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haha... Geoff really does need to work on that face doesn't he?

Nicole is hiding another secret, uh-oh! that doesn't sound good at all and the longer she keeps it a secret the longer it will take for her to finally come clean about it, whatever it might be and god knows how thats going to turn out lol... :D

Hmmmm... is Annie back in love with Jai again? the way she was looking at him makes me wonder if the time apart made her realize that Jai was actually the one she wants to be with...

Jai... lighten up, people will definitely realize something happened between you and Nic the way he is acting... :lol:

Am loving the turn this is taking RR1, update soon :D

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Oh Nicole has a secret....maybe the sooner she shares it the better......:unsure:

Seems like Annie still likes Jai....wonder how she will take it if she finds out Jai slept with Nicole.

Agree with Bec, Jai needs to lighten up or people will get suss.

Please update soon! :D

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