long to admit it, but you....it only took you a few days to admit you liked me so maybe you are stronger than you think.” April once again rubbed Ruby’s arm as she spoke.

“To admit to you I liked you,” Ruby answered. “My mum and Brax, but to anyone else...” Ruby shook her head.

“So, what?” April questioned. “Do you want me to be your dirty little secret for ever?”

“No, I know we can’t hide away forever but....I just don’t fancy telling people I’m with another woman yet. You know, they’ll think I’m gay.”

“What so you’re still straight are you?” April scoffed.

“I don’t know what I am,” Ruby shrugged. “But I know I haven’t fallen for you because you are a woman. I like you for being....you.”

April sighed. It was a difficult situation. Although she wanted people to know she was in a relationship with Ruby, she didn’t want to lose her and thought if she pushed her to tell people, or to admit she was bisexual at the very least, she probably would. “So what, you want more time?” April questioned.

“I don’t know.” Ruby shook her head. “I just.....I’m so confused.”

“Well I’m still going to tell people I’m gay,” April sighed. “I’m not going to push you into it, but, I’m also not going to be your dirty little secret either,” April pursed her lips together. “You know, I....I could have had something with Violet but for you I stopped that. You said you wanted to be with me and I was thrilled. I want to be with you so badly, but, I like I said, I don’t want it this way,” April pursed her lips together as stood up from the bed. “Decide what you want Rubes, because I don’t want to be messed around.” April stared at Ruby for a moment before she left her bedroom and walked down to her room and wiped a tear from her eye.

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Thank you for the comments.

Chapter 34

April stared down at the half drunken coffee as she rested her head against her hand, her elbow propped up on the table. “Cheer up. I’m not that bad company am I?” Dex questioned.

“No,” April sighed. “It’s not you. Ruby and I argued yesterday and we haven’t spoken since.”

“Well it’s you and Rubes,” Dex said. “You’ll see each other after the exam and talk like nothings gone on.”

April pursed her lips together as she shook her head and straighten herself back up in the seat. “Not this time I doubt,” April said. “You see we....” April trailed off. “You promise if I tell you that you won’t tell anyone else?”

“Sure,” Dex nodded. “What’s wrong?”

“Rubes and I have kind of been......a couple lately and -”

“Wait wait wait,” Dex held his hands out in front of himself. “Ruby’s gay too?” Dex sounded gobsmacked.

“Will you keep your voice down,” April said. “And no, apparently she’s still straight but is just into me.”

“Ah,” Dex nodded his head. “So you argued about the fact that she said she’s still straight?” Dex questioned.

“Not really,” April shook her head. “She wants to keep us a secret. Only Charlie and Brax know we are together. Apart from me and her, clearly,” April sighed. “Well I think she might have told Romeo yesterday but I’m not sure.”

“Hmmm. And you want to tell people, I gather.” Dex guessed.

“Yeah,” April nodded. “For the first time ever I am with someone I love and it feels so right and.....” April trailed off. “Sorry, I didn’t mean anything against you, I just meant -”

“It’s okay,” Dex answered. “I didn’t really have much of a chance making you happy if I was the wrong sex.”

April gave him a weak smile. “What should I do, Dex?” April asked. “I want to be with her but if she insists she’s still straight and wants us to be this little dirty secret then....” April bit her lip. “No.”

“Maybe she just needs more time,” Dex answered. “Coming to terms with the fact you are gay is going to be different for everyone. You might be able to accept that about yourself but...well everyone is different,” Dex exhaled. “If you want to be with her, just....be with her. She still wants to be with you, right?” Dex questioned. “Just in secret?”

“Mmm,” April nodded. “But I want people to know who I love. I don’t care what they think anymore. If I am happy with her then that’s all I want.”

“Well....” Dex rubbed the side of his head. “My track record with girls hasn’t been great so far. I mean my last girlfriend dumped me because she was a lesbian...” Dex said and April gave a little laugh. “But, sometimes you just have a compromise. Would hiding your relationship away for a while be that bad?” Dex questioned. “You still get to be with Ruby, right?”

“I guess,” April sighed. “But we can’t stay secret forever, can we?”

“Well I’m not telling you to wait forever,” Dex said. “A month or two down the line she might feel ready. She trusts you as a best friend, but when the relationship becomes more....she’ll probably want to learn to trust you on that aspect too.”

“I guess,” April sighed. “And if she can’t even admit it to herself she’s at least bisexual then I don’t really have much chance getting her to tell other people, do I?”

“Nope,” Dex shook his head. “You know it’s not like she’d deciding on a new hair colour or what to wear to the formal. It’s pretty huge and she’s just not ready to face that yet. Don’t push her April because you’ll lose her,” April gave Dex an appreciative smile. “And you can still tell people you are a lesbian. Just leave out the girlfriend part for a while longer.”

“Yeah, I can,” April smiled. “Thanks.”

“Hey if you want me to I can get up on the table and do a little cheer now,” Dex joked. “Let the whole diner know.”

“No thanks,” April laughed. “But I do intend on telling people.” April said as Colleen walked over to the table.

“How are you two doing today?” Colleen asked as she picked up the coffee cups. “This you two having a little date?”

“No no,” April shook her head. “Dex and I are just friends.”

“Aww that’s a shame I thought you two were a lovely couple.” Colleen exhaled.

“He wasn’t really my type,” April answered. “I liked people a little more......feminine than Dex.” Dex raised his eyebrows, surprised April seemed to be about to tell Colleen of all people, first.

“Well he’s no manly man.” Colleen answered.

“Jee thanks Mrs Smart.” Dex exhaled.

April gave a little laugh. “He’s still too much of a man for me,” April continued. “Girls are more my type of date.”

Colleens jaw dropped to the floor. “I eh.....”

“I’m sure you’ll have fun gossiping today,” April pulled a note out of her pocket and put it down on the table. “Keep the change,” April said before she picked up her school bag and walked out of the diner, with Dex following, in shock at what had just gone on.

“You do realise you just told Colleen, right?” Dex said. “Colleen, of all people. She’s going to have told the whole of the bay and half of Yabbie Creek by noon.”

“Saves me doing it,” April shrugged. “Now let’s go get this exam over with.” April said as patted Dex’s arm as they made their way to the school.


Charlie was sitting in the diner with Bianca. Brax had taken the twins to the park and Charlie said she’d meet them later after letting Brax have some time with them alone. “Two lattes.” Colleen said as she put the drinks down.

“Thanks,” Bianca smiled up at her and couldn’t help but see the look on Colleen’s face, like she was dying to say something. “Anything you want to say Colleen?” Bianca questioned.

“Well....eh.....yes actually,” Colleen spoke quietly as she leant closer to Bianca. “I eh.....young April was in earlier and she tells me she’s.....well....one of those lesbian people.” Colleen whispered.

“Ah,” Bianca pursed her lips together. “So she’s telling people is she?” Bianca muttered.

“Yes, the poor girl.” Colleen sighed.

“Ad why is that?” Charlie questioned. “Does it matter who she loves?”

“Well eh....I mean you’ve been that way inclined too so eh....”

“Go back to work, Colleen,” Bianca sighed as she stirred her coffee. “If you want gossip then sorry but I refuse to be a part of April’s silly fantasy’s she has right now.”

“I see.” Colleen looked almost saddened that she wasn’t going to get anymore gossip before she sighed and waked away.

“And you don’t say anything either.” Bianca sighed before taking a drink.

