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Teenage Dream

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That was SURPRISING and COOOOOOOOL, especially.............

 as amazing as it was Charlie just felt her and Roman love run dry over the last few weeks and it wasn't the same as when they first got together.

 ‘I sure as hell didn't wait until Amanda sees Teghan they will never stay in the same room as each other ‘Charlie said.

 There she was Jack was hugging her I couldn't help but feel jealous. Jack saw Brax and made his way over to him.

‘Mate you made it?’ Jack said.

‘Yeah mate we did so which chicks party is it?’ Brax asked.

‘It's my cousins Charlies she just there in the black dress’ Jack pointed.

‘Legs is your cousin’ Brody said ‘that’s bad luck mate.’

 Charlie had decided to get a pair of flats out of Leahs room were she found Roman and Teghan pashing on Leahs bed.

‘OMG Roman’ Charlie said turning around and running down the hall.

 Charlie what’s wrong?’ Amanda asked.

‘Mandy I just Roman pashing Teghan’ Charlie cried.

‘OH MY GOD I'll KILL HER ‘Amanda said going to find Teghan.

Roman and Teghan were gone from Leahs room, so Amanda went quickly to the living room she saw Teghan grinding up against someone and ran up behind her.

‘You stupid bitch how dare you kiss Roman’ Amanda said slapping Teghan across the face.

‘Oi you bitch’ Teghan said before grabbing Amanda’s hair.

 ‘I heard what happened and if you ask me that guy is an idiot’ Brax said.

‘Yeah or maybe it was me’ Charlie said.

‘No Charlie that guys was an idiot and Teghan is just Teghan’ Brax said.

 ‘Yeah, Yeah trouble with a capital T I’m told especially this Darryl Braxton’ Charlie smiled.

 she gently kissed his cheek and walked into Leah house. Brax sat there touching were her soft lips once lay on his cheek and couldn't help but feel butterflies in his stomach, he had never felt this way about a girl before.

 Night don't dream to much about me =P x

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Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments! :wub: You are amazing :D x

Charlie P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning think of Brax. I picked up my phone and wrote a text.

Morning want to meet in the city for a while before the carnival? C x

Charlie was getting dressed putting on leggings and a slogned t-shirt when she got a text back.

Sure what time? Brax x

9am Jack is going in for then! C x

Perfect see you outside McDs then B x

Charlie walked down the road to Jack house she put on some toast and made tea waiting for him.

When there was a knock on the door.

‘Charlie answer that’ Jack shouted from his room.

Charlie opened the door to discover Roman standing there.

‘Hi Charlie is Jack in?’ Roman asked.

‘Yeah he will be up in a minute come in’ Charlie said standing back from the door.

‘Thanks we're going to the city’ Roman said.

‘Yeah I know I have a few thing to do so I’m going in to’ Charlie explained.

Jack soon appeared and knew I was going to be an awkward drive to the city.

Brax P.O.V

I couldn't believe she text me this was going to be the best day, spending time with Charlie in the morning and then the carnival this evening. I quickly got dressed and got Brody to drop me into the city, he was a month older than me I couldn't wait to get my jeep.

‘So what are you doing in the city’ Brody asked.

‘Just going to meet Charlie’ Brax admitted.

‘Really? Legs? you are one lucky man Brax’ Brody admitted.

‘Hey now you have Stacey and it's just as friend’ Brax explained.

‘Brax I know you since forever you can never just be friends with a girl especially one as hot as legs’ Brody said.

‘Maybe I’ve changed I just want to get to know her she only finished it with pretty boy’ Brax said.

‘Yeah I suppose! Well good look with that, if you want a life home give me a ring’ Brody said.

‘Ok thanks mate and please don't tell anyone’ Brax asked.

‘Your secret is safe with me’ Brody smiled.

Brax was standing outside McDonlads waiting for her. He saw a girl with a fish tail plait, a white long top and leggings he knew it was her.

‘Charlie’ Brax waved getting her attention.

