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Justice Needs To Be Served

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So, I know I've been away for two whole months! But, I have this story in mind after I saw the Black Balloon with Rhys Wakefield in it! (Lucas) I had this idea, that will be explained in the plot!

Though, I've totally forgot the layout to how to set it up, so I'll copy it from my other fan fiction that I -must- continue.

Title: Justice Needs to be Served.

Type of Story: Medium long (Undecided).

Main Characters: Lucas, Angelo/Nicole, others.

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Angst and Drama.

Warnings: T - involved Mild language, and mild violence.

Spoilers: Well I don't think so, this is generally my own idea that if I was a writer of H/A would have happened.

Plot: Say Tony never told Lucas that there was no Justice for Jack his brothers death, and he found out. Lucas makes a return to Summer Bay. To make sure justice is served for Jack. But while he was there, he receives more news, that Martha had ran away with Hugo, Jack's cousin. How does Lucas take all this? Will Lucas get justice Jack deserves?

Chapter One - Returning to Summer Bay.

'How will this play out' ran through Lucas' mind while he was on the bus from the city, going to Summer Bay. He never knew how it would feel being here without his father and more so his brother. Lucas was raged with anger. How could his own brother a police man's killer run free? The bus had now arrived into a town he once loved. He got off the bus with his ruck sack on his back. This wasn't easy for him, a lump arose in his throat. He had now found the Pier diner and entered it, greeted by an unfamiliar person. Roo Stewart, "Hello, Sir, new to town what may I get you?"

"Uh, no, just returning. Gonna try and get justice for my brother who died, I'll have a mocha though," said Lucas.

"Oh no, who was your brother maybe we know him?" said Roo. Pointing to Irene, Colleen and Marilyn.

"It was Jack," said Lucas.

Irene perked up, "Lucas!" she rushed around and gave him a hug. "I'm sorry Angelo never got justice for killing Jack, was such a terrible time. Then Martha running off with that Hugo Austin -"

"She ran away with Hugo?" asked Lucas.

"Well I thought you knew," said Irene.

"Well now I do," told Lucas.

He had his mocha in peace and then left to go get a caravan and the Caravan park.

Short chapter, I know. But my net is so freaking slow for no reason! And it's driving me mad <_<

What do you think :wub:

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