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Cold Summer (by JosieTash) - comments

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Yay, update!Actually quite glad that wasn't the real Xavier making the moves on Ruby, even if he is still sabotaging her relationship.Did not see him morphing into Billy coming at all.And love Ruby and Billy getting all...procreative.Hope their plan to get Xavier a girlfriend works, love his "Why are you ringing me when I live next door?"Hope Charlie works out Gypsy's code.Looking forward to more!

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Loved Alf reminiscing about his past and Charlie commenting on all Ruby doesn't know about hers. Good that they're on the right track and liked the chat between Ruby and Nicole.And Xavier being Sasha's, admittedly slightly ineffectual, knight in shining armour!I did wonder for a moment if Kyle was Billy when he literally tried to carry Sasha off to his cave but guess not.(Unless he really wanted to get his own back on Xav!)It seems to have had the desired result anyway.

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