“Wasn’t going too,” Charlie exhaled. “That’s for you and April to sort out,” Charlie said as she picked up the sugar shaker. “So, you sort things with Heath then?” Charlie changed the subject as she put some sugar into her coffee.

“I did,” Bianca gave a little smile. “We’re back on.”

“Good. I’m pleased for you,” Charlie said as she stirred her coffee before taking a drink. “So anyways, how come you are meeting me right now?” Charlie questioned. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

“I’m technically supposed to be marking Year 8 essays but,” Bianca gave a little shrug. “I like the coffee better here.”

“Bianca.” Charlie gasped.

“It’s fine,” Bianca said. “And besides with the older students doing exams I don’t have a class till 5th period today. Exams are good for something.” Bianca gave a little laugh.

Charlie widened her eyes as she looked down. “Crap.” Charlie covered her mouth with her hand.

“What?” Bianca looked confused. “What is it?” Bianca asked.

“Periods,” Charlie widened her eyes. “Aww how did I not notice?” Charlie pursed her lips together as she rubbed her forehead.

“Notice what?” Bianca still looked completed confused.

“I’m late.” Charlie bit her lip.

“Oh,” Bianca widened her eyes. “How late?” Bianca asked.

“5 days.” Charlie worked out.

“Oh...well you’ve had a pretty stressful week,” Bianca exhaled. “Maybe it’s just with that.”

“God I hope so.” Charlie sighed.

“It would really be that bad?” Bianca questioned. “I always thought a 3rd child together was on the cards for you two.”

“Well yeah but right now? When we’re not living together and I can’t trust him,” Charlie shook her head. “It’s not the right time.”

“Well maybe it’s not pregnancy,” Bianca shook her head. “You’ve had a stressful time lately over the whole Katie thing so maybe it’s just from that.”

“I think it has to be,” Charlie bit her lip. “I mean, our sex life has been a bit....non-existent lately.” Charlie lowered her voice as Colleen walked past the table.

“Like before the Katie thing?” Bianca questioned. “Have things been bad for a while then?”

“Not really,” Charlie shook her head. “Just Noah has been sleeping in our bed a lot lately. So over the last few months it’s been, well.....not what we’re used to,” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “But there is still a chance that’s what this is.” Charlie said as she hit her stomach.

“Well you just need to take a test and find out,” Bianca exhaled. “And talk to Brax about it.”

“I will. I’ll have him there,” Charlie said. “I hate that he’s not around but....I don’t think we should be together if I can’t trust him. You know if you can’t trust your husband.....” Charlie trailed off.

“You know he is staying with me, right?” Bianca questioned.

“Yes and thank you for that,” Charlie said. “He spent the first night in the restaurant so I kinda told him to go stay with you. And this way you can keep an eye on him.”

“You want me to spy on your husband?” Bianca questioned.

“Not spy on him, just....you know keep an eye on him,” Charlie said. “If something looks a bit suspicious....you know.”

“You really believe he’d cheat?” Bianca questioned.

“I didn’t think he would, no,” Charlie shook her head. “But he did stuff with that woman and he came home the other night without his wedding band on,” Charlie held her hands out to the side. “Why would he take that off?”

“Well it does seem like a strange thing to do,” Bianca pursed her lips together. “Did he have an answer to why he did?” Bianca questioned.

“He said he was spinning it around the table,” Charlie sounded unsure if she believed that story. “That’s what he told me so that’s what I have to believe but do I 100 % trust that story or him right now....” Charlie trailed off as she shook her head.

“Well you are going to need to learn to again,” Bianca said. “And maybe fast.” Bianca pointed to Charlie’s stomach. Charlie clicked her tongue as she put her hand onto her stomach. She really hoped that it was just going to be a false alarm because right now, a baby was the last thing that Charlie and Brax needed to worry about.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 35

“Mummy what you got?” Ella looked up to the brown bag in Charlie’s hand as they walked up the path to the house.

“Never you mind petal,” Charlie said as Brax unlocked the door and they all walked in. “Along to your bedroom hmm, it’s time for your nap.”

“Mummy I too big.” Ella sighed. Over the last month she’d become increasingly annoyed at the idea of napping.

“You say that now but at dinner time you’ll be falling asleep if you don’t have a little nap,” Charlie didn’t want to force her into a nap but knew right now that she still needed one. “When you are 3 then we can have no more naps, how does that sound?”

“Yes, no more.” Ella gave a little jump before she and Noah ran along to their bedroom.

“Mummy will be there soon.” Charlie shouted down to the kids before turning to face Brax.

“You want me to leave now?” Brax questioned.

“No.” Charlie shook her head before taking a deep breath. She handed Brax the bag and pursed her lips together as he pulled the test out.

“Oh,” Brax widened his eyes in shock. “You’re eh.....was it positive?”

“Clearly I haven’t taken it yet,” Charlie sighed as she leaned herself against the worktop. “I thought you should be there.”

“Right, yeah, eh.....thanks,” Brax exhaled. “Will we eh....” Brax pointed through the house.

Charlie pursed her lips together nervously before she walked through to their bedroom with Brax following. He took a seat on the bed and handed Charlie the box. “I won’t be long.” Charlie walked through to their bathroom to take the test. As Brax waited he nervously span his wedding band around his finger as his leg shook. He took a deep breath thinking that while this would be a shock right now, maybe a baby is exactly what they needed to help them rediscover what they once had and give them something to be happy about after the recent stress. He immediately started to think about all the good things, like hearing the heartbeat for the first time, the first time seeing the child, and every other exciting moment they would have and the amount of joy the child would bring into their lives. He exhaled as he heard the toilet flushing and heard the sounds of Charlie washing her hands before she appeared back into the room, the test in her hands.

“Well?” Brax questioned.

“We need to wait a few minutes,” Charlie bit her lip as she walked over to the bed and took a seat next to Brax, laying the test down on her bedside table. “I’m probably just panicking over nothing,” Charlie said. “I eh...I’ve not had any symptoms apart from being late so....”

“That’s a pretty concrete one though, no?” Brax questioned.

“Well it’s something to make you consider it,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “It might just be due to everything that’s happened lately, but we need to be sure, right.”

“Yeah of course,” Brax answered. “And would it really be such a bad thing if you were?” Brax questioned. “We’ve talked about a third child together and -”

“When the time was right,” Charlie spoke over Brax. “You can’t seriously think now would be the right time to have a child?” Charlie questioned. “Put aside the fact we’re not living together, we’ve not made any money the last few months, we’ve spent a heap redecorating the restaurant, we need to pay off the loan that we took out to pay for the rest of the restaurant, we have three kids already to clothe and feed, never mind ourselves, plus April and Casey to feed right now. I just wanted to wait until we were in a better place, both financially and in terms of our relationship.”

“But it’s not like we are struggling,” Brax screwed his face up. “The loan isn’t that big and we’ll have it paid off in no time once the restaurant is open again and April and Casey aren’t going to be staying with us forever, or at least April shouldn’t be,” Brax said. “And with us....” Brax gave a little shrug. “I don’t really understand why I’m not living at home anyways,” Brax said. “We can work through this with me still being at home, no?”

“No,” Charlie exhaled. “I don’t trust you Brax,” Charlie said. “We shouldn’t be together if I can’t trust you and we definitely shouldn’t be having a child when I can’t trust you.”

“So what if you are pregnant you are going to have an abortion?” Brax questioned.

