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FANTASTIC fic, pembie. MANY thanks for posting it !!!

Re the final 2 chapters, I especially LOOOOOOVED ……

 Putting her keys in her purse Gina turned to leave but the long dark shapes of the school lockers gave her good reason to press herself up against her now locked office door with terror, as the towering school lockers towered over her. Normally Gina didn’t have a fear of the dark but there was something about being in darkness of an empty and eerie school that gave her the willies.

 What’s Bianca helping you with tonight?”

“Chemistry” Indi said giving a quick wink to Ruby.

“Yes that’s right chemistry she teaching us what chemicals go with what you know? Hopefully it will give us great satisfaction afterwards” Ruby said smiling.

“Well Bianca is a very good teacher.”

Suddenly there comes a very loud cackling sound, pretty much like the sound of a witch’s evil laugh come from inside the classroom.

Ruby and Indi smiled up at Gina who looked to be frozen to the spot then slowly the classroom door creaked open.

Stood in the doorway Bianca stood smiling her long blonde hair flowing magnifying about her slender looking shoulders. In her arms she cradled her little baby son Rocco, who was gently sucking on his tiny thumb. Bianca then began to speak her voice was nothing short but heavenly, it just had that smoothing quality to it that could put you at ease.

“Gina I wasn’t expecting you to be still here.”

Gina moved herself to stand in the doorway, so she was standing in the light from the classroom.

“Some late night marking to do you know what its like.”

Bianca smiled.

“Oh Gina you work too hard.”

Bianca stepped further out of the classroom doorway and looked deeply in Gina’s eyes. Upon catching the sight of Bianca’s beautiful eyes Gina could feel herself drifting off. Bianca then started to speak softy.

“Gina go home put your feet up, relax forget you have seen Ruby, Indi and myself tonight forget you heard my witch’s laughter.”

 Bianca and Braxtor both gazed down to baby Rocco, as he entered his trance like state once more.

Being the son of a witch had given Rocco some very special powers. The doctors had been somewhat confused after his birth, when he would use his powers to drift in and out of these trance like states, where Rocco could go and see through the eyes of animals or even wooden dolls such as Romeo’s doll Mr Oddly. And that was how Braxtor had been able to keep track of the one he suspected to be Pinocchio. Ever since Rocco had been born he had been spying on Romeo through the eyes of Mr Oddly.

 “Indi are you sure we haven’t done the wrong thing here? I mean look at him his just so dreamy.”

Upon hearing Ruby’s sudden doubts Indi fought back the great need to slap her. Romeo had played them both and now was the time to dish out some effected revenge on the spineless douchebag this was no time for having doubts.

 Romeo was so taken back by the stiffness of his leg that he didn’t spot Dexter walking awkwardly towards him while trying his best not to whack himself in the face with the surfboard he was carrying. It was a fair thing to say that Dexter Walker was the number one geek of Summer Bay and most days he was happy on his laptop blogging and playing warcraft. But after spotting a girl he liked who was completing in the upcoming surf carnival Dexter had decided to bite the bullet and at least try one surfing lesson.

 “Goggling what, what are we safe from?” Romeo asked.

“Shark attacks plus we don’t have to panic about getting eaten by the Loch Ness Monster either.” Dexter said seriously to an amused looking Romeo.

 “Now that long object which you’re holding under your arm is called a surfboard. And it goes in the blue stuff over there which is called water.” Romeo said.

“Oh my word I do believe you are mocking me here Romeo, its either that or you’re a really bad teacher.”

 The ENTIRE final sequence that starts with ……Dexter looked back but couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing in place of where Romeo’s leg should of been was a long plank of wood. …..

AND ends sooooo greatly with ……And for Pinocchio he was lucky to have pity taken upon him and now lives with Ruby, she cuddles him every night before going to sleep.

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