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Liar Liar (by Lucii) - comments

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WHOA !!!! That was certainly a VERY different “take” on what happened to Bianca!!!!

Soooooooo intense and GREAT, especially ......

 Drink after drink was knocked back, he danced with everyone and made funny sarcastic jokes all night long to get out of going home.

 The way she looked at him was no longer in love but purely as though she despised him and that he made his skin crawl.

 “He does love you” Miles slurred looking at Brax impatiently. “Just like I love Leah but she doesn’t seem to appreciate it” he slurred again. Bianca put her hand on Miles’s arm sympathetically.

 Brax rolled his eyes as the pair became louder and slurred words at each other and the others they knew.

 “No” Bianca tried to act firm before letting out an explosive laugh which was seemingly contagious as Miles started aswell. “No mummy”

 grinning at Bianca who sobbed quietly although he couldn’t see her tears or hear her cries. Her entire body throbbed with the pain for what had turned out to be a simple mistake of a kiss had turned into an unforgivable crime.

 She became a social recluse, getting April or Irene to go out for her whenever possible.

 What he’d done was unforgivable to everyone including himself, he just didn’t want to face the consequences now he realised the extent he’d gone to. He switched off the light, leaving the computer to blare brightly for the first person to return home, to find that he was truly gone forever...

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