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Veritas Vos Liberabit

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Whoa. Just... Whoa! I dunno what else to say. This was 'it' then. I can't believe it. It was just so sudden and so sad. I loved every bit of it. All the scenes were brill but that ending... Wow! I agree with Red Ranger 1 when he said that he doesn't think Aden knows what he's done. Bless him. The way you wrote it made it so easy to understand and see Aden's POV on what he did, and I could almost feel his and Belle's pain. I think, that at the end, that Belle knew exactly what he did and I think she was happy with it? I really can't wait to see what'll happen next, now that Belle's dead. We know Aden doesn't get away with it, but everyone's reaction it will undoubtedly be great. Also, forgot to add, I loved the rounding of the chapter to the first one at the carnival with the teddy and candy floss. And Belle and Aden's banter was too good, especially about her painting his nails :lol:

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Thanks for all the wonderful comments! It's great to hear that probably the most improtant chappie of this fic came across as good as it did :)

I haven't forgetten this fic at all. I've began writing the next chapter, but hit a bit of a brick wall with it. But it's coming; don't worry!

Thanks for the comments once again :)


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