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Freya Duric - Sophie Hensser


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Hmm...Freya.Well, I certainly didn't find her dull or a bad actress as some people seem to.She wasn't exactly sunshine and light but if you think back characters like Nicole, Matilda, Dani, Gypsy, maybe even Belle, were all cows when they first appeared and if Freya had been there for more than two weeks we might have seemed other sides to her.And as she didn't cause trouble for anyone I actually cared about(except maybe Hugo), I didn't really dislike her.

Unfortunately it did seem like she was a plot device to convince us Xavier wasn't the jerk he appeared to be and it was all her fault(while Ruby and Belle looked down on her from their very shaky moral high ground).But hey, she brought some fun in when things were getting a bit staid and initiated the show's first same sex kiss so she deserves some sort of place in the history books.She couldn't have lasted the way she was, a character like that would only really have a long term place as the sort of archetyple bad girl that pops up every month or so to be unpleasant and get her comeuppance.But if they'd watered her down slightly, I think she could have been a good addition.

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I'm kind of mixed on this one... I didn't particularly like her character that much but she did bring some fun to the show while she was there and lightned things up a bit so maybe if she stayed for a while she would have developed more

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  • 2 years later...

Hey, it was GREAT to see "Freya" and "Nicole" reunited this week .........

Well, the actresses who played them anyway, when Tessa James guest starred on "Love Child" .....alongside seies regular Sophie Hensser.

No kissing, but their charecters were getting along well .......... until Tessa's charecter [Gail] died.

Was sooooooooooooooo coooooool to see them side by side again !!!

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