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Cold Summer (by JosieTash) - comments

Red Ranger 1

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Some nice banter between Rikki and Bella, especially about dolphins groping them.And woah at both Gypsy's scenes!At first I thought she really was dating Heath but then at the end when it turns out she's undercover...Majorly ironic that Charlie's the one masterminding it all.

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MANY thanks for the AWESOME comments !!!!

I LOVE writing Rikki ….. she’s soooo feisty & smart-mouthed [h2o’s Gypsy as such] …… and as much as I kinda like Charlie/Brax in real H&A, I LOOOOOVE Charlie with a gal pal WAAAY too much in my fics ....so, yeah, she's muchly detached from the River Boys !!!!

Should update within the next week or so !!!!

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Liked the conversation between Ruby and Brett, it was very in character and made me smile in places.Some nice one-liners from Dexter as well, such as assuming Emma had the plan and pondering her breezing her HSC and working in an adult store.Very curious to know who that is at Joey's door...

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Good that Joey's got a friend and I liked the little bit of them watching Dex World.And woah at the end, am I right in suspecting that that's


?Looking forward to more.

Yep, Red Ranger 1, your guess is correct. With the snowy weather about, who better to bring back to the Bay than one of my ALL TIME [2nd only to Gypsy] H&A faves !!!!!

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