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What are your thoughts on this pairing? Do you like seeing them together?

I do like them a lot, together. I think Marilyn is very good for Sid, and he for her in a way. I like that they are so different, but it works brilliantly. I really hope that it will be something long-term with those two.

At the moment they are my favorite couple on h&a.

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^Sid too young really? If anything it would be the other way round for me. I think her and Angelo would be a good couple. Having said that, I am enjoying the Sid/Maz storyline so far (other than my grumble with the sex thing), its still early days though so it will be interesting to see how it pans out. The last guy we saw Maz with just before Fisher, was Hayden.

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I'm...kind of ambivalent towards them but I think they're all right and hope they make a go of it.I think they're about the same age, they both seem to be about 40, Sid does have a 17/18-year-old daughter after all(although by Home and Away standards that could make him early 30s...).

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I must admit being somewhat concerned about my dear travelling companion Marilyn Chambers getting involved with a man which such a tainted reputation, but for the time being I think their union is having a very positive effect. She's looking so radiant at the moment, which I can't fault.

I only hope that son of his can keep his filthy mits to himself. If he's looking for a distraction perhaps he should read a little Oscar Wilde to ascertain the true meaning of wit.

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