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Is Zeke Dead?

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I like Zeke so I hope he's okay. I'm worried that Donna's brother might have been brought in to replace him though. Maybe he's just replacing school-age Zeke, and the real Zeke will still be with us long into adulthood. That'd be sweet.

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Karl's dream was eerie. "Deliverance, I love this movie!" :mellow:???

Isn't that about a bunch of people who get lost on a river rafting trip in the woods and... and reeeally bad stuff happens to them...?????

Zekey! :(

Ohhhh... I... I hope no-one kidnapped him and... you know... forced his pin number out of him to fund their various evil deeds... Oh Zeke. Oh... Zeke... :(

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^I think what she meant was that his character would sort of replace Zeke if he died, in terms of his personality and such. Like what they did when Will left, and bought Oliver in as his "replacement".

Yeah, like a Jonas Quinn. (Man I'm learning a lot from that website).

I don't think he's alive, but it's going to be drawn out for as long as possible, with Karl's dreams, and the video diary they found.

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i'm not sure if he's dead or not, but i'm actually really enjoying this storyline, the doing peoples homework for $$, not being in photo's and the video diary and stuff, its pretty good.

and i reckon they are going to keep 'Zeke' in it for as long as they can, with flashbacks and videos and whatnot.

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