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Trust in Me

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Sarah, beebee, Red Ranger 1 and JosieTash thank you so much for the comments. :)

Chapter 51

April walked back through to the living room after reading the story to the twins. “You get them down alright?” Ruby questioned.

“Yup.” April smiled as she sat down on the couch, close to Ruby, resting her hand on her thigh.

Ruby smiled. “Well at least we have their approval,” Ruby laughed lightly. “They’re besotted with you.”

“Yeah,” April laughed. “But, you know it wasn’t that bad today, was it?” April questioned.

“Not really,” Ruby answered. “But we didn’t really see many people we knew,” Ruby sighed. She was still scared that someone was going to say something to them. She knew April would most likely be fine with it, and she wouldn’t let it bother her, but Ruby always let things like this get to her. “Wait for Colleen or people from school.”

“I don’t care,” April exhaled. “They can say what they want. It’s not going to change the way I feel about you.” April gave Ruby a smile before she leaned her head forward and placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips.

Ruby smiled as she pulled back. “Hopefully I get to where you are one day.”

“You, missus, came out in front of half the town,” April widened her eyes. “I took the chicken way out and told Colleen and she quiet kindly passed my news on.”

Ruby gave a little laugh. “This feels right though, doesn’t it?” Ruby questioned. “It’s so...” Ruby trailed off before leaning forward and placing a kiss on April’s lips, April smiling into it, letting it deepen as their tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. “Mmm.” Ruby moved herself slightly in the couch as April leaned more into her before she wrapped her arms around Ruby letting them rest on her back.

“Hmm,” April pulled back and smiled as she looked into Ruby’s mesmerising green eyes. She put her hand onto Ruby’s cheek and rubbed it gently. “I love you, Rubes.”

Ruby gave a little smile before looking down. “I eh....I really really like you, April, but I....”

“Shhh it’s okay,” April lifted Ruby’s head back up to face her. “We’re not going to get there at the same time,” Ruby gave a little smile before she leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. They pulled away at the same time before looking into each other’s eyes.

“So, eh, you want to watch that DVD?” Ruby questioned.

“Yeah,” April answered. “Naked Mila Kunis, yes please.” April grinned.

“Oi,” Ruby poked April’s side. “You’re oh so gorgeous girlfriend is sitting here...right here next to you and you are fantasising about Mila Kunis?”

“Ah....well....ehm....” April scratched the side of her head. “She hot.” April gave a little shrug.

“I know,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “Although Justin Timberlake isn’t bad to look at either.” Ruby gave a little grin as April put the DVD into the player before sitting back up on the couch, cuddling close to Ruby.

“Hmm, JT doesn’t do it for me.” April answered as she wrapped her arm around Ruby and stared to lightly rub her side, unbeknown to her, bringing Ruby some relief as she rubbed where she was still in slight pain.

“Yeah I know,” Ruby answered. “You’re just into chicks,” Ruby rested her head against April’s chest. “Not that I’m complaining, obviously,” Ruby said. “I like that you like chicks.”

“There’s just one chick I want to be with,” April answered. “But I don’t really fancy my chances with Mila so you’ll do eh.” April teased.

“Oh you....” Ruby lightly hit April’s stomach as she looked up to her. “Might have to not give you anymore kisses tonight for that.”

April widened her eyes. “Don’t be mean.” April spoke sadly as she gave a pout.

Ruby laughed lightly. “Would just be silly to punish myself, wouldn’t it?” Ruby said before placing a soft kiss on April’s lips. “Now, let’s watch the movie.” Ruby said as she hit play on the remote before they snuggled together on the couch as it started.


Charlie walked back into the house and gave a little yawn. She locked the door before throwing her keys and bag down onto the side table. She walked over to the fridge and opened it up and pulled out a bottle of water. She opened it up and took a drink before closing the fridge, taking the bottle of water through the room with her. She walked down the hall looked into the twins’ room, smiling at seeing her kids sleeping. Just as she was about to turn and walk away she heard a little squeak coming from her daughter. “Hey petal you okay?” Charlie walked further into the room as Ella jumped out of her bed and ran over to Charlie.

“You see it?” Ella moved her hair from her face.

“See what?” Charlie screwed her face up, confused.

“Ruby give it you?” Ella spoke quietly, her eyes looking all sleepy.

“Ruby is in bed too sweetie,” Charlie was confused as to what Ella was on about. “C’mon let’s get you back to bed,” Charlie took Ella’s hand but Ella pulled away and ran out of her bedroom. “Ella.” Charlie said as she walked out of the room after her.

“It here,” Charlie found Ella in the living room standing over the coffee table. “For you.” Ella picked up the picture she had coloured earlier and ran back over to her mother.

“Aww thank you,” Charlie smiled as she looked down to the picture. “It’s lovely sweetheart,” Charlie bent down to Ella’s level and ruffled her hair. “You worked hard on this, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Ella answered. “It for you.” Ella stepped forward and put her hands onto Charlie’s arm.

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled as she wrapped one arm around her daughter. “Thank you very much.”

Ella gave a little giggle. “You still have whoopsie?” Ella exhaled.

“Yes, I’m still having the baby,” Charlie answered. “Don’t you think a little brother or sister would be nice?” Charlie questioned. “You’d have someone else to play with. Maybe they’ll like to play princess with you and bake with you. You can have lots of fun with a new baby brother or sister.”

“Hmm.” Ella scratched the side of her head. “You could play.”

“Yeah mummy does play sweetheart, but, the new baby can too,” Charlie rubbed her daughters back. “And you and Noah get the important job of big sister and brother.”

“I a job?” Ella questioned with a curious look on her face.

“Oh yeah,” Charlie answered. “The baby will need cuddles and kisses and stories. I bet you could tell the baby good stories.”

“Yeah,” Ella nodded. “I good with that.” Ella moved her feet on the spot, like she was doing a little dance.

“I know,” Charlie gave a little nod. “And you can help mummy and daddy get ready for the baby coming. You can pick out nice clothes and teddies and hey, I bet you’d love to help daddy paint a room for the baby too.”

“I like to paint.” Ella nodded.

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled as she moved some hair from in front of her face. “So you see, the baby is a good thing, isn’t it?”

Ella scratched the side of her head once again, looking very deep in thought. She gave a sort of nod before putting her hand onto Charlie’s stomach. Charlie pulled back slightly, scared she was about to get another punch. She wasn’t fearful that Ella would hurt the baby. The baby was well protected and it wasn’t like a two and a half year old would be able to hit her hard enough, but she didn’t want Ella to think it was acceptable and get into a habit of doing it. When she saw Ella wasn’t going to punch her she let Ella put her hand there. She smiled lightly as she put her hand on top of her daughter’s little hand. “I no hit you mummy.” Ella shook her head.

“No, good girl. We don’t hit people do we?” Charlie questioned.

“No,” Ella shook her head. “I no feel whoopsie.” Ella put her other hand out to the side looking confused.

“That’s because the baby is so little right now,” Charlie answered. “But when mummy’s tummy grows bigger you’ll be able to feel it.”

“Okays.” Ella smiled as she rubbed Charlie’s stomach. Charlie smiled as she looked into her daughters eyes and she knew beneath her little bratty attitude she had right now, she had a sweet little girl.

“Anyways missus, I think it’s time for you to get back to bed,” Charlie lifted Ella up and walked down the hall to the twins’ bedroom. She walked in to see Noah fast asleep, cuddling Ruby the shark close to him, pleased that he now seemed happy to sleep in his own bed the whole night. She lay Ella down in her bed and pulled the cover over her. Ella pulled Rosie ragdoll closer to her before smiling up at her mummy. “Goodnight petal.” Charlie ran her hand over her daughter’s forehead. Charlie gave her daughter a soft kiss.

“And Rosie,” Ella said as she held Rosie ragdoll up for Charlie to kiss. Charlie placed a kiss on the doll before looking back down to Ella as she gave a little giggle. “Me again,” Ella said and Charlie gave a little smile before giving her daughter another kiss. “Rosie,” Ella put Rosie back in front of Charlie and Charlie placed a soft kiss on the doll. “Me,” Ella pointed to herself. Charlie gave a little laugh as she kissed her daughter then again then again then again. Ella giggled as she put her hand out and rested it against Charlie’s cheek. “Love you mummy.”

“I love you to baby girl, so much.” Charlie placed one more kiss on her daughter before she stood up and left the room, leaving her to sleep.

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Thank you Sarah, JosieTash, Red Ranger 1, beebee, Freakie42, Spotd1 and Zoe for the comments. This will be the last chapter I post until I am home from my holiday. Off to Ghana to visit my sister who lives out there. Super excited to see her. :)

Chapter 52

“Shhh,” Ruby put her index finger over her mouth as her and April left her bedroom and walked down the hall and through the living room until they walked into the kitchen, tiptoeing quietly. “Quick.” Ruby went to open the door so April could leave the house un-noticed.

“Morning girls.” Ruby froze on the spot for a moment, before both she and April turned around to see Charlie already up and dressed making herself a cup of tea.

“Mum,” Ruby pursed her lips together. “We eh....April just came around this morning to -”

“Don’t play me for a fool, Ruby,” Charlie exhaled before looking to April. “Does Bianca know you were spending the night?” April shook her head shyly. “You best get home then.” Charlie said.

“Bye.” April spoke quietly before quickly leaving the house, not needing to be told twice.

Ruby watched as April left before looking round to see Charlie, not looking too impressed with her. Charlie opened her mouth to talk but Ruby spoke over her. “It wasn’t planned, I swear,” Ruby defended herself. “It just sort of happened. You know we eh...” Ruby trailed off. “Well yeah, then we fell asleep and next thing we know its morning.”

Charlie pursed her lips together as she stared at her daughter silently for a moment. “Okay, just don’t let it happen again.” Charlie exhaled as she opened the fridge and took out the milk.

“But mum she -”

“Look, I know that you two are together and will want to do stuff...” Charlie exhaled as she picked up the freshly boiled kettle and poured the water into the cup before adding the milk. “And I’m not saying that she can’t stay over, just make sure you’ve asked me and that it’s been given the okay by Bianca as well, okay?”

“Okay, that seems fair enough,” Ruby gave a smile, surprised her mother was so okay with April spending the night but wasn’t about to question it. “So, how was last night?” Ruby questioned as she watched Charlie put a spoonful of sugar into her tea before giving it a stir.

“Good,” Charlie answered. “I have a lot more to learn than I thought but I’m sure I’ll get there.” Charlie took the tea bag from the cup and threw it into the bin.

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “Was actually talking about how it went with you and Brax though.” Ruby said.

“Yeah,” Charlie cleared her throat. “It was nice. The last couple of days have been....it’s been nice,” Charlie gave a little smile. “Makes me question why he’s not living here to be honest.”

“Why isn’t he?” Ruby questioned.

“I eh...I just need to learn to trust him,” Charlie exhaled. “He’s not entirely been unfaithful but lines have been crossed and I just keep thinking if he can kiss another woman then what else can he do?” Charlie took a drink of her tea as she waited for Ruby to reply.

“Are you expecting an answer?” Ruby questioned.

“Well I was hoping for some sort of reply,” Charlie answered. “You know like he wouldn’t do that to you, he loves you too much, et-cetera et-cetera.”

“Oh,” Ruby paused. “He wouldn’t do that to you. He loves you too much,” Ruby said. “Et-cetera et-cetera.” Ruby added as she screwed her face up.

“That’s great Ruby, thanks,” Charlie rolled her eyes. “So, anyways, how are you feeling today?” Charlie took another drink of her tea, before looking down to her watch, thinking it was probably about time to go get the twins up.

“Okay just now anyways,” Ruby told her mother. “I had a sore side last night for a while,” Ruby said. “But like I said I feel fine right now.”

“Right and was it just yesterday you started feeling unwell?” Charlie questioned feeling a little worried for her daughter.

“Day before really,” Ruby answered. “And I remember a few months ago I had a few days where I felt like I did yesterday, but as I said I feel fine right now.”

“Right,” Charlie rubbed her forehead. “Well just let me know if you feel ill again. Might be worth going to the hospital to get checked over.”

