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  1. whoa i have not been on here in ages i need to start posting more often
  2. walt Disney's special edition of snow white & the 7 dwarfs on dvd and thats it
  3. Bon Jovi's new cd "the circle" & Roseanne "the 1st season" on dvd
  4. Lise here are the icons Peter & Amanda icon Rick & Mattie Icons enjoy
  5. ^^^ Lise do u still want me to make you the rick & mattie & peter & amanda icons?
  6. Tah_lia here are some of your icons babe i am still working on the martha & jack icon Nicole Icon Martha Icons Nicole & Aden Icon Martha & Liam
  7. aw thanks so much Chelsea your welcome hun i've done some but i am about to do the rest and ill upload them soon
  8. ^^ i will do it just pm me the pics and ill do it
  9. I can try doing it for you just pm me the pictures and what you would like me to do. im up for doing requests
  10. i may be offline for a bit next monday, tues, wed,thurs and friday maybe until my mum and i get our laptop fixed but if all else fails we are most likely going to set up the spare one that we got for backup incase the one we are using atm completely goes wacko. we are getting someone to come out to our house to take a look at whats wrong with the laptop because they are going to fix it up and also i am going to be back with improvement of graphics most likely will download photofiltre again or photoshop hopefully once the computer is fixed anyways just letting you all know that i will be back before u know it Chels
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