“Of course not,” Charlie raised her voice. “If I am pregnant then we’ll have to deal with it, but you have to see that now wouldn’t be the best time to have a child.”

“When is the right time, Charlie?” Brax questioned. “There would probably always be something that we could say wouldn’t be the best time. We’re in love and want to be together, surely that’s all that matters?”

“You gotta have trust, Brax.” Charlie pursed her lips together as she looked away from him.

“Well I trust you and it’s not like I had an affair so surely you should be able to trust me again?” Brax questioned. “I know I kissed someone else and was a bit stupid lately but....it’s not marriage ending, right?”

Charlie shook her head lightly. “No but now I have the worry that if you’ve kissed someone else, then what else could you do?”

“I wouldn’t,” Brax sighed. “I swear.”

Charlie exhaled as she looked to the bedside table. “It’s probably time,” Charlie took a deep breath before she picked it up and stared down at the test. She pursed her lips together as she let a tear fall from her eye. “Well we’re having a baby.” Charlie’s tears became heavier as the test dropped to the floor.

“Hey, you don’t have to cry,” Brax tentatively put his hand onto Charlie’s back and rubbed it gently. “It’s not so bad, right? It’s a child. Something to show for our love.” Brax smiled at the result, this is what he wanted anyways.

“It’s just not how it’s supposed to be,” Charlie sniffed back. “We’re a mess and -”

“We’re not that much of mess,” Brax exhaled. “I hurt you and you just need to learn to trust me again, but it can be done.”

“This is me we’re talking about,” Charlie wiped her hand across her face, wiping the tears away. “You know I don’t trust easily.”

“Well I’ve won it before, so I’ll win it again,” Brax gave a little smile as he continued to rub her back. “We’ll be alright Charlie.”

Charlie exhaled as she looked up to him, and looked into his eyes. She didn’t know what it was but she was always drawn to them. “My pregnancy with the twins....I was so sick. What if it’s like that again?” Charlie questioned.

“Well let’s hope it’s not, but, I’ll be right here supporting you, looking after the twins, letting you rest....” Brax said. “You’re not going to be going through this alone.”

Charlie took a deep breath. “I’m going to go sort the twins out.” Charlie said as she stood up and walked out of the room and walked along to get the twins down for their nap. Brax stayed sitting on the bed, a grin on his face, happy at the news of the baby, but only hoped Charlie could learn to trust him again, so they could in fact enjoy this pregnancy together.


Bianca was sitting in the classroom trying to mark the Year 8 essays when the noise she heard out in the corridor was increasing. She figured it was just the students leaving from the exam but they had been there longer than necessary. She exhaled lightly as she stood up and opened the door, seeing a bunch of students standing around April. “That old hag from the diner said you were lesbo.” One of the boys said.

“Yeah so what if I am?” April took a book out of her locker and put it into her bag.

“So you’re not denying it?” He questioned. “You are a dyke?”

“What a waste,” Another boy looked her up at down. “You being a bean-fli -”

“That’s enough,” Bianca shouted as she looked crossly to the boys. “Now exams are over so get out into the sun.” Bianca pointed down the corridor. The boys looked at her and sighed before looking back to April and giving a little laugh.

“Dyke.” The boys said again before they walked away. April took a deep breath as she put her bag over her shoulder before looking to her sister.

“Thanks but I didn’t need your help.” April said before she started to walk down the corridor.

“April,” Bianca pursed her lips together as April turned to face her again. Bianca could see the tears forming in her little sisters eyes. “Come inside,” April thought about it for a moment before walking into the classroom. She put her bag down and leaned herself against a desk. “I’m sorry you have to deal with them,” Bianca exhaled. “I can eh, put them on detention or...”

“No,” April shook her head. “Just leave them be. You’ll make them worse if you punish them. You know, not only am I the lesbian but I’m the lesbian who need’s her big sister to fight her battles for her,” April shook her head. “Leave it. This time next week someone will have cheated on someone or there will be a new couple or someone will have done something stupid or embarrassing and I won’t be the talk anymore. They will. It’s how high school works, right?”

Bianca gave a little nod. “I guess so yeah.”

“It doesn’t bother me anyways. They can think what they want,” April said as she wiped her hand across her face. “I’m happy with who I am and that’s all I care about.”

“Oh yeah?” Bianca questioned. “Your face is telling me something different.”

“It’s not about those idiots,” April shook her head as a tear rolled down her cheek. “I really love her Bianca but I think she’s gonna end it.”

“Who?” Bianca stepped forward and put her hand onto April’s shoulder and rubbed it gently.

“Ruby,” April cried. “I really love her. I have done for so long and I thought I had her but she....” April trailed off as she shook her head as she leaned forward and fell into Bianca. Bianca exhaled. She could see how upset her sister was and knew she wasn’t confused at who she was, she wasn’t in a phase. April was gay and it was about time she stopped being in denial and offered some support to her sister.

“Hey, it’s alright.” Bianca rubbed her sisters back. “Just take your time. Take a deep breath.”

April took a deep breath as Bianca continued to rub her back. She pulled back and looked up to her. “We’ve sort of been together but she says she’s still straight and she doesn’t want to tell anyone about us. I told her to decide what she wanted because I wasn’t going to be her dirty little secret and she hasn’t spoken to me since. Last night she just stayed in her room and then this morning at breakfast, she didn’t talk, she didn’t wait for me to come to school, she just walked away when the exam finished....” April once again wiped a tear from her eye. “She’s going to end it before it’s really began and I don’t want that,” April shook her head. “I want to be with her so I’ll give her all the time she needs. She just needs to talk to me and I’ll tell her that.”

“Give her time to calm down and she’ll talk,” Bianca lightly rubbed her sister arm. “It’ll all work out if it’s supposed to.”

“Bet you don’t want it too,” April exhaled. “You’ll want her to stay straight, right? You’d prefer it if I was too.”

“Oh April,” Bianca sighed. “Look, if this is who you are then....” Bianca pursed her lips together. “I’ll try. Okay, I’ll be as supportive as I can. It might take me a while to get used to it, but, I don’t want to lose you. I’ve hated the last week without you.”

“I’ve missed you too.” April spoke quietly.

“Look, why don’t you give Ruby some space?” Bianca questioned. “I’m assuming this will be a very hard thing to deal with so maybe she’s not quite as ready as you to face it just yet.”

“That’s what Dex said,” April said. “And I get that, I do because I’ve just been there,” April exhaled. “And I will give her time.”

“Why don’t you come home?” Bianca tucked April’s hair behind her ear. “Put a little space between you two. Maybe it will take some of the pressure away from Rubes if you’re not constantly in the same house together?”

“I want to come home,” April nodded her head. “But you promise you can accept me for who I am?”

“Like I said, I’ll try my hardest,” Bianca exhaled. “As long as you are happy then...” Bianca pursed her lips together. “That should be all that matters, okay?”

“Yeah,” April nodded her head. “I’ll come home.” Bianca smiled as she pulled her sister into a hug, glad that she was coming home to live with her again. She exhaled lightly as she rubbed her sister’s back as April held onto her, glad that it seemed she was finally going to be accepted by her sister.

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Chapter 36

Charlie stirred the sugar into the coffee before joining Brax at the table, handing him his cup. “Thanks, but should you be drinking coffee now?” Brax said as he took a drink.

“Don’t start,” Charlie shook her head as she took a drink. “I need coffee.”

