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  1. Thanks for the article, was just coming here because i came across one that says the show is facing the AXE? Maybe DanF or someone else can shed some light on this. I don't want to lose my favourite show It was an after-school favourite for millions but Home and Away could be closer each day to the chopping block. With slumping ratings and a new rush of reality shows dominating telly schedules, bosses are thought to be rethinking the soaps furture. The hit soap, which first aired in 1988, is aired in the UK on Channel 5 and Channel Seven down under. Sources blamed the later time slot and a slew of very popular reality shows, such as Married At First Sight which airs on a rival Aussie channel, dominating the national conversation. Channel Seven is said to be 'under pressure' to make changes to its scheduling but could pull the soap altogether. Home and Away airs in Australia at 7pm for 30 minutes, Mondays to Thursdays, in the UK it airs twice, at 1.15 and 6pm over on Channel 5. Back in 1988 the show took over schedules for the evening and it's with a special feature-length 90-minute episode pulled in millions. Fans will remember the tinkly theme tune, Summer Bay's white sands and character stalwarts like Alf, Sally, Pippa and Fisher. The first episode saw Tom and Pippa arrived in the Bay with their five foster children. Fostering was a regular focus of Home and Away's storylines in its early years, with the show's title making reference to children who were away from home. It bourned soap legends like Alf and Pippa, challenged stereotypes by featuring same sex couple policewoman Charlie Buckton having a relationship with guest character Joey Collins back in 2009. Source:
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  3. Ok so here's an update - Feel relieved now. I just don't understand if they knew the cricket was on right from the get go why didn't they officially put the start back date as Feb 18th from the beginning instead of all this to torture? Update Source
  4. Yeah but Lynne says "She Doubts" that's not a "Not True" so not a heart relaxer for me to say the least lol
  5. I don't like this - I've always hated MKR, well all cooking shows, well reality shows in general but GRRRRR A seemingly small programming change for Home and Away has resulted in full-blown doubt over the Australian soap’s future. It all started with the decision to air My Kitchen Rules and Married at First Sight early. MKR and MAFS kick off on January 28, meaning that your mates from Summer Bay are being pushed back until February 18. Yep, another month. But the change doesn’t stop there. What should happen is that MKR sticks to 7pm time slot until the Big Bash cricket wraps up, then Home and Away should return to our screens at 7pm as per usual. HOWEVERRRR Rumours are swirling that if this suck-and-see experiment with programming is successful, MKR could remain at 7pm… meaning that by the time Home and Away returns, it may not return to it's normal 7pm spot. Best case scenario is that it airs 30 minutes earlier. But here's why this seemingly innocuous programming change is actually pretty significant. This time slot shuffling could really be a low-key litmus test for the beachside soap. Despite it being hugely profitable internationally and having consistently strong ratings for three decades, ratings declined significantly last year. New characters and storylines have reportedly been blamed. Seven has options, though. The idea of a later time slot for Home and Away has been thrown around, like 8.30pm, as well as moving it entirely to 7Two. We’ll soon see how this one plays out. SOURCE
  6. Home And Away: The truth about Dieter Brummer and Melissa George’s relationship WHICH of Home And Away’s on-screen couple’s didn’t get on behind the scenes? Which actor was unhappy with the way her character was killed off? And which two scenes does Kate Ritchie still find mortifying? They’re some of the juiciest revelations in the one-off TV special Home And Away: Endless Summer which will air on Tuesday, July 17 to celebrate the program’s 30th anniversary. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the best bits. SHANE AND ANGEL Dieter Brummer [who played Shane] and Melissa George [who played Angel] may have been lovers on the small screen, but those feelings certainly didn’t translate into real life. “There was a lot of pressure on us,” George recalls in the special. “We had to look like the perfect darling couple in public.” They were anything but, though. When asked what the two of them were really like off screen, Brummer makes it clear they weren’t the best of mates. “It wasn’t like anything off screen,” he says with a cheeky grin. “It was all on screen.” Ray Meagher [who plays Alf] adds, “I’m not sure that they got on personally 100 per cent, 100 per cent of the time”. Dieter Brummer with Melissa George Home And Away.Source:News Limited AILSA’S DEATH Judy Nunn’s character, Ailsa Stewart, was killed off Home And Away after suffering a heart attack. But after 12 years on the show, Nunn confesses that she was less than thrilled with her character’s demise. “I was bored witless, it was an awful way,” she says. “I would have loved a glorious death scene, of course. Something a little bit more befitting than clutching your chest with some fake perspiration on your brow and smashing to the floor among the cutlery. It wasn’t very dignified.” Ray Meagher and Judy Nunn during Ailsa’s death scene.Source:News Corp Australia RIVER BOYS ANGER In 2011 the ‘River Boys’ burst into Summer Bay and breathed new life into the TV show. Played by Steve Peacocke, Dan Ewing and Lincoln Younes, the Braxton brothers were a hit with viewers who couldn’t get enough of their bad boy antics. But some of the older cast members of Home And Away weren’t so impressed with them. “Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll wasn’t the basic mission of Home And Away and so to have the show weighted heavily that way, in my opinion, was a bit of a mistake,” Ray Meagher says. Lynne McGranger adds, “with hindsight I can see that it was a successful move because it just made the place a bit more dramatic”. Lincoln Younes, Stephen Peacocke and Dan Ewing, aka the River Boys.Source:Supplied KATE RITCHIE’S MORTIFYING MEMORIES Ritchie played Sally Fletcher on Home And Away for 20 years and won two Gold Logies in the process. But not all her memories from Summer Bay are happy ones. “I often talk about getting my first bra on the tele and how mortifying that is,” Ritchie says in the TV special. “I think I’d been wearing a bra for about 12 months before they realised maybe little Sally Fletcher wasn’t so little anymore, so they needed to catch up. I still remember the scene I think where I walk into the kitchen and I tell mum and dad at the time. It was awful.” But, Ritchie adds, it’s “probably not as awful” as the time she had to kiss a boy on Home And Away for the first time and then sit in her loungeroom at home and watch it with her dad. Cringe. Kate Ritchie when she was just 8 years old.Source:News Limited KATE RITCHIE’S TOUGH TIME When Ritchie finally walked away from the show, she had a hard time adjusting. “This is going to sound ridiculous, but I felt that anything that I had ever done in my life, any achievement or anything great, was because of Sally Fletcher,” she says. “I’ve come to terms with all these things now, but I didn’t feel like Kate had ever done anything. I hadn’t ever done anything and if I had, it had only been because of that show. So that was the thing that really struck me.” Home And Away: Endless Summer will air on Channel 7 on Tuesday, 17 July at 7.30pm. Source
  7. I for one would love the opening credits to return.
  8. My Controls > Edit Avatar Settings > Choose from gallary or upload your own! Tyvm!!
  9. I would like to change my display pic, where can i find the gallery to choose another as it's been awhile and can't remember!!
  10. For such a small town why wouldn't we add another copper! I like him so far but is he permanant or just a guest?
  11. Mishyy

    All Saints

    Hey does anyone know of a site (forum) like this one that contain spoilers for All Saints? I can't seem to find any updated ones.
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