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Where Did I Go Wrong?

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Story Title: Where Did I Go Wrong?

Type of Story: Medium/Long Fiction.

Main Characters: Charlie, Ruby and Angelo.

BTTB Rating: General.

Genre: Romance and Drama.

Does the story include spoilers: No.

Any Warnings: Involves Death.

Summary: Charlie is a detective in the city for the last 2 years she left Ruby and Angelo behind in Summer Bay. A tragic accident leads her to return to Summer Bay what will this mean to the loved ones she left behind?

Chapter One

Detective Buckton theres a call from northern districts hospital on line one. Okay but it through Miss Buckton this is Dr. Williams here theres been a car accident and your daughter Ruby is on her way in can you get down here....yes I am on my way.

Charlie rushed through the hospital shouting for Ruby......please miss can you calm down. Who are you here to see? Ruby Buckton my daughter I got a call that she was here. Oh yes can you come this way please now will take a seat and the doctor will be with you shortly. Charlie sat down for a while then got up and paced wondering if anyone would tell her what happened. What seemed like an eternity a doctor arrived. Are you here for Ruby Buckton? Yes I am Charlie Buckton her mother. Okay come with me please I am afraid your daughter received very serious injuries in the car accident and is in a coma we have managed to stabilise her for the moment but she will need a head CT as soon as possible but you can sit with her for now. Thanks .....actually do you know what happened was there anyone else in the accident? Umh yes I think the police may want to talk to you.

Charlie walked into the room where Ruby was and was taken aback my all the machines, tubes and things attached to Ruby. Charlie went over to Ruby and placed a kiss on her forehead and began stroking her hair. Tears drickled down Charlies face as she watched her daughter. Ruby its Charlie your mother please wake up, please your too young to die. What will I do without you?

Charlie began to reminisce about the times they spent together. Miss Buckton we are ready to take Ruby for her head CT you can go get a coffee in the canteen downstairs and we will let you know when she's back.

Charlie walked through the hospital partly in a daze confused about what had happened how did Ruby end up in a car accident was anyone else involved etc? She was soon brought back to reality her eyes meet him for the first time in two years since she left Summer Bay.

Angelo: Charlie how's Ruby?

Charlie: m...Sorry they have taken her up for a head CT she's in a coma. Do you know what happened? Was there anyone else involved?

Charlie yes there was but I think you should sit down first.

Angelo: Irene was driving the car and Ruby was a front seat passenger. A lorry came straight at them and a massive car pile up happened with five other cars involved.

Charlie: What about Irene is she okay?

Angelo: Charlie I'm afraid Irene died instantly.

Charlie: O God how am going to tell Ruby she's being really good to her taking her in and everything.

Angelo: Charlie there's more...Leah and VJ were also involved they were in another car a few behind. VJ is okay but Leah is not so good.

Stop.....stop I can't take anymore.

Okay Charlie but when Ruby's awake we will need to talk to her.

Chapter 2

Charlie couldn't quite believe what she had come back to. Her daughter fighting for her life, close friends gone never to come back. It still felt strange to Charlie to be back in Summer Bay a place she once called home.

Charlie, charlie she heard the familiar voice call out to bring her back to reality. How's Ruby doing? Oh hi Miles she's still in a coma it's been 4 days since the accident they would know much more until she wakes him. Okay well we are all rooting for her and hope she makes a full recovery. Thanks Miles everyone has been so kind and helpful since I returned and everyone has also been really good to Ruby as well.

Yes the accident I think as shocked a lot of people and hard to believe whats happened. Anyway Charlie I better go but I will be hoping Ruby makes a full recovery. Okay thanks Miles see you soon.

Charlie sat on the beach for another while thinking about everything. It was 11.00 O'clock right better get up and go to hospital. It had been the first day she been able to leave the hospital since she arrived and walking along the beach and actually worked it sort of but her mind at rest.

