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Do you love Chax?

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Love Charlie & Brax as a couple?  

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For some it may be a pretty obvious answer (it is for me..haha). I'm asking this question out of general curiosity and the fact that it's driving me insane that one second they're together and then the next Charlie says 'IT'S OVER' :P

Personally, I definitely prefer them together because I feel they're the hottest couple in the Bay right now since Adelle and JM and they have such great chemistry. Feel free to comment , I would love to know why you prefer them together or apart.

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I'm in two minds!

I love them when they're together because they just seem to have this connection, this magnetism that always brings them back to eachother. There hasn't been another couple like that in awhile so it's interesting to watch!

However, and I have to agree with RR1 on this, Charlie has seriously compromised herself by being with Brax and still carrying out an investigation linked to him! I think the fact that she always has to make the change is wrong; quitting her job! Why can't Brax just quit the River Boys! It may be hard but he could at least try!

I am definitely in two minds!

Sometimes I love them and other times I really hate the path the scriptwriters have written for them!

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^ I agree with everything you just said :)

I'm in two minds with the way things are going how Charlie's compromised herself throughout the investigation and how Brax thinks it's okay for Charlie to quit the force when he said a few weeks ago that he walked away from the boys! He's more involved with the boys than ever!

But they do have serious chemistry and by the looks of the interview they had Esther and Steve get on really well with one another which I guess makes it easier to work with one another. I'm kinda glad that the writers have showed us Charlie can be fun but when it's affecting her work it's time she seriously thought about it

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