Brax raised his eyebrows as he took a cookie from the biscuit tin and took a bite. “So, what happens now then?”

“What do you mean?” Charlie questioned. “Things go on like they have been.”

“No, I mean with the baby,” Brax answered. “Like when do we tell people, how far along are you...”

“Ah,” Charlie said. “Well I guess I’ll need to go to the hospital. They’ll confirm and tell me how far along I am. I think I must be around 4 weeks but they’ll be able to tell me for sure.”

“Okay just let me know when it is and I’ll be there.” Brax gave her a little smile before taking another bite of the cookie.

“You don’t have to be,” Charlie shook her head. “It’s not like you’ll see the baby or anything.”

“I know but I want to be,” Brax answered and Charlie gave him a weak smile. “And what about telling people?” Brax questioned.

“I don’t want to yet,” Charlie shook her head. “Well I’ve sort of told Bianca I suspected it, but apart from her...” Charlie shook her head. “I think we should try to get in a better place first then we can tell people together. And we could wait till the first scan so we have the picture to show too.”

“Okay if that’s what you want,” Brax exhaled. “What about telling Rubes and the twins?”

“We can tell Rubes if you want,” Charlie answered. “As for the twins...” Charlie shrugged her shoulders.

“Aww c’mon Noah will be stoked,” Brax grinned. “Well as long as it’s a boy.” Brax gave a little laugh.

“Might take a while to get Ella too warm to the idea of a baby,” Charlie exhaled. “I have a feeling she is not going to be pleased.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Well we have time to get her excited,” Brax said. “I think she’ll be a great big sister.”

“Yeah?” Charlie questioned. “I see her being jealous for a while. Especially if you’ve got the baby, Katie being here showed that.”

“Yeah but like you said we can get her more involved,” Brax said. “Baby will be lucky to have Ella you know, aint no baby going to mess with her if Ella is her big sister,” Charlie gave a little laugh before she bit her lip, looking almost nervous. “Look, I know it’s not how you wanted this to happen, but, it obviously has for a reason.”

“Maybe,” Charlie exhaled as she took a drink of her coffee. “I just hope it’s only one baby this time.”

“Ah,” Brax gave a little laugh. “Might be triplets.”

“What?” Charlie looked panicked at even the thought.

“Well the first time you got pregnant it was obviously one kid with Rubes, the second time was the twins so the third will be triplets.” Brax laughed again.

“Don’t even joke about that,” Charlie shook her head. “One more child is plenty.”

Brax exhaled and was about to reply when April came into the house. Both Charlie and Brax could see from her face she had been crying. “Hey April, you alright?”

April pursed her lips together as she looked to Brax. “I’ll go just now.” Brax stood up from the table and gave Charlie a smile before leaving the house.

“I made things up with Bianca so I am going to move home.” April said.

“Oh, I eh, I’m kind of surprised to be honest,” Charlie said as she stood up from the table and picked up hers and Brax’s coffee cups. “She didn’t seem that please about the fact you’ve been telling people.”

“Yeah well I’m not going to hide who I am,” April told her. “And we’ve talked and she’s going to try.”

“And you think moving home right away will be a good thing?” Charlie questioned as she put the cups down in the sink.

“I think it’s better than being here right now,” April answered and Charlie pulled a face in confusion. “Not that that’s anything against you,” April added as she saw the look on her face. “You’ve been nothing but lovely to me and I’m grateful you let me stay and fed me and stuff but....well it’s Ruby,” April bit her lip. “She’s struggling with this and I think I should give her some space to let her decide what she wants.”

“Right,” Charlie nodded her head. “Well maybe a bit of space is a good idea then. I’m still a bit confused though, I thought she wanted to be with you?”

“So did I,” April sighed. “But she’s saying she’s still straight and well we’ve pashed a fair bit and straight girls don’t tend to pash other girls, do they?”

“Wouldn’t think so.” Charlie answered.

“And she doesn’t want to tell anyone either,” April sighed. “I get if she needs a little more time and I am willing to give her that, I am, but I don’t want to hide us away forever so she just needs to be sure at what she wants so I’m going to give her that space.”

“Right,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Well I’ll miss having you. And the twins will miss you too.”

“I’ll miss them,” April said. “But I’ll probably be around all the time still. Well hopefully once me and Ruby are sorted. When we know if we are just friends or more.”

“Well while I am not about to push her into anything, I hope she makes her choice soon because it’s not fair to ask you to wait.” Charlie said and April gave her a thankful smile.

“Well I’m going to go pack.” April pointed through the house before she walked away. Charlie exhaled lightly telling herself she wasn’t going to get involved it was between April and Ruby and she should just leave them to figure things out for themselves.


Ruby was sitting on the beach looking out as the waves lightly crashed against the rocks. She exhaled as she looked down to her phone, to the picture of her and Romeo, cuddling close to each other, looking very much in love. She scrolled a few pictures over to a picture of her and April and bit her lips as she ran her thumb over April’s face. April. Her best friend since she could remember. But did she want her to be more than just her best friend? Did she want to tell people she loved this girl and that they were in a relationship? She threw her phone down into the sand in frustration before rubbing her forehead. “Mind if I join you?” Ruby looked up to the familiar voice of her stepfather. She pointed down to the sand and Brax sat down next to her. “You look like you could do with some cheering up.”

Ruby gave him a weak smile. “Suppose I might,” Ruby sighed. “I wish I....” Ruby trailed off. “I don’t know what to do, Brax.”

“This to do with April?” Brax questioned.

Ruby gave a little nod. “I like her. I really like her but....” Ruby shook her head. “I don’t want to be gay. It’s not what people are supposed to be.”

“Says who?” Brax questioned. “Society?”

“I dunno,” Ruby shrugged her shoulders. “The Bible.”

“And you are Miss Religion, are you?” Brax questioned.

“Well....no,” Ruby answered quietly. “But people get a hard time for being gay. You see on the internet, you read it in the news about people being bullied because they are gay, people taking their own lives because they’ve been so badly bullied and unaccepted.”

“Those kind of people just aren’t worth it,” Brax exhaled. “The bully’s, I mean. Not the poor guys who felt like they didn’t have another option.”

“Mum couldn’t do it,” Ruby said. “She slept with a guy because people were giving her a hard time for being with Joey. Maybe I’m going to be the same,” Ruby gave a little shrug. “I’m struggling already and I haven’t even come out.”

“It must be hard,” Brax said as he tentatively put his hand around Ruby and lightly rubbed her arm. “But if you like April then that’s all matters,” Brax spoke softly as he looked down to his stepdaughter. “Don’t let what other people say or think put you off of what you really want. If they’re lives are so sad and pathetic that the only joy they get is from picking on people who are in love....” Brax trailed off as he shook his head. “Maybe we should be feeling sorry for them.”

“I get what you are trying to say Brax, I do, but...” Ruby shook her head. “Well I care too much about what people think. I want to be liked and accepted.”

“You’re liked very much by April,” Brax said. “You get on well, you guys have been best mates for like ever and....” Brax exhaled. “Well she likes and accepts you,” Brax said. “I’m not pushing you into being with April but I think you could be very happy with her so just think more about that and not what other people think of you, alright?”

“Mmm, I will...thanks Brax.” Ruby smiled up at him before she picked up her phone again and looked down to the picture of her and April. She exhaled lightly before looking up to the ocean and nodded lightly at herself, knowing that she needed to make her mind up soon because it wasn't fair on April to leave her wondering.