Charlie arrived at the hospital and went to Ruby's room but she could see that Nicole was in with Ruby so she decided to let her stay with her for a while longer and decided to go get a coffee and see if she could talk to a doctor.

On her way out to get a coffee she met Dr. Williams and asked him if there was any chance Ruby would wake up soon.

Charlie: Dr. Williams can I talk to you for a minute about Ruby?

Dr. Williams: Oh yes Miss Buckton this way.

Dr. Williams: Please take a seat.

Charlie: Its been 4 days since the accident nearly 5 what are the chances of Ruby waking up? When will she wake up?

Dr. Williams: I am afraid I can't answer any of those questions it all takes time. We have been running tests over the last few days and there doesn't seem to be any brain injury. Other than a broken leg she should be okay.

Charlie: So she will wake up.

Dr. Williams: As I said already I can't answer that but we have every believe she will wake up.

Okay doctor thanks very much for your care and assistance with helping Ruby.

Charlie was slightly uplifted by what the doctor had told her but she couldn't help but worry about Ruby and until she woke up she couldn't rest easy.

Charlie then made her way back to Ruby's room where Nicole was still with Ruby talking to her like she would any day. Hi Nicole thanks for visiting Ruby you are such a wonderful friend to Ruby. Charlie you don't need to thank me if it were the other way round I am sure Ruby would do the same. Well I have just spoke to the doctor and he is very hopeful that Ruby will pull through. Charlie I am sure Ruby will wake she is a fighter. Ya its just hard to see her like this.

Charlie came the voice from behind. Charlie turned around to face him for 2nd time since she returned. Uhm yes can I help you Angelo? She still couldn't look at him straight in the face. Fumbling with her words. I just came in to see if there's been any change with Ruby? Ah no she still hasn't woke up put the doctor is hopeful. There's been no brain injury and she just has a broken leg. Nicole got up Charlie I'll see you later I will call in this evening to check how she's going. Okay Nicole thanks very much.

There was an awkward silence between them after Nicole left. Charlie I can go if you want some time alone with Ruby. No its okay you can stay the more people that talk to her, the more familiar voices she heres the better it might be.

Charlie stayed with Ruby for most of day until the nurse managed to convince to go take a rest and get something to eat. Nicole arrived back so Charlie decided she would go then.

Charlie walked into the diner to be greeted by Colleen and again everyone was been so nice and asking about Ruby. Charlie stayed at the diner for a while and then decided to head back to the hospital.

Another day went by and Ruby still hadn't woken. Charlie was beginning to get anxious slightly nervous when suddenly she heard a groan come from the bed.

Chapter 3

Charlie was pacing up and down the corridor occasionally sitting down but she couldn't help put be anxious. After a while the doctor came out. Miss Buckton we have managed to stabilize Ruby but we will have to send her for another CT scan to see why she suffered a seizure. You can go back and sit with her until we are ready to take her for the CT. Thanks doctor. Charlie reentered Ruby's room to see her still unconscious, she looked so fragile.

Charlie was going to get a coffee when she nearly ran into Angelo. Charlie are you okay? No not really. Well why don't you take a seat I was coming to see you anyways. It's Ruby I thought she was going to wake up put she started shaking and they said she was having a seizure they have taking for another CT scan to see whats going on. Charlie I am so sorry to hear that. You said you were coming to see me what for? mmm I am not sure if this is the best time to tell you but I would rather you hear it from me than someone else. I am very sorry Charlie but its Leah she didn't make it.

Charlie cried uncontrollable has the emotions of the last week just came to a head.

Angelo managed to calm Charlie down. He brought her a coffee and they sat in silence the reality of the last few days probably catching up on both of them. Angelo stood up to leave when Charlie reached her hand up for him to sit down again.

