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Is Zeke Dead?

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So it wasn't him :( I don't believe he's dead. What exactly did Kelly say about him? I missed the episode where she told Karl that Zeke was still alive (?) but I believe in psychics, and it seems that Kelly has been written as a legitimate one, whether the other characters believe her or not, so what she says is probably true.

The flashback to the raft today was interesting. It got me wondering whether or not Zeke made it out of the river pretty fast, but then realised that Bridgett and Libby were missing, and since he helped with the prank, he might have thought that he killed them. That would also explain Karl's dream, how Zeke said that Karl loved Libby more than him. So if Zeke thinks that he's killed Libby, maybe he thinks that he's better off running because Susan and Karl would never forgive him. I like this idea. I'm going to cling to it.

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