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Chapter 37

Ruby walked back into the house to see Charlie sitting on the couch looking through a photo album. “Hey, what’s this out for?” Ruby questioned as she took a seat next to her, looking down to the picture of Charlie and Brax with the twins when they were only a few hours old.

“Just fancied looking at them.” Charlie answered.

“You know you’ll get back to that,” Ruby said. “You and Brax. You just need to build up your trust again.”

“I know,” Charlie looked up at Ruby and gave her a smile. “It’s not really about Brax right now,” Charlie exhaled lightly. “I’m pregnant Rubes.”

“What?” Ruby screwed her face up.

“I’m pregnant.” Charlie said again.

“Eugh,” Ruby screwed her face up. “Nasty image in my mind right now,” Ruby mumbled. “What seventeen year old wants to know that their mother still has...” Ruby trailed off as she shuddered a little.

“I’m only 32,” Charlie said. “I’m at the age where I should just be having kids.”

“Yeah but I’m seventeen,” Ruby answered. “Not many seventeen year olds get told they are going to be getting a new baby brother or sister.”

“Maybe so, but not many 17 year olds have a 32 year old mother, do they?” Charlie questioned.

“I guess not,” Ruby sighed. “I guess this wasn’t planned?”

“No no,” Charlie shook her head. “Just a little whoopsie.”

“Well congratulations I guess,” Ruby exhaled. “But maybe keep your legs closed the next time.”

“Ruby,” Charlie raised her voice. “Don’t talk to me like that.”

“Well.....” Ruby trailed off. “Stop getting pregnant then. Isn’t three kids enough?”

Charlie screwed her face up, surprised at her daughters comments. She thought Ruby would be supportive of this. “What’s the problem Rubes?”

“Nothing,” Ruby sighed. “Eh anyways, is April home yet?” Ruby questioned. “I really need to talk to her.”

“Eh no,” Charlie shook her head as she put the photo album down on the coffee table before turning to face Ruby, taking her hands in hers and rubbing them gently. “April moved back home.”

“What?” Ruby looked confused. “Why? Bianca hates the fact she’s.....” Ruby trailed off. “Why?”

“Her and Bianca talked and Bianca is going to try,” Charlie explained. “She eh....well you’re still a bit confused about what you want so she is giving you some space.”

“But I was coming here to tell her what I wanted,” Ruby answered. “I had a talk with Brax and he made some things clearer and....” Ruby pursed her lips together. “Why would she go without telling me?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie shook her head. “You’ll need to ask April that one.”

Ruby pulled her hands away from Charlie’s grasp and rubbed her forehead. “You think I should go talk to her then?” Ruby questioned. “Or maybe if she’s left I should leave her? Clearly she doesn’t want to be around me right now.”

“I think she does, Rubes,” Charlie said softly. “She just wants to give you time and space to work out what you want. I’ve been there and I know it isn’t easy. Don’t feel rushed into making a choice. Take your time and make it the right choice for you.”

“I know what I want though,” Ruby sighed. “I eh....I should go talk to her, right?”

“If you are ready too,” Charlie nodded her head. “Then yes I think you need to talk things over with April.” Ruby gave her mother smile as she stood up from the couch. She took a deep breath, nervous for the talk she was about to have with April before she left the house.


Ruby took a deep breath before she rang the doorbell. After waiting a few minutes, she heard footsteps getting louder as they approached door. She took another deep breath as the door opened and she saw April standing at the other side. “Ruby.” April looked most shocked to see her. “What eh....what....”

“Can I come in?” Ruby questioned.

“Sure.” April nodded as she gestured for Ruby to walk into the house.

Ruby walked in and the pair of them stood in the kitchen staring at each other in an awkward silence for a moment. “I eh...I heard some of what those idiots were saying to you in school. Sorry you had to face that.” Ruby looked down slightly, feeling annoyed at herself for leaving April to deal with that alone.

April gave a little shrug. “They can say what they want,” April sighed. “It’s not going to stop me being who I am.”

“Wish I was as strong as you,” Ruby gave her a sort of smile. “I think I care way too much about how people see me.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I do care. I care about what Bianca, Dex, you.....my family and friends and the people I love think, but randoms from school,” April shook her head. “I’ve realised what they think doesn’t matter. It’s not going to stop me being who I am.”

Ruby gave April a smile. “That’s a good way to look at it,” Ruby pursed her lips together. “And eh...Brax made me see today that it doesn’t matter what other people say or think. What I want is the most important thing and I should make myself happy.”

“Well Brax is right.” April said.

“I know,” Ruby gave a little nod. “And eh....what you said about me needing to know what I wanted because you didn’t want to be mucked about....you were right,” Ruby took a deep breath. “I needed to sort my head out.”

“Well that’s why I left,” April answered. “I wanted to give you space to do that.”

“Well like I said I talked with Brax today and....” Ruby trailed off, thinking of how she should tell April what choice she’d made. She stepped forward and lightly rubbed April’s cheek with her hand. She smiled lightly and saw a smile forming on April’s face before she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips. April smiled into the kiss, letting it get more passionate as their tongues twirled around each other’s mouths. April wrapped her hands around Ruby’s waist before letting them slip down slightly and rest on her bottom as Ruby’s hands caressed April’s back. “Mmm.” Ruby moaned lightly as April started walking backwards, towards her bedroom. Ruby pulled at the bottom of April’s singlet before lifting it up over her head and throwing it down onto the floor as April kicked open the door to her bedroom, the kiss only breaking to allow Ruby to take April’s singlet off. Ruby’s hands continued to caress April’s back as April pulled at Ruby’s school uniform, before she lifted it from her body.

“Mmm,” April gave a little moan as they pressed their bodies together, the kiss becoming increasingly passionate, and their want for each other very evident. She moved on to kissing along Ruby’s jaw line before she placed lots of soft kisses on her neck as her hand made her way down Ruby’s stomach, before going around to her back and into her panties and lightly caressing her bottom. Ruby pulled at the zip on April’s skirt before letting it fall to the ground. She ran her hands up April’s back and unclipped her bra and removed it from April’s body. “Mmm wait,” April pulled herself back and looked into Ruby’s eyes. “Are you sure you want this?”

Ruby looked nervously at April. She pursed her lips together as she gave a little nod. “I never been more sure about anything,” Ruby answered. “Do you not want too?”

“I do, I really really do,” April gave Ruby a smile. “I just want to make sure it’s what you want.”

“It is.” Ruby smiled before placing another kiss on April’s lips, before she brought her hand up to her breast and started to fondle it gently. April smiled into the kiss as she unclipped Ruby’s bra before they stumbled across to the bed and fell down onto it, Ruby straddling over April as the kiss continued to intensify.

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Thanks. :) Hope this one is okay....

Chapter 38

Ruby and April were lying in bed together, April snuggled into the hollow of Ruby’s shoulder as Ruby’s hand was lightly caressing April’s arm in a circular motion. “Rubes?” April questioned.


“You don’t regret what we’ve just done, do you?” April questioned as she turned her head up to face up.

“No,” Ruby answered as she continued to caress April’s arm. “I thought it was the perfect way to tell you I just want to be friends.” Ruby said as April widened her eyes as she sat up in the bed slightly, looking down at Ruby.

“You what?” April sounded panicked.

Ruby gave a little laugh. “You think I’d do what I just done with you if I just wanted to be friends?”

“Don’t do that,” April lightly hit Ruby’s chest. “So, I mean you enjoyed it though?”

