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Buried Underneath The Sand

Guest BillyK

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Story Title: Buried Underneath The Sand.

Type Of Story: Long Fan Fiction.

Characters In Story: All current cast.

BTTB Rating: A (Adult).

Genre: Mystrey and Horror.

Spoilers Included: No.

Warnings Included: Violence, Lauguage, Sexual Content. Specific Warnings will be included at the start of each chapter.

Summary: The sand, nobody knows what lies underneath their anymore. But before it can get any better, it will have to get a whole lot worst...


Darkness lingered in and around the Australian coast. Nobody could be seen in sight. Most were indoors, safe. However, all were not. Walking across the sand barefooted, she appeared to be lost. Looking around at the scenery of the coast. She then slowly sat on the sand, starring at the ocean.

Her worries all seemed to go away, as she was listen to the distant waves. She was slowing falling backwards so that she'd be laying on her head. She did, looking up at the starry sky whilst still listening to the waves. It was just the perfect moment to just shut her eyes, and fall asleep, and she did. Within seconds in fact.

However, what the she didn't realise was that someone else was near. Peeping through the nearby bushes, they saw her lifeless body lying on the golden sand. Immediately they started to move. At a rapid pace until they peered over her like a tower. Breathing heavily, they woke her up from a deep sleep. With a flicker of a eye, she let out a chilling scream as a shovel came at her face...

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