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Hollywood Hopes

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April 26, 2009

Hot young home-grown talent Ian Meadows is being tipped as one of the next big things in Aussie acting.

The Collie-born rising star has snared a role in Steven Spielberg's television mini-series The Pacific, which has yet to be released in the US, and is expected to launch him on to greater heights.

The former Shark Net and Home and Away star also appears in Australian director Bruce Beresford's upcoming screen adaptation of Mao's Last Dancer.

One who believes Meadows could be about to make it big is television producer Sue taylor, who cast him in her ABC telemovie 3 Acts of Murder.

"He's very much someone people are talking about," she says. "He's got a real vibrant boyish feel to him. He's very engaging."

Taylor's 3 Acts of Murder was filmed in Mt Magnet, Perth and York and airs on ABC in June. It tells the true story of how Australian crime writer Arthur Upfield plotted the perfect murder for his novel The Sands of Windee in 1929 - and how one of his friends then put the scheme into effect.

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That is awesome news. :D I miss Rocco on h&a. I'd love to see him in new stuff. He's very talented. That producer is right when she says Ian's got that 'vibrant boyish feel'. He very much does have this young, vulnerable look but at the same time he's very confident & challenges the 'norm' typical type.

Isabel Lucas is one of the stars in this too. And even Kate Bell features in it. It's like one big ex-h&a reunion. Even though none of the actors' time on h&a overlapped. But yay for them all. :D

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I must admit, before I opened this topic, or saw Ian Meadows' name, I just rolled my eyes and said to myself - "oh great, another H&A star blabbing about their plans to be big in Hollywood. Who is it this time? David Jones Roberts? (HA!)".

However, I am delighted to see this is about Ian Meadows, and even happier about the fact that he is not the one saying he is going to make it in Hollywood. Someone else who knows what they are talking about believes in him, and I think that speaks volumes about his chances of success. I thought he was absolutely amazing as Rocco, but it has been ages since we've heard anything about him, and I was worried we'd never hear from him again, so I hope Sue Taylor is right.

I also really miss Rocco. :(

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