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REALLY enjoyed that, especially …….

 Now it was fair to say that Ruby Buckton and Indi Walker’s feelings for one another boarded along the lines of pure hatred. What would cause such a dark feeling as hate between two pretty girls such as Indi and Ruby? Well the answer was simple enough and that would be a spineless guy. At first they had thought that this guy was the most prefect most desirable person they had ever laid their eyes on

Not only did he have a name which would melt any girls heart Romeo. But he also had the body, everything from his short light blonde hair to his tinkling brown eyes and prefect muscular chest that he enjoyed showing off by rarely wearing a top. And if that wasn’t enough to get any girl to go into a flutter about, Romeo was close to being a pro surfer and would happily show off his surfing talents with anyone who would book themselves in to have a surf lesson with him. But even with all this going for him Ruby and Indi no matter how much they loathed each other agreed on one thing and that was Romeo was a douche.

 Romeo should have been more careful when choosing Ruby and Indi as the two girls to play against each other, because Summer Bay High had just started to take some very interesting nights classes, which were taught by a very beautiful but also very mysterious Italian teacher named Bianca Scott whose talents spread much further than just teaching in a normal classroom, as Romeo would soon come to realise how far Bianca talents went.

In the darkness of his room Romeo tossed and turned while being in a very troublesome sleep. Somewhere amongst his troubled dreams lay a warning that danger was ahead for him, if he didn’t stop acting the douche.

Hearing a slight knocking at his chest of drawers across from him, Romeo jumped. With his eyes open wide he gazed across at his wooden little doll sat upon his chest of drawers flopped over slightly.

Romeo had no idea where he had gotten this wooden doll from, who had named Mr Oddly. He had just always seemed to be there with that creepy looking grin of his and his dead like stare. Sometimes Romeo could of swore that his eyes glowed red while sitting in the darkness of the nights while Romeo tried to sleep. Tonight Mr Oddly’s smile was the meanness he had ever seen it.

Romeo thinking he was just being silly punched the softness back into his pillow and went back to sleep. While Mr Oddly sat watching him knowing full well that Romeo had been a very, very, very bad boy.

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