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Veritas Vos Liberabit

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WOW!!! I agree with all the other comments. This is awesome! :D You definately have to continue on with it other wise their are gonna be a few unhappy travellers :P

We all wanna know how and why he killed Belle!

I've never been so shocked in a fan fic before the ending was amazing

Really well written and looking forward to the update :wink:

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Thank you soo much guys, for the comments. I honestly didn't expect to receive just a great positive feedback.

just wondering whether you've decided to continue this as a fic or not yet?

Yup, I've kind of planned it out, so I think I'll turn it into a short fic. I really hope I do it justice and keep some of the significance of the first chapter with it. However, updates will be spaced apart cos I'm still writing my other fic and I don't want to neglect one for the other. But there will be updates! Thanks for asking. ^_^

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