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Love, Lies and Betrayal

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Story title: Love, Lies and Betrayel

Type of story: medium/long fic

Main characters: Belle, Aden, Nicole, Geoff

BTTB rating: T just to be safe

Genre: Romance, mystery, drama, violence

Does this story include spoilers: No

Any warning: I’ll warn if necessary.

Summary: Famous, loved by many, and having her face everywhere is the life of Belle Taylor. But there's more to her than meets the eye, she may have all the men she wants but she's hiding a terrible past. But when she meets the mysterious Aden Jefferies who has an instant attraction to her, things take a dramatic turn with love forming, lies coming out and betrayel forming all ends.

Banner made by Georgia


So... This is mine and Georgia's new joint fic we have decided to start writing together :)

We wanted to write something a little different to some other fics out there, and this is the idea we came up with

This chapter is written by the both of us!

We hope you like it


Chapter One

Whenever anyone says the name Belle Taylor, people automatically jump to conclusions. She's the famous actress, the stuck-up cow. They assume that she's had plastic surgery, because no face can be that perfect.

Her hair is always shiny, and it always suits her, and she's always with someone new, not the same person at all... her house is huge, but its only her that lives there, well... her and her dog Frodo.

The point is though.. assumptions are wrong. No one knows the real Belle Taylor, or the problems that she's faced. They think that she's plastic, that she's not a real person, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

She sat at the table that morning with the paper in her hands. Her eyes scanned over the front page and she sighed. It was a picture of Belle, at a bar dancing on a table and what was worse, she was completely drunk. "****!' Belle whisper's to herself as she pushes the paper away from her, running her hands through her hair

This won't be good for publicity, and her agent will be calling her later this morning, demanding an explanation. Belle was supposed to be keeping her name clean, her reputation innocent, and this image was a complete contradiction to that

she pushed herself up from the table as the sound buzzed from her security monitored front gate. She hated feeling like a victim in her own home, but the paparazzi wouldn't leave her alone, almost 24 hours a day she was followed as they tried to dig up new dirt on the famous Belle Taylor

She groaned, thinking that it would be her agent, but it wasn't... just the cleaning service. Belle hated having people clean her house, she was always afraid that they'd snoop through her possessions, or tell false stories to the paper

but today she was even more wary as this was someone new in the car. She had never seen his face before, he had spikey blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. New people in the house was a bad sign. It had taken Belle months to trust the familiar staff, and even now, she still got a nagging feeling that they might betray her

She pushed her finger on the speaker button before she hesitated for a second. "Yes, who are you?' she asked warily as she watched the man look into the camera, before leaning out of the window and pushing his finger on the speaker button on the other end

"Aden Jefferies mam", he said softly, and Belle bit on her lip to stifle a gasp. His voice was delicate, and had a slight Australian accent, but his eyes were shooting sparks at her. Belle had never seen a pair of eyes that were this expressive, which was saying something, as she was an actress

Belle held her finger over the button which would open the gates and let him in, but she was unsure. Finally she decided and pressing her finger back on the speaker button she spoke "Drive up to the front of the house' before pushing the other button as the gates began to automatically open.

She looked down at her outfit, and winced in horror, as the previous nights antics swirled around her head. She quickly repelled them, and rushed upstairs to get dressed. A black and silver mini dress and stilletto heels may have been appropriate for clubbing, but not for this early in the morning

she rummaged through her wardrobe before finding a nice pair of black mini shorts and a purple tank before slipping on a pair of matching black flat shoes and racing back down the stairs. She pat her hair down before opening the large front french doors and walking down the large front stairs.

the usual cleaning crew didnt even look up as she made her descent, but belle didnt care. this was her home, and she didnt want her every move to be watched.

But as she looked up, she noticed this new guy, this... sexy, luscious, soft man looking at her, wide eyed and looking like he was about to drool

Belle was long past the stage of finding mens leers flattering. most of the time she found it disturbing, and disgusting, but Aden's gaze made her tingle.

"I'm guessing you are the new pool cleaner?' Belle asked, pushing these strange feelings right to the back of her head and walking down the rest of the stairs as she finally stops in front of him and smile politely.

"Yes mam", he stutters, which causes Belle to smile. She's always had a thing for guys who stutter... it shows that they are less made up, less polished... further away from the type of men she hangs out with on a day to day basis

Belle nods, and accidentally lets a giggle escape her lips before turning and beginning to walk back upstairs, stopping 4 stairs up and turning back around. "Well come on,' she replies with a smile.

Aden's mouth drops open in shock, and he rushes to follow her. He has never seen a woman this enticingly beautiful before. Sure, he's been with pretty women, but no one has ever had an air around them.. not like Belle Taylor

Belle walks in a straight line right to the other end of the house, every now and again sneaking a look back at the man named Aden and seeing the look of 'aww' plastered across his features.

The walk is over quite quickly, and Belle stands in front of the pool. Aden's mouth drops open again, as Belle lifts her shirt over her head, and kicks of her shoes and shorts, so that's she standing in just a bikini

"I swim three days a week, twice daily so you clean the pool three times a week... you get paid $220 dollars an hour but there is also the spa which you only need to clean twice a week, those two days are up to you when you are also cleaning this.' You get paid for 5 hours no matter how fast or slow you work,' Belle replied as she dipped her toes into the water before looking at him.

