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Where Did I Go Wrong?

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Thanks for all the comments.

Chapter 7

Ruby was sitting up in bed reading a book when there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Hi Angelo, Ruby replied. Just thought I would come in and see how you are doing? "Ya I am okay catching up on some reading" "Well I brought you some more hope you like them." Thanks you didn't have to do that. "Ah its the least I could do". "Do you know how long more you will be in for?" Ah no a few weeks I think. I am going a bit crazy I hope it wouldn't be too much longer. Charlie wants be to go back to the city with her. "Do you think you will?" I don't know I haven't decided yet. "Well if you do you will be missed." Thanks Angelo you have been great I don't know what I would do if it werent for you and everyone else looking out for me.

Angelo stayed with Ruby until she had to go for physio. "Bye Ruby see you soon." Thanks Angelo for everything ya see you soon. They hugged and then Ruby went off with the nurse for her physio session.

Ruby had been trying harder in the physio sessions and pushing herself even thought it was very painful. She knew she had to do this if she wanted to get out of hospital.

Charlie arrived and noticed Ruby seemed a bit upset. "Hi Rubes whats wrong?" Ruby was seating in her wheelchair. Charlie sat down and said again "Rubes what is it that has you upset? "I had physio and just really hard and painful". Rubes I know its hard and I wish you didn't have to go through any of this but I am here to help you get better in any way that I can and so are the nurses and doctors. "Can you help me into the chair?" Of course Rubes.

Charlie stayed with Ruby for the rest of the day just talking, playing games, watching tv etc. "I better go before they come chase me out of here, Ruby laughed, I wish you could stay, "me too Rubes". Charlie gave Ruby a hug and said I will back tomorrow see you soon. Bye Charlz thanks for everything.

Ruby was tossing and turning she couldn't sleep. She sat up and put on the lamp beside her bed and picked up her watch to check the time 1.15am. She picked her book and started reading it again but she could really concentrate. She put the book down and turned out the light to try and go asleep again. She continued to toss and turn she just couldn't go to sleep. She was thinking about everything. She hadn't decided if she would go to the city with Charlie. In one way she thought it was probally the best options but than she thought about Summer Bay and how much she liked it. Ruby sat up in bed again and decided to give reading another go to see if that would make her go to sleep.

"Hi Ruby" Nicole come in its great to see you. "Ya sorry I have come in recently". I was visiting my mother and stayed on a bit longer. "No thats fine I am glad your here". Oh ya I brought you a few things hope you like them. "Thanks very much you didn't have to do that". Well I know how exciting this place can be!!ah ah very funny.

Nicole stayed with Ruby for a few hours. Ruby was delighted to just forget about everything for a while.

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Chapter 8

Two Weeks Later

Ruby was finally getting released from hospital two months after the accident. She still had a long road to recovery. She was still using the wheelchair has she wasn't strong enough for the crutches yet. Ruby also had no memory of the accident.

Charlie had been rented a house in Summer Bay and had got a few months leave from work to stay with Ruby. They decided to stay in Summer Bay until Ruby could a least use the crutches.

"Right here we are" Charlie said to Ruby. "Hang on a second and I will help you into the house". Okay. Charlie got Ruby's wheelchair out of the car and opened it up and then opened the car door and helped Ruby into it she then wheeled here into the house. There was a loud jeer and clapping..."Hey whats all this?" Ruby questioned and looked at Charlie. "We thought you deserved a party". Its great mum thanks very much.

The party lasted a few hours with Ruby having a great time laughting and joking with everyone. Charlie was delighted to see her so happy. It was a very difficult time in her life at the moment and Charlie was glad they were able to have some fun at last.

The party came to a close and everyone was going home. "Angelo really you can go you don't need to help clean up". Hmmm 'Charlie it will be quicker if the two of us do it', Angelo replied. 'Well unless you want to stay up all night maybe I will go', Angelo teased. "Fair enought you have good point".

Angelo stayed and helped Charlie clean up. "Goodnight Angelo thanks for everything". 'No problem Charlie see you soon'. Charlie was tired and ready to just fall asleep but she decided to check on Ruby first. "Hi Rubes, do you need anything?" 'I'm fine, thanks for party it was great'. 'You and Angelo is there anything you want to tell me?' Ruby teased. "Ah no were just friends it was his idea to stay and help tidy up". 'Well you have been spending a lot of time together'. "Rubes there is nothing going on". 'Okay okay if you say so'. "I am going to bed is there anything you need?" 'No I am fine thanks'. "Goodnight Rubes". 'Night Mum'.