“I’m sure we don’t need to go that far,” Ruby exhaled but had the sounds of nerves in her voice which didn’t go un-noticed by Charlie. “I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Well like I say, just let me know okay.” Charlie took another drink of her tea before sitting it up on the worktop and going to get the twins up.


Bianca stood at the doorway of the bedroom. She held the little teddy close to her as she looked around the room and exhaled. “Hey baby you okay?” Heath walked down the hall and wrapped his arms around Bianca from behind, placing a soft kiss on the side of her head.

“Just thinking maybe it’s time to let this go,” Bianca spoke quietly. “Rocco’s not going to come back because his room is still here, is he?”

“No,” Heath exhaled. “But if you’re not ready then you don’t have to.”

“It’s been almost 15 months, Heath,” Bianca took a deep breath to compose herself. Even now she hated talking about her son. “It’s not about what I want. If I got what I wanted then Rocco would still be here, running around with his cousins, calling us mummy and daddy, and just doing sweet little toddler things.”

“I know.” Heath hugged Bianca a little tighter.

“It’s not fair,” Bianca turned to face Heath as he kept his hands around her. “I miss him so much.” Bianca rested her head against Heath’s shoulder as he rubbed her back.

“I know you do,” Heath spoke sadly. “I miss him too.”

Bianca smiled weakly as she pulled back slightly from Heath’s grasp and ran her hand over the teddy. “Do you want to come up to his grave with me later?” Bianca questioned. “We haven’t been there together for a long time.”

“Sure,” Heath nodded. “It’ll be nice,” Heath said. “Well not nice but -”

“It’s alright,” Bianca gave him a soft smile. “I know what you meant.” Bianca rested her head against Heath’s chest as he wrapped his arms around her again and placed a soft kiss on her head. Bianca pulled back as her mobile started to ring and she pulled it from her pocket. She sighed as she saw that it was her mum calling her. She cancelled the call and put her phone back into her pocket.

“Babe, just give her a chance,” Heath spoke softly. “She’s family.”

“No, no she’s not,” Bianca shook her head. “I don’t want to know her.”

“She is family, Bianca,” Heath sighed. “She’s your mother. And no matter what, family are always there for you.”

“Expect she wasn’t,” Bianca replied. “She left us for 6 years; she never cared about coming back. I don’t need someone like that in my life.”

“But she’s your mum,” Heath exhaled. “I could never just shut my mum out of my life no matter what she’d done to me in the past.”

“Well that’s just because you are a mamma’s boy,” Bianca said before looking down the hallway as she heard the front door opening. “April.” Bianca raised her voice as she walked quickly down the hall to see her sister standing in the front room.

“I’m sorry,” April braced herself for a telling off. “I swear we didn’t plan for me to stay over. It sort of just happened. You know we were -”

Bianca held her hands out, wanting April to stop talking. “Look, what’s been done has been done but in the future you make sure I know what you are doing, okay?” Bianca told her. “The same goes for letting Charlie know if Ruby is going to be over here, you got me?”

“Yeah,” April gave a little nod. “I promise we’ll let you know.” April reached into her pocket as her phone started ringing. She looked down to see it was her mother. She screwed her face up before she cancelled the call.

“That mum?” Bianca questioned.

“Yeah.” April gave her a little nod as Heath appeared in the room. She looked up at him and they both shared a smile.

“She just tried to call me too.” Bianca sighed.

“Well maybe....” April pursed her lips together. “You know maybe we should just arrange to meet up with her and talk. Maybe the sooner we do that the sooner she will go back to Germany or wherever else in Europe she fancies.”

Bianca looked down to Rocco’s little teddy that was still in her hand and pursed her lips together. “Nah, I pass,” Bianca sighed. “She’s not been here for us the last 6 years so why should we be here for her now because she wants us to be?”

“Because it’s being the bigger person,” Heath told them. “She clearly wants to make it up to you two so maybe you should just give her that chance.”

Bianca and April both stared at Heath for moment before looking to each other. “What do you think?” April questioned.

“Like I said,” Bianca answered. “I’m not having anything to do with her but you can do what you want, it’s your choice to make,” Bianca said. “If it was up to me I’d tell you not to and that she’ll probably just hurt you again, but like I say it’s your choice.”

“I don’t know,” April gave a little shrug. “Maybe Heath is right. Maybe we should at least give her a chance.” April bit her lip, trying to decide whether giving her mother a chance was a good idea or not. Of course she’d missed out on such a huge part of her daughter’s life, but at least Joanna was here now, wanting to make an effort with her.

“If that’s what you want, fine, but I won’t be there with you,” Bianca said as she put Rocco’s teddy down on the couch. “I eh...do you want to just head up to the grave now?” Bianca questioned as she looked up at Heath.

“Sure.” Heath answered before he and Bianca left the house to go to see their son’s grave, something they hadn’t done together in over a year. April exhaled lightly as she looked back down to her phone and thought about calling her mother.

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Thank you for the comments. :)

Chapter 53

Charlie and the twins walked along the beach, Ella running slightly in front as Noah walked with Charlie, his hand in hers, as his other hand was grasped tightly around the handle of his blue bucket, which had a red spade resting inside it, Ella’s orange bucket and pink spade swinging around in her hand as she continued to run along the beach ahead of Charlie. The twins had requested a morning at the beach, one of their most favourite things to do and since Charlie already felt guilty about having to leave them just after their dinner to work in the restaurant, she decided to do as they requested. She’d only been back at work one night but already she hated being away from the kids. She’d gotten so used to being around them all the time over the last couple of months and even though they tired her out, if she was being honest, she’d much rather be at home bathing them and putting them to bed, than serving food to strangers, but knew she needed to give the restaurant a chance, not only for herself, but Brax had wanted Charlie to come and work there with him ever since she could remember and knew that especially right now, being around Brax could probably only be a good thing in terms of their relationship. “Mummy, mummy look,” Ella stopped running and pointed out to the ocean where someone was surfing a wave. “Is it daddy?” Ella furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at the figure more closely as he surfed along the water.

“Yeah,” Charlie answered her daughter as she let go of Noah’s hand and put the bag down on the sand before taking a seat, as Ella ran the short distance back to Charlie and dropped her bucket and spade to the sand. “Daddy’s having a surf hey?”

“Yeah.” Ella answered as she sat down next to her mother as Noah had already started filling his bucket with sand. Charlie smiled as she ran her hand over Noah’s hair.

“You help me mummy?” Noah questioned as he tuned up to face her.

Charlie gave a little nod as Ella stood up and picked up her bucket, throwing her spade down to the sand. “I get some water.” Ella said as she ran down towards the ocean.

“You be careful.” Charlie shouted down as she watched Ella bending down in front of the water and filling the bucket up.

“Is daddy coming to help?” Noah grinned as he put more sand into the bucket before pointing down the beach to Ella as she came back up the beach, Brax holding her hand as he held his surf board under his other arm.

“Looks like he is hmm.” Charlie smiled up at Brax as he gave her a smile. He put his surf board down in the sand before looking down to his son.

“You going to build a sandcastle buddy?” Brax bent down in front of his kids as Ella put a little water in Noah’s bucket.

“Uh-huh,” Noah nodded. “Then we is swim with you?”

Brax looked to Charlie before looking back down to the twins. “Sure we can.” Brax answered.

“Yes,” Ella cheered. “You like me hair?” Ella patted the side of her head. Brax nodded as he looked to her hair. It was done in a French plait.

“Aww yeah petal it’s lovely.” Brax ruffled the top of her hair causing Ella to frown.

“Daddy no,” Ella batted his hand away. Don’t spoil it, it’s all nice.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “I can’t believe you sat all nice for mummy to do that.”

“I did,” Ella nodded all serious looking. “A million minuteses.”

“Oh wow,” Brax looked to Charlie as she gave a little laugh. “That’s a long time to sit all nice for huh?”

“Too long,” Ella agreed. “I get a wollipop now for sitting nice.”

“Oh really?” Charlie looked to her daughter surprised. “Mummy doesn’t remember saying that to you.”

“Yes mummy,” Ella nodded. “I will too,” Ella picked her spade up before she stood to her feet, going to dig a hole in the sand. “And bury daddy here.” Ella said as she moved the sand to the side.

“Oh you’ll need an awfully big hole to bury daddy.” Charlie told her daughter.

“Yeah maybe you should just go for mummy.” Brax laughed as Noah stopped making sandcastles and looked to Ella.

“I will help.” Noah stood up and started digging with his spade so they could get a bigger hole.

“No, it’s you daddy.” Ella spoke to Brax.

Brax gave a little laugh as he watched the twins digging for a while before looking around to Charlie who was also smiling as she watched her kids. “So, how you feeling today?” Brax looked down to Charlie’s stomach as he spoke and Charlie knew he was wondering if she’d had any morning sickness.

“Yeah, fine,” Charlie answered. “I had some crackers and a couple cups of tea this morning so I think that settled my stomach. I’ll stay in a routine of doing that in the mornings and hopefully that keeps me okay.”

“Yeah I hope so too,” Brax gave a little smile. “It’s your turn for an easy pregnancy, right?” Brax questioned recalling the bad time she’d had of it when she was pregnant with the twins.

“We can hope,” Charlie exhaled. “Right, you kiddies still digging or do you want to go in for a swim?”

“Ohh swim first.” Ella stood up as she threw her spade to the floor and took her sundress from her body, throwing it down in the sand before running down to the ocean, stopping just before her feet touched the water and waiting on her parents and brother to join her before going in. Noah took off his t-shirt and threw it down before running to join his sister.

“We sure do have water babies huh?” Brax laughed as he stood up and wiped his hands over the back of his swim shorts, letting some sand fall to the ground.

“Yeah,” Charlie answered as she pulled her singlet from her body before unbuttoning her shorts, letting them fall to the ground. Brax smiled as he looked her up and down. She was wearing her red and white stripy bikini, Brax didn’t know why, maybe it was just the way it sat on her body, but he liked her in this one the best. “Good job we only live a stone’s throw away from the beach then eh?”

“Yeah.” Brax gave a little laugh before they walked down to join the kids, who were waiting rather impatiently on their parents to come down so they could go into the water.

“Brax,” Charlie pursed her lips together as she stopped walking and placed her hand softly onto his arm, stopping him going forward any further.

“Yeah?” Brax looked questioningly at Charlie. She bit her lip as she looked up into his eyes. She put her hand onto his chest and ran it over his ‘blood and sand’ tattoo before taking a step forward and wrapping her arms around him in a hug. “Not that this isn’t lovely but what’s this for?” Brax looked down slightly as Charlie kept her head pressed against him, not giving him a reply. Brax exhaled as he wrapped his arms around her tiny frame, gently rubbing her back as he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head, happy to stay with her in the embrace for as long as Charlie wanted to.


April took a deep breath as she spotted her mother sitting waiting in the back of the diner. She stood and watched her for a moment, her hands around the coffee cup as she nervously bit her lip. April exhaled as she could see that Joanna looked as nervous as she felt. She took another deep breath before walking across to the table. “Hi.” April spoke quietly as she took a seat opposite her mother.

“April,” Joanna gave her a smile. “I got you a drink,” Joanna said. “Chocolate milkshake. It’s your favourite, right? You drank them all the time as a kid.”

“No,” April shook her head. “No I didn’t. I eh...it was strawberry milkshakes.”

“Oh,” Joanna looked saddened she’d gotten it wrong. “It must have been Bianca who liked the chocolate.”

“Uh-uh,” April shook her head. “Banana.” April told her mother.

“Oh,” Joanna exhaled. “Well where did I get chocolate from then?”

“Maybe Zander liked to drink chocolate milk and eat cookies before you tucked him into bed at night.” April spoke dryly. Zander was only 3 years older than Bianca when he and Joanna got together, Joanna being old enough to be the man’s mother.

“April,” Joanna looked cross with her daughter’s comment. “I didn’t want to meet you so we could argue about Zander.”

“Well he’s the reason you left,” April almost spat back at her mother. “So...”

“It’s the past and so is Zander so.....April, darling please I just want my daughters back in my life. Can you please just give me a chance to be your mother? I know it’s late in your life and you’re almost all grown up and I missed out on some pretty important years with you, you know...well young girls get to a stage where they need there mother more, and.....I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you but the important thing is I am here now wanting to get to know you again and get that mother daughter relationship back.”

