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Donald's Children

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How many kids do Donald Fisher have? Including the dead ones..

What are their names?

Can some one explain how Bobby can be Donald Fisher's daughter? Didn't he knew from the start?

Who's the mother of Bobby, and was it reaveald on the show?

How can Bobby and Alan be sister and brother?

Didn't they date or something?

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4 - Bobby, Rebecca, Alan and Byron

Only Rebecca is still alive.

Morag and Fisher had a one night stand some point in 1972. Since Morag's husband, Richard, was infertile, there was no way he could be the father and so for both her marriage and the shame of her career, Morag told Martha, Alf's now-late wife and she arranged for first off, Morag to move away for a few months and second for a local couple, the Simpson's to take Bobby when she's born. Doris died some point before the show died and Al was abusive, so Bobby was almost left to fend for herself.

So, apart from Martha, I don't think anyone even knew Morag was pregnant. Alf and Morag certainly know who she is by the time she's marrying Frank, but when Morag has her plane crash after the wedding Alf tells Bobby her mother is Morag. When Fisher finds out, realising he had a one night stand 17 years ago, he goes to Morag and asks "Is it me?" and only then does he find out that Fisher is the father.

Bobby finds out that Fisher is the father after Morag's party. Morag is going to reveal all until Lance feigns collapse. However Bobby goes missing and the adults are left discussing things when Bobby walks into Summer Bay House and overhears.

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