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LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

OMG that was sooooo gooood!

Oh, and I invited Ruby”, Steph jumped into the conversation, before giggling when Taylor kissed her quickly

:wub: Thank you Taylor

You’re the werewolf from the Twilight series!” he squealed, “I’m such a huge fan”.

:lol: Loved that bit, made me burst out laughing. My love is a werewolf :wub:

Yes G, that made me cheer up alot!

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Is it getting hot in here or what!!! :wub:

Taylor getting a tattoo with my name on it, how romantic. Loved Belle and Aden’s banter, so funny! Why can’t Aden be a stripper, jokes. Loved it all! So funny!

I don’t feel comfortable with you using me for my body”, Aden replied, his face set its firm no position

“I didn’t realize my girlfriend wanted me to become a stripper”, Aden retorted, his hands crossed firmly across his chest

Awww Aden :wub: Those bits were funny!

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Great chapter :) Looking forwards to read more of this fanfiction

I got a good idea for you about how to write me into this fanfiction. Here is the idea: what if ruby gets a text message from her old long-time friend sarah and decides to invite her along to the trip?

Mind I have curly hair and glasses, lol. So I am single but proud of it. :P

Update soon please

Edited by ~JarlieFanEver~
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