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Troubled Times In The Bay

Guest thejefferies

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Story Title: Troubled Times In The Bay

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Aaron(New character), Jai, Ruby, Xavier and Annie.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Occasional violence

Summary: Aaron/Azza is a new character in the Bay, and is whipping up quite a storm. Jai is on the bad end of Azza's stick as he stick out abuse at Jai, and Jai just has to cope with it.

Xavier, Geoff and Aden try to help out, but it does no good against Azza as he just keeps trying to pick on Jai. Azza is similar to Eric Dalby in many ways, one being his build since it's similar to his. He also has a similar attitude, and a couple of mates to pick on weaker kids.

(Character ages)

Aaron - 16(Beginning of fic)(Year 10 at school) Current: 18 (Year 12 at school)

Jai - 16(Beginning of fic)(Year 10 at school) Current: 17 (Year 12 at school)

Annie - 16(Beginning of fic)(Year 10 at school) Current: 17 (Year 12 at school)

Ruby - 16(Beginning of fic)(Year 10 at school) Current: 17 (Year 12 at school)

Xavier - 16(Beginning of fic)(Year 10 at school) Current: 17 (Year 12 at school)

Aden - 20(Beginning of fic) Current: 21 (Full time trawler worker)

Geoff - 18(Beginning of fic) Current: 19 (Part time trawler worker)

The sun shone on the 22nd of October 2009. Xavier got up, and got ready for school. Annie and Ruby arrived at school and Jai met them there.

"Xavier should be here soon" said Jai as he waited with Annie and Ruby at the school lockers. Xavier then entered the room and started to pack away his stuff.

"How did the studying go last night?" asked Ruby as she also put away her stuff next to him.

"It went okay, I guess" answered Xavier as he continued to put away his stuff in an orderly fashion. Jai also started to put away his stuff, but he dropped something. He went to pick it up, but somebody kicked it further away.

"What a geek" said the guys friends as they laughed at Jai and the others.

"Who are you, I haven't seen you around here before" said Jai as he picked up his books that he dropped.

The muscular looking kid staunched over Jai and laughed.

"You can just call me Azza" said the muscular looking kid as he crossed his arms.

"Now, how about I beat you up?" asked Azza as he walked towards Jai with his mates following close behind.

'Hey. Leave Jai alone" said Xavier as he pushed Azza.

"Break it up" said Bartlett as he broke up the confrontation.

"Get to class, both of you" added Bartlett as he shoved both of the boys off to class.

Azza and his mates confronted Jai once again in the hallway but this time Xavier wasn't there. Jai tried to ignore Azza but he just kept annoying him by pushing his books out of his hand and stuff.

Azza's blue eyes shone brightly as he laughed at Jai's misfortune.

"Why don't you pick on guys your own size?" asked Jai in anger.

"Why don't you just shut up?" asked Azza as he and his mates just laughed.

Geoff turned up, to deliver something to Annie and confronted Azza himself.

"How about you have a go at me instead of picking on someone smaller than you?" asked Geoff.

"I'll get you later" said Azza as he walked away with his mates.

"What was that all about?" asked Geoff.

"Nothing" said Jai as he swung his bag over his shoulder and walked off.

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It's been a few days and Jai was relaxing on the beach when Azza walked past in a T-shirt and jeans. Jai was trying to relax after studying for the exams, but Azza came to give him some grief.

"Hey nerd" said Azza as he kicked sand at Jai.

"Back off" said Jai as he got up and moved away from where he was sitting.

"Make me" said Azza as he got in Jai's face and looked seriously at Jai. Aden saw what was happening, and decided to intervene. Aden came up and grabbed Azza by the shirt.

"Think you're tough now?" asked Aden as he had Azza by the shirt.

"Whatever" said Azza as he pushed Aden off him and then began to walk off.

"Are you okay?" asked Aden as he talked to Jai.

"Yeah" said Jai as he started to walk away.

"Look, if he's bullying you again just tell me. I'll make sure he doesn't do it again" said Aden as he walked off again.

Later in the day Jai was playing pool with Annie when Azza and a couple of his mates confronted him.

"Do you think you're so tough now?" asked Azza as he and his mates grabbed a couple of pool cues and walked over to Jai. Jai then started to walk away, and Azza and his mates then began to muck around and play pool.