April pursed her lips together. “And if you and Zander didn’t break up?” April questioned. “You’d still be in Germany with him, right?”

Joanna gave her head a sort of shake. “I’m not sure,” Joanna felt she needed to be truthful if she had any chance with her girls. “I’m not going to lie. The break up did give me a push to come back to you; otherwise I would have had no one in Germany. Well, I had friends but...you know.”

April gave a little snigger. “Makes me feel really wanted.”

“No April I meant I wanted to come back to you, I...” Joanna rubbed her hand over her face. “Can we just start fresh now?” Joanna asked. “I’d love to spend time with you, please give me a chance. You can surely give me a second chance, right?”

“Well I came to meet you, didn’t I?” April questioned. “Don’t think I would have done that if I didn’t want to give you a chance.”

Joanna smiled as she heard April saying she’d be willing to give her a chance. “I won’t let you down this time April, I promise.”

April smiled, unsure. “Well we’ll see.”

“How about I start by getting you the right kind of milkshake?” Joanna held her hand out to get Irene’s attention as she was walking close by.

“No, it’s fine.” April brought the glass nearer to her and put the straw to her mouth, taking a drink.

“Oh well maybe next time.” Joanna gave a weak smile as Irene stood at the table.

“Alright April love?” Irene questioned. “What can I get for you?”

“We could do lunch, right?” Joanna questioned. “I’ll pay of course.”

“Sure,” April exhaled. “Just some menu’s Irene, thank you.” April smiled at Irene before she walked off to get them some menus.

“So, Irene,” Joanna looked at the woman as she went behind the counter for the menus. “She’s the one who would look out for you and Bianca, right?”

“Yeah,” April answered. “We actually lived with her for a while after you left. Rented out the house so we could make a bit of money. Obviously I was way too young to work and Bianca was just out of uni so didn’t have much either.”

“Look April, don’t make me feel bad.” Joanna said.

April sniggered. “Just telling you what happened to us after you left,” April told her. “Without Irene I don’t know what we would have done. It’s never really been talked about but I know it’s my fault that April and Liam broke up. After uni she wanted to travel with him but you left and....” April pursed her lips together. “Well I guess Bianca did a lot for me too.”

“Well maybe if she stayed with Vitorrio and hadn’t gotten with that....boy in the first place you would have been -”

“Here’s the menu’s,” Irene put them down on the table. “Leah’s also got her moussaka on today.” Irene told them.

April looked up to Joanna and saw that she was staring up at Irene. “You remember my mother, right?” April said.

“I do indeed,” Irene glared down at the woman. “Nice to see you remembered about your girls.”

“I owe you some thanks. April tells me you were good to them once I left.” Joanna ignored her previous comment and she couldn’t really argue with it anyways. She probably did deserve it.

“It was my pleasure,” Irene said. “They are two very lovely young women. You should be very proud of how they’ve turned out,” Irene put her hand onto April’s shoulder and gave it a gently squeeze. “Or I guess you’d feel ashamed that you weren’t around to see them develop into such lovely women.”

Joanna clicked her tongue. “Yes, I eh....I am sorry I missed out on so much of their lives.”

“Well I could say a lot more but I don’t think it’s my place to say,” Irene muttered as she looked down to April. “Let me know when you’re ready to order.” Irene squeezed April’s shoulder once again before walking away.

“So, the moussaka is good here then?” Joanna answered.

“I like it,” April answered. “I don’t really know what you eat so...” April gave a little shrug.

“No I suppose not,” Joanna exhaled. “Well I’m not going anywhere again so we’ll get to know again,” Joanna gave a smile. “Perhaps tonight we could also meet. Maybe a movie and dinner or we could just laze out at you place and get to -”

“I’m probably meeting Ruby later so, thanks but no thanks.” April answered.

“I see,” Joanna sighed. “Why must you be with this girl?” Joanna asked. “My daughter is not gay.”

“Well clearly I’m not your daughter then,” April answered. “This isn’t going to work between us if you can’t accept me for who I am.”

“Is she pressuring you?” Joanna asked. “Manipulating you into -”

“No,” April raised her voice, causing a few customers in the diner to look their way. “I’ve know I’m gay a long time. I love Ruby and have done for months now, maybe even years really. We’ve been together all of a week if that but nothing in my life has ever felt more right that being with her and if you don’t want to accept that then don’t try to get back into my life. I’ve gone without you for 6 years, I can do another 6 and longer,” April said. “You want me back in your life then you have to accept me for who I am and that is a lesbian.”

Joanna pursed her lips together as she saw the look on her daughters face. She’d made her mind up and seemed very happy with who she was. Joanna would never be able to change that about her. “Well we’ll just have to take this one day at a time.”

April pursed her lips together, before changing the subject from her sexuality. “So where are you going to stay?”

“Well I was hoping eventually with my daughters.” Joanna answered truthfully.

April gave a little laugh. “You’ll never get Bianca to agree to that.”

“Technically it is my house so if I want to move back in I can.” Joanna said.

“Yeah well if you want to sort things with me and eventually even Bianca, I’d suggest not forcing your way back into the house and find somewhere else to stay.” April told her mother before she took a drink of the milkshake.

“And what if I don’t find anywhere?” Joanna answered. “This isn’t exactly crawling with places to rent is it? I mean it’s a tiny little town. It could probably fit in my back garden in the place I have in Germany.”

“Yeah, sure it could.” April rolled her eyes at the mother’s exaggeration.

“Just talk to Bianca for me.” Joanna said.

“Like I said, it’s not the best idea. We’re hardly the world’s closest mother and daughter yet. Give it time.” April said.

“April I am not asking you, I am telling you,” Joanna said. “You will tell Bianca I plan on moving in soon.”

April sighed lightly wondering if it was the best idea going to meet her mother. Bianca sure wouldn’t be happy with the thought of Joanna moving into their home, and neither was April if she was being totally honest, but she did find herself wanting to get to know her mother again. All the times Ruby complained about Charlie, when other girls at school complained about their mother she wished she could yell at them that at least their mother was around caring for them and loving them. She wanted to have her mother around and hoped that they could find some sort of relationship. “Sure. I’ll talk to her.” April sighed knowing she had to at least tell Joanna that, but she knew exactly what Bianca would say.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 54

“Hello,” April walked into Ruby’s house, holding the smoothies in her hand. “Rubes?” April walked through the kitchen and into the living room, slightly confused at not seeing Ruby. April put the smoothies down on the coffee table and walked down the hall where she heard Ruby in the bathroom. “Rubes,” April knocked on the door. “Can I come in?” April heard Ruby mumble a yes and she walked into the bathroom. April screwed her face up as she heard Ruby being sick. She bent down behind her and held her hair back. “Hey.” April rubbed Ruby’s back.

“I’m sorry.” Ruby gagged before she wiped her hand across her mouth then flushed the toilet.

“What have you got to be sorry for?” April questioned. “You can’t help being sick.”

“I guess,” Ruby sighed as she leaned herself against the wall. “So how did it go meeting your mum?” Ruby questioned, deciding to stay sitting the bath room just a little longer, just in case she needed to throw up again.

“Ugh,” April screwed her face up. “Well, I guess it went okay for the most part but there were times where I felt maybe I shouldn’t have bothered meeting her.” April exhaled sadly.

“Well it’s not going to be perfect overnight.” Ruby told her.

“I don’t ever expect it to be perfect,” April said as she played the bracelet on her wrist. “I just want her around for me.”

“Well as long as you trust that she’s going to stick around this time,” Ruby gave her girlfriend a little smile. “You know, don’t get sucked in by her.”

“Something tells me that she’s going to be around for good,” April smiled softly. “She wants to move into the house actually.”

“Oh wow,” Ruby widened her eyes. “And you’re okay with that?”

“Not right away,” April told her. “But eventually, yeah I wouldn’t mind her being around. Bianca is never going to go for it though,” April exhaled. “I’m scared if mum does move in that Bianca will....well maybe she’ll move out. She’s really not prepared to give her a chance at all.”

“Well I guess she’ll have her reasons for not wanting to just like you do for wanting too,” Ruby said. “So hopefully that’s me done in here so if you want to come through we could watch a DVD or something.”

“Sure.” April smiled as she stood up.

“You going to come give me a kiss hello?” Ruby gave April a cheeky grin.

“Eugh no thanks,” April teased. “You’ve just vomited from there. Clean your mouth out first.” April screwed her face up as she pointed to the toothbrushes by the sink. Ruby gave a little laugh as she walked across and cleaned her teeth as April had requested, then for extra points, had some mouthwash.

“That good enough for you?” Ruby questioned as she turned to face her. Aril gave a little laugh before nodding her head as they both stepped closer to each other and kissed softly.

“You feeling alright now?” April questioned. “You’re not about to be sick again?”

“uh-uh.” Ruby shook her head.

“Good,” April smiled before leaning forward and kissing Ruby once again, the couple letting this kiss get a little more passionate. “How long you been feeling like this?”

“A while if I am honest,” Ruby exhaled as they walked out of the bathroom and along the hall to the living room where they both took a seat on the couch. “I keep thinking I am going to take a bug then it goes and then it come back. It’s strange.”

“Yeah,” April screwed her face up. “Just keep an eye on it. Maybe you should get to the hospital. See if they can find anything.” April would be lying if she said she didn’t feel a little worried for her girlfriend. Especially today when she looked a lot paler than usual.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine with Doctor Scott around,” Ruby gave April a cheeky grin. “You’ll look after me just fine. No hospital visit is necessary.”

“Well in that case Doctor April recommends cuddling close to your gorgeous girlfriend.” April gave Ruby a cheeky grin.

Ruby looked around the room before screwing her face up. “Well Doctor, I can’t find this gorgeous girlfriend that you speak of so you’ll have to do instead.” Ruby joked as she moved closer to April in the couch.

“So cheeky,” April hit Ruby’s arm lightly before they both laughed as Ruby rested herself against April, April with her arm around Ruby as they found something to watch on the TV.


Charlie walked quickly into the restaurant. She was late for work and it was only her second shift. She stepped into the office and put her bag down on the table before turning around and opening the door to leave, feeling startled as Heath was stood right there, glaring down at her. “You’re late.”

“Sorry.” Charlie pursed her lips together.

“Just because you are banging the boss, it doesn’t give you the right to just waltz in anytime you feel like it,” Heath spoke in an almost aggressive tone. Charlie raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth to talk but then Heath spoke over her. “Actually you aren’t banging him right now eh,” Heath gave a little laugh. “Little miss trust issues has reared her head again.”

“If you excuse me Heath.” Charlie tried to step out the way but Heath didn’t move so she was blocked by the door.

“You think you are going to be on the bar again tonight you can think again,” Heath said. “It’s my job. It’s always been my job and just because Brax wanted his wifey here doesn’t mean I’m going to change my role in this place.”

“Well that’s really not up to you, is it?” Charlie questioned. “Brax and I run this place and we’ll make the decisions, not you.”

Heath sniggered. “You’ve been here all of 5 minutes and think you run the place? I know far more about this restaurant than you do.” Heath said as Brax walked over to the two of them.

“Charlie, hey.” Brax gave her a smile, happy to see her. Even if it was at work, he’d take all the time he could get with her right now.

“Hey?” Heath questioned. “Hey is all she gets? She’s late. If it was another one of your employee’s they’d get a telling off and probably get their wages docked.”

“Charlie’s not my employee,” Brax told his brother. “She’s my partner in this business.”

“Look I’m sorry this has bothered you so much, Heath,” Charlie said. “It was Noah. He didn’t want me to leave and the more I tried to calm him down the more upset he seemed to get and then I just had to walk out and leave him in a full on tantrum and leave poor Melanie and Rubes to deal with him.”

“It’s alright,” Brax replied. “I’m putting you on the bar again tonight,” Brax exhaled. “Need to give you more of these cocktail making lessons.”

“Eh no,” Heath interjected. “C’mon bro, I do the bar.”

“Well Charlie needs to learn it too,” Brax told him. “You’re waiting tables again tonight.”

“But I -”

“Heath I am the boss you are the employee,” Brax told him. “You’ll do what you’re asked.” Heath shook his head before walking away from the bar and pushing hard on the door to get into the kitchen, letting it swing violently, showing his anger at having been put on waiting tables again.

