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You're Not Alone

Guest HeavenForbid

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So I was on the bus home from college today and this idea came to me. Hope you like it (:

Story Title: You're Not Alone

Type of story: Two parts

Main Characters: Belle, Mystery character

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Spoilers: Nope

Is this story being proof read: No

Warnings: Drug references, Mild language.

Summary: After Belle Taylor recovered from her drug addiction, her close friend Liam Murphy passed away sending Belle back on a downwards spiral once again. The only person who can save her is 10,000 miles away. Will they ever return to Summer Bay and help their friend get back on track?

Part One

The tears strolled down her cheeks as she stood at her friends grave, saying her final goodbye to him. The sun was setting in the background, with the rays hitting off Belle Taylor's back. He was gone. Her only supporter. The only person who had been with her through the ups and downs on the road to recovery. Just as life was looking up, Liam got news that he was sick. Very sick. Belle was with him every step of the way. Liam fought and fought for months but had to let go in the end. He didn't give up without a fight. He was a true fighter.

"Goodbye Liam"

Belle wiped away the tears. She placed one rose on top of his coffin as it was being lowered into the ground. As the undertakers grabbed the shovels to put the gravel back into the ground, Belle knew it was time to leave. She looked at the gravestone and smiled. Liam was in a better place now. She walked off not knowing what the future would bring for her.

One year on…

Belle looked around her apartment. The smell would make someone who wasn't used to it sick. Stacks of dishes were on the counter, mould gathering on them. Clothes washing? What clothes washing, she was wearing the same clothes for the past week, only showering once.

In the past year, Belle had fallen once again. She slipped and she slipped bad this time. Liam was gone. She had nobody, or at least she was telling herself. All of her friends and family were around but she didn't see them. She didn't speak with them. Belle didn't want to know them or see them. They would just get in the way of her lifestyle. It was just a friendly "hello" if they saw each other walking down the street and that was it.

Belle picked up her mobile phone and dialled a number on the phone. She waited and waited for someone to answer but she wasn't having any luck. She needed her fix and she needed it now. Belle grabbed her jacket and her keys and ran out of her apartment, slamming the door behind her. She got into her car in a hurry and drove on down the road. Once she reached Mike's house she banged on the door.

"OPEN UP MIKE!" Belle screamed as loud as she could. If she could hit any harder, the door would have come off the hinges.

Finally a tall brown-haired woman opened the door. She looked like she had just woken up. Not a surprise, it was only just gone eight o'clock in the morning.

"Where is Mike?!" Belle asked the woman.

"He isn't here" She replied brushing her hair back out of her face.

"What do you mean? He was supposed to call me and…" Belle paused. She didn't have any idea who this woman was or anything about her

"He took off last night. I doubt he is returning." The woman explained "Now can I please go back to bed?!" she snarled

"I gave him $150 two nights ago. He stole my money!!" Belle fumed putting her foot in the door so the woman couldn't close it.

"Get a better dealer next time, junkie…" The woman laughed not caring about Belle's money.

She shoved Belle's foot out of the way and slammed the door. Belle was furious. She was down on cash and she didn't have anything to get her by in the day. She banged on the door a couple of more times. Inside the house the woman was getting more annoyed by the minute. She grabbed a bucket and filled it with water. After walking over to the window and opening it, she poured the water down over Belle.

"THERE!" she screamed from the window "A nice shower. You could do with one. Now **** off!"

Belle was shivering. The water was freezing cold. She got back into the car and went on her way back to Summer Bay. She needed to look for ways of making more cash and needed to find a new dealer…Someone who wouldn't run off with her money. Today wasn't going to be a good day.

She pulled up outside her apartment. Something wasn't right. Someone was in her apartment, she could sense it. The rubbish had been taken out and Belle certainly didn't do that. She hesitated for a minute, this could be dangerous. Slowly, she got out of her car. She walked up the steps and opened the door quietly. The living area was spotless. Who was in her apartment and what did they want?!

She grabbed an umbrella from the coat hanger and walked slowly into the living room. She froze. He turned around, standing there in silence.


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