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HeadLand to be screened on 7TWO

Guest DWS

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I've been watching Headland for the past 2 weeks and am loving it. I hope we see the episodes that were never aired I think the last episode we saw was when Craig and Grace went away for the weekend. I want to see who tried to kill Craig. I have a hunch that Wiley was behind it he was

Involved with the drug dealers

. Apprently Vanessa Downing filmed scenes as Kate's Mum we never got to see those episode so I'd really like to see them.

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I can't watch it anymore cause they changed the timeslot because ALF and Full House on are at 6 and 630 they put Jay Leno on at midday and pushed Headland back to 11. I watched it on Australia Day. Craig finally remember who the drug dealer was who sold drugs to Angela at the Party it was


. It knew it was him.

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