“If he is going to get all moody about this I’ll do wait staffing,” Charlie told Brax. “I honestly don’t mind.”

“Taking plates to tables is simple,” Brax said. “Making up drinks, especially the cocktails is a little more to grasp. You need to be trained.”

“Trained huh?” Charlie gave a little laugh. “Well as long as you’re my teacher.”

“I sure am.” Brax gave a little laugh before they walked to the bar, Brax ready to show Charlie some more of his cocktail making skills.


“Taste that.” Heath banged the glass down on the bar, causing some to spill over the sides and onto the bar.

“What is it?” Charlie questioned before looking down at the glass.

“It’s supposed to be a tequila sunrise.” Heath told her, again talking in an almost, angry, aggressive tone.

“I can’t drink alcohol.” Charlie told him. Although they weren’t telling people about the baby yet, Charlie knew that Brax had told Heath the news.

“It’s one sip I am asking you to take not drink an entire bottle of tequila,” Heath sighed. “And besides it’s not going to hurt you in the slightest considering you didn’t even put any tequila in it.”

“Oh,” Charlie put her hand over her mouth, feeling slightly embarrassed at her mistake. “Sorry.”

“Just make it again and do it right this time Charlie,” Heath spat. “We don’t need you coming into this place and letting it go under.”

“I’m sure one cocktail error won’t put us out of business.” Charlie sighed as she took the glass from the bar and poured the wrongly made cocktail away.

“What won’t put us out of business?” Brax questioned as he came to the bar with another drinks order.

“She screwed up a tequila sunrise,” Heath told him. “Fair enough missing out the juice but the tequila?” Heath gave a little laugh. “The name sort of gives away it’s going to be an ingredient.”

Brax tried to hold back his laughter for Charlie’s sake. “Well people make mistakes eh,” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “Go see if the food is ready for table 3.” Brax told Heath and Heath sighed before he walked into the kitchen.

Charlie looked up to Brax and knew by the look on his face he was dying to laugh. “Just laugh.” Charlie said.

“I don’t want to laugh.” Brax bit his lip as he walked behind the bar.

“Hmm,” Charlie exhaled. “Well I believe otherwise.”

“Okay so it is a little funny,” Brax gave a little laugh as he picked up the cocktail shaker. “But nothing to worry about,” Brax picked up the bottle of tequila and poured some into the cocktail shaker. “At least no booze got wasted eh,” Brax nudged Charlie’s arm and she gave a little laugh before getting the rest of the ingredients that they’d need to make the cocktail. “Now I’ll make this one, then you can get the next drinks order. There’s a few cocktails on there so we’ll see if you can get these ones right.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” Charlie mumbled. “I’ve proved pretty useless at this cocktail making thing so far.”

“Don’t worry I wasn’t going to.” Brax grinned cheekily and Charlie hit his chest before they got to work on the cocktails that needed to be made.

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Thank you beebee, Zoe, JosieTash and Red Ranger 1 for the comments.

Chapter 55

Brax locked the door of the surf club before he and Charlie started to walk along the road, back in the direction of Charlie’s house. “Don’t you need to go the other way?” Charlie questioned.

“Thought I would walk you home,” Brax answered. “It’s late and -”

“I’ll be fine,” Charlie told him. “I used to be a police sergeant, I’m sure I’ll can look after myself.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “I know but I’d like to be sure,” Charlie gave him a smile. “So, how did you find your second night?”

Charlie exhaled as she held onto the folder of cocktail recipes that she was taking home to read over until she could remember them. “I dunno it’s actually a lot faster paced that I thought it would be.”

“That’s just because it’s a weekend,” Brax gave a little laugh. “Monday through Thursday will be a lot quieter.”

“So you couldn’t have had me start then?” Charlie said. “Made it a little easier?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “Throw you in at the deep end eh, that way you experience the worst first.”

“Thanks for that,” Charlie exhaled lightly. “So you going to put me and Heath on the same shifts all the time?” Charlie sighed already sick of working with her brother-in-law after just two days.

“He’s not that bad, is he?” Brax rubbed the side of his head as he spoke.

“He hates me,” Charlie sighed. “Like really, he hates me.”

“He doesn’t hate you, he just....” Brax trailed off as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Hates me.” Charlie finished his sentence.

“Look you guys just -”

“It’s because I changed you,” Charlie told him. “I stopped you being that drug dealing thug. I brought out a better side of you and he didn’t like that because then you started wanting him to change.”

“I think Bianca was a big influence on him changing,” Brax exhaled. “And it was my choice; I mean if I didn’t want to change I wouldn’t have. I just felt you were worth changing for and I was right. These last 5 years have been the best of my life and I wouldn’t change my life back to what I had for anything.”

“Even now?” Charlie questioned. “When I can’t trust you?”

“I hurt you and I need to gain that trust back,” Brax said and Charlie gave him a weak smile. “And Heath, I think it’s more...” Brax paused. “Well he wanted to go into business with me. The restaurant, he fancied himself owning half of it. Had a meeting with the bank about a loan and everything. Of course by that point Angelo had already agreed to sell to you and I guess he felt like first you took me from him and then the restaurant.”

Charlie screwed her face up. “Take you from him? What is he, 5?” Charlie questioned. “I still let you guys play.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Yeah.”

“And the restaurant was never really his in the first place so I didn’t exactly take it from him.” Charlie exhaled as she opened the gate into her house and Brax followed her up the path.

“Well no but you took his dream,” Brax told her. “At least that’s how he saw it.”

“I never really saw Heath as one to have dreams,” Charlie exhaled. “Anyways, if he wants to grump about the past, let him,” Charlie sighed. “I honestly couldn’t care less. I know he’s your brother and my best friend’s boyfriend but....” Charlie shook her head. “I think it’s safe to say we’re never going to be the best of friends.”

“I think your right there,” Brax answered. “Anyways, I’ll let you get inside,” Brax pointed to the house. “Maybe see you and the kids tomorrow? We could head to the beach again?”

“Yeah that would be nice,” Charlie gave Brax a smile. “See you.” She pursed her lips together as they looked into each other’s eyes. She leaned forward and softly kissed his cheek. “Bye.”

“Bye.” Brax smiled before walking down the path and back in the direction of Bianca’s house, glad that Charlie wanted to meet him again tomorrow. Charlie watched Brax walking away until he was out of sight before walking into the house and through to the living room, surprised to see Ruby still up, talking with Melanie.

“Hey,” Charlie smiled as Melanie stood up from the couch, trying to hold back a yawn. “Sorry I am later than I said I’d be, we were busier than I expected tonight.”

“It’s no problem.” Melanie said.

“The twins okay?” Charlie questioned.

“Little stars,” Melanie smiled as she picked up her bag. “Well once Noah calmed down. We distracted him with Thomas train.”

“Ah good old Thomas,” Charlie laughed. “Well thanks for tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow at the same time?”

“Yes,” Melanie smiled. “Bye Ruby.”

“Bye.” Ruby smiled as Charlie showed Melanie out. She didn’t like the fact that Charlie had got Melanie around to watch her and the twins; she felt she was capable of looking after them herself.

“So missus, what you still doing up?” Charlie walked back into the room and took a seat on the couch next to Ruby.

“Nice to see you too.” Ruby sighed.

“Well no I just meant it’s late and you’ve not been feeling the best lately so I expected you to be in bed when I got home.” Charlie tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear as she spoke.

“So that’s why you got Melanie around to look after the twins then?” Ruby questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie gave a little nod. “And to get them used to her being around again. Once you’re back at school and Brax and I are working she’ll be around more again.” Charlie told Ruby.

“But you’ll mainly work at night, right?” Ruby questioned. “I won’t be a school then.”

“No, but you’ll have homework or want to be out with April and your mates. You don’t want to babysit them all the time, do you?”

“I guess not,” Ruby exhaled. “So anyways, remember saying that we could have days just me and you?” Ruby questioned. “When is that first day going to happen?”

“Eh,” Charlie scratched the side of her head. “We could do Wednesday,” Charlie told her daughter. “I’m not working so Brax can have the kids in the morning then leave them with Melanie when he needs to go to work and we can take the whole day. Head into Sydney, bit of retail therapy, a nice lunch somewhere; maybe see what’s on at the movies?”

“Sounds great,” Ruby smiled before yawning. “Anyways, I am pretty tired so I’m going to go to bed. Night.”

“Goodnight.” Charlie smiled as Ruby walked down the hall to her bedroom before getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen, going to make herself a hot drink before going to bed herself.


“Morning.” April smiled as she sat at the table, opposite Bianca.

“Alright,” Bianca smiled at her sister as she watched her pour some orange juice into the glass that Bianca had laid out for her. “So were you ever going to tell me who you had lunch with yesterday?”

April pursed her lips together. “How did you -”

“Heath and I went to the diner after being at Rocco’s grave yesterday,” Bianca told her. “Irene mentioned it.”

“Oh,” April pursed her lips together. “She is my mother, Bianca.”

“Really?” Bianca exhaled. “Who’s paid for you for the last 6 years? Who’s kept a roof over your head, got you clothes, presents, took you on holidays, went to your parents nights and school plays? It certainly wasn’t mother dearest, was it?” Bianca looked almost resentful that she had had to be the one to be there for April.

April exhaled lightly. “Okay, so maybe she’s not my mother in that sense of the word but biologically, she is,” April said. “And I’ve missed her. I have Bianca and I want to give her a chance.”

“Well I think you are a fool,” Bianca clicked her tongue. “She only cares about herself. She’s just going to end up hurting you again.”

“Maybe she won’t,” April looked at this positively. “People do change.”

“Yeah, people can,” Bianca answered. “Joanna on the other hand...” Bianca shook her head.

“Joanna?” April questioned. “Whether you like it or not she is your mother.”

“Doesn’t mean she deserves to be called that,” Bianca bit her lip. “I’m sorry April but you’ll never get me to build a relationship with her again and it’s because pretty soon she’ll be gone.”

“She wants to live here,” April said. “She wants to be with her daughters. Give her that chance, Bianca.”

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “And I think you are a fool for getting sucked in by her so easily.”

“Well sorry for wanting to have more of a normal family,” April almost spat at her sister. “You were 23 when mum left, you had her all your teen-life, all your childhood. What about me? I never. I was the one who needed her more so if anyone should be angry with her it should be me,” April hit her hand against her chest as she spoke. “I missed out on having a mum, not you. But at least I am willing to see she is trying here. She wants to be in my life and I am not about to give up that chance.”

“And I can’t stop you, but don’t come crying me to when she leaves again, because it’s only a matter of time.”

“Well I think you are wrong,” April said. “I trust she going to stay.”

“Well that’s really up to you,” Bianca pursed her lips together. “So, she supportive of your relationship with Ruby, is she?” Bianca cocked her head to the side, giving April a questioning look. April bowed her head down slightly. “Just what I thought.”

“Oh yeah because you were so happy about us from the start, right?” April retorted and Bianca clicked her tongue as she gave a little shrug.

“I guess not, no.” Bianca answered.

“So you learned to accept it so maybe mum will be the same.” April hoped. Her mother’s approval of her relationship with Ruby was a must if they were going to be able to form a good relationship, if not, she may as well not bother even trying to get back into her daughter’s life.

“Oh April,” Bianca shook her head. “I wish I could get you to see she won’t keep any promises she makes, she won’t stick around in this town, believe me.”

“I’d like to think better of her,” April told her sister before standing up from the table. “I’m not going to bother with breakfast right now,” April spoke quietly. “I’m going for a shower.” April left the room, hoping that Bianca was wrong and that Joanna really would stick around.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 56

Charlie sat down at the table in the Charlie’s as Leah and Bianca did the same. They were meeting for lunch and a good catch-up, given that Leah had been in Thailand for the last 3 weeks. “You know when Bianca first told me we were meeting at Charlie’s I instantly thought about your house.” Leah gave a little laugh as the waiter poured them glasses of water.

“It’s going to take a while to get used to this place being called Charlie’s.” Bianca agreed.

“I wish it wasn’t,” Charlie sighed. “He could have called it Brax’s or mixed Noah and Ella’s names together or I dunno we could have come up with something.” Charlie thanked the waiter before taking a drink of her water.

