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The Cop And The Criminal

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Title: The Cop and the Criminal.

Type of Story: Medium long (Undecided).

Main Characters: Charlie/Brax and others' maybe.

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Romance.

Warnings: T - involved sexual stuff (but not sex).

Spoilers: I apologise if there is.

Plot: Charlie Buckton the local police Seargent and Darryl 'Brax' Braxton, a River Boy known for criminal activity are engaged in a sexual orientated relationship, who both fall in love with each other. But then Charlie discovers she is pregnant, people ask "Who's the Dad?" how will she explain that her mystery lover is Brax? Will Brax handle the news? Are they thrilled or unhappy?

Librarian Note: Please check your Inbox, thanks. :)

Chapter 1: Pregnant.

Charlie discovered she was pregnant, she gasped. This wasn't what she wanted, but excitement soon grew upon her. "How on Earth will I tell him? And my family? Then they'll find out it's Brax's..." ran through her head. She just store at the test long enough to comprehend it. She rang work, telling them she needed the morning off to take care of some business. They didn't ask too much questions and said it was fine, since her commander has come in to help with this "River Boy case".

Charlie went over to Brax's apartment once she saw Casey leave, she knocked and nervously awaited Brax to open the door. Brax opened the door and a smile appeared accross his face, "This is a surprise, thought you were working this morning? Aww, no uniform to take off you...shame," he mused.

"We need to talk, Brax," told Charlie, her hands were pretty much shaking.

"What's the matter? I hope this isn't a break-up," mused Brax.

"Not even close, well after this I hope you'll stay with me," slightly smiled Charlie.

Brax nodded, "Tell me."

"I'm pregnant," stumbled Charlie. She saw Brax's eyes go wide, then a massive grin go across his face.

"We're gonna be having a baby?" asked Brax.

"Yes," smiled Charlie.

"I'm having a baby, with you! The girl I love!" cheered Brax planting a kiss on her.

"How are we gonna tell family?" asked Charlie.

"Just say your pregnant and don't tell them who the Dad is until you're ready, can't pressure you," told Brax.

Charlie left after kissing him to pieces. She went to the diner and annoucned to the town where her whole family were there, that she was pregnant. Heath and no River Boys were there. But she had to tell her Commander that she was pregnant and who the father was before anyone else.

She left then for the station, when she arrived she found the commander in her office with her work partner.

"Hey, thought you got the mornin' off?" asked the Commander.

"Just need to tell you something," told Charlie.

"Alright, spill," said the commander.

"I'm pregnant..." she said.

"Who's the Dad?" her workmate asked.

"I was getting to that, it's Darryl Braxton's. We've been seeing each other for 3 months," told Charlie.

The Commander and her workmate's mouths dropped and Colleen had overheard after coming to complain about Heath.

What do you think? :lol: I had to drop Colleen in it, just to make it a bit tough...;) I have ideas for this! Please comment! I'll update again tonight!

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Please be aware, I'm not good with Colleen's personality - so if it seems off, I apologise here.

Chapter 2 - Consequences and Rivalry.

Charlie sat in the office, unaware that Colleen had taken a seat next to the door just to listen in more.

"So you've been sleeping with the leader of the River Boys gang?" asked Watson.

"Look, I'm not proud of it. But, Brax....to me he's someone different, funny, smart, sexy and...I love him..." mused Charlie.

Both the commander and Watson slightly smiled at the idea of Charlie in love.

"You sure, cause you said you loved Angelo...and that never worked out," said Watson.

"I've never felt so certain about someone in my entire life than how certain I feel for Brax, yes I know he could be using me for his own reasons. But I hope not, when I told him that I was pregnant. Brax was over the moon to say the least, he said that he loved me for the first time," told Charlie.

The Commander smiled, and nodded because he knew exactly what she was going on about. But he only had to do his job, "You know this will exempt you from the case and stop you from doing your detectives exam?"

"Yes, I know. That sucks, I love my job and always wanted to follow my father's footsteps in the police industry. But I do accept this, and whatever punishment you dish out. But I would love to stay on the case, just dealing the Heath stuff. I know you probably think I'm in on it all, but I am not. I'm only involved with Brax, sexually...and since it was a secret, that's all it could be until now...since I'm going public," explained Charlie. She had her hands on her stomach, distinctively since she was pregnant.

"Well, as long as you keep it all confidential, we'll agree to disagree that you can stay on the case. But if Brax comes into it, you have to be proffesional," said the commander. Charlie nodded, then the door moved slightly.

"Seargent Buckton, Miss Colleen Smart is here, to make a complaint of Heath Braxton," told an officer.

Charlie nodded, she exited the office and saw a startled Colleen right next to the door. She became highly aware, "Dave, how long has she been here?" asked Charlie.

"She arrived two minutes after you raced into the office to talk to your commander," told Dave.

Charlie just looked at her, "You want to complain about Heath?"

"Well, I don't know now Seargent Buckton. You seem tight with the likes of Darryl Braxton, so how do I not know you are tight with Heath?" asked Colleen.

"I know you overheard me in there, I know clear that you know. I don't associate with Heath at all, he doesn't even know. Please, tell me what happened," told Charlie. Then Colleen sat down and spilled her guts.

However, Brax met up with Heath, "Heard that the copper's preggo?" asked Heath.

"Mhm, yeah I have. Why?" asked Brax.

"Wonder if the baby of hers will turn out as stupid as her," laughed Heath. Something ticked in Brax.

"Don't say that about her, or the baby. Just getting cruel," said Brax.

"Why do you even care, Brax?" asked Heath. He knew something was up.

"I don't. But while I'm here, I quit, I'm not leading the River Boys anymore and I'm not doing anymore dodgy stuff, I want to have a life on the right side of the law," told Brax.

Charlie was coming over, "Heath Braxton, you're under arrest for the assault of Colleen Smart, you have the right to remain silent whatever you say or do will be taken as evidence and be presented at court."

She cuffed Heath and the others took him away, "What'd he do?" asked Brax.

"Flicked her on the nose," laughed Charlie. Brax just looked at her, smiling.

"You had to arrest him for that?" asked a playful voiced Brax.

"Only way I can stay on the case is if I be professional...they took it rather well, Colleen heard. There's gonna be gossip soon," told Charlie then walked back to her car, Brax followed.

"I'm coming to the station, I want to see what he says, for flicking her nose," laughed Brax. Charlie laughed too.

Charlie, Watson, Brax and Heath arrived back at the station the commander was waiting he saw that Brax was standing next to Charlie.

"You know I'm going to have to tell him and the other boys to the gang before it gets to them?" whispered Brax.

Charlie nodded, "I understand."

Charlie grabbed his hand and he looked at her and his eyes beamed as he smiled. She loved him, she now knew she didn't care what the world thought. Morag then entered and Brax instantly disengaged hands.

"So Charlie, it seems Brax and you are having a child," she mused.

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I love Morag, so this could get interesting with her in it! :)

I'm glad that Charlie is being honest about the baby and Brax and everything.

A very well told story.

Can't wait to see where you take this...

Update soon please :)

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