‘Hey Brax’ Charlie said giving him a hug.

‘So where do you want to go?’ Brax asked.

‘Will we get some take away breakfast and sit in the park’ Charlie asked.

Perfect Brax said as they went into a small Cafe picked up breakfast and 2 coffees.

Charlie and Brax sat on the grass.’

‘So how did you get in you don't drive! do you?’ Charlie asked.

Nope not yet but it's my birthday next month I have a jeep just can't drive it yet! Brody dropped me in’ Brax admitted.

‘Cool I’m not 16 for a whole year so annoying as you know I suppose you were at my party’ Charlie laughed. ‘The drive here was awful Jack failed to mention Roman was going to the city with him.’

‘Really? That would be awkward I haven’t seen Tegs yet not that I want to’ Brax said.

‘Yeah well you will see her later at the Carnival’ Charlie said ‘are you syked?’

‘Yeah I am actually going to whip the Bays butt’ Brax said.

‘Oi ‘Charlie said hitting him in the arm. ‘The Bay has me on their team they are so going to win’ Charlie laughed.

‘We will see!! Let the best team win’ Brax laughed rubbing his arm Jack was right she good throw a punch.

‘So how did you and Teghan get together? If you don't mind me asking’ Charlie asked.

‘Well we were 13 and Brody had told me she had a huge crush on me, Brody is going out with Stacey who Teghan best friend so he heard it from her. So we were with each other the whole time anyway so then one day she kissed me and it went from there’ Brax said. ‘Now how did you get together with pretty boy?’

‘It was summer 2 years ago and we were starting to go to the beach together also starting high school. I had started doing surfing comps and well he wanted to start doing him so through helping each other surfing we ended up getting closer ‘Charlie explained. ‘So that really how it happened.’

Charlie and Brax sat talking about their friends until Jack rang Charlie to say he was heading back to the Bay.

‘Jack I just bumped into Brax would you give him a lift back to the River he has to call Brody otherwise’ Charlie asked.

‘Yeah of course see you in 5 bye’ Jack said.

‘You didn't have to do that’ Brax said he was upset she didn't tell him they met up.

‘Its ok Brax Jack won't mind. I didn't tell him we were meeting up because Roman was there otherwise I would have’ Charlie admitted.

‘Its ok Charlie come on we better go you know how Jack is’ Brax smiled relieved that she wasn't ashamed to be meeting up with him.

‘G'day mate what bring you to the city? Are you syked for the Carnival?’ Jack asked relieved there was someone else in the car on the way back home.

‘Just had to meet a friend! Yeah can't wait now looked like there was going to be good waves this morning’ Brax said.

Jack and Brax made light conversation the whole way until they got to Brax house.

‘Well I’ll see you all at the carnival Thanks for the lift mate’ Brax smiled making Charlie melt.

‘Bye Brax’ Charlie smiled.

At the Carnival

The boys had all done there rounds of course Brax topped his age group much to Roman annoince. Charlie and Teghan categories was up next Amanda had been put in the over 16s and Charlie the under 16's. Charlie and Teghan were out in the water waiting for the perfect wave Charlie had already started paddling out towards the wave before Teghan got a chance as Brax and her friends watched on Brax had to admit she was talented. Teghan took a wave so was good but not great. Charlie and Teghan both took the next wave both paddling Charlie went to take the wave when Teghan cut her off and knocked her under, Charlie felt her board hit her head as everyone looked on Teghan took the wave but there was no sign of Charlie, her board soon popped up lifeguards started running everywhere, Jack started running into the water along with Hugo. Brax was walking back to the beach after answering a call when he saw someone being lifted out of the water by Jack.

‘What going on? ‘Brax asked.

‘Teghan cut Charlie off going in for a wave and she went under Jack has just brought her in’ Brody said.

