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It's Just Too Little Too Late

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Story Title: It's just too little to late

Type of story: long fic/ short fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Angelo, Charlie, Ruby mentions other characters

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama, Action

Does story include spoilers: Yes! (think so)

Any warnings: no!

Summary: Angelo is on the run after breaking out from jail after he recently murdered Jack. He is trying to get in Charlie's good books again.

This is my first fan fic so i dont know if its any good :lol: please feel free to comment on what i need to improve on!

Chapter 1

Charlie stumbled to the door thinking who would call at this hour. She slowly opened the door to find Angelo standing there, looking tired and unkempt. Charlie gasped wondering how he got out of jail but she didnt want to mention it as she was distraught and confused.

Angelo smiled, pleadingly and said " Heyy you. look i'm sorry about what happened but you need to know i didn't kill him you have to believe me babe. Can i come in?"

Charlie stepped back, stunned at what Angelo had just said. She still loved him but knew that it was the wrong thing to do but she resisted and let him in. There was an akward and uneasy silence as Angelo casually walked into the living room.

Then after a long pause, Charlie finally said "Why are you here Angelo? What do you want from me?"

Angelo shrugged his shoulders, glanced around the room and replied " I need to talk to somebody and i know that i can trust you. You have always been there for me through thick and thin"

"I'm sorry Angelo" Charlie whispered under her breath " i could never believe that you killed him but i just cant deal with this anymore we cant be together its just not right"

"I understand that you feel this way and i dont blame you. Theres only one favour i need to ask you........"

Charlie sat down with her hands over her face, shaking her head and tears running down her cheeks. Angelo put his arm around her but she pulled away unable to look at him.

He took a deep breath and began... "The only thing i need you to do is not to tell anyone that i have been here. I know i have put you in an akward and difficult position but your the only person I can trust. Please Charlie i am begging you..."

Charlie looked up into his eyes she was gob smacked by what he had just said. Her mind told her to say no and report him to the police but her heart told her to keep quiet as she loved him dearly. But it was her job that she would be risking. Would she choose her career or her love. She walked over to the window and gazed out at the night sky. She turned back to face Angelo then said..........

to be continued!!!

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love it, you wrote the scene between them really well;

my heart is going out to Angelo at the moment, I really miss the 'old' Angelo - but,

really feeling it for Charlie too, after all, she'd finally let herself fall for him, and look what happened...

write more soon please :D

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Thanks everyone for your comment :) heres chapter 2 i hope you like it :D

Chapter 2

"Angelo............" Charlie said but before she could finish Ruby walked into the living room. Charlie and Angelo both gasped, they didnt know what to do. Ruby looked up and froze, her eyes were fixed on Angelo. She looked over to Charlie with a horrified look on her face. Charlie looked down at the floor, she didnt know what to say to her sister, she felt so ashamed and cursed herself for letting Angelo in. "How could i be so stupid", Charlie thought to herself. "Leah, Ruby or VJ coud have walked in at any moment."

"What the heck are you doing here?", Ruby blurted out after a long silence.

"Keep your voice down" replied Charlie "You'll wake the whole house up!"

"I dont care", Ruby shouted back "I dont know how you got out of jail but you've got nerve coming round here after what you have down to this town"

"Ruby i told you to keep your voice down" whispered Charlie

"Are you out of your mind Charlie. Why did you let him in?" Ruby said, loudly "He killed Jack, your friend, your work partner. How could you let a murderer into our house! Thats it i am going to call the police"

Ruby reached for her mobile which was on the coffee table. But just before Ruby could grab it Angelo snatched it off the table and threw it to Charlie.

"You have to keep quiet about this Ruby" said Angelo, pleading

"Why should i?" said Ruby angrily

"Because if you tell the police", Angelo began "Not only will i be in big trouble but so will your sister and you dont want that to happen do you?"

"Of course not! But what do you expect me to do! Lie to everyone, forever i couldnt do that, i just couldnt" tears started to come in to Ruby's eyes

"I know this is hard" Charlie said, softly "But if the police found out that I have been in contact with Angelo i could loose my job and even go to jail! You dont want to leave Summer Bay and go and live with dad and Morag do you?

"No i love it here Charlie!", Ruby said, tearfully "But how could you let him in! You go out with Hugo now!"

"What???????", Angelo shouted "Your going out with Hugo! Why didnt you tell me that!"

" I am sorry Angelo. Yes i am with Hugo now. But deep down I wish you and I were together i thought we had something special but its just too late!"

