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Well, first of all, congratz on the amazing writing so far, and the great storyline. I've only just read this fic (don't know why I haven't opened this thread before now), and I love the story.

Nicole and Jai, although freaked me out slightly at first (I thought they were just gonna go to the dance together, not "get it on"), it actually made a lot of sense. I liked how you delved into Nicole's thoughts after, and Jai's one-liners made me laugh :lol:

I don't really feel sorry for Annie... I feel more sorry for Jai. She said that they could carry on, and now Annie's playing a victim card, and it looks like Jai has drawn the short straw... he's getting all the blame, and he looks set to lose Annie and Ruby as friends.

And Nicole and her cancer :o I was expecting her to be pregnant, but when she said "after Belle" it started to click.

Sorry for the long comment... can't wait for the next chapter :D

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