Alf saw Azza and his mates and he then he decided to confront them.

"Leave the Surf-Club if you're just gonna make trouble" said Alf angrily.

"Whatever old man" said Azza as he and his mates walked off.

When Jai got home, he decided to talk to Miles about what happened.

"There is this strong buff kid at my school called Aaron, but he likes to be called "Azza" as a nickname" said Jai.

"What about him?" asked Miles.

"He's been bullying me a lot and it's been getting on my nerves.. I'm so much weaker than him it's just not fair" said Jai.

"He's new. I understand he only came here because his old school refused to put up with him. He'll probably be gone by the end of the year" said Miles.

"But how do I deal with him in the meantime?" asked Jai.

"Do what he likes to do. Try and be apart of his group" said Miles as he walked off.

Later that night Jai walked over to where Azza and his mates where hanging out.

"Wanna hang out?" asked Jai.

"Sure" replied Azza.

"Just do something for me. Break a window in the Surf-Club" said Azza as he handed Jai a rock.

"Okay" replied Jai as he walked over to where the Surf-Club is and threw the rock through the window. A loud shattering noise was heard, and Alf came out.

"Oi! Who did that?" asked Alf.

"It was Jai" said Azza as he and his mates all pointed to Jai.

"Alright, come with me" insisted Alf as he grabbed Jai by the arm.

Miles came down and picked Jai up. Jai has embarrassed him and made him falk out most of his pay for the window.

"I tried to get into their group and they tricked me" said Jai.

"Then avoid him" said Miles as he walked away.

A couple of days later Jai turned up at school with Ruby, Annie and Xavier. Azza and his mates where there and they decided to rub in the "rock incident".

"Mate, don't break peoples windows" said Azza with a giggle.

"I didn't. You did" said Jai angrily.

"Hey man, calm down" said Azza.

"I'll get you for this" said Jai as he walked off. Azza and his mates then stood around and laughed for a little while.

"It's time for class everyone" said Bartlett as he ushered everyone off to classes. Azza bumped shoulders with Jai and then his mates pushed Jai around before entering the class-room.

After class, Azza pushed past Jai, but Jai grabbed Azza by the shirt and pinned him against the lockers.

"I've had enough" said Jai.

"Boo-hoo" said Azza with a grin.

"Let him go" said Bartlett. Jai then let Azza go, and Bartlett walked off.

"Meet me at Kissing Point. 5 O'clock today" said Azza as he walked off.

"I've gotta fight him?" asked Jai as he watched Azza walk out of school.

Jai and his friends waited for Azza to turn up, but he never did.

"I suppose he has just chickened out" said Xavier as he looked at his watch.

"That isn't his style. Something is up" said Jai as he looked anxiously.

The next day at school, Azza turned up all bloody and bruised and Mr Bartlett thinks it was Jai who did it to him.

"You're being suspended" said Mr Bartlett.

"I didn't beak him up" said Jai.

"Well, Aaron says otherwise" said Mr Bartlett.

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Jai waits in the office for Miles who is coming down to pick him up, when Azza walks past the door and Jai see's his bruises. Jai then looks away, and looks worried about Azza.

Azza is then seen putting away his stuff, and his mates are crowding around him and smiling.

"What does the other guy look like?" asked one of his mates, and after that Azza ignored him and walked off.

Miles came down to pick up Jai, and gave and alibi so Jai was out of the clear. Mr Bartlett feels he should just forget the incident and walks off.

Jai see's Azza before class and decides to have a go at him.

"Why did you lie? And why didn't you show at the fight?" asked Jai.

"Get lost" said Azza as he looked away from Jai.

"Just tell me wh-" his sentence was cut off by Azza holding Jai up against the wall.

"Don't forget, I will be on your case. I might have to lay low for now but once you think I'm gonna stop.. I'll come back" said Azza as he walked into class.

Jai followed Azza hesitantly as he knows what kind of a bully he is. He's a dangerous bully, and Jai wants little to do with him.

During class, while the teacher is talking, Azza gets up and holds his head.

"I need to go to the bathroom..." said Azza

"You need to finish your paper" said the teacher.

"Urgh" said Azza as he fell down in front of the teacher and the kids around him.