Ruby gave a little grin. “It was great,” Ruby smiled. “I eh....yeah....” Ruby cleared her throat. “What about you?”

April gave a little smile as she nodded. “It was all I ever thought and more,” April smiled. “It was perfect Rubes,” April said before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips before she lay back down in the hollow of Ruby’s shoulder. “So, does this mean that you.....like what do you see yourself as?” April questioned.

“I don’t really want to put a label on it,” Ruby exhaled. “I guess...well I liked being with Romeo and Case and the guys before that,” Ruby answered. “But being with you right now was amazing and I just want to be with you. I like you because you are smart, and can make me laugh and you’re beautiful and we get on so well. I don’t like you because you are a woman. I still would have liked you if you were all those things but a guy.”

“Right.” April pursed her lips together as she exhaled lightly. She knew it probably shouldn’t bother her so much but she couldn’t really understand how Ruby was still trying to say she was straight.

Ruby exhaled lightly as she looked down to April. She could see it meant a lot to April for her to be open and admit to her sexuality. “I guess that I’m probably a bisexual....” Ruby trailed off as she spoke quietly. “If you really want a label on it.” April smiled lightly as she looked back up to her.

“So, what do you think about telling people about us?” April questioned.

Ruby took a deep breath. “Ehm...I...”

“If you’re not quite ready, we can wait,” April pursed her lips together. “I’m not talking months but well a few weeks, a month...I’ll wait. I want you to be comfortable when we tell people.”

“I promise it won’t be forever,” Ruby said. “There’s no possible way we can hide a relationship forever, but, a few more weeks. It’s all I ask.”

“I think I’ll can wait,” April gave a little smile as she looked down to Ruby again, leaning her head against her hand as her elbow rested on her mattress. “Especially if we can have some repeats of what we’ve just done.” April smiled as she raised her eyebrows.

“I’m sure we can.” Ruby raised her eyebrows as she put her hand around the back of April’s head and pulled her in for a kiss. April smiled into the kiss letting it deepen as she caressed Ruby’s stomach with her hand, the pair of them slipping their tongues into each other’s mouth’s as the kiss continued to deepen.


“I sit in this one.” Noah ran into the diner and climbed up onto the seat, rolling his Thomas train on the diner table.

“I want to sit there mummy,” Ella pulled at Charlie’s hand. “Mummy.”

“Don’t start,” Charlie shook her head as she lifted Ella onto the seat next to her brother. “This seat is exactly the same.”

“No,” Ella shook her head as she laid her ragdoll on the table. “It not,” Ella looked angrily to her brother. “Noah,” Ella gave a little squeal as she pushed him. “Me sit there.”

“Ella stop it,” Charlie raised her voice at her daughter as she was making her way off the chair. “Sit there nicely or you won’t get any cake.”

“Mummy,” Ella gasped as she sat back on the chair as she gave a little pout. “Rosie wants cake.” Ella said as she pointed to her ragdoll.

“Well you’ll need to sit nicely or Rosie won’t get any cake.” Charlie said as she took a seat opposite her kids and Ella furrowed her eyebrows before sighing as she sat in the chair as requested.

“Hello loveys,” Irene smiled as she walked over to the table. “What can I get you today?”

“Coffee for me please,” Charlie ordered. “The twins will both have a chocolate cake and an orange juice.”

“Cake for Rosie.” Ella said as she cuddled her little ragdoll close to her.

“Yeah Rosie can have some of your cake.” Charlie answered.

“Yeah I wills,” Ella nodded. “I try to share.”

“That’s a good girl.” Irene smiled down at Ella before walking off to get their order.

“Daddy no come?” Noah questioned still running his train across the table.

“Eh, no.” Charlie shook her head.

“Why?” Noah questioned.

“Eh....he’s busy.” Charlie answered.

“Why?” Noah asked again.

“Because daddy doesn’t live at home right now,” Charlie said. “But you got to see him this morning, didn’t you?” Charlie questioned and the twins nodded their heads. “You had lots of fun at the park, right?”

“We go on the swings,” Noah grinned. “The slide too.”

“Daddy to come home,” Ella said. “Our house.”

“One day petal,” Charlie gave a little smile before she exhaled. She hated being apart from Brax but didn’t feel right about them living together, trying to continue on like nothing happened, when she couldn’t trust him. You needed trust to make a marriage work. “Thanks.” Charlie smiled up at Irene and she put the tray down onto the table, giving her her coffee before giving the twins their drinks.

“Thank you.” Noah grinned up at Irene before pulling the juice closer to him and putting the straw into his mouth and taking a big drink.

“Cake too.” Ella looked up to Irene.

“It’s coming darl.” Irene smiled at the girl before picking the tray up and walking back to the counter.

“So, drinking a coffee,” Bianca said as she appeared at the table next to Charlie and the twins. “I take it the test was negative?”

Charlie shook her head lightly before looking to the twins. “Go tell Irene that mummy wants some carrot cake hmm?” Charlie questioned.

“Carrot?” Noah screwed his face up.

“Yucky.” Ella said as they both jumped down from the table and ran down to Irene.

“Sorry, did I talk when I shouldn’t have?” Bianca questioned as she took a seat next to Charlie.

“It’s fine,” Charlie exhaled. “I don’t think they’ll pick up on anything. I’m just waiting on the right time to tell them.”

“So it was positive?” Bianca questioned and Charlie nodded her head. “How did Brax take it?”

“He was happy,” Charlie cupped her hands around the coffee cup. “It’s what he always wanted anyways.” Charlie sighed.

“And you didn’t?” Bianca questioned.

“One day,” Charlie answered. “Just not right now. Especially with everything that happened lately.”

“Well maybe you should have been a little more careful.” Bianca said as she raised her eyebrows.

Charlie gave a little laugh. “Sometimes Bianca, we just had to get it done,” Charlie said. “We were so worried one of the twins would run in on us that we kinda just had to be a bit quick.”

Bianca laughed lightly. “How very romantic.” Bianca quipped.

“Yeah well we’re paying the price for not being safe now aren’t we?” Charlie exhaled. “Noah isn’t going to be a problem. He’s been asking for a little brother lately so I know he’ll be excited but Ella,” Charlie shook her head as the twins came running back to the table with Irene following with the twins’ chocolate cakes and Charlie carrot cake. “And Ruby wasn’t exactly thrilled at the news either.”

“Got it mummy.” Noah grinned as he climbed back up onto the chair.

“Yummy cake.” Ella cheered as she too climbed up onto the chair.

“Bianca can I get you anything?” Irene questioned as she gave her a smile.

“Just a latte thanks,” Bianca smiled at her before she left. “Wow look at all that cake,” Bianca grinned down at the twins as they were already getting chocolate all around their mouths. “You going to share with Aunty Bee?” Bianca asked.

“No,” Ella shook her head. “I share Rosie.” Ella lifted Rosie up before placing her back on her knee.

“Well what about your brother?” Bianca said as she looked to Noah. “Will you share?” Noah nodded his head as he pushed the plate closer to Bianca.

“I no gots a brother.” Ella shook her head.

“Yes you do.” Charlie gave a little laugh.

“No,” Ella shook her head. “I not mummy.”

“Well what about Noah?” Charlie questioned. “Isn’t he your brother?”

“Yeah Ella,” Noah pointed to himself. “I you brother.”

“No,” Ella gave a little giggle. “He just Noah.”

