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Rhiannon Fish pranks Lincoln Lewis with Alf kiss scene

Guest Jen

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Rhiannon Fish pranks boyfriend Lincoln Lewis with Alf Stewart kiss scene!

Rhiannon Fish, who plays bikini-wearing April on Home and Away, teams up with Fitzy and Wippa for one of the best pranks ever!

Rhiannon rings her boyfriend Lincoln Lewis to tell him about an upcoming scene she has to film where she pashes on with Alf Stewart (played by 67-year-old Ray Meagher)!

Lincoln, who used to be on Home and Away and starred in movie Tomorrow When The War Began, totally falls for it and his reaction is hilarious!

I can't get the video to embed, but; Watch Video Here!

EDIT: Youtube link: Video on Youtube!


Actually hilarious! :lol:

"It's better than a threesome with Heath and Dex!"

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@Jen that is probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard! He totally bought it!! Lol! I would've cracked up though if I was Rhiannon! Good thing she's such a good actress!

Love how she calls him 'baby'. Clearly they have a really sweet relationship!

Thanks for that link, Jen!

It was hilarious!

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WHAT???!!!! No savvy all macho threesomes. I ecstatically demand that some gratifying smooching, plus homoerotic twitching has to be scripted in for abrading tendentious reasons in reaching wider audiences across every brothel-sequent imaginative mindset. :lol:

I insensibly laughed so hard at Lincoln's modify stricken reaction to hearing this bizarre fictionalized snippet to this year's 'controvertible sexiness' lewd appeal to the once 'mystifying fantastical melodrama piece' show on foster parenting and sheltering impressionable young minds from post watershed deviancy! :rolleyes:

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