Ruby stood there between them shocked. Angelo stood up and headed for the door without turning back to look at Charlie and Ruby.

"Where are you going?", Charlie said running after him " Angelo wait............"

"Dont you tell anyone about this otherwise you will both pay!" Angelo screamed, angrily.

Angelo ran out of the door and slammed it shut. The room grew cold and all was silent.

to be continued.......

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It quite a short chapter! Let me know what you think :D


Angelo kept on running, eventually he stopped as he reached the bay, then he slowly walked down to meet the water's edge.

"ANGELO...ANGELO!" Charlie cried, chasing after him.

"WHAT?!" Angelo said in an arrogant tone.

" We have to go inside. If someone spots you they'll immediately call the police" replied Charlie looking anxious.

" Why didn't you tell me about Hugo? Charlie i need to know the truth.!!" demanded Angelo after he'd calmed down

" Because, i knew you'd react this way and it was difficult for me finding out you were guilty of murdering jack. When you went to jail, i needed someone to comfort me, i felt alone and confused at the time" said Charlie almost breaking down into tears again.

After a while, Alf was spotted by Charlie coming out of the Diner. They both knew if Angelo was noticed, he would be sent back to prison, and Charlie may also be sent with him, she knew she couldn't risk that.

"Quick run!!!!" Shouted Charlie " go back to mine if you want, maybe if i have a word with Ruby you can stay the night at ours"

When they arrived back at the house, Ruby was slumped on the couch with her phone in her hand texting Annie.

When she spotted Angelo at the door, she quickly stood up straight.

"OH NO, if he's coming in here again,i'm calling the police! he shouldn't be out of jail", Yelled Ruby

"Look Ruby calm down, he's only staying the night i promise no longer" said Charlie reassuring her.

"PLEASE Ruby..you need to keep this a secret! i'll be gone by tomorrow morning!" Angelo said, reaching out to put his hand on Ruby's shoulder.

Ruby pulled away and walked at a fast pace towards the kitchen table facing the other direction.

Then Ruby reached out, retrieved her phone from her pocket, and without any hesitation started calling 999....

to be continued!

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Chapter 4

"G'day Summer Bay poilce how can i help you?"

Ruby took and deep breath, she didnt know wether to put the phone down or tell the police about Angelo.

"Hello.......anybody there?"

"Oh sorry, i would like to report that...................Angelo Rosetta umm.... my sister Charlie Buckton has just caught him and she needs backup", said Ruby nervously

"We will be there right away", the police women replied

Ruby slowly put her phone down. Her stomach suddenly churned and guilt swept over her. "How could i be so stupid" she thought. "But i did the right thing reporting him... didnt I" She sat down on the sofa, her face was pale and her eyes started to fill up with tears. Charlie came over and put her hand on her shoulder and gave her a cuddle.

"Thanks Ruby", she whispered "Tomorrow Angelo will be gone and we can all forget about this. I am so sorry i got you into this but its only for one night"

Ruby forced herself to give Charlie a little smile. She felt like she was going to be sick at any moment and thought about telling Charlie that she had called the police, but she couldnt bring herself to say it, she was speechless. In a few moments the police would be arriving and Angelo would be arrested and it would be all her fault. "Why couldnt i just keep my mouth shut" she thought. Charlie slowly got up from the sofa and walked over to Angelo who was staring at the wall, his face blank. Charlie put her hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged her off. He was still devastated about Charlie and Hugo.

"Do you fancy a cup of tea", Charlie said to Angelo

"No thanks", He replied, quietly

Charlie hesitated for a moment and then walked into the kitchen. She made herself a cup of tea. She was thinking about Angelo and Hugo. How she wished none of this had happened. How she wished that jack had never been shot and what it would be like. Charlie started thinking about Angelo and how she wished they were still together. But it was impossible. Although she believed him that he didnt kill jack no one else did. Charlie was just about to walk back into the living room when there was a knock at the door. Charlie walked towards it and opened it carefully.

"Charlie where is he then???", asked one of the police officers

"Where's who??", Charlie asked, trying to look confused but it wasnt working

But before she could say anymore. About 5 police officers had already stormed through her house into the living room. "Who called the police?" Charlie thought. Angelo saw them coming and made a run for it but one of the police officers pounced on him before he had a chance. He was caught. Ruby burst into tears and Charlie looked horrified.

"Angelo Rossetta you are under arrest.......Who made the call???" one of the police officers asked

Ruby looked up, she rubbed her face and after a pause Ruby finally said

"It was me" Ruby said "I made the call"

to be continued....

Please comment and let me know if its any good!

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