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Ahhhhhhh, absolutely LOVE Glee at the moment.

This season has just been brilliant so far!

FINALLY a kiss between Rachel and Brody. Not sure who I like more, her and Finn, or her and Brody.

Either way, Finn has got some really competition because Brody is seriously HAWWWWT :D

I'm not sure Rachel's feelings for Finn could be swayed though... I think she still loves him and will always love him the most.

I just knew it was him at the end... he had to ruin it between Rachel and Brody.

Ah well :rolleyes:

Unhappy about what I see happening between Blaine and Kurt.

I hope a breakup is not on the horizon. They share the top spot for me with Brittana for best couple! Seriously LOVE them!

Absolutely LOVED Darren Criss' rendition of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". One of my favourite songs covered by one of my favourite Glee characters!

Couldn't have asked for maybe from that episode.

I wish we would see more of Santana though... I miss watching her relationship with Brittany.

Can't wait until next week's episode! I am such a Gleek now! :D

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Started to watch Glee all over again. Heartbreaking. Every scene with him makes me smile and cry at the same time.

I miss Cory. I'm gonna miss Finn Hudson :(

Me too I searched season 5 and they aren't replacing Cory but most likely killing Finn off and I watched a repeat from season 4 I do like two days after I was announced Cory died :(
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I think it makes the most sense to kill him off.I don't think fans would accept a recast and he wouldn't just leave for good.Maybe have a time jump though so they don't have to act their grief so fresh.It'll be hard enough whatever they do.

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