"Call an Ambulance" said the teacher.

Azza was next seen in a stretcher as he was taken out of the classroom.

"Is he gonna be okay?" The teacher asked Mr Bartlett.

"He should be.. you're lucky he isn't filing for 'bad teaching'" said Mr Bartlett as he walked away.

A couple of days later, Azza was at school again and he continued to harass Jai in front of the school councilor, Mr Vermont. Mr Vermont made an appointment to see Azza, and to his surprise he didn't turn up.

"He seems to be troubled" said Mr Vermont.

It's been about a week or so, and Azza was once again seen at school with bruises.

"What happened?" asked Mr Vermont.

"I fell" said Azza as he walked out of his way.

Jai and Xavier saw Azza as he put his stuff away in his locker. Jai looked worried again as he put his stuff away as well.

It's now home time, and Azza is getting picked up by his older brother, Mark. At home, Mark gets angry at Azza, and lashes out at him.

"I'm sorry" said Mark.

"You aren't sorry... you haven't stopped" said Azza.

"Oh yeah?" said Mark as he kept beating Azza to a pulp, and when a knock at the door was heard Mark answered it and it turned out to be Mr Vermont.

"I want to see Aaron" said Mr Vermont.

"He's out" said Mark.

"I'll be back later" said Mr Vermont as he walked off the front porch. Mark then continued to pound Azza, when Azza kicked him into an electrical point, and Mark got electrocuted.

Azza then ran away, as he knew he couldn't stay because the police would charge him for murder, or manslaughter at the least!

Jai and others heard about Azza's disappearance, but he just doesn't care at all.

"I'm glad he is getting what he deserves" said Jai as he ate his dinner with Miles.

Meanwhile, Azza is tucked up in the woods, and his spiked up brown hair seems to be messy now. He rocks back and forth in a fetal position as he tries to comfort his wounds.

Miles goes out looking for Azza, but doesn't find him.

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Next update :) (And thanks for the compliment, H&Aaddict)

It's been three weeks and everyone is preparing for Christmas in Summer Bay. Azza has been gone for a good long while, but Jai hasn't become at all scared for his welfare.

"I don't think his bully-boy tactics are gonna pay off for him now" said Jai.

"You're lucky you don't have it as bad as him" said Miles. Jai just got up and walked away after that. He can't handle anyone standing up for Azza, it just makes him sick.

Meanwhile, Azza is sitting down and crying in the woods. He has built himself some shelter and is sleeping under it, and he is still in his school uniform.

Azza, in his torn school uniform gets up and limps over to a tree after he hears some noises. It turns out it was just Alf who was marking plans for an extension to the Caravan park. Azza then crept back under his shelter and looked worried.

It's been a month or two, and it's now the new year in Summer Bay. Jai and Annie are happy about this, and have even planned a camping trip. Xavier and Ruby tag along and they set up camp in the woods.

During the night, while everyone was sleeping, Azza steals some of their food and runs off.

"What was that?" asked Jai as he got up.

"We better check it out" said Xavier as he got up and got a torch. They kept walking around, and they eventually found Azza's shelter.

"I guess whoever made that noise is here" said Jai as he kicked over the shelter. Jai and Xavier looked surprised as Azza was sitting there eating their food.

"What are you doing here?" asked Jai as he looked angrily at Azza. Azza then got up and ran away, leaving his shelter behind.

The next day, Jai and Xavier told Annie and Ruby, and then when they went back to the town, they told Irene and Alf.

"I swear I found him out there" said Jai.

"He looked worn down, and his clothes were torn" said Xavier.

"I'll go out and have a look" said Alf as he picked up a bag and saddled off in search of Azza/Aaron.

Alf finds Azza asleep in the woods, and decides to pick him up and bring him back to the hospital.

Azza wakes up in a hospital bed, and gets worried.

"The cops!" screamed Azza as he tried to get out of the hospital bed.

"It's okay. The charges where dropped after they found out you'd done it in self defense" said the Nurse as she added a drip.

"I got nowhere to go, so after this I'm gonna go to the City and make my life there" said Azza.

"Good luck" said the Nurse as she walked out of the room, but Irene walks into the room and decides to discuss living arrangements.

"Do you want to live with us for a while?" asked Irene.

