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Cougar Town

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It's a great show, and I love that Courtney Cox and... Jordan from Scrubs... are both in it. I just have one big complaint, and it's against Channel 7, not the show itself: A LIONESS IS NOT A COUGAR! FIX THE DAMN PROMO! :angry:






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They did with this show that was on before Cougar Town a game show. Then they put Ghost Whisperer on and took it off after about 3 weeks for the Matty Johns show. I watched the first couple episodes of Cougar Town but have lost interest. Its not nearly as good as Friends was.

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I actually like Cougar Town.

When I watch Friends, Courtney Cox's character wasn't my favourite, but I actually think she's really good in this show. Plus, her hair looks so much better than the hundreds of different hair styles she tried during the 10 seasons of Friends :lol:

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