“Oh I see.” Charlie and Bianca laughed lightly at her.

“I no get a brother okay?” Ella said. “I not too.”

“You see,” Charlie mumbled as she looked to Bianca. “Need to wait for the right time.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Bianca said as she took a little piece of Noah’s cake.

“Hmm,” Charlie sighed unsure. “So, have you been home since school finished?”

“No,” Bianca answered. “Why?”

“April moved back home.” Charlie started but before she had the chance to finish, Bianca spoke over her.

“Yeah I eh....she thought it was for the best. She wanted to give Ruby space and I’m going to try to be supportive.” Bianca gave a light smile.

“Yeah, April said,” Charlie exhaled. “Ruby was going around to talk to her because she said she’d made her choice and I just wondered if you knew how things went.”

“Ah,” Bianca exhaled. “I don’t know sorry.”

“It’s alright,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.” Charlie said before taking a drink of her coffee before tucking into her cake.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 39

“No no no.” Ella squealed as she kicked her legs and flung her arms out, hitting them off the bed.

“Ella, c’mon petal,” Charlie lightly rubbed her daughter forehead, trying to calm her. “You need to sleep.”

“No mummy,” Ella shouted. “Not you.” Ella pushed Charlie’s hands away from her as she continued to kick her legs against the bed.

“Ella it has to be me,” Charlie spoke softly, trying to keep a calm voice to calm her daughter down. “No one else is here.”

“I want daddy,” Ella screamed up at her mother. “Get daddy.”

“I can’t,” Charlie shook her head. “Daddy doesn’t live here right now.”

“No, you go, I want daddy,” Ella continued to scream as she once again kicked her legs and arms out, finding her mother’s stomach and continuing to hit her, frustration showing on her face. “You go.” Charlie exhaled as she stood up. She turned around and looked at Noah who was laying sleeping, must to Charlie’s confusion. When Ella was playing up, normally he couldn’t sleep. She shook her head lightly as Ella showed no signs of stopping her tantrum anytime soon and knew the best thing to do was to leave her. She walked out of the room, Ella’s screams still being heard in the living room. Charlie looked to Casey who was putting headphones in his ears as he raised his eyebrows at her before looking back down to the book he was revising from. She walked into the kitchen and exhaled as she flicked the kettle on to boil.

“Hey.” Ruby said as she walked into the house as Charlie put coffee into the mug before getting the milk from the fridge.

“Oh hello, you’ve decided to come home have you?” Charlie questioned.

“I told you I was going to April’s.” Ruby answered.

“Well you could have told me you weren’t going to be home for dinner,” Charlie sighed as she put the milk back into the fridge and got the sugar from the cupboard.

“Well I was hanging with April.” Ruby retorted.

“You could have answered your mobile, Rubes,” Charlie exhaled. “Have you eaten?”

“Yeah.” Ruby answered.

“Right, I left you some in case but I guess it’s not needed,” Charlie said. “So, everything go alright with April I guess?”

“Yeah,” Ruby gave a little grin. “We eh....we’re good.”

“Good,” Charlie smiled. “We’ll I’m pleased you sorted yourself out.” Charlie said as she poured the boiled water from the kettle into the mug.

“Yeah....you do hear Ella screaming her head off, right?” Ruby questioned as she pointed out of the kitchen.

“Yeah, it’s best just to leave her when she’s like that.” Charlie sighed.

“What’s wrong with her?” Ruby questioned.

“She wants Brax.” Charlie answered quietly.

“Ah,” Ruby said. “And can’t you get him for her?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “He’s not here right now and she just needs to learn that. You know that sometimes you don’t get what you want. What if me and Brax don’t work things out? She’ll need to learn that daddy won’t always be around.”

“Hmmm,” Ruby pursed her lips together. “It’s not like Brax did anything too bad,” Ruby said. “I don’t really get why he’s not here.”

“I need to learn to trust him again.” Charlie told her daughter.

“And having him out of the house is the way to do that?” Ruby questioned. “Surely you’d want him close to you so you knew where he was or what he was doing, no?” Ruby asked. “Not in someone else’s house where he’s more free to get up to stuff that you probably wouldn’t find out about as easy.”

Charlie pursed her lips together as she thought about what Ruby said. She did have a point. “I guess....maybe....but I don’t think living with someone and tying to continue on and make people believe that things are all normal with us isn’t the right things to do.”

“Right, do things you’re weird way,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “So, anyways, I thought you were up the duff?” Ruby questioned as Charlie took a drink of her coffee.

“Ruby,” Charlie sighed. “Yes, I am pregnant. What’s your point?”

“Well you shouldn’t be drinking as much coffee then should you?” Ruby asked. “Isn’t too much caffeine supposed to be bad for the kid?”

“Maybe,” Charlie gave a little shrug. “You’re clearly not happy with this, are you?”

“Well you already spend all your time with the twins as it is,” Ruby sighed. “Add another baby in and that’s even less time for me, isn’t it?”

“So you’re jealous?” Charlie questioned. “The twins are 2 and a half. They need me far more that you do.”

“Just because I’m seventeen doesn’t mean I stop needing a mother,” Ruby retorted. “And I already can’t do anything as it is with the twins being around.”

“Like what?” Charlie screwed her face up.

“Like have parties at my place like a normal teenager,” Ruby raised her voice. “I can’t even listen to my music after 7.30 cos they are in bed,” Ruby said. “You read them stories and play with them all day then by the time they are in bed you are tired and worn out and don’t have time for me.”

“Aww Ruby, don’t go acting like a spoilt brat.” Charlie shook her head.

“I’m not,” Ruby shouted. “If I was spoilt you’d actually spend time with me.” Ruby spat before she stormed out of the kitchen and Charlie jumped slightly as her bedroom door slammed shut.


“Not meeting Heath tonight?” April questioned as she joined Bianca on the couch.

“No,” Bianca answered. “He and Brax are at the restaurant.”

“It’s not opening until the weekend though?” April looked slightly confused.

“No they are just making sure all the stock is in or something like that,” Bianca answered. “But it’s a good thing because it means that me and you can hang out,” Bianca smiled. “So everything is good with you then?”

“It is now,” April smiled. “Rubes and I are officially together so....” April pulled at the cushion that she’d placed on her knee. “It’s what I’ve wanted for a long time.”

“You look really happy,” Bianca smiled at her sister. “And you know, I’m not fully understanding of this yet, but I can see already it’s going to make you happy so I’m going to try.”

“It’s all I want,” April smiled at her sister. “I don’t even care about mum and what she thinks. Just you.”

Bianca smiled lightly as she tucked April’s hair behind her ear. “You know you probably will need to tell mum though, right?”

“Really?” April screwed her face up. “We’ve not spoken to mum for like....” April tried to work out the time in her head. “Over a year anyways.”

“It was when Rocco died,” Bianca looked down. “At least that’s when I spoke to her last.”

“Yeah and she didn’t even come across for you when her grandson died,” April said. “She didn’t even come to see him when he was born,” April exhaled. “I really don’t think she’ll be bothered to even hear from me. She doesn’t care about us, Bianca.”

“Maybe not,” Bianca looked back up to April. “And I guess telling her is up to you so I just leave that for you to decide.”

“Yeah,” April said. “So, how about we get a movie and some popcorn?” April smiled up at her sister.

“Don’t you have an Italian exam tomorrow?” Bianca raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah but....” April trailed off. “Too much revision can be bad for you, right?” April gave her sister a cheeky grin.

