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  1. is there a 1988 ome by any chance ? thanks for the 1989 recap
  2. im also keen to help in anyway needed
  3. the paper the harry potter ultimate collection out of the paper and tv week
  4. any idea when the 1989 cliffgangers are going to be up dated in the reference section im just wandering thank you for continue to keep us up to date through this thread and for all your hard work
  5. ok thanks ryan i must admit im quite liking these eps more then carrent ones how long till marylian arrives does anyone know
  6. are 7 two cutting scenes from the ealry years cause in todays epiesode 174 there was no bob barnet yet hes listed in the recap
  7. ok after watching today epiesode i have 2 questions 1 who is that guy with alisa 2 why hasnt lyn been removed from the titles today ep was much more charecter driven then the new epesiodes
  8. is lynn in ep 158 or was this the last ep ever for her
  9. book 3 in the dexter series
  10. could someone please explain why haa finished with 228 eps instead of 230 in the first year
  11. shes a scheaming person when she had booze maybe they should give her more comedy cause the scene with palmer was halirouis
  12. ok im doing an update done with blood promise so i moved on to the dexter series by Jeff Lindsay it is about a seiral killer who kilss only bad people the 1st book Darkly Dreaming Dexter has an awsome ending moved on to book 2 Dearly Devoted Dexter 7 chapters in and i cant wait to read it
  13. its not 4354 4355 have the same short summry im looking 4 sallys wedding 2 brad if u could help with that 2 thanks Ryan (ryno)
  14. why does eps 123 and 124 have the same short summery i didnt know where to put this so i aplogize if it is in the wrong spot
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