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Captivated (by Jen) - comments


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What an awesome fic, Jen!! I love the contrast between the two characters - how Geoff was like the serious one and Aden was more of the light-hearted one. And the last line was great, it's definitely something Aden would say. :lol:

I'm lovin' these one-shot Gaden fics, so yeah, keep 'em coming! :D

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*lands with a thud* Found it at last. :D

Captivated. Yeah I was too by this fic. It reminded me of early days Gaden, both in terms of individual personality traits & their interaction with each other. Aden's cheekiness & self-satisfying need at winding up Geoff. And Geoff's naivety resulting in him rising to the bait everytime. Good times. Good times.

“No offence, Geoff, but you’re not exactly the most experienced guy out there. I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t control yourself,” Aden said in all seriousness.


“You know,” Aden said with a smirk, “If you got a little too excited.”

“Excited about what?”

“God, Geoff,” Aden said with a chuckle, “Do I really have to spell it out?” Geoff looked back blankly, “Did you have trouble keeping you little friend in check?”

Hehe. That part was funny. :lol: He's sitting next to you Aden, can he be anything but excited? Plus he and his friend are feeling a little lonely, they just want to become friends with you. *tugs at head stuck in the gutter* You're corrupting me with your writing, nothing to do with my imagination. :P

Sighing, Geoff found his drunken eyelids wandering over Aden’s sleeping body. The way his toned abdomen was visible through his thin t-shirt. The way he could just see the top of his underwear poking out over the top of his jeans. The way his hand was laying flat over his stomach, while his other arm was still draped along the top of the lounge. The way his lips were perfectly pink, relaxed, and slightly open as the air was sucked in and out.

Geoff found himself breathing in time with Aden. Every time Aden inhaled, so did Geoff. When he let the breath out, Geoff did the same, but his eyes never left his lips.

He was captivated.

Reading this, my thoughts went back to Rescue me, especially during the breathing in unison part. What? It really did... nothing to do with what I'm after, honestly. And then what it lead to, that whole section that followed was perfect. :wub: Definitely my favourite moment in this fic.

I'm lovin' these one-shot Gaden fics, so yeah, keep 'em coming!

You never know what I might come up with.

This better be what I think it is & not another one-shot diversion (not that I didn't enjoy this... just that I'd enjoy the other even more. :P)

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