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  1. Could I please upload the scent icons to my Rhys Wakefield fansite? Found your post after a search btw ;P
  2. I think I'll just be doing scripts, as I'm not good at summing things up and I don't really like it either! Thanks for the help, BTW
  3. I want to write down a few episode scripts for BTTB, who do I contact and how?
  4. Rhys and Celeste also has myspace. They're both private thought..
  5. Alf - 5 Angelo - 5 Belle - 5 Charlie - 10 Colleen - 5 Fitzy - 5 Geoff- 5 Irene - 5 Kane - 6 Kirsty- 4 Jai - 5 Julie - 5 Leah - 7 Martha - 4 (-) Matthew - 5 Miles - 5 Morag - 6 Nicole - 6 Ollie - 6 Rachel- 22 Roman - 3 Ruby - 6 Tony - 6 (+) VJ - 4 Xavier -3
  6. Yes, I'm 100% sure (clicked your link, just in case). I've also tried going directly to the forums, but that doesn't work either
  7. I've probably done something to block the site... A shame thought
  8. Am I the only one that have been unable to access Paul O'Briens Official site for a few weeks now? It's really weird, as I know other people have been on there at the time
  9. Hi I'm getting Rhys Wakefield fansite hosted, and I thought it would be an good idea to post some fan made graphics on there! So if you have any graphics of Rhys/Lucas lying around, please don't hesitate to post them. It would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Haha.. That was actually a typo! I knew he had his birthday the day before mine, I don't know what happened there
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