I think Ruby will be back from her CT scan I think I will go back to her. They both stood up to leave and Charlie gave Angelo a hug and thanked for his support for the last week. Charlie went back to Ruby's room wondering how she was going to tell Ruby about Irene and Leah when she woke up. Charlie entered Ruby's room and the nurse told her the doctor will be around shortly to go through the results of the CT scan. Charlie continued to talk to Ruby like she had for the last four days with periods of silence sometimes with Charlie just looking at Ruby willing her to walk up. After a while the doctor arrived and said we have Ruby's CT results.

Dr. Williams: Miss Buckton I am afraid Ruby has fluid on the brain and will need an operation to drain it out. This is the most likely cause of the seizure that she experienced earlier.

Charlie: But I don't understand why this only picked up now there was a CT scan done the other day and you said it was clear.

Dr. Williams: Yes I have already started an internal inquiry into that mix up. We will be performing the operation as soon as a theatre is free. This operation has a very high success rate. A member of the surgical team will be down shortly to brief you on the operation. On behalf of myself and the hospital I would sincerely like to apologise for the mix up and the distress this has caused.

A member of the surgery came and spoke to Charlie about the operation but a lot of it went over her has she now had to come to terms with the fact that Ruby had to undergo surgery which came as a shock. After a few hours they came and took Ruby away for her surgery.

Charlie left the hospital for the first time today in a bit of a haze she didn't know what to do or what to think. She got into her car and drove off not really sure where she was going until suddenly she was outside a house she recognised.

Charlie got out of her car and rang the door bell she was about to walk away when it was answered. Tears streaming down her face for the second time today. He just held onto her and brought into the house.

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Chapter 4

I should go I don't even know why I came here. Sorry, sorry I didn't mean it to come out like that. It just been difficult. Charlie you don't need to go you can stay for as long as you need to. No I should go and let you get on with your day.

With that Charlie bolted out the door and drove off.

Charlie went back to her hotel and went to her room. She lay there thinking about the last couple of weeks and everything that had happenend. She also realised she was going to have to tell Ruby about Ierne and Leah which she wasn't looking forward to, but she knew it had to come from her no one else.

The next day Charlie went to the hospital to see Ruby. She was asleep and was told she would be likely be asleep for most of the day. Chalie just sat with Ruby talking to her and hoping she would get better soon. Nicole came to visit as well it was then that Charlie would take a break and go for a walk, get something to eat or just have a coffee. She had also decided today that she couldn't go on staying in a hotel it was too expensive so she decided to look for a house to rent. She looked around and found a nice two bedroom house that wasn't too expensive and decided she would stay there for the duration of her stay in Summer Bay.

She returned to hospital and to Ruby's room and the first thing she noticed was the big bunch of flowers in the vase. Hi Nicole who brough the flowers in. It was Angelo. O that was nice of him. Anyways I think I will get going and come back tomorrorow. See ya Nicole thanks for visiting. Charlie went over and had a look at the flowers and the card and read the message out loud Hi Ruby hope you get better soon and be up entertaining us all soon, Kind regards, Angelo. Before Charlie moved to the city Ruby had discovering she could sing and would often be up singing. Charlie then sat down and began to think about everything that had happened the last few weeks. Charlie couldn't get Angelo out of her head ever since she returned that spark was still there between them. She knew it thats probally why she ran out so quick yesterday and hoped she wouldn't see him today. Charlie knew she couldn't go back there it would just end in heart break.

Charlie was brought out of her thoughts by a nurse its late you should go home get some rest and come back tomorrow. Oh yes I think I might do that.

Charlie returned the next day and Ruby was still asleep but they were hopeful she would wake up today after the operation. Charlie continued her daily chatting to Ruby. She was sitting in the chair and she was suddenely drifting asleep when she heard coughing from the bed.

Ruby its Charlie you are in hospital. The nurse arrived in and put an oxygen mask on Ruby has she was having trouble breathing. You may need to keep this on for a few days your lungs were damaged in the accident. Ruby tried talking but it was difficult. Its okay Rubes you don't need to say anything the fact that your awake now thats enough. Ruby drifted in and out of sleep. She could be like this for a few days Charlie was told.