“Well it’s not till the afternoon so as long as I see you at least looking at your books tomorrow I’d say a movie and some popcorn sounds great,” Bianca smiled. “You go pick the movie and I’ll get the popcorn and drinks.”

“Sure,” April smiled. “But can I get a hug first?” April questioned.

“Of course.” Bianca smiled as she pulled her sister into a hug, both of them glad to be back living together again.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 40

Charlie pulled back the covers in the bed as she looked to the other side where Brax should be standing, about to get in bed beside her. She sighed lightly as she put her hand onto her stomach. Maybe she didn’t have him around right now, but she did have his baby growing inside her. She sat down onto the bed as the door creaked open and Ella came running with Rosie the ragdoll tucked under her arm. “Oh hello madam.”

“Mummy,” Ella climbed up onto her bed. “Mummy.” Ella said again as she looked up to Charlie.

“What petal?” Charlie asked as she ran her hand through her daughter’s chocolaty brown hair.

“Hello.” Ella grinned.

“Hello,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “You in a better mood now?”

“Uh-huh.” Ella nodded.

“So no more shouting at mummy?” Charlie questioned.

“Sorry mummy.” Ella spoke in an angelic voice as she crawled over and hugged her. Charlie wrapped her arms around her daughter as she placed a soft kiss on her head.

“It’s okay,” Charlie rubbed her daughters back. “I know you miss daddy.”

“Yeah,” Ella nodded. “He come home?”

“Maybe soon yeah?” Charlie said.

“Yeah,” Ella grinned. “We have a party.”

“A party?” Charlie questioned.

“Uh-huh,” Ella nodded. “With uncle Eath and balloons and cupcakes.”

“We don’t need to have a party,” Charlie shook her head as the door creaked again and Noah came running into the room. “Oh hello. You as well hmmm.” Charlie watched as her son climbed up onto the bed and crawled next to her, Ruby the shark sitting with him.

“Noah we have party.” Ella cheered.

“Yeah,” Noah answered. “At beach.”

Charlie gave a little laugh. “I don’t think we’ll be having a party.”

“Yeah,” Noah nodded. “It be fun mummy.”

“I think we should.” Ella said as she looked up at her mother.

“Well I think you two should be sleeping,” Charlie answered. “Hmm why you up?”

“Our eyes open.” Noah answered as he looked at his mother, his eyes all serious.

“Aww baby,” Charlie ran her hands through her son’s hair. “I think you both need to sleep so how about you lie in with mummy for tonight?” Charlie questioned. “We can have a fun little sleepover?”

“Yeah,” Ella widened her eyes. “It’ll be so fun.” Ella stood to her feet and started jumping on the bed as she jumped to Brax’s side and got under the covers. Charlie moved more into the middle of the bed as Noah snuggled down where Charlie normally lay.

“Mummy?” Noah questioned. “You tell us a story.”

“A story?” Charlie questioned. “Oh.....what about?”

“A kitty.” Ella answered.

“No no a train,” Noah said. “A Thomas one.”

“No,” Ella frowned. “A kitty nameded Flop.” Ella moved Rosie in her arms as she spoke.

“Right,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Once upon a time there was a kitty called Flop. She took a trip on a train called Thomas.” The kids giggled as Charlie managed to incorporate the two story ideas. They moved closer to Charlie as she wrapped each of her arms around her kids, both of them resting theirs heads against her chest as she continue to tell them the story.


“Brax,” Charlie gave him a smile as he walked into the house. “Do you want a coffee or anything?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “I’m alright thanks.”

“Right,” Charlie gave a little nod before she pursed her lips together. “So, how is it at Bianca’s?”

“Lumpy,” Brax screwed his face up. “I’m grateful for a bed, but, yeah, it’s kinda lumpy.”

Charlie gave a little laugh. “Well hopefully it’s not too long before you are home.”

“Yeah that’s what I hope too,” Brax gave her a smile. “So, eh, have you called the hospital?”

“I did,” Charlie nodded. “They can fit me in tomorrow at 11.” Charlie told him.

“Oh tomorrow?” Brax pulled a face.

“Does it not suit you?” Charlie questioned.

“Eh....it’s fine, I eh.....I’ll be there. I said I would.” Brax looked disappointed as he exhaled.

“What did you have on?” Charlie questioned.

“Nothing, it’s fine.” Brax sighed lightly as he played with his wedding ring, Charlie knowing he did this when he was nervous.

“Brax.” Charlie raised her voice.

“I was going into the city,” Brax answered. “Or at least planning on it.”

“What for?” Charlie questioned. “We have everything for the opening of the restaurant, right?

“Yeah we do,” Brax answered. “It eh....it’s doesn’t matter. I won’t go.”

“Brax,” Charlie rubbed her forehead. “You are obviously wanting to go into the city. Why? What’s there? Who’s there......Katie,” Charlie widened her eyes. “Please don’t tell me you are going to see Katie?”

“Heath is going in to see her and he wants me to go in with him,” Brax answered. “It’ll be nice to see her again.”

“Oh no way,” Charlie exhaled as she leaned her hands against the chair at the kitchen table. “You’re going to see Katie? Right now with what’s going on, you want to go see Katie? So, you just weren’t going to tell me?”

“Well I didn’t think you’d be happy with it right now so -”

“So you were going to lie?” Charlie questioned. “I’m trying to learn to trust you again and you were going to lie to me?”

“I wasn’t lying I was just.....not going to tell you.” Brax answered quietly.

“So that’s lying,” Chalie raised her voice. “Do you really think it would be a good idea to go visit her right now?”

“She’s my niece. I want to be in her life.” Brax answered.

“I’m you wife,” Charlie spat as she hit her hand against her chest. “I have your baby in here,” Charlie hit her hand off her stomach. “And you have the twins. Shouldn’t you be wanting to be with us right now and fix your family?” Charlie questioned. “Katie should be the last thing on your mind.”

“Of course I want to fix things with you, Charlie,” Brax answered. “But being perfectly honest I’m not sure I’ve done too much wrong.”

“Try not having any self-control.” Charlie retorted.

“Says the pregnant woman.” Brax laughed.

“Ah because this was all me, wasn’t it?” Charlie hit her stomach once again. “This had nothing to do with you at all. I made this all by myself,” Brax shook his head lightly as Charlie glared at him. “You know what Brax, just go. Go to the city to see Katie tomorrow and for all I care don’t bother coming back.” Charlie shouted.

“Bit dramatic is it not?” Brax questioned.

Charlie pursed her lips together. “I don’t know, is it?” Charlie took a deep breath. “If going to see Katie is more important than this baby then go....just go see her.”

“Well it’s not as if I’ll see anything is it?” Brax questioned. “You said yourself I didn’t need to be there.”

“Yeah I did,” Charlie clicked her tongue. “Eh, the twins are in their room. I’m going to go out right now. I shouldn’t be long but if you are leaving the house let me know. Give me a text or leave a note or something.” Charlie sounded angry at Brax as she picked her handbag up from the kitchen table and walked over to the door.

“Charlie.” Brax put his hand out and tried to take a hold of her arm.

“I need to be away from you right now.” Charlie shrugged her arm away.

“I thought we were going to spend time with them together.” Brax rubbed the back of his head in confusion.

“Yeah and I thought I could learn to trust you again but things change, right?” Charlie questioned before leaving the house, slamming the door shut as she left.

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