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  1. Thanks people! That brings back a whole lot I'd completely forgotten. I quite liked the development site storyline. Although H&A bring up the topic of developing SB every few years, it is something that's very relevant to a lot of Australians. I'm not sure if many people outside Australia realise but even though this country is huge, only about 6% is suitable for residential / commercial development and farming!
  2. Hey, do you mind helping out someone who's been watching for ages but just can't remember much from where you're up to? I honestly don't remember Belle and Angelo having more than a drink together. It really doesn't matter now but this bugs me because it's been mentioned a few times but still I don't recall them actually dating or Angelo being a rival to Aden. Can you fill me in as to whether they do date? Cheers!
  3. True. Early Belle in particular was also fashion challenged. Perhaps if Adrian becomes more than guest cast, Nicole will teach her a thing or two about how to not combine 5 different 'looks' into one outfit. Not that Nicole always looks good but the various elements of her outfits go together, making one overall look. But I suppose characters that mix it all up are needed to stop the show becoming Americanised (ie, everyone looking too perfect). Hey, that would make for a funny sub-plot, Nicole the wannabe fashion designer trying to give nanna Marilyn fashion advice but Marilyn not taking it at all well and trying to give Nicole advice in return. It could make a few cute scenes and bring out Marilyn's quirky side again.
  4. he is year 11, so 16-17. In some states, such as Western Australia and South Australia, kids finish school the year they turn 17, although a few may be (just) 18 by the end of the school year if their birthday is in November or December. But in New South Wales and Victoria, they finish school the year they turn 18 due to an extra year in 'prep', or 'reception' making them all a year older by the end of their schooling.
  5. She would have been too young to play her. absoulutely not! Danni Minogue is only 2 years younger than Emily Symons, Danni was born in 1971 and emily in 1969 - that is certainly not a big age difference! The old fashioned clothes and horrible hairstyle make Marilyn looks older.... So with a wig and terrible clothes and awful make up, danni M would have looked just as old... Well, not quite because Danni Minogue still has her face pumped full of botox, her lips full of cow's butt and whatever else she's had done, so she'd look rather odd as 2010 Marilyn. But true, if you Google pictures of Emily when she was in the UK not long ago, she looks younger and far less nanna. ;)
  6. Argh, either I should get to sleep now or this forum is a bit buggy tonight, probably the former. Can't be bothered reposting all I said but... 1. Too late now but I wish it had been revealed whether Mitzy really did have a thing for teenage boys. Even though it was just before she has a seizure, she did intend to kiss Dex again. 2. My guess is Dex is 16 but 15 when he was with Annie. But most likely H&A will keep him in school for the next 4 years anyway, just to drag out his teenagehood.
  7. Pointless comment but I wouldn't call her emo, and what teenager would admit to being emo and "it's more contemporary"? I thought kids didn't like to label themselves?
  8. Come on! Doesn't anyone else have an opinion on Tomorrow When The War Began? Surely quite a few of you in Australia have seen it?
  9. No, their science versus spirituality views would never work long term. I've known couples like that and opposites attract for a while, even 2-3 years if there's a lot of lust but it always ends in disaster. I'd rather see Marilyn with Miles, who'd bring her fun, quirky side back. Of course, Marilyn is the sort of woman who doesn't need a partner to have a full life so she'd be an equally cool character single too. There aren't enough singles on H&A, never have been.
  10. Lincoln Lewis's acting in Tomorrow When the War Begins is dreadful. Yes, the dialogue in the film is utterly abysmal for all of the characters (particularly Elly) but Lincoln didn't even seem to try to rise above those constraints. Going by TWTWB and H&A, he only seems to be able to act angry/aggro, shocked/bewildered... and shirtless. And his attempt at ocker Australian made me wince.
  11. Bianca's becoming over the top bitchy and unrealistically aggressive. They need to tone the character down a bit. No doubt they will and she'll soften but meanwhile her ice queen bitch routine is getting tiresome. When Charlie first arrived she was aggressive too but not in a far fetched way. If H&A are having another go at creating a bitchy turn nice character, they're going about it too strongly. Not that I completely dislike Bianca, there's definite potential there.
  12. Could we get over Joey / Kate already? Who cares about her and her relationship with Charlie, it was last year - get over it!
  13. Or both her surrogate mother (gestational carrier) AND her half biological sister... Bianca's Italian ex could be the sperm donor for April and Bianca's mother's eggs...
  14. Lets hope the stylish Bianca teaches Liam a thing or two about how to NOT dress like a complete dork. Anyone else notice how hideous Liam's wardrobe has become since the Belle days? Surely it would fit Bianca's personality to not want to be romantically associated with Liam in public until he begins to dress a bit better.
  15. Charlie is really getting on my nerves this year. I'm just waiting for her and Angelo to break up over her constant nagging, or perhaps she'll have an affair with his brother Paulo - anything to liven the character up! And am I the only one who has never been able to stand the sister turned mother storyline? Ugh! I cannot stand her as a mother to Ruby, it just doesn't work on any level! I really, really, really hope Ruby doesn't start calling her "mum". But it probably will happen. :/
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