Three Days Later

Charlie knew she was going to have to tell Ruby about the accident and what happened to Irene and Leah. Charlie decided she would tell her today. The longer she left it the harder it was going to be. Charlie entered Ruby's room and noticed she had no oxygen mask on. Hi Ruby. How are you this morning? Ya not too bad. Charlie sat in the seat next to the bed. Ruby there something I have to tell you, about the accident. Ruby couldn't remember anything about it. Okay ruby said go on. It was a car accident Irene was driving the car and a truck came straight at you, Irene had to swerve to avoid it but there was another car comming there was nothing she could do. Tears were streaming down Ruby's face. Charlie got up and went over to the bed to Ruby and sat on the bed with here. Rubes I am so sorry Irene died on impact. It was Leah in the other car she also died a few days later in hospital. I am so sorry Rubes for all this. Ruby was distraught. Charlie didn't know what to do or what to say.

Ruby had battled hard over the last few weeks and it was going to hard for her and Charlie.

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Chapter 5

One Week Later

It had been a very difficult week for Ruby. Two people very close to her had been killed and it tore her apart. They weren't her family well not by blood but as close as you could get to family. Irene took her in at a difficult time in her life and helped her get through it. Leah took her in when she first moved to the bay and had always looked out for her. Charlie didn't know what to do. She tried talking to her but this would just upset Ruby. Ruby wouldn't let Charlie leave. Charlie could only go when she was asleep and she would have to make sure she was back in the morning before she woke up. Ruby had to be given sleeping pills to sleep has she would get very upset and be waking up in the night.

Charlie was a bit of a wreck herself she wasn't sleeping too well. All she could think about was Ruby and trying to help her. If it wasn't Ruby she was thinking about it was Angelo. No matter how hard she tried to get him out of her head she couldn't. She had avoided for a few days now to see if that would work but it didn't. Charlie also had to decide what she was going to do when Ruby got out of hospital. She though about it and decided when Ruby was up to talking about it she would see if she could persuade her to come live with her in the city. Charlie doen't even know how she is going to bring it up because she knows Ruby loves Summer Bay its where all her friends are, but she decided that could wait for a while. Ruby would most likely be in hospital for another while.

Charlie entered Ruby's room and noticed she was still asleep. Charlie looked at her and thought how peaceful she looked. All Charlie wanted to do was to take the pain away physically and emotionally. Charlie sat in the seat beside Ruby's bed and just watched Ruby sleeping.

A couple of hours later and Ruby was awake. Hi sweetie how are you this morning? Ruby started coughing hey it's okay do you want a glass of water? Ruby nodding her head. She drank the water and smiled at Charlie. It was the first time Ruby had done that and Charlie though there was hope. Ya I am okay. I don't have a headache. Oh thats great Rubes. Maybe I could go outside today I am sick of being in this bed all day. Ruby I will need to check with the nurse but that would be a good start. Hey why don't I go and see if I can find a nurse and get you some breakfast. Charlz that would be great. Charlie thanks for everything the last few days you have been great. Ruby I am your mother I would do anything for you.

Charlie went out to find a nurse and see if Ruby would be able to go out today. Charlie couldn't believe the change in Ruby. She looked so much better and she was much much brighter. Charlie went and got a nurse and told her how much brighter Ruby was and that she wanted to go outside today.

A few hours later and Ruby was in the wheelchair and Charlie was wheeling her down to the canteen. They thought it might be a bit much for her to go outside so they decided to let her go to the canteen for her lunch. Charlie really couldn't believe the change in Ruby. Ruby can I ask you something? Ya okay go on what is it? Well your like a completely different person today not that I am complaining or anything but why the sudden change? Angelo had visited Ruby and talked to her when Charlie was gone for coffee but Charlie didn't know lets just say someone made me realise I was very very lucky. Are you going to tell me who it was? I think I will have a juice and a ham sandwich if you don't mind getting it. Okay.

