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What May Come

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Story Title: What May Come

Type of story: Not Sure Yet

Main Characters: Charlie Buckton, Darryl Braxton.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, Drama.

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: maybe sexual not sure depends if story goes that way maybe some violence..

Summary: An old face come back to the bay, will Charlie and Brax get there new begining


Hello Sergant!!!


I can't explain the feeling, like last time I was in a daze of shock. It was only has I looked down at my stomach to see blood pool onto my fingers as I held the would that I realised the bullet had actually hit me. Look at Jake Pirovic I felt my legs go weak and my body give way as I hit the floor watching his silhouette walk calmly out of my house.

Earlier that day

"Come on Charlie some with us, they already think your not coming in today so what's the problem" Brax said as he tried to sway me into going into the city with him and Ruby

"I just.... I'm gonna miss it Brax, my job. We're gonna have our new life in the city but I'm gonna miss being a cop. I just want to fill out my notice completely. You understand don't you".

"Yeah I do but I wish you'd be there today."

As I leaned over to kiss him I couldn't help but think what was ahead of us outside of the bay. I'd come so far from when I'd first moved to the bay, it was weird to think the journey was ending. If I'd have thought back then that I'd be willingly and happily moving to the city with my boyfriend to make up home with teenage daughter I'd have probably laughed or had a panic attack. But here I am and that's exactly where I'm at.

"Can you two get a room please" Ruby announced her entrance into the kitchen with a sentence she's been over using for the past couple of weeks.

"We have and we've chosen the kitchen" I replied.

"Hey Brax, Casey said he would meet us at the diner, he needs to talk to Gina about completing his HSC next year."

"Okay, well we better get off if we're gonna get everything done on time. Charls sure I can't tempt you."

"You can tempt me with a lift to the diner, but going to the city.... Nope" I said whilst giving him a peck on the cheek and darting out with Ruby to the car.


"Okay get going I'll see you guys this evening" I said as Ruby, Casey and Brax left the diner to finalise last minute details with the house we decided to rent in the city and Ruby's uni.

Casey decided to stay in Summer Bay and finish his HSC, Ruby was both happy and sad but Casey would come up to the city for holidays and the weekends.

As I was walking out of the diner I bumped in Bianca, it still hurt that she didn't want anything to do with me. She was my best friend and it felt so wrong to be leaving the bay when our friendship was in such disarray. As she went to walk past me with no eye contact or acknowledgment I turned and called her name.

"Bianca" I called in hope that maybe we could at least talk about things.

"Look Charlie, I have nothing to say to you" was Bianca's reply.

"I'm leaving the bay, me, Ruby and Brax are moving to the city. The house if pretty much boxed up"


"I don't want to leave with things the way they are with us. I can say I'm sorry until I'm blue in the face but its not getting me anywhere. What more do you want me to do. I miss you, I don't want to have lost you permanently" I looked at Bianca searching her face for something that showed she may be open to at least sitting down and talking.

"No Charlie, you made your bed now lie in it. I got dragged into this mess, made a false alibi and had to lie to the man that I love. I can't just forgive that at a whim. Maybe if you wasn't so quick to drop you knickers for Daryl Braxton your life wouldn't be such a mess now and you'd probably feel competent to actually stay in your job instead of running away to the city with your river boy."

I felt tears spring to my eyes but anger got the better of me "All I done was fall in love Bianca. Your not so perfect so come down from your tall perch. The accident wasn't my fault and come to think of it it wasn't Braxs or Heaths, it was Liams. So if you want to blame anyone for him coming of his bike blame him."

"That's not fair Charlie."

"No what's not fair is that my best friend as written me off for something that wasn't in my control. I was unconscious when they done the switch, by the time I'd come to I'm being told this bogus story that you and heath were in the car that hit Liam. Your annoyed that Liam found out that you yet again dropped your knickers for Heath Braxton. You talk about me but at least I can say I love Brax. You used Heath even though you still loved Liam and knew it hurt him you being with him. What would you call that. You know what I feel sorry for Liam, first it was Vittoria then Heath. Don't judge me Bianca when your no better. I never forced you to make that statement so stop blaming me and start taking responsibility as well." Running out of breath and energy I walked away leaving a red faced Bianca standing in the wake of my long tirade.

