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I love it and think it's one of the most realistic relationships in the show. They're always there for each other through everything and i love how they refer to each other as 'my best friend.'

One of my favourite scenes with them is when Rachel tells Leah about Henk raping her and Leah cries. That was beautifully done. And Rachel sitting holding Leah's hand when Dan died, and Leah puts her's on top. That was so sad but again, very real.

I like how they have real fun girlie scenes too, laughing over men, gossiping, planning Rachel's wedding and then crying on each other's shoulders.

It protrays a very real, typical female friendship and i'm so glad they've kept it consistant over the years.

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My favourite scene between these two was where Rachel told Leah she was pregnant and both were screaming there lungs out in the Diner.

Then Colleen came in, snooping and trying to figure out why the girls were so exstatic and they ended up coming up with the most lame excuse about Brad being sick.

You could clearly see them stuttering and trying to find an excuse before Rachel made her exit and Leah continued on with her cooking, a huge smirk plastered across her face...

So beautiful, and funny as well :D

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I agree. I think it's definetely the most consistent friendship in the show. I love how they're always there for each other as well as just having those typical girlie scenes where they talk about guys. I loved the scene where Leah realised she'd kissed Roman when she was drunk and called up Rachel asking to meet her and they were both laughing about it. :lol: And like matticus said how Rachel wanted Leah to be the first person to know she was pregnant and they were both jumping up and down screaming about it.

Oh and the one Kirsty mentioned, when Leah was crying when Rachel told her she was raped by Henk and then she kept texting her and calling round to her house to check on her. Oh and when Rachel was getting threatening messages left on her car and couldn't face coming out to Jack/Sam's barbecue because she was scared and so Leah sent Roman in to make sure she was ok. Aww.

When I heard Tony was going to let her down and not be there when she gets rushed into hospital, I knew Leah would!

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The only time i've thought the writers were way off the track was then Leah automatically assumed Rachel had ran off on her wedding day, despite the fact the front door of her house was left wide open and none of her stuff was missing :rolleyes: That didn't make sense to me and there's no way the Leah we know would think that way, but i guess they needed it to make the story work!

Although after that she was amazingly supportive with Rachel and i did like that she felt a little guilty! The little scene where Rachel cries about missing Tony on her sofa is another one of my favs, as is the infamous slap! :P

I think it's really sweet they care about each other so much and they support each other no matter what. I wonder if Leah will be godmum to Rachel's baby. That would be really nice.

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