Brax went down to where a lifeguard was giving Charlie mouth to mouth. Brax could feel his heart beating faster what if she didn't wake up he only knew her for a few days she couldn't be taken from him already. Charlie started coughing up water when a doctor said it was best they took her to the hospital to get checked out. Jack jumped in the ambulance with her.

Charlie got to the hospital and told Jack to get her a mag and go home and pick her up some clothes and tell her mom what had happened. Jack was only gone when there was a knock.

‘Jack I told you, I would be ok until you come back’ Charlie said.

‘Charlie I was so worried’ Roman said.

‘Well I’m OK Roman Thanks’ Charlie said.

‘But Charlie when you weren't coming up, it made me realise how much I cared about you. I made a mistake Charlie and I will do anything to get you back’ Roman said.

‘Roman look I’m not going to forgive you for pashing Teghan anytime soon, we may be able to be friends again but that’s it. You know as well as I do are feeling for each other aren't what they used to be. I'm not trying to be rude but I’m pretty tired and want to go asleep thanks for calling’ Charlie said flicking the next page of her magazine.

Charlie felt horrible for saying it but he had hurt her and well it felt good to stand up for herself. Roman had gone when Charlie looked up from her magazine, when another knock went to the door.

‘Seriously Roman I’m trying to get some rest get the picture’ Charlie said.

‘Eh sorry maybe ill call back later’ Brax said with his hand on his head.

‘Brax sorry I thought it was Roman please come in’ Charlie said.

‘How are you feeling?’ Brax asked.

‘Good thanks just routine with a head injury I have to stay in over night but nothing a few stitches won't fix’ Charlie smiled.

‘Your lucky you have a thick head or you could be a lot worse’ Brax laughed.

‘Oi ‘Charlie said throwing a pillow at him.

‘Hey now I thought you were tired’ Brax asked.

‘That was an excuse to get Roman to go’ Charlie admitted.

‘Haha I would want him to leave to’ Brax said.

‘Yeah like he cheats on me, he knows our feelings aren't what they used to be and he comes here to ask me do I want to get back with him is he delusional’ Charlie said.

Brax laughed at her ranting over her ex.

‘Yeah well maybe he realised what a loser he was for cheating on the most beautiful girl’ Brax smiled.

‘Yeah well there must be something about Teghan that appeals you all to her ‘Charlie said.

‘Convince for me and the easiness for the other boys’ Brax said.

‘Yeah well maybe I should become like her and not get hurt’ Charlie said.

‘Charlie you will never be like her. Have you seen how guys look at you? You could have any guy you wanted’ Brax said.

‘Yeah, Yeah thanks for the pep talk i'm going to tell everyone the bad ass Brax is going soft’ Charlie smiled.

‘No you won't’ Brax said.

‘Your right I won't it's our little secret’ Charlie winked.

‘And I won't tell and the rebel the good girl Charlie really is’ Brax laughed.

‘Charlie’ Elsie (Charlie’s mother) said.

‘Mum I’m ok I told Jack to tell you’ Charlie said hugging her mother.

Elsie looked at Brax.

‘Mom this is Darryl but everyone calls him Brax and Brax this is my mom Elsie’ Charlie said introducing them.

‘Nice to meet you Brax’ said politely.

‘Yes nice to meet you to’ Elsie said.

Brax couldn't help put see the resemblance between mother and daughter everything was the same except for their eyes.

‘Well I’ll leave you to it I better head back home I have work in an hour’ Brax smiled.

‘Thanks for coming to visit me it was really nice of you’ Charlie said.

Brax left thinking of how much he wanted to be back there with Charlie.

‘Well spill who is he?’ Elsie asked.

‘Mom he’s just my friend I told you who he was’ Charlie said embarrassed.

‘You like him don't you?’ Elsie said.

‘Of course I do we're friends’ Charlie smiled knowing full well what her mother ment.

‘You know what I mean’ Elsie said.

‘Ok I may like him a little bit’ Charlie grinned.

‘A little bit? Never have I once seen you that happy with Roman! My little girl is growing up fast’ Elsie said.

