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Wow, this is incredibly well-written.(And you've picked up the grammar and punctuation really well too.)Aden's kind of caught between a rock and a hard place, either way he's going to be left without Belle.Looking forward to more of it!

Thanks Red Ranger but I'm having help with grammar and punctuation from Elissa (eilkell) so can't take all the credit for that :lol:

glad you guys are enjoying it

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Felt sorry for Nicole at the start.Curious to know who that was at the end.Looking forward to more.

Thanks Red

I have big things coming up for Nicole and your find out who was at the end in next part

This is good, I am having a break from reading and writing fanfic now but I do like yours. Belle is so cheeky. I liked the details of the boy and the sandcastle, it was very realistic :)

Thanks Miranda

I have the whole story in my mind and I can picture all my ideas and I just try my best to bring the ideas to life as I write them hope thats coming across

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“Oh yes, torn between two lovers. Oh I’ve been there,” Dexter said dreamily.

“I doubt that very much,” Aden laughed.

“Well maybe not. But I have in my dreams,” Dexter admitted.

“Well what about April here?” Aden said. He nudged his head in April’s direction.

April looked at Dexter with red blushing cheeks.

“No, we’re not a couple, just good friends,” Dexter spluttered. He sprayed Colleen’s apron with chewed hamburger as she rushed past with a mop.

“Oh Dexter. You’ll be a couple soon enough. I have an eye for these kinds of things,” Aden said cheekily.

Dexter was too busy gulping down big mouthfuls of water from the jug on the table to answer. When he calmed down and could talk without coughing, he went on.

Haha :lol: My favourite bit!

Dex never fails to make me laugh! :wub:

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