“Well Charlie’s sounds better than.....Noalla’s.” Leah laughed.

“Noalla’s,” Charlie laughed a little. “Doesn’t sound so bad, sounds exotic, almost.....maybe.” Charlie screwed her face up slightly before taking another drink of her water as Bianca scanned the wine list, laughing a little as she did so before she ordered a bottle of the South African red. The waiter jotted down the order before walking over to the bar where Brax was watching his wife’s table.

“So, anyways,” Leah exhaled. “I’m sure you two have 3 weeks of gossip to tell me,” Leah looked like she wanted to hear some new gossip. “We had a shock Friday night with Ruby and April’s revelation.”

“Tell me about it,” Bianca clicked he tongue. “I’m still trying to get used to it. My little sister, my April, she’s...” Bianca trailed off.

“As long as Ruby is happy,” Charlie said. “That’s all I want her to be and if being with another woman is going to do that for her then....so be it.” Charlie gave a little smile. “I’d rather her be with a woman and be happy than be with a guy and be miserable.”

“Yes well when you put it like that,” Bianca exhaled. “Anyways, what about Thailand, surely you have some great stories to tell us?”

“I could,” Leah nodded. “And we’ll get to Thailand later. Tell me the gossip here, c’mon, what’s happened?”

“Well let’s see...” Charlie pursed her lips together. “We thought Brax had a 4 month old daughter, but thankfully it was a stupid mix up, but he’s still moved out as we have issues and he’s living with Bianca, who’s gotten back with Heath, who turned out to be the girl’s father......you already know about Ruby and April so, yeah....ehm...have I missed anything?” Charlie looked from a gobsmacked Leah to Bianca.

“Apart from my mum showing face back in town I think you got everything.” Bianca said.

Leah opened her mouth to talk but was interrupted by Brax, who brought the wine over to the table, with two glasses. “Ladies,” Brax smiled. “How’s your afternoon going?” He presented the bottle to Bianca, before unscrewing the lid and pouring a glass for her.

“Good thanks, Brax,” Leah answered. “How are you?”

“Working away.” Brax exhaled as he poured her a glass.

“Not hard enough then. You didn’t bring enough glasses.” Leah said as she pointed to Charlie.

Brax looked down to Charlie before looking back to Leah. “She’s not drinking.”

Leah screwed her face up, confused. “I eh, I’m working later on.” Charlie said, choosing not to share her pregnancy news with Leah just yet.

“Oh one glass won’t hurt,” Leah exhaled sadly. “C’mon, we’re catching up.” Leah gave a little pout.

“Nah no, I best not,” Charlie replied. “Don’t want to come into work and get a telling off on my third day.” Charlie gave a little laugh before looking to Brax, who smiled down at her.

“I’ll be finished my shift by the time you get here,” Brax told her and Charlie widened her eyes in shock. “So no telling’s off from me.”

“Excuse me?” Charlie questioned. “It’s only my third day and you won’t be here?”

“Need to learn to handle things yourself eh,” Brax said. “And don’t worry He -”

“Oh no, don’t say Heath will be here to help?” Charlie looked worried. “Leaving us two alone together is only going to equal disaster.”

“No, I was going to say Henry,” Brax laughed. “Heath isn’t working today at all.”

“Oh,” Charlie relaxed a little. “But what if I screw things up?” Charlie questioned. “I can’t even get simple cocktails right yet.”

“Like I said Henry will be here if you need him,” Brax told her. “So, you girls ready to order?”

“Not yet,” Leah answered. “I’m still looking through this new menu.”

“Take your time,” Brax gave them a smile. “I’ll be back later.” Brax said before walking away, he and Charlie sharing a little smile as he left.

“So, you expect me to believe you two are split up?” Leah questioned. “Didn’t really seem like that to me.”

“I know it’s crazy isn’t it?” Bianca rolled her eyes. She understood that Charlie may have trust issues with Brax, but didn’t see the need of him living out of the house, but of course Charlie would do what she wanted so there was no point trying to reason with her.

“We’re not split up, we’re just...” Charlie exhaled lightly as she turned her head and watched as Brax prepared some drinks for another table. She was finding this whole not living with Brax thing a lot harder that she thought, and even when they met that morning to take the twins to the beach, the moment she saw him, she felt a lot better, just having him there beside her. “It’s complicated,” Charlie said as she looked back to her friends. “So,” Charlie was keen to change the subject. “Where is Heath today?”

“In the city,” Bianca answered. “Visiting Katie.”

“Again?” Charlie questioned. “Wasn’t he just there a few days ago?”

“She’s my daughter, Bianca,” Bianca mocked Heath’s voice. “What can I do?” Bianca questioned. “I have to let him see her.”

“It must be hard though,” Leah spoke tentatively. “That he has another child. You having to see him with her.”

“Well that’s why only he goes to the city,” Bianca told Leah. “I am not ready to be playing step-mum yet.”

“Of course not,” Leah gave her a weak smile. “But still, it’s nice that you two are back together.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to have him back,” Bianca gave a smile. “We’ll probably take this slow for now, but....yeah it’s nice.” Bianca answered.

“Aww we can go out on our triple dates again,” Leah almost gushed at the excitement before looking back down to the menu. “Anyways I’m starving, so, Charlie, what do you recommend in this place? Have you tried the salmon yet? It sounds delicious.”

“Salmon,” Charlie spoke quietly as she swallowed back. Even mentioning fish got her feeling sick. “I haven’t tried it yet,” Charlie shook her head. “Sorry, I don’t know.”

“That’s alright but if a customer asks you that tonight you night need to give them a little white lie,” Leah laughed. “And try to not look so disgusted,” Leah said. “You look like you could chuck up.”

“Yeah,” Charlie put her hand onto her chest as she swallowed. “Excuse me.” Charlie stood up and ran out to the toilets.

“She okay?” Leah screwed her face up.

Bianca looked to the door as Charlie hurried out before looking back to Leah. “She’ll be fine.” Bianca told her before they looked back down at the menu to decide what they wanted to eat.


April and Ruby were sitting in Ruby’s back garden, watching as the twins slid down the slide into the paddling pool, giggling in enjoyment before immediately jumping out the pool and running to the slide, pushing each other to the side to be the first one to climb the stairs of the slide again, this time Ella claiming victory and getting up the stairs first. “Gosh it’s hot today.” April took a piece of ice from her glass of water and laid it onto her chest.

“Don’t think that piece of ice will keep you cool for long.” Ruby laughed at her girlfriend.

“Maybe we’ll need to have a water fight then,” April raised her eyebrows. “That would be sure to cool us down.”

“I like you’re thinking,” Ruby smiled as she stood up from the lounger and walked over the grass where she picked up the twins’ discarded water pistols, watching them as they continued to play on the slide that April had set up to go into the paddling pool for them. “Prepare for a soaking.” Ruby threw one of the already filled water pistols to April as she stood up from her lounger. Before April had the chance to prepare herself, Ruby aimed the water pistol at her and squirted water over her stomach, April gasping at the coldness but welcoming the feeling of being cooler.

“Hey, no fair I wasn’t ready.” April pointed the pistol in Ruby’s direction and pumped the trigger, letting water spray across the garden and hitting her girlfriend right in the face. Ruby ran closer to April, continuously spraying the water at April.

“Aww don’t be a baby,” Ruby laughed. “You wanted cooled down, that’s all I am doing,” Ruby pumped the water pistol again, looking down to it, slightly confused that no more water seemed to be coming out. April gave hers a little shake, feeling it was still plenty filled and gave a cheeky grin as Ruby looked at her, knowing what was coming. Ruby took a few steps backwards as April continued to pelt her with water. “Aww no fair, let me fill mines up.”

“Uh-uh,” April shook her head. “It’s more fun this way.” April chased after Ruby as she started to run around the garden, the twins now standing in the paddling pool, giggling hysterically at what was happening.

“Get her Apil, get her.” Noah cheered as the twins clapped their hands together and jumped on the spot.

“Apil Apil go, go,” Ella added. “Get Ruby good.” The twins continued to giggle as April sprayed Ruby with water, Ruby putting her hands out in front of her body, trying to stop the full blow. April laughed as she looked to her girlfriend, her bikini and body dripping with water. April continued to get closer to Ruby, and when she was close enough Ruby, tried to reach out and take the pistol from her. April gave a little squeal as she tried to turn around but Ruby wrapped her arms around her and held her tightly, so she was trapped. April couldn’t move and Ruby was gripping onto the water pistol, desperate to get it from April’s grasp, wanting to get her own back.

“Let go.” Ruby moaned.

“Uh-uh,” April shook her head. “Because then I’ll be in real trouble.”

“I won’t I promise.” Ruby tried to sound believable but April knew as soon as she got the pistol it was her turn for a soaking, or worse, Ruby would probably lift her over to the paddling pool and throw her in. “C’mon, let go.” Ruby continued to struggle with April.

“No I won’t.” April tried to free herself from Ruby’s grasp.

“You asked for it.” Ruby grinned before starting to tickle April’s stomach, Ruby knowing this was April most sensitive area.

“No no,” April erupted into laughter, dropping the water pistol to the ground. Ruby laughed along with her, enjoying the new game of tickling her girlfriend. April crouched down letting herself to the floor, as Ruby fell with her, falling almost directly on top of her. Ruby sat up slightly as April turned around, so she was facing her girlfriend, Ruby now almost straddling her as she lay on the grass. “I give in, I give in.” April tried to get her breath back as she stared up into Ruby mesmerising green eyes as she licked her lip a little. Ruby smiled before leaning down and placing a soft kiss onto April’s lips. April smiled into the kiss, letting it become more passionate as she wrapped her arms around Ruby’s back. The pair of them seeming to get lost in the moment as the kiss continued to get more passionate and intense.

“Let’s keep it PG eh you dirty lesbo’s.” Casey screwed his face up as he appeared in the garden. Ruby pulled back from April and stood up and April did the same. They stood side by side and stared at Casey, Casey hating seeing Ruby, his ex-girlfriend and the girl he still liked kissing another girl so passionately.

“Casey, were you be’d?” Noah asked as he looked up at his uncle.

“Surfing eh.” Casey answered.

“With no me?” Ella held her hands to the side, looking utterly shocked at her uncle for going surfing without her.

“Not sure mummy would like it if I took you surfing just yet petal,” Casey smiled down at his niece. “You’re a bit little.”

“Yeah, mummy no like it Ella.” Noah sighed.

“Hmph,” Ella huffed. “Casey you play.” Ella hit the side of the paddling pool and Casey took his flip flops off and took off his t-shirt, throwing it to the grass before walking over to the slide and walking up the steps.

“Casey what are you doing?” April asked. “You are not going to fit down that slide.”

“Of course I will.” Casey glared at April.

“No you won’t,” Ruby told him. “It’s for little kids.” Ruby watched as Casey sat himself at the top of the slide, his legs already almost at the bottom.

April and Ruby looked to each other with a smug grin on their faces before looking back to Casey. “Go on then,” April said. “Slide away.”

Ruby bit her lip as she saw Casey trying to move but nothing was happening. She saw his face getting a little redder as he was stuck to the spot. “You’re stuck aren’t you?” Ruby laughed.

“Uncle Casey.” Ella roared with laughter.

“He really stuck?” Noah looked up to April most concerned for his uncle.

“Yeah mate, he’s stuck.” April said before she and Ruby joined Ella in laughter as Casey just went redder and redder at being stuck in the slide.

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Sarah, beebee, Spotd1 and Red Ranger 1, thank you for the wonderful comments. :)

Chapter 57

Charlie walked into the house after her shift at work, surprised to see Brax in the kitchen, standing over the washing machine, looking at few different cleaning products with great concentration. “Everything alright?” Charlie questioned.

Brax turned around to face her and gave her a smile. “Hey Charlie how was work?”

“Fine,” Charlie smiled. “Henry is really nice,” Charlie said. “Helpfully.”

“Ah I knew he would be.” Brax smiled.

“Showed me some cocktail making moves that would put you to shame,” Charlie gave him a cheeky grin and Brax mocked offence before they both had a little laugh. “Anyways, how were the twins?” Charlie questioned as she put her bag on the kitchen table before leaning against the worktop next to Brax.