Charlie went to the counter and ordered the lunch and decided to leave it. They ate there lunch and then went back to Ruby's room. Ruby decided she wanted a rest has she had done a lot today.

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Chapter 6

I have had enough I can't do it. I am sorry I know its painful but it is a necessary if you want to go home. I don't have a home Ruby shouted at the nurse. Okay okay we will leave it there for today but Ruby you have to do these exercises to pervent your muscles from ceasing.

Charlie was once again on her way to Ruby's room. Miss Buckton can I have a word with you the nurse asked. Yes of course what is it? Is Ruby okay?

Nurse: I am considered about Ruby. She wouldn't do the exercises that are neccessary for her to start walking again. She tries but only by me pushing her.

Charlie: I will talk to her and see if I can help.

Nurse: Also I told her that she needed to do the exercises if she wanted to go home but she screamed she doesn't have a home. I know the person she was living with died but she still has family. I don't know if she has seen a counsellor but maybe its time she did.

Charlie: Thanks for letting me know. She has been finding it hard to take but over the last few days she did start to make an effort to get better. I will see if I can get her to talk to a cousellor.

Nurse: Right I will leave it there but let me know if I can help any more.

What the nurse had to tell Charlie about Ruby it shocked her. She knew Ruby was finding it hard but she thought it was getting better over the last few days.

Charlie entered Ruby's room and went over and sat on the bed. Rubes I know it's hard all of this and if I could take your place I would. I hate to see you suffer. Ruby turned away from Charlie and said nothing. Thats what it was like for the rest of the day. Charlie taking to Ruby but no response. Charlie spoke to the nurse and she said she would talk to doctor and they would arrange some counselling for Ruby to see if that would help.

A few more days passed and Ruby was completely unresponsive she wouldn't talk she just seemed very angry. This upset Charlie she didn't know what to do. Her friends stopped comming to visit because she would just lash out at them. Nobody knew what to do. Eveyday Charlie continued to come no matter how angry Ruby got Charlie would keep comming back, Rubes I am not going anywhere, she would tell her.

A week went by and Ruby was still angry she would do things but only if you made her. Charlie left the hospital one day and was very upset she didn't know what to do. She drove around for awhile and then stopped near the beach. Charlie was walking along the beach but was still very emotional. She sat down and the tears just fell. Hi, came the voice from behind, Charlie wiped the tears, but before she knew it Angelo was seating down beside her. Charlie couldnt stop crying and saying where have I gone wrong? How could I do such a bad job. Angelo put his arm around her and said it will be okay.

Charlie told Angelo about Ruby how angry she was and that she didn't know what to do. They talked for ages. I will visit Ruby tomorrow and see if I can help. That would be great. She listens to you and respects you a lot. Angelo thank you for everything you have been great to me and Ruby. I don't deserve it after everything. Charlie thats in the past I have forgotten about it and after everything that has happen over the last few weeks I think it is time you stopped punishing yourself over it. They hugged eachother and said see you tomorrow.

Charlie returned to the hospital the next day with a sense of hope after talking to Angelo. She was determined to make Ruby see the good things that were in her life and that she had so much to offer. Good morning Ruby and a lovely day today she said has she pulled the blind up on the window and opened the window. What are you doing? Ruby shouted. I am getting you up today and you are going to make an effort to get better and that is not going to happen if you continue the way you have being going on over the last week. Rubes I love you and want you to get better. I wish none of this had happened to you but it has and we need to deal with it and get on with our lives. So are you going to get up today? Ruby just lied in bed and said nothing. Ruby please you need to help yourself before anyone can help you. I am going to get a coffee do you want anything? Ruby didn't answer she left Ruby and hoped that she might have got through to her and that she would be up when she returned.

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