"Whatever" replied Azza as he turned over in the hospital bed.

A few day later Azza checked out of hospital. He got his suitcase ready and headed down to Irene's place.

Xavier and Ruby didn't know about Azza moving in, so they acted like it was a normal day.

Azza came in, and Xavier and Ruby glared at him. Azza then walked off to the spare room and put his stuff away.

"He's only gonna be here a little while" said Irene.

"So.. Azza, have you finished packing yet?" asked Irene.

"My names Aaron. Please call me that" replied Aaron as he walked out of the room.

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The next day Aaron went out and sat by the beach. Jai and Annie were walking by, but Annie decided to actually talk to Aaron.

"Hey" said Annie as she went and sat next to Aaron.

"Go away" said Aaron as he got up and started to walk away.

"Fine..." said Annie as she got up and walked off with Jai. Aaron then decided to walk off and head back home.

Later on, Jai starting hanging around Aaron's old mates and was laughing with them. Aaron entered the room and Jai and Aaron's old mates confronted Aaron.

"Hey loser" said Jai.

"Get out of my way" said Aaron as he brushed past Jai and sat down at a stool, and ordered a drink. Jai went and sat down next to Aaron and tipped his drink over. Aaron then got up and grabbed Jai by the shirt and pinned him against the wall.

"I've warned you to leave me alone" said Aaron as he kept Jai pinned against the wall. Aaron's old mates crowded around, but Alf came to Jai's rescue and broke it up.

"Go home" said Alf. Aaron then walked off, and on his way out Annie saw Aaron who was upset.

A couple of days later and it's the first day back at school. Xavier and Ruby walked out early, and Aaron got ready after them and headed out.

At school, Aaron didn't hang around anyone and basically had no mates. Annie decided to befriend him, and walked up to him.

"You do need some friends" said Annie with a small smile.

"Yeah, I guess" said Aaron as he and Annie started to walk down to the lockers. Jai then saw them both together and grabbed Aaron by the shirt and pinned him against the lockers.

"Leave her alone" said Jai.

"Get off me!" yelled Aaron as he pushed Jai off him. Jai then punched Aaron in the head, and Aaron ended up on the floor.

Aaron was seen in the hospital in his school uniform, with Annie and Jai.

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Aaron has a black eye, but everything else seems fine. He leaves the hospital and heads back to Irene's place. Aaron then went to sleep, and got ready for school the next day.

At school, Aaron's old mates crowded around him and started to harass him. Annie walked in and stood up for Aaron.

"Leave Aaron alone" said Annie as she pushed one of Aaron's old mates out of the way. They all just walked away and left Aaron standing there.

"You alright?" asked Annie as she patted Aaron on the shoulder.

"Yeah. I'm fine" said Aaron as he grabbed his bag and put it on his shoulder and walked off.

After school, Aaron's old mates where hanging out and playing pool when Aaron and Annie entered the room. They stared at both of them, and laughed. Aaron then found and seat and sat down with Annie, but then Annie walked off because Jai saw them both together and got angry.

Aaron's old mates then started to talk to him, and he then started to hang around them again. Shortly after, Aden and Geoff entered the room and sat down for a smoothie after a hard day working on the boats.

"You still living away from home?" asked Aaron as he laughed at Aden. Aden then got up and grabbed Aaron by the shirt and slammed him up against the wall.

"Shut your mouth for your own good" said Aden as he slowly let Aaron go. Aaron then got scared and ran off leaving his mates behind.

Annie found Aaron crying behind the Kiosk and decided to sit and talk with him for a while. Jai saw them though and grabbed Aaron by the shirt and looked angrily at him. Aaron then turned it back on Jai and grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the wall.

"I think it's best if you leave" said Aaron in an angry tone. Jai got up and left slowly and looked back at Annie and Aaron as they stood together.

A couple of days later, it is Aaron's birthday. It's early March, and Aaron is turning 17. Aaron isn't excited at all and decides to keep away from everyone instead. His mates make an appearance and cause some trouble at the Caravan Park. Aaron turns up and tells them to stop.

"I thought we were mates?" asked his mates as they stood there and looked at Aaron.

"We are. You just can't trash this place" said Aaron.

"Whatever. You've gone soft" said one of his mates, and they all just walked off.

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