“Good,” Brax answered. “Although Noah was up about 20 minutes ago,” Brax told her. “He’d wet the bed.”

“Ahh I thought we were done with that,” Charlie sighed as she rubbed her forehead. “He hasn’t done it in so long and he’s been good through the day. I thought he’d cracked it.”

“I know,” Brax exhaled. “Anyways, I thought I’d get the sheets and his underwear washed for you but eh...” Brax scratched the side of his head. “There’s these tablets and these capsule thingys and this liquid...” Brax trailed off. “And then there’s all these different letters on the machine and then mini-load, hand-wash, delicates, cool wash,” Brax gave a little shrug. “Do you need a degree to use this or something?”

Charlie gave a little laugh as she picked up the box of tablets. “Well these are for the dishwasher so I wouldn’t go using them,” Charlie said as she moved them to the side. “It’s only one sheet and a pair of underpants, yes?” Charlie questioned and Brax gave a little nod. “So, it would be a mini-load and only one of these capsules will be needed,” Charlie took a capsule out of the box and threw it into the machine. “And we don’t need to bother with this,” Charlie put the liquid and the capsules and tablets back into the cupboard and set the machine to go. “It’s simple really.” Charlie told him.

“Only simple if you know how,” Brax replied. “Maybe I’ll need you to teach me.”

“You should know how to work a washing machine, Brax,” Charlie sighed. “You’re a 30 year old man.”

“Well I went from living with my mum to living with you,” Brax answered. “I’ve never had to do it and I don’t know, you seem to like doing it.”

“No,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “I do it because if I didn’t it wouldn’t be done.”

“What so you mean you don’t like to iron or clean the bathroom either?” Brax gave her a cheeky smile.

“Urgh,” Charlie moaned. “Cleaning the bathrooms are the worst,” Charlie sighed. “Maybe I should actually get Bianca to turn you into a domestic goddess before I let you move back home.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Is that just because you want to see me in your flowery apron again?” Brax grinned.

“You wish you could wear that again,” Charlie laughed before they met with each other’s gaze. “So eh,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Are you busy Wednesday morning? I know you have work at night, but you’re free till then, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Brax questioned.

“I’m taking Ruby into the city for a mother daughter day,” Charlie told him. “Thought you could hang out with the twins then hand them over to Melanie when you need to start work.”

“Eh yeah,” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “Of course.”

“Great.” Charlie smiled.

“Speak of Ruby; she’s not home for April’s yet.” Brax said. He didn’t want to get Ruby into trouble, but he knew Charlie needed to know.

“No she won’t be,” Charlie said. “She’s spending the night.”

Brax widened his eyes in shock. “You’re okay with that? This time last month you’d be freaking out if she wanted to spend the night at Romeos.”

“I know but,” Charlie clicked her tongue. “She’s....April is different. You know it’s like you said. April can’t get Ruby pregnant and that was always my main worry before, but now, it just feels different and they’re going to do it whether they’re having sleepovers or not so....” Charlie gave a little shrug. “This way keeps things a little more peaceful.”

“Fair enough,” Brax exhaled before looking down to his watch. “I should probably get back to Bianca’s.” Brax pointed to the door.

“Oh, of course.” Charlie sounded a little disappointed that he was going to leave.

“Unless you wanted me to stay?” Brax heard the tone of her voice and saw the look on her face that suggested she wanted him to stay, even if it was just for that little bit longer.

“I...yeah,” Charlie answered and a little smile crept onto Brax’s face. “I don’t mean in that way. I don’t want you to stay so we can...well, you know, I eh....” Charlie swallowed nervously. “I thought it would be good if we just hung out and....talked. You’d be sleeping at Bianca’s still.”

Brax gave a little nod. He wasn’t entirely sure what was going through Charlie’s mind lately, but, he knew that he needed to gain some trust back before he was invited back to the house. “I know,” Brax gave her a little smile. “I’d love to stay longer.”

“Good.” Charlie smiled as she made her way through to the living room with Brax following after her.


Ruby and April were lying in April’s bed, Ruby lying on her side as April was beside her, gently massaging her side as Ruby had complained that it was sore. “I really wish that you would go and see a doctor,” April sighed lightly, worried for her girlfriend. “It doesn’t hurt to be sure, you know.”

“I’m fine,” Ruby sighed. “Seriously, don’t turn into my mother.”

“C’mon Rubes, we’re just worried,” April told her. “We love you so much and just want to make sure that you are okay.”

“And what if Sid tells me something really bad is wrong?” Ruby spoke quietly as she turned in the bed to face her girlfriend. April rested her hand at the back of Ruby and started playing with her hair. “I don’t want to hear that.”

“No, it would suck but you have me, and your mum, Dex, Bianca, Leah, Brax,” April exhaled. “You’d have a huge support network. And you know, chances are it’s going to be nothing. Just a little bug or something.”

“What if I am pregnant?” Ruby spoke tentatively.

“You think you might be pregnant?” April widened her eyes, really hoping that this was not the case. Of course she’d already dreamed of committing herself to Ruby for life and hoped one day they would be able to have a couple of children, but right now a baby was not ideal. Especially when their relationship was still starting out and Ruby still seemed a little unsure on her true sexuality. There was no doubt in April’s mind that Ruby enjoyed being with her, but it was what Ruby saw herself as that was causing a worry for April and perhaps a baby with Romeo would give Ruby an excuse to stop perusing whatever she felt for April and be with a man, like many people believed was what was the right way to live.

“Well there was a couple of times where we didn’t use protection, but,” Ruby shook her head. “I don’t really think I am pregnant but that might explain the sickness right?”

“I guess,” April sighed. “What other symptoms have you had again?”

“I’ve felt really tired, pee’d a lot more, sore heads, cold, the really warm, you know like fevery,” Ruby exhaled. “All that stuff - minus the fevers because as far as I am aware they don’t come at all - come later on in pregnancy, no?”

“I don’t know,” April gave a little shrug. “I’ve never been pregnant before. Maybe you should talk to your mum about it.” April suggested as she continued to stroke Ruby’s hair.

“No way,” Ruby gasped. “She would freak out big time,” Ruby said. “And it doesn’t really explain the sore sides either,” Ruby said. “I don’t think I am pregnant.”

“Well maybe you should still take a test to make sure,” April told her. “Wouldn’t hurt, would it?”

“I guess not,” Ruby exhaled. “But how am I supposed to buy one?” Ruby asked. “If I buy one in this town it’ll be all over town before I’ve even pee’d on the stick.”

April laughed a little. “Maybe not,” April said. “Besides, you’re mum’s not long in took a test herself. They come in packs of two right? Or maybe she bought a two pack. I actually have no idea.”

Ruby gave a little shrug. “I’ll check when I go home tomorrow,” Ruby said. “But I’m certain I’m not pregnant.”

“Well I think there is something wrong,” April said. “You’ve not been feeling right. Sore heads, feeling tired all the time, being sickness, pains in your side....” April trailed off. “Please promise me you’ll go to the doctors. If not for your sanity, for mines.”

“Why are you so bothered?” Ruby sighed.

“Because I love you so much,” April replied. “And you can’t just ignoring this hoping it’ll go away,” April said. “Please, Rubes.”

“Maybe,” Ruby swallowed. Truth was she knew she probably did need to go to the hospital but she was scared of what they would tell her. “I’ll see how the next few days go first.” Ruby said and April exhaled lightly wishing she would go right away but didn’t want to keep pushing at her to go.

“Okay,” April wasn’t going to keep on at her. She didn’t want to force her if she really didn’t want to; after all it was her choice at the end of the day. “So, speaking of Romeo, sort of anyways,” April screwed her face up a little. “Have you spoken to him much since you told him about us?”

“I’ve never really see him around,” Ruby answered. “He’s probably avoiding me like I am avoiding being seen in public.”

“Oh you are?” April questioned. “Like because of bumping into Romeo or....the me and you thing?”

“Bit of both really,” Ruby answered. “I know most people are going to know now, but, well it’s people from school. The ones who will actually be cruel,” Ruby pursed her lips together. “Then there’s your mother to deal with.”

“Uh, don’t be too worried about her,” April said. “She’ll come round eventually.”

“But will she?” Ruby questioned. “You can’t force this on people,” Ruby exhaled. “People tend to either be supportive or not, there’s rarely an inbetween.”

“Bianca changed her mind,” April answered. “Mum could be the same.”

“No,” Ruby shook her head. “Not everyone is going to be the same. Bianca might be able to change but not everyone will.”

“Well it’s not really up to my mum who I date anyways,” April said. “I’ve made my choice and I am extremely satisfied with her,” April gave Ruby a smile before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on her lips. “And as for Romeo, he’s hurt right now, but he’ll get over you and meet someone else to fall madly in love with.”

“Thanks for making me sound so easy to replace.” Ruby mumbled.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that,” April said. “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have you.” April lightly caressed Ruby’s cheek as she gave her a smile.

“Urgh,” Ruby scrunched her nose up. “Don’t go all soppy on me.” Ruby said and April gave a little laugh before they shared a soft kiss, before cuddling together to sleep.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 58

“So, I know it’s really early, but, I’ve been thinking about baby names.” Brax told Charlie.

“Already?” Charlie questioned. “Bit early don’t you think?” Charlie scrunched her face up a little. They were only 6 weeks into the pregnancy and hadn’t even started telling everyone yet.

“Yeah that’s why I said I know it early,” Brax gave a little laugh. “Guess it’s not crossed your mind yet?”

“I’m just trying not to throw up right now.” Charlie answered.

“Been that bad?” Brax questioned.

“Not really,” Charlie answered. “Just if I smell fish. Or mention fish.” Charlie put her hand onto her chest as she swallowed back, already proving her theory right.

“Sorry,” Brax exhaled, of course feeling bad that Charlie had to go through this. “But what do you think of Annabelle or Alexander?”

“They’re long,” Charlie answered. “Ruby, Noah, Ella, they’re short and sweet. We need one to match.” Charlie said.

“Oh we’re matching kids’ names?” Brax screwed his face up a little. “We don’t choose one because we like it, we chose one that matches?” Brax gave a little laugh. “Oh hello,” Brax looked passed Charlie as Ella walked down the hall, rubbing her tired eyes as she walked into the room.

“Daddy?” Ella furrowed her eyebrows. “Why is you still here?” Ella climbed up on the couch, taking a seat on Charlie’s knee.

“I’m just talking with mummy,” Brax smiled down at his daughter. “Why are you out of bed?”

“I a dream,” Ella sighed. “We all crushed by a big huge fly.” Ella held her hands out really wide, Charlie and Brax believing she was showing them how big the fly was.

“Oh no that’s not very nice is it?” Charlie said as she rubbed her daughters back.

“Yeah,” Ella nodded her head. “Was funny.”

“You’re a strange child,” Brax ruffled his daughter’s hair. Ella looked down for a moment, before bringing her hand out to touch Charlie’s stomach. “Don’t.” Brax went to bat her hand away fearing she was going to punch her, but Charlie reached out and moved Brax’s hand.

“It’s okay.” Charlie said and Brax watched in amazement as Ella gently rubbed Charlie’s stomach.

“Whoopsies okay,” Ella told Brax. “I to play and help.”

“Ah well this is a surprise.” Brax smiled up at Charlie.

“Mmm yes, Ella and I had a little chat and all seems good right now,” Charlie told him. “You’re happy about getting a baby brother or sister, right?”

“No no mummy,” Ella looked up at her with a sort of frown on her face. “Only a sister. No boys.”

“Well one of them is going to be disappointed,” Brax exhaled. “Question is who do you want it to be?”

“Well there’s no doubts that Noah would get over it a lot quicker than Ella would,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “But I’d actually like another boy, if I am being honest.”

“Yeah make it two of each,” Brax smiled. “But a girl definitely would make it easier with this little one.” Brax tickled Ella’s side causing her to giggle.

“Yes a girl,” Ella moved her hair from in front of her face. “Mummy you know what?”

“What?” Charlie looked down to her daughter, intrigued at what she was going to say.

“Uncle Casey got stuck,” Ella gave a little giggle. “In my slide.”

“Did he?” Charlie gave a little laugh at the image that appeared in her head.

“Yup,” Ella giggled. “He goed red cos we all laugh.”

