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Wow! I resolved to myself I wouldnt read new fics because there are way too many to keep up with but I couldnt resist reading this one!

So Kirsty is married and part owner of the diner... Belle left.... and Aden and Nicole live together... should create some interesting scenarios.

Cant wait for you to update :)

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Aden couldn’t help grinning at the tirade.“Probably.Guess we’re destined to be permanent singletons.”

“Okay, tell you what, if we’re both still single when we’re forty, we’ll marry each other.”

“Why wait till then?”Aden asked jokingly,“We’re obviously doomed.”

“Okay,”Nicole agreed,“I’ll book the registry office in the morning.Saturday suit you?”



hahah that bit was hilarious. Loved it.

Interesting story. Looking forward to the next installment.

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