At Home

"Brax I can't believe I said all those things, she's never going to talk to me again." As soon as I got in I had to speak to Brax to help calm my nerves. I felt bad for the things I had said to Bianca but she had hurt me too.

"Baby, don't be you've been hurting for weeks about this. You probably just had to get it all out of your system."

"Yeah I suppose, how are things on your end."

"We've just reaching the city now, I'm gonna go get the keys to our new place first and sort out the furniture delivery. I wish you were here with us."

"The way I'm feeling right now, so do I. I got to go and get ready to go in, I'll see you later. Love you."

"Love you too babe."

As the line went dead I manoeuvred myself round the mountain of boxes that filled the house to my room to get changed. It felt weird the house being so empty, Leah had decided to go and stay with her parents to deal with Miles leaving. Even though they'd broken up Miles leaving really hit her and VJ hard.

As I finished putting my uniform on I looked in the mirror. For so many years I've been used to the routine of wearing this uniform, scary to think in a couple of days I'd never wear it again.

As I walk to the kitchen to get a drink before calling the station to let them know I'm coming in I see a silhouette walk past the window to the door.

I freeze in shock as I see Jake Pirovich standing in my doorway smiling with a gun pointed at me.

Hello Sergant!!!


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OOhhh awesome start!! I loved what Charlie said to Bianca! No one forced her to lie to the police, she made the choice to do it and I hate that she isnt talking to Charlie! But back to the fiction, yeah, the same lol and hopefully that can sort things out. Oh no, hope Charlie will be okay.

Update soon :)

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This Chapter isn't that long but hope you enjoy x

Thanks for the comments so far :-)

Part 2

As I lay on the floor I try to think but all I can feel is this searing pain running through me. My eyes start to cloud with tears as the pain becomes too much for me to handle. I reach for my phone in my pocket and dial 000 as the operator asks my emergency I can't vocalise a response and my vision starts to blur. The operator probably thinking it’s a prank call says to stop being perverted with my heavy breathing and stop ringing and that there are people with emergencies that need to come though then the line goes dead. I would find it funny if my situation wasn’t so severe.

As another sharp shooting pain sears through me I search for Brax and press call then I do the same for Ruby but neither pick up. I call the station but nothing. More tears flow as it dawns on me how alone I am and in need of help.

I can feel myself getting weaker, as my vision blurs I can't make out the names on my phone, I make out Bianca's name and weakly press the call button. As she picks up I make sob on the line.

"Charlie save it, I don't want to hear it. You were out of line earlier, good luck in the city and goodbye"

As the tears flow from my eyes I hear my phone vibrate.

Hey Charlie, wanted to let you know Jakes got out of prison. We’re all the case now looking for him. You chose a good time to go to the city, maybe you guys should stay there the night. I’ll call you later when I can to update you on the search. Georgina x

I feel my hand give out as a shooting pain goes through my body and my phone to the floor. As I lay trying to hold on for some kind of hope that someone would come, I tried to not panic as I could hear the rush of bloody pounding in my head and my vision becoming blurry. Hoping that this wasn't the end before my new beginning even got to start.

The Beach

"Bianca that was bit harsh, why can't you just let it go."

"Liam I am in no mood right now to discuss this."

"What the fact that your being an absolute bitch to someone who was supposed to be your best friend. I don't actually see what your problem is with Charlie. Your an adult, you chose to go with it. If I can forgive you for lying why can't you do the same for her."

"I'm just so angry, about it all. I was so scared when you got hurt, and then all the lies happened and I felt so bad lying to you. If I hadn't been hooking up with Heath then you never would have felt to leave town and the accident wouldn't of happened. You would have been here with me."

"But it did happen Bianca, me, you, heath, gypsy that's got nothing to do with Charlie or Brax for that matter."

"I know!!! I'm so sorry Liam." As Bianca starts crying Liam holds her in his arms.

"I've been so angry at Charlie and Brax and even Heath because I don't want to look at the choices I've made. I love you so much Liam, I'm so sorry for everything."

"Hey, hey we've both made some questionable choices but we're together now and that's all that matters now. Maybe you should call Charlie back or go see her, I know you've missed her."

As Bianca leans over and kisses Liam "Maybe a bit later, I need to get my head together I'm gonna owe her a big apology for some of the things I've said to her. For now though will you just hold me."

"That I can do." Liam replied.

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