“Poor Casey.” Charlie bit her lip to stop her laughter.

“He hurted here.” Ella sit the side of her legs.

“Yeah I bet it did,” Charlie answered. “Fancy you all laughing at poor Uncle Casey.”

“It was funny,” Ella held her hands out to the side. “Too funny.”

“Right you,” Charlie stood up with Ella in her arms as she giggled. “Say night night to daddy because I am taking you back to bed.”

“Goodnight daddy.” Ella waved to him.

“Goodnight petal.” Brax smiled at his daughter as she continued to wave.

“I’ll be right back.” Charlie smiled down at Brax before walking down the hall, taking her daughter back to her bed.


Ruby walked into the surf club, a huge grin on her face as she waved over to April. “Hey,” April smiled at her girlfriend as she took a seat next to her. “Someone looks awfully happy.”

“I took a little test this morning.” Ruby told her.

“Judging by the look on your face it was negative?” April questioned and Ruby nodded, the huge smile still present. April breathed a sigh of relief. “Great,” April smiled. “You talk to your mum about it?”

“Oh God no,” Ruby shook her head. “I did not need her freaking out at me. Especially if it was going to be for no reason, which thankfully it was,” Ruby exhaled. “But no, I just took the test and hid it at the bottom of the trash.”

“What if she notices the other test is missing?” April questioned.

“Well she’s just got herself knocked up, so, I’m thinking she won’t need another one for a while. Well I’m hoping she’ll never need another test at all,” Ruby gave a little shudder. “You’re lucky you don’t need to deal with this from your mum.”

“I dunno,” April gave a little shrug. “I would have liked a little brother or sister. I guess not now because my mum is in her late 50’s so it would be a bit gross.” Now it was April’s turn to shudder.

“Yeah exactly it is gross.” Ruby scrunched her face up.

“But you’re mum’s not exactly over the hill,” April exhaled. “She’s what....32?”

“32 and a half.” Ruby told her.

“Oh yeah because that extra 6 months makes all the difference,” April rolled her eyes. “Seriously, I don’t get why you complain about your mum sometimes. She’s like awesome compared to my mother,” April exhaled. “And she’s been so great with you over this whole gay thing too. I would have loved to get that kind of support, but instead I get thrown out the house from my sister and have a mother who forbids me to be gay.”

“I’m not gay though,” Ruby told her. “I’ve told you that plenty a time.”

April looked rather offended. “So what are you?” April questioned. “I mean we do some very gay things.”

Ruby shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not putting a label on it, I told you,” Ruby sighed. “I like you for being you and that’s all.”

“So what about when you told me you thought you were bisexual?” April questioned. “Was that just to shut me up?”

Ruby looked at April as she bit her lip. “Sort of, I guess.” Ruby didn’t mean to hurt April, but she was so scared of admitting that she must have been at least bisexual. She knew she wasn’t gay; she felt herself being attracted to men and enjoyed being with them, but also liked being with April just as much.

“I thought we had this sorted, Rubes,” April sighed sadly. “You want to be with me, right?”

“Yes,” Ruby raised her voice. “But it doesn’t make me gay.”

“So I guess we are nowhere nearer to us being like a normal couple in public?” April questioned. “We still need to hid away even though half the bay no about us anyways?”

“Like I said, its people from school I don’t want knowing,” Ruby pursed her lips together. “It’s the way it has to be so take it or leave it.”

“You’re not being fair, Ruby,” April said. “I gave up being with Violet for you, but, for what?” April questioned. “So I could hide my relationship away forever?”

“At least you are getting to be with me.” Ruby retorted.

“Oh yeah some relationship this is turning out to be,” April stood up from the chair as she shook her head at Ruby. “I’m not going to put up with this Rubes.” April said before she walked out of the surf club, leaving Ruby sitting alone.


“Ruby are you ready to go yet?” Charlie questioned as she shouted down the hallway. It was now Wednesday and Charlie and Ruby were going to the city to spend the day together.

“Almost,” Ruby replied. “Will you keep your hair on, jeeze.” Ruby came out of her bedroom and walked into the living room, where Charlie was ready and waiting on her daughter.

“Enough with that attitude as well,” Charlie told her. “I only asked if you were ready,” Charlie watched as Ruby put her shoes on. “I’m not going away with you if you are going to be in this mood all day.” Charlie told her daughter.

“I’m not in a mood.” Ruby snapped up at her mother.

“Yes you are,” Charlie replied. “You’ve been in a mood ever since Monday when you had that fight with April,” Charlie exhaled lightly. “Just talk to her, apologise and move on.”

“I’m not apologising,” Ruby sighed. “I’ve done nothing wrong. April stormed off in a mood because she isn’t getting things her way.”

“Ahh so you are fine with everything being your way right now then?” Charlie questioned. “Relationship’s take some compromising Ruby and you can’t expect her to hide away forever.”

“You know what, mum,” Ruby exhaled. “I don’t really think you are in any sort of position to be lecturing me on relationship advice considering your husband is currently living elsewhere after he cheated on you, do you?” Ruby said. “He wouldn’t have cheated on you if you were the perfect partner you clearly expect me to be for April,” Charlie pursed her lips together as she look to her daughter. Today was supposed to be a nice day for the two of them where they spent time together, doing fun things. They certainly weren’t supposed to be arguing. “I’m going to the bathroom,” Ruby said before she marched out of the room, slamming the bathroom door shut. Charlie exhaled as she sat down on the couch and ran her hand through her hair. Ruby sure didn’t deserve to be taken to the city and have money spent on her today that was for sure, but Charlie knew if she cancelled on the day she would only make Ruby worse which would make things even worse for Charlie. “Mum,” Charlie heard Ruby’s voice shouting through the house. “Mum, come here.” Ruby demanded.

Charlie exhaled lightly as she stood up from the couch and walked to the bathroom door, stopping outside. “Rubes?” Charlie questioned.

“Come in,” Ruby told her. Charlie opened the door and walked in to see her daughter standing up, looking over the toilet. “Have a look.” Ruby gestured down to the toilet.

“I’m not sure I want to,” Charlie screwed her face up. “What’s wrong Rubes?”

“There’s blood in my pee.” Ruby answered with a worried look plastered on her face.

Charlie rubbed her forehead. “You’re not just due to start your period are you?”

“Not for 2 more weeks,” Ruby answered. “What’s wrong mum?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie shook her head. “But blood in your pee is never a good sign so we’re going to the doctor. Along with all the other symptoms you’ve been having lately it’s safe to say something isn’t right,” Charlie took a deep breath, feeling a little worried for her daughter’s health. “C’mon, we are going to the doctors now.”

“But what about our day out?” Ruby questioned.

“It’ll have to wait,” Charlie told her. “Let’s go.” Charlie gestured for Ruby to leave the bathroom and she took a deep breath before walking out the room and Charlie followed worried for what the doctors may tell her.

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Thanks for the comments.

Chapter 59

Ruby had told Sid of her symptoms and he’d had a feel of and a listen to her stomach, and worriedly to both Charlie and Ruby, he’d taken chest X-rays, to get a look at her kidneys. “Right,” Sid came back into the room after looking over the x-ray results. “We’d like to take some blood tests if that’s alright, Ruby.”

“Blood tests,” Ruby widened her eyes. “Are they really necessary?”

“I’m afraid so,” Sid told her. “We’d like to get to the bottom of this as I am sure you would to,” Sid exhaled. “It’s just a simple blood test,” Sid said. “Nothing to be frightened of.”

“Except I hate blood tests,” Ruby gave a little shudder. “Really, you can’t just tell from what I’ve told you and the x-rays?”

Sid pursed his lips together as he glanced briefly at Charlie before looking back to Ruby. “We really need to take the blood tests.” Sid said. Ruby took a deep breath as she rubbed her arm.

“Really, there’s no other way?” Ruby looked terrified at the thought of getting a blood test.

“Rubes you stick a needle into yourself every day.” Charlie looked to her daughter, perplexed. She would have thought Ruby would have been used to needles, given she needed to inject herself with insulin every day.

“Yeah but I don’t take gallons of my blood out, do I?” Ruby questioned. “I’d like to keep that in me. We need blood.”

Sid gave a little laugh. “I’m sure I won’t take gallons. Just a few tablespoons will do.” Sid took the equipment he needed from the drawer, before putting a clean pair of gloves on and ripping the needles and little tubes for the blood from their safety bags. Ruby took a deep breath as she held her left hand out and looked away from her right arm. Charlie stood up from the chair and walked over to her, and took hold of her hand.

Ruby looked up to her mother, away from Sid and the needle he was about to put in her arm. “We’re still going to go to the city, right?” Ruby questioned before wincing as she felt the prick of the needle.

“We’ll see when we are done here,” Charlie told her. “But most likely we’ll still go in for a bit, yes.” Charlie answered.

“Good,” Ruby smiled. “There’s this dress I am just dying for,” Ruby told her mother. “And it’s not hundreds of dollars before you say it.” Ruby sighed.

“I wasn’t going to say anything.” Charlie shook her head.

“Good,” Ruby answered. “Maybe we could buy you a nice new dress too,” Ruby suggested. “You can wear it to work tomorrow and get Brax all wild for you.”

Charlie gave a little laugh. “I’m not going to wind him up.”

“You’re no fun,” Ruby sighed. “Besides you should take every chance you get to wear nice dresses right now because pretty soon you will be all fat.”

“Gee thanks,” Charlie exhaled. “That’s every reason not to buy a new dress right now anyways. I’ll only get a few months out of it then it’ll be just sitting in the wardrobe for ages.”

“But they’d be pretty,” Ruby told her mother. “Seriously, I’m not letting you leave until we buy you a new dress.”

“Rubes sweetie, I don’t need a new dress.” Charlie exhaled.

“Need doesn’t come into it,” Ruby said. “You’re getting one, end of.”

“Going to have a fun day out I see,” Sid laughed lightly as he looked to Charlie who just shook her head at her daughter. “That’s me done.” Sid gave Ruby a smile as he put a cotton wool pad over where the needle had been and instructed Ruby to press it down tightly, before he placed a band-aid over it.

“Well done baby,” Charlie put on a baby voice as she spoke to Ruby. “We’ll get you a wollipop for being a big brave girl.” Charlie said as she rubbed her daughter’s cheek.

Sid gave a little laugh as he bagged up the blood tests so he could send them down to the lab. “Shut up,” Ruby scolded her mother. “But yeah, I’ll have a lollipop.”

“Well I’ll let you go to get your lollipop,” Sid spoke with a little grin on his face. “Eh the results should be back from the lab in around 5 days, so I’ll give you a call and you can come in and we can discuss them.”

“So are you expecting something back?” Ruby questioned as she jumped down from the bed.

“Like I said, we’ll let you know once the results are back.” Sid told them.

“Surely you have something on your mind if you’ve had the tests done though?” Charlie questioned. “You can’t give us anything?”

“I don’t want to say anything that will cause unnecessary worry,” Sid exhaled. “Just wait until the tests come back and we know for sure.”

“Right, let’s just go to the city mum,” Ruby looked around to her. “C’mon.” Charlie pursed her lips together, feeling Sid was holding something back, but right now, there wasn’t much that she could do about it, she’d just have to wait until the blood results came back and they were told either way. She thanked Sid for his time before leaving the hospital with Ruby, going to take her to the city as first planned, and hoped, for now at least, that she would forget about the results to come and just have a nice day with her daughter.


“Cheer up,” Bianca handed April the smoothie as she took a seat on the beach next to her sister. “It’s the holidays. No school for 6 weeks, lie-ins, parties...you know, fun. It’s supposed to be fun,” Bianca pulled a funny face, trying to make April laugh. “Aww c’mon I’m not that bad to hang about with, am I?”

“It’s not you.” April shook her head.

“Well then talk to her,” Bianca raised her eyebrows. “The only way you two will fix things if is you talk. This whole ignoring each other thing only makes things worse.”

“I tried calling her a few times, actually,” April sighed as she moved the straw around her smoothie. “She rejected my calls. Or just ignored it till it went to her voicemail, I don’t know, but either way she didn’t answer,” April gave a little shrug. “I don’t think wanting our relationship to be public is being too unreasonable so I don’t actually see why I need to be the one to make the first move and apologise.”