‘Yeah well your little girl needs some rest Mom’ Charlie yawned.

‘Ok I'll call back tonight and try not to dream too much about Darryl’ Elsie said walking out the door.

Charlie soon fell asleep thinking how much longer could she really hide her feeling for him.

Hey Charlie hope your ok! If your able to want to meet up when i'm finished school tomorrow x

Charlie had woken up at 9 p.m. to this message.

Hey I was sleeping yeah sure thing I’ll let you know for sure 2moro x

Ok sweet dreams and speak to you 2moro nite x x

Brax smiled sending the text as he walked in the door from work. He was falling hard for Charlie.

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Thanks for the comments here is another chapter have written ahead a bit so seeing as I had it written I decided to put it up :D x

All conversations will be in Italics :P

Brax P.O.V.

I had been texting Charlie since I had left the hospital we have so much in common surfing, music, choice of foods only thing we didn’t quiet agree on was movie choices but that was a minor detail. She was perfect she asked about me she didn’t care just about herself like Teghan who thought the world revolved solely around her.

'Brax come on are you going to school today?' Heath asked from Brax bedroom door with Casey in his arms.

'Yeah Mate make me some breakfast I’ll be up in a minute' Brax said throwing the blanket off him.

Brax quickly sent a text to Charlie to remind her that they were meeting up after school today.

'Gordos parent are going to the city for the day' Heath smiled.

'Yeah maybe we could miss school today we did go yesterday' Brax smiled.

'Darryl!' Cheryl shouted 'can you mind Case today I’ve just been called in work.'

Brax rolled his eyes 'Yeah Mom no problem' Brax shouted back.

'Looks like the boys can come over here now' Heath said.

'Yeah we will play some video games' Brax said.

Charlie P.O.V.

I woke up and saw my uniform hanging up great I had to go back to school today. I quickly got up put on my uniform, my make-up to cover the bruise from the bump on my head and left my hair down in loose waves, I went to the kitchen and grabbed my mom slice of toast as I ran out the door taking a bottle of water from the fridge.

'Bye Mom i’m going to be late' Charlie said leaving.

Charlie walked into school by herself, she could feel everyone’s eyes on her.

‘Did you hear they broke-up?’

‘What was Roman Thinking?’

‘Poor Charlie and on her birthday’

I could hear some of the comments being passed and really wasn’t in the mood for answering a hundred question. I quickly picked up my phone

Hey just wondering r u skipping 2day? C x

I quickly got a message back

No not today :P minding my lil Bro Case Y? B x

Wanted to met up word has got around about my party! :( It’s ok I’ll see u after skool! C x

Come to my house it just me n a few of the boys :) x

Eh K I’ll try get out of skool x

K ring me wen u know! X

Charlie made her way to the office.

'Auntie Gina my head is really sore is it ok if I go home' Charlie asked.

'Of course Charlie do you want me to ring Elsie' Gina asked.

'No I’ll be fine just need to lie down thank you' Charlie said.

Charlie quickly went home and got changed into a pair of uggs leggings and a jumper she picked up her purse and headed to the bus stop. She rang Brax to tell him she would be in the River in about 15 minutes, he said he would come and meet her. Charlie put in her earphones and couldn’t help but feel her heart get faster the closer she was getting, Charlie got off to see Brax standing with a little boy who couldn’t of been more than two.

'Charlie' Brax waved.

'Hey Brax' Charlie said.

'Charlie this is Casey, case this is Charlie' Brax said introducing them.

'Hi Casey' Charlie said bending down to him.

Casey looked at Brax.

'Braxy she pretty' Casey smiled.

Brax started laughing at his brother. 'That she is mate' Brax smiled causing Charlie to blush.

'Will we go get sweeties Casey, I would really like some' Charlie smiled.

'Uh' Casey nodded taking Charlie’s hand.

Brax was amazed at how well Casey was taking to Charlie he never took to people this fast.

'Are you coming with us Brax?' Charlie asked.