Aden nodded his head quickly, trying to pretend he knew what she was talking about, despite the fact that he had no clue. He was just an amateur pool cleaner, struggling to make any money, when he had been offered an amazing opportunity... working for Belle Taylor

he just took it... because he needed money, and he knew a way he could get it. "The cleaning gear is over in that shed!' Belle said pointing to a brick building with a creme door. "Is there anything else you need to know?' Belle then proceeded to ask.

"No, no, I should be ok", Aden answered, still feeling slightly overwhelmed at the whirlwind that was Belle Taylor. Before he had another chance to answer, she had raised her hands over her head, and executed a perfect dive into the pool

Aden Just stood there, completely in Aww of the girl that he was now working for, and he instantly knew... he had to get to know this girl.

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thanks Steph, Heavenforbid, Scotcaz22, bubbleburst and El

Chapter written by georgia

Chapter Two:

She swam up and down the pool relentlessly, ignoring Aden, who was attempting to clean the pool, and avoid getting splashed at the same time

The pool was her escape, the water a refreshing haven that sheltered her from the outside world. No one could reach her here, and no one could hurt her.

There was so much pain in the outside world, so many people trying to get close to her, and so many others betraying her as soon as they got the chance. But here, in her home, only the trusted were allowed in, and although the house felt like a prison at times, it also felt safe.

The water was like an extension of her body. She felt like a mermaid. That had been her childhood fantasy... to be able to disappear into the ocean, away from everything... from a mother who had wanted to throw her into the public eye, and a father who had never had time for her...

But even now, when the water was perfect, she couldn’t completely escape from the pain that was always with her. Behind every smile, or flirtatious expression, there was a secret, one that was sick of being repressed, and desperate to escape.

“Miss. Taylor?” a nervous voice called, interrupting Belle’s thoughts, and catching her just as she came up for air

It was Aden... of course it was Aden... none of the rest of the staff called her Miss. Taylor, in fact, none of them addressed her at all. They were so used to their jobs that they no longer had any questions, and if anything ever arose, they managed to resolve it themselves

“What do you need Aden?” she asked politely, hiding the fact that she was annoyed at Aden’s interruption. She was good at hiding things... she was an actress after all

“I’ve just been informed that your agent is here”, he said quietly. She could tell that he was intimidated, and her heart went out to him. She could remember her face day on a movie set... filming with Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman had been a nerve-racking experience, until the two women had taken Belle under their wings, and helped her learn all her lines

“I’ll go and greet her”, Belle said quietly, and pulled herself out of the pool. She barely noticed Aden’s eyes following her as she walked over to her towel, and wrapped it tightly around her body. She had hoped that her agent wouldn’t have seen the paper this quickly, or made her way here this fast...

Before Belle had a chance to walk inside, her agent was standing in front of her. Belle automatically took a step back... Lucy could be an obtrusive person when she was mad

“What is this?” Lucy demanded, waving the paper around with a disgusted expression on her face. Belle didn’t even have to look at the paper to tell what picture was gracing the paper’s cover... her public humiliation, broad casted to the world

“Do you mind if we go inside? The pool boy is out here, and I don’t want him to hear anything... he’s new”, Belle whispered. There was something innocent about Aden, and she didn’t want to be the one to ruin it.

“He already knows enough about it Belle... you’ve put yourself on the front of another magazine cover. This isn’t good publicity Belle... what the hell were you thinking?”, Lucy spat, ignoring my concerns

“Look, I was having a bad day... I don’t want to get into my problems right now, but I can promise you it won’t happen again” Belle whispered, her eyes looking at the ground, desperate to escape the probing eyes and questions of her agent

“Too right it won’t happen again, because you’re not leaving this house”, Lucy informed Belle, her eyes daring Belle to disagree

“What do you mean?” Belle asked, questioning her agent’s sanity as well as her words

“You’re grounded. You aren’t leaving this house unless it’s for work or if I’m with you”

“You can’t ground me! I’m an adult... I have a life, which is already seriously impaired because of the paparazzi and the guards that are always following me”, Belle whispered, allowing the emotion to seep into her voice for the first time

It was moments like these when people could tell that Belle was an academy award winning actress... her performance was flawless, her emotions perfected

But Lucy was used to it, and wasn’t going to be taken in by her performance. The only way for Belle to learn was to punish her, reprimand her... actresses were like children, so used to getting their own way, and Lucy wasn’t going to play into Belle’s game

“I just did”, Lucy said severely, “and for what it’s worth, I’m sorry that you had a bad day, but you can’t go around acting like that”

Belle smiled slightly, before wincing as Lucy patted her on the back, and walked out of the house, leaving Belle to break down by herself

The loud sobs escaping from Belle’s body alerted Aden to the situation. He dropped the pool equipment he was fiddling with, and began to rush to her side, but a firm hand on his upper arm stopped him

“It’s not wise to get too involved with Belle”, a voice informed him, and Aden quickly spun around to find himself looking at a young blonde woman he had never seen before

“Who are you?” Aden asked, ripping his arm away from the unidentified blonde

“That’s none of your business. You’re just the help... remember that”, she spat, before walking away, carefully avoiding the now hyperventilating Belle

A blonde man soon appeared at Aden’s shoulder, and patted it reassuringly. Aden flinched away, shocked at the people that kept appearing out of nowhere

“Belle will get over it, she always does”, the man informed him, before following the blonde woman into the house

Aden frowned, and picked up his work, trying to ignore the sobbing girl that was sitting on the pavement, with no one to comfort her.

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