“I don’t really understand,” Bianca screwed her face up. “I thought after Ruby’s little outburst in the restaurant you were public knowledge anyways?”

“Yeah to like Leah, Marilyn, Roo, Alf, Irene,” April sighed. “Colleen wasn’t there so it won’t be around the whole town, just a select few know, you know, the people that were there,” April gave another shrug. “I know it’s scary but her mum is so supportive over anything she does and I mean she has me and....it’s the kids from school she doesn’t want to get hassle from.”

“Well maybe coming out in the holidays will be better for her,” Bianca said. “She won’t see them as much but people will start to know if they see you around so once she does get back at school it won’t be so bad.”

“Yeah try telling her that,” April sniffed back, feeling herself getting upset about it. “She’s just dead against anyone else finding out and we can’t kiss or hold hands or anything in public, but behind closed doors....” April trailed off. “It’s like she’s two different people.”

“I understand that you want a normal relationship with her, but, it’s her first girl experience. It’s going to be hard and maybe she just needs a little more time.”

“But she’s really my first girl experience too,” April said. “And I want to let everyone know. I don’t care who knows I love her. I’d shout it out in a room full of people if I could,” April exhaled. “I just....you know she’s just so hot and cold and I....maybe this isn’t what she really wants but she just doesn’t want to hurt me,” April pursed her lips together as she rubbed the side of her head. “But then she slept with me. She wouldn’t do that if she didn’t really like me in that way, would she?” April rubbed her forehead as she sighed, completely confused at what was going on with her and Ruby right now.

“I wouldn’t think so,” Bianca answered. “But only Ruby knows the answer to that.”

“Well she tells me she does,” April sighed. “But all this keeping it quiet thing, I don’t get it.”

“You kept that you were gay to yourself for a long time,” Bianca told her. “This is something pretty huge in someone’s life and people take time to come to terms with it sometimes. She might feel comfortable around you, but when it comes to everyone else, people who are going to judge her, it won’t be as easy.”

“But I know that,” April said. “I had you throwing me out and now mum, the guys at school,” April clicked her tongue. “I’m going to be getting the same abuse, the same nasty comments if any are going to come our way. You know we can help each other through. She’s not going to be alone.”

“You’re just going to have to keep trying to get her to see that,” Bianca spoke softly. “But, don’t push too much, it’s the worst thing you could do right now.”

“So I’m supposed to just be a big push over?” April questioned.

“No but you two just need to find some common ground.” Bianca answered.

“Not holding my breath that that’s going to happen anytime soon then.” April sighed sadly.

“Well I hate to break it to you April, but relationship’s we’re never made to be easy. It’s all about give and take and compromising.” Bianca put her hand onto April’s back and rubbed it gently, seeing she could do with a little support.

“Not sure Ruby knows the meaning of the word compromise,” April mumbled. “So far it’s been her way or no way.”

“Well maybe there’s a lesson in this,” Bianca pursed her lips together. April looked to her questioningly, wanting her to expand. “The grass isn’t always green on the other side.”

“Huh?” April screwed her face up. “I not sure I know what you mean.”

“You’ve like Ruby for a while, yes?” Bianca questioned and April gave a little nod. “And you broke up with Dex to give that a shot?”

“I broke up with Dex because I knew I was gay, not necessarily for Ruby. I mean it was months before I plucked up the courage to tell her I liked her.”

“Right, but, still,” Bianca exhaled. “You’ve wanted to be with her a long time and now you finally have her, she’s not living up to expectations, is she?”

“Well right now it’s not what I thought it would be, no,” April shook her head sadly. “So you’re saying I should just give up on her now because it’s never going to be as good as I imagined?”

“Not necessarily,” Bianca shook her head. “You could still get that. I’m just saying that things might not always go how you hoped they would, that’s all.” Bianca wrapped her arm around her sister, allowing April to rest her head against Bianca’s shoulder.

“Well no offence Bianca but I really hope you are wrong,” April exhaled. “I really want us to be able to make this work.” April pursed her lips together, hoping that she and Ruby could soon talk and be able to sort out Ruby’s fear of going fully public, so they could be happy together.

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Thank you for the comments.

Chapter 60

Charlie walked along the hall of her house and into the living room where she took a seat on the couch next to her daughter. They’d just gotten home from the city and she’d let Melanie go home and was just checking on the twins, who were both sound asleep. “They alright?” Ruby questioned.

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded her head. “Both sound.” Charlie gave a little smile.

Ruby smiled before pursing her lips together. “I’m sorry for being a bit of a bitch this morning,” Ruby spoke quietly. “Didn’t really deserve to get those new clothes today, did I?”

“Oh well in that case I’ll take them all back.” Charlie gave a little laugh as she saw the look on Ruby’s face.

“You wouldn’t?” Ruby questioned, not able to read if her mother was joking or not.

“No,” Charlie answered. “But it’s alright. Just try not to let it happen again for a while. I don’t like it when you talk like that.” Charlie tucked Ruby’s hair behind her ear.

“I’ll try my hardest,” Ruby answered before looking down. “Mum,” Ruby mumbled. “I’m scared for the test results.” Charlie clicked her tongue as she gently pushed Ruby’s chin so she was looking at her mother again.

“Me too,” Charlie was honest with her daughter. “But it’s not going to be anything we can’t handle, hmm; us Buckton’s are made of tough stuff.” Charlie lightly rubbed Ruby’s cheek, causing her to smile a little.

“I don’t feel so tough,” Ruby sniffed back. “It took me so long to let you take me to the doctors. It took me a while to tell you I’d been feeling unwell.”

“Well the main thing is you have now,” Charlie said as she continued to rub her daughter’s cheek. “And they’ve done tests and will be able to tell us what’s wrong,” Charlie exhaled lightly. “And we’ll deal with it, whatever it is, yeah?”

Ruby pursed her lips together as she gave a little nod. “I’ll be alright, won’t I?” Ruby asked. “It’s not going to be anything life threating, is it? They’ll be able to fix me.”

Charlie bit her lip, hoping this was the case. “Like I said, I’m sure it won’t be anything that we can’t deal with.”

Ruby gave a little nod, having to hope that her mother was right. “So,” Ruby raised her eyebrows as she changed the subject. “Going to wear your new dress tomorrow, let Brax see what he’s missing?”

Charlie exhaled. “He’s not really missing it on his choice, is he?” Charlie questioned. “I’m the one making him....miss out,” Charlie furrowed her eyebrows. “He’d quite happily move back home in an instant.”

“You are going to let him, right?” Ruby questioned. “Like you’re not over for good?”

Charlie shook her head. “I love him so much and I miss him. I know I still see him all the time, but, him not being around the house, not having him in bed beside me.....I hate it.”

“So then ask him to move back home,” Ruby sighed. “You can work on your trust with him still in the house. I think you’ve punished him enough.”

Charlie rubbed her forehead as she bit her lip. “I know.”

“So at least tell me you’ll think about it,” Ruby rubbed her mother’s arm. “The twins miss him being around and you know he’s my father figure too,” Ruby exhaled. “I don’t have anyone to moan with about you right now in this house.”

“Hey,” Charlie lightly hit Ruby’s shoulder. “I hope you two don’t sit and moan about me.”

“Of course not,” Ruby cleared her throat. “I just mean if we ever needed to, you know, we have each other there.”

“Hmm,” Charlie sounded unsure. “Well I’ll think about letting him moving back home if you promise me you’ll think about getting things sorted with April.”

“I guess that’s fair,” Ruby scrunched her face up. “Well I’m going to try all my new clothes on again.” Ruby gave a little squeak of excitement as she stood up from the couch and picked up all the bags before running off to her bedroom, leaving Charlie sitting wondering if it really was time to let Brax move home, because, as Ruby had said, they can still work on gaining the trust back with him in the house.


“Looking hot,” Brax looked Charlie up and down as she walked behind the bar. “Been getting a new dress?” Brax kept staring at his wife as they spoke.

“Yeah, Ruby made me buy it yesterday,” Charlie told him. “Wouldn’t let me leave the shop till I did so....” Charlie looked down as she patted the side of the dress. “And then she made me wear it today,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “Does it look aright?”

“Mmm hmm,” Brax nodded. “It’s gorgeous,” It was a simple blue V-neck dress, the sleeves cutting off just after the shoulder, and it flowed down to just above her knee. “Really suits you.”

Charlie gave him a smile as their eyes caught each other’s gaze. “Brax, I’ve been thinking -”

“Table 6 wants another round of cocktails,” Henry put the order down on the bar. “Hey Charlie.”

“Hey.” Charlie gave him a smile before he walked off into the kitchen.

“Right, best get you to work eh?” Brax said as he took the cocktail shakers down from the shelf, handing one to Charlie and keeping one for himself. “5 cosmopolitans, 2 sex on the beaches and one mojito.”

“That’s a lot of cocktails.” Charlie raised her eyebrows. Usually they’d get one or two a night, sometimes, not even any.

“Hen party,” Brax told her. “It’s been pretty wild,” Brax raised his eyebrows as he stared at his wife. “I think that blonde one on the end has the hots for me.” Brax gave a little laugh.

“Of course she would,” Charlie got the rum for the mojito and poured some into the cocktail shaker. “You’re totally irresistible right enough.” Charlie gave Brax a cheeky grin.

Brax smiled back at her before looking up as someone was making their way over to the bar. “Hello,” Brax addressed the woman standing before him. “What can I do for you?” Brax smiled at the blonde haired woman he’d just been talking about.

“Just wondered if you wanted a hand making the cocktails?” The woman asked. “I’m pretty good with my hands so I could shake them up well.” The woman gave Brax a wink as Charlie bit her lip as she added mint leaves to the drink.

“Nah you’re alright eh, why don’t you just go take a seat and we’ll bring these across when they are ready.” Brax started to pour the cosmopolitans in the glasses as Charlie did the same with the mojito.

“You sure? I wouldn’t mind at all.” The girl licked her bottom lip seductively.

“I’m really sure.” Brax answered with a smile.

“Well if you change your mind you know where to find me.” The woman walked back over to the table and gave Brax a smile as she sat back down.

“You know you are just encouraging her with all the little smiles she’s getting.” Charlie told him as she made a start to the sex on the beach cocktails as Brax put the others onto a tray to take across to the table.

“Have to be nice to the customers,” Brax said. “That way we’ll get more tip money.” Brax gave Charlie a cheeky grin before he lifted up the tray and walked over to the table, Charlie keeping an eye on the woman as she was just able to make out what they were saying to Brax.

“Can I get you ladies anything else?” Brax questioned as he put the cocktails on the table. “Anyone for dessert?”

“I’ll take you.” The woman grinned up at him before running her hand over his chest.

“I’m not sure my wife would be very happy if I went home with you eh.” Brax said as he moved her hand from his chest and started putting the empty glasses onto the tray and a couple other ladies at the table laughed.

“Well she doesn’t need to know.” The lady raised her eyebrows.

“Hmmm,” Brax raised his eyebrows as he looked up Charlie who was listening intently to see what Brax would say next. “No thanks. I’ll just get those other cocktails for you.” Brax walked back over to the bar and took the empty glasses from the tray.

“Going to score tonight, aren’t you.” Charlie placed the rest of the cocktails onto the tray.

“C’mon Charlie, she’s just a little tipsy and having fun. It’s her mate’s hen do eh.” Brax exhaled as he looked back to the table, upon hearing all the ladies bursting into laughter.

“Doesn’t give her the right to be all over my man.” Charlie replied as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Oooh someone is a little jealous.” Brax gave a little laugh.

“I’m not jealous,” Charlie exhaled. “Like I said I just don’t appreciate her being all over you.”

“She’s hardly all over me,” Brax laughed. “She’s just enjoying herself and it’s not like I’m going to let anything happen. I wouldn’t ever, okay. I mean that Charlie, you’re all I want.” Brax lightly rubbed the side of her arm. Charlie gave him a little smile as she let her arms fall back to her sides and her hand lightly brushed against Brax’s.

“I know,” Charlie gave him a smile. “Anyways, you best get those cocktails out to them.” Brax picked up the tray and took the drinks out to the table as Charlie watched him, the smile on her face only growing larger.

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