'Yeah, Yeah of course I am' Brax took Casey other hand, Charlie and Brax swung him down the road much to Casey delight.

'Your so good with him' Brax said.

'Thanks so are you, he is so cute' Charlie said.

'Braxy up' Casey said.

Brax picked him up while Casey ate his sweets.

'We better head back he is due a nap' Brax said.

'Brax do you think your friends will like me? You know how Mangroe River and Summer Bay don’t get on' Charlie said worried.

Brax stopped 'Of course they will like you, they will see the down to earth girl you are.'

'Thanks Brax Charlie' said kissing Brax on the cheek.

They got back to the house.

‘Bout time we were going to send out a search party for you!! What did you get Case? 'Heath said.

'Whatever' Heath Brax said. 'Guys this is Charlie Pee-wee, Gordo, Brody, Sam and my idiot brother Heath' Brax said introducing them all.

'Nice to meet you all' Charlie smiled the boys all smiled and said the same. Heath and Brody returned to there game Brax was gone to bring Casey to bed so Charlie was left to talk to Pee-Wee, Gordo and Sam.

'So what Summer Bay High like?' Sam asked.

'It’s alright school is school always drama though and i’m the topic of the drama this week' Charlie admitted.

'Oh yeah your party! Pretty Boy is such an idiot' Pee-Wee said.

Charlie laughed 'Do you have nicknames on everyone in the bay?'

'Eh yeah well most people your group is the hotties' Heath shouted while playing the game.

Charlie laughed at them 'the hotties? What?'

'Well you and your friend have to be the hottest girls in the bay' Gordo said.

'Well thanks' Charlie blushed.

'Do you have nicknames on us?' Brody asked.

'Nope I can’t say we have Charlie smiled. Maybe we will have to think up of some now I know the other ‘Hotties’ will love this' Charlie teased.

The Riverboys could see already why Brax liked her she was witty, chatty, stunning and she could hang with the boys what else could you ask for.

'Come on Charlie let see can you win me' Heath said wanting Charlie to play against me on the playstation.

'I don’t know Heath I’m not very good' Charlie smiled.

'Come on one game' Heath said.

'Ok fine but your not to laugh if I’m crap' Charlie said.

'Yeah,yeah' Heath said.

Charlie asked Heath a few questions about the controls and they started the game Charlie ended up beating Heath. Charlie jumped up of the chair.

'Beginners luck' Heath said.

'Sic I’ve been playing the playstation with Hugo and Jack since forever, I won' Charlie laughed.

'Hey you said you never played before' Heath said.

'Haha well I lied sorry Heath' Charlie said.

'Do you want a drink or anything?' Brax asked.

'Yeah a drink would be perfect, I’m just going to gloat some more to your brother abut kicking his ass at this game' Charlie smiled.

'About time someone did' Brax smiled.

The rest of the day had gone to fast in both Charlie and Brax eyes. They were having such fun until Jack rang, Charlie had asked him to pick her up before the boxing tournament which Brax and Heath were in also.

'Ok well I’ll guess I will see you there! Good luck' Charlie said kissing Brax lightly on the lips on his front porch. Brax pulled Charlie in closer to him and intensified the kiss, both could feel the electricity run through there bodies it had been the best kiss they ever had.

Charlie and Brax had both broken away with the sound of a door opening.

'Will we go with Jack to? Brody said he would bring Casey over to his moms until Mom comes back from work' Heath said.

'Yeah we will tell Brody I said thanks, I’ll go get my stuff together' Brax said.

Brax told Charlie to come with him. Charlie sat on Brax bed as he got his boxing stuff together.

'Charlie that kiss was amazing' Brax said unsure of how she would react.

'It was, wasn’t it?' Charlie smiled to reassure him.

'Yeah' Brax said sitting down beside her and laying his lips on her again. Charlie and Brax got lost in the moment until they heard Heath shouting Jack was outside.

They both got up and left the house, both happy at how the day had turned out.

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