The next day Charlie and Ruby decided to go to the diner for breakfast and then Ruby was going to meet Nicole. Everyone was comming up to Ruby and asking how she was and wishing her well. Charlie and Ruby finished breakfast and Charlie dropped Ruby at Nicole's and she went and did a few errands.

"How's thinks with you and Aden?" Everythings fine. "Ah Nicole that didn't sound to convincing, your as bad as Charlie". No really everythings fine. What did you mean I am as bad as Charlie? "Well Charlie has been spending a lot of time with Angelo recently and he stayed to help clean up after the party and when I asked her about it she was like were only friends and thats all". Well maybe they are. "Ah Nicole I have seen the way the look at each other and the way they are when there together". Hey I thought you came over to watch movies. "Ya okay what are we watching?"

Ruby and Nicole watched movies and ate popcorn for a few hours before Charlie picked Ruby up to go home.

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Chapter 9

Ruby hadn't been sleeping very well for a few days. All she could see when she closed her eyes was the accident. For the third night in a row Ruby lay awake wanting it all to go away.

Other than being reminded of the accident every time she closed her eyes everything else was going very well. Her recovery was comming on very well. She was able to get up by herself and get into her wheelchair and move around by herself which Ruby was glad about. She hoped to be able to start using crutches soon and eventually be able to walk again.

Charlie and Ruby were on the way to the hospital for her physio session. "Your very quite this morning is everything okay?" Uhh ya fine. "Rubes please if there is something wrong you will tell me?" NO there is nothing wrong. "Okay, okay if you say so". "I need to go back to the city for a couple of days to check on things do you want to come". Ah...Ah ....maybe I don't know? Looks like someone got out of the wrong side of the bed charlie muttered under her breath. What now? Ruby said. Oh nothing. For the rest of the journey there was silence.

"Ruby thats excellent", the doctor said. "You have made better progress than we thought you would at this stage". "I think its time you had a go with the crutches". "Do you think your ready?" "Ah ya okay" Ruby replied halfheartly. "Okay we will have a ten minute break first". "Charlie can I have a word with you". Yes what is it? "Ruby doen't seem herself today, is everything okay?" "No actually I was going to talk to you about that". "She hasn't been right for a few days she wouldn't talk to me about it." She keeps deny anythings wrong. "Okay I will have a word with her, well it doesn't seem to affecting her recovery which is a positive".

Ruby managed a few steps with the crutches after persisting with it. "Right we will leave it there for today" the doctor said. "I can keep going for another while, Ruby replied". Ah no I think thats enough for today. You can take the crutches home and practice at home. "Do you have any questions or do you want to talk about anything". No I said I am fine. Well if thats it. "Yes you can go". Charlie looked on as Ruby climbed back into her wheelchair and went off to the car. She knew there was something up with Ruby but she knew not to push her she would tell her when she was ready.

They left the hospital and in the car Charlie said," do you want to go to the diner for something to eat? Yes that would be nice, Ruby replied. That was the best response Charlie had out of Ruby all day. Charlie was hopeful Ruby's mood would improve.

They arrived at the diner and got out of the car and made there way inside. "Ruby hi do you want to sit with us", Nicole asked. "Ah ya that would be great, Ruby turned around and looked at Charlie ya thats fine I don't mind, "Charlie can sit with us too if she wants". Yes thanks Nicole. They ordered food and chatted for a while. Charlie went up to the counter to pay for the food. "Hi Charlie, yes just a minute." Hi Angelo sorry about that. "Ah no its fine". Anyway how are you? I haven't seen you for a while. Oh ya I am fine. In fact Charlie had been trying to avoid Angelo. She still couldn't stop thinking about him. Angelo looked at his watch. "Charlie I am sorry I have to go we should catch up soon". "Ya sure that will be great" Charlie replied. Angelo left the diner.

"Rubes are you ready? You do want to go to the Abby Creek with me?" Ah ya I am comming. "If any of you want to come you can". Ya sure thanks Charlie, Nicole replied.

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