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Bay boy bags a Gossip Girl glamour

Guest Mishyy

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COULD a former Home And Away hunk hook himself a Gossip Girl glamazon?

Well, if Liam Hemsworth can manage Miley Cyrus, surely anything is possible?

Luke Bracey, who grew up surfing and playing rugby league on the Northern Beaches, is currently in Paris filming Monte Carlo, a rom-com that is co-produced by Nicole Kidman.

Bracey was spotted strolling around the city of love looking cosy with co-star Leighton Meester, AKA Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl - a fast rise for the buffed blond, who only joined Summer Bay as a troubled teen last year.

As rumours circulated yesterday, Confidential suggests he give Hemsworth a bell for a quick chat about dating world-famous women.


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Well, they are filming a movie together, and Leighton is really touchy feely with all her male costars on Gossip Girl. So I highly doubt it. Plus Leighton has been dating actor Sebastian Stan for several years now. I believe they live together in New York. Lol.

Could be true. She and Sebastian broke up a couple months ago. I remember reading about it somewhere.

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^ Yep, her & Sebastian Stan did break up a while ago. So she is single atm so could be a possibility. And here are some pics of Luke & Leighton hanging out on set, inbetween filming for the movie. They do look pretty comfortable with each other... hmmm? Friends? More? Just staying in character? lol! :P

article00a36269f000005d.th.jpg article00a362455000005d.th.jpg article00a3624f5000005d.th.jpg article00a36259b000005d.th.jpg 70266exmeesterbgr09.th.jpg

This one's just for